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WordPress Site C

Site to be coded in WordPress with client-user-friendly content management access (will be edited/updated on a daily basis and needs to be easy to access). Design files provided in Illustrator. Includes a unique home/landing page with multiple graphics as navigation buttons (which wed like to wiggle or perform an action when rolled over). Other pages include About (standard text), Attractions (includes editable schedule with links to sub-pages), Pressroom (links to downloadable forms and graphics), Multi-media (need to import 3 photo galleries from Flikr and 3 videos from YouTube), Sponsor (logos and listings that link to external sites), Contact (standard text, link to Google Maps), Buy Tickets (standard text, graphic buttons link to external sites). All external sites should open in a new window. All pages should be coded consistent with design including layout, fonts, spacing, etc. We will provide Google Analytics code, metatags and site summary to be included in site. Budget is $550, 7 day turnaround.

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Post YouTube Videos To WordPress. WordTube Theme.

I need someone that will search for any funny videos at YouTube and post them in separate topics at my WordPress.
There will be different categories in my blog like: cats, dogs, people and etc and you have to post a few videos at each category.

My WordPress have WordTube theme installed. so when you post YouTube video you add custom fields to the post like described here
While you are adding a video:

1. Write the title of the video,
2. Write some post text, related to whats on video to describe it.
3. At the bottom, you will see a Custom Fields part. Write thumb in Name part and write the thumbnail url of the video in Value part. For example: Click the Add Custom Field button.
4. Write embed in Name Part and paste the embed code in Value part. Click the Add Custom Field button.
5. Submit tags on right menu, choose the category and Publish your post.

I will need you to set a few tags to each post. 2-3 tags will be misspelled ones like if you add video for drunk people you can add misspelled tags like "peopel, poeple".

That is all. Adding video post is very simple and require no skills, takes a minute to find some funny video, get Embed code and thumb url and put them into post.

We will start with one group of videos. So I want your bid how many videos you are willing to post to my bog for $30. Bid $30, no other amount and your message say how many. Time is not relevant, so you can do that at any free time you have. Automated bids will be rejected, so to be sure you read all my description I want you to start your message to me with "POSTS: " and then state number of posts you can do for me for $30.

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Post Videos In A WordPress Blog (Italian Speaker)


i need someone that knows ITALIAN that can add videos to a wordpress blog with funny videos.
You have to look for videos in italian (in different categories) in youtube or other sites (ill give you keywords so that you can search better) and put those videos in the blog with a little text in italian to comment them.

Please bid only if you know italian (basic level, dont worry).
Ill identify if you use translators and ill close the project.
So, be honest from the beginning.

Ill pay for packs of videos.
Tell me the price for each post and the pack you are going to do.

Ex. 0,20 USD x 100 videos = 20 USD for a pack of 100 videos added.


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FBML – Application

We need to build a FB cool application for a record label page:
This is the page:

Application need to do this (please check the FB rules)

People enter the application
Place a link into a text box (it need to check the domain in the link) it to share a track or a Djset
Invite all his freinds to the page it self (auto select all).
Invite atleast 20 freinds to the application (selected by people)

Once all wil be ready appication will post the link in the FB page.

Application need to check domains:
We wil allow only:

If not in one of this it will show the message that link cannot be published and need to be in one of the other domain.

We loook how to do it and is not that hard but we are very busy with other stuff.
We will need to test the application before accept it.

Please apply only if ur knowledge of the FBML is very good.

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I am paying $10 for 2000 Posted Youtube Videos.

Im using a plugin on wordpress called wordtube where you can just paste the link in the plugin and then post videos.

Basically, I want you to post the youtube video from a category I choose and with each video, just add the thumb that is shown on youtube. Super simple job and easy.

I have several video sites, so this would be for a long term job. I usually include bonuses if you do a fast and good job without any mistakes.

Let me know if your interested and if you have questions, PM me.

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Im paying $10 for 1000 videos to post.
I have a site with 3000 video names that need to be found and posted on my wordpress blog.

basically your going to search the name of the video and paste the embed code on the post.
Thats it. Pretty simple and fast.

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Needs A WordPress Expert To Fix ‘WP_Insert_post’ Issue

A Very simple issue i have on one of my auto post scripts. When I use the WP_insert_post function Content i add to the post_content gets terminated after or " . Need a Fix ASAP. Strictly LESS THAN $25 for the project.

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