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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT **** Experienced

We need someone to post a few ads for me on CL. I will pay per live ad. Easy work and need this done ASAP.

We seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

Daily post 5 to 10 adds and cites will be USA only , if you work good than we increasing capacity of adds

We will pay up to $.40 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted, deleted or flagged ads will not be paid for.

Payments will be made weekly, NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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$5 Per Post For 1 Craigslist Posting To Apt/housing Section

$5 per post for 1 Craigslist posting to Apt/housing section everyday. Ghosted ads will be be paid.

I just need 1 post a day 7 days a week. Will pay $5 per post. Only experienced poster only.

Very long-term project.

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Experienced Craigslist Poster Needed For Services Section

I need an experienced craigslist poster to post ads for me everyday in the services section under skilled trade and household services. This will only be a few ads a day so its a very easy job. You need to have your own accounts. Give me your price for one week of posting. 3 ads or so a day x one week of posting = 20-30 live ads per week. Poster will be paid weekly for live ads. Ads will be text and image. If everything works out this will be long term.

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Craigslist Ad Poster Wanted

Craigslist Ad Poster Wanted

Need someone to help me post 20 ads per day. (all ads do not link to anything all content will actually be in text or image)

This position is for a highly experienced Craigslist ad poster only.

You must provide all of the tools or "Everything you need to successfully post on Craigslist."

You will be posting 20 image ads per day in the "services" section in 5 different U.S. cities.

You must send us daily stats including the links to the live ads. This must be done daily.

adds will be posted 7 days a week.

You must send us daily stats including the links to the live ads. This must be done daily.

make your offer

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Looking For Financial Blog Poster. Post About News And Stock

Only serious writers only who will work everyday apply. ive hired others in the past who are not serious so dont bid unless you can work.

Im looking for a blogger who can rewrite news and stocks. posts about news on companies and post about stocks that are moving for the US markets. You should be familiar with the US stock market.

Must be able to find stories and rewrite them and report on breaking news on companies.

If you know about the stock market the better. Must be fluent in english and know how to use wordpress.

I will pay $4 per blog posting.

you should be able to posts atleast 1-2 articles/news stock per day.

Write me a sample news story about BP, I will test to make sure you didnt take it from the net.

Looking for multple people.

You are paid weekly based on how much you posts.

Send me a sample of a posting.

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I need a craigslist campaign done for my website to all major cities of California and Florida and also Las Vegas. It will be in the financial services category.

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Craigslist Poster Wants For Services Section Under Financial

I need craiglist poster to post multiple ads on the craigslist.

In the following category: Services Section under Financial.

In the following states: Selected Cities throughout the United States between 7am and 10am in their respective time zones.

I will need 20 – 100 ads a day, 7 days a week posted.

You will need to provide us a daily report and will only get paid for ads that stick for a period of 24 hours. If you dont have a proven track record or arent sure you can do this please do not reply.

We will pay .40 cents for each successful post. If successful you may be hired fulltime to run a major campaign.

Please send us your qualifications.

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Craigslist Posting

For sale/business – services/financial

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Craigslist Posters ASAP

Craigslist expert only..and serious poster only
Looking to post a total of 100 CL ads/day on craigslist.
.30 to .70 per ads that sticks
Ads must stick
SECTION: services /financial
must have your own PVAs and IP addresses no picture

I will need it post by monday…

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Craigslist Posters

Craigslist expert only
Looking to post a total of 30 CL ads on craigslist.
1 ad changing every days and rotate in 3 different cities in US over 2 weeks 5 days a week ( 5×3= 15 x 2 = 30
Ads must stick
SECTION: services offered > writing/editing/translation

must have your own PVAs and IP addresses no picture

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Daily Craigslist Poster For Real Estate Services Section


I am looking for an EXPERIENCED Craigslist poster.


50 posts x $.10 = $5.00/day
50 posts x $.20 = $10.00/day
50 posts x $.30 = $15.00/day
50 posts x $.40 = $20.00/day
50 posts x $.50 = $25.00/day
50 posts x $.60 = $30.00/day
50 posts x $.70 = $35.00/day
50 posts x $.80 = $40.00/day
50 posts x $.90 = $45.00/day
50 posts x $1.00 =$50.00/day

If you want to make $.50/post, your bid would be $25.00/day.

I will pay for a one day trial run to make sure you meet my standards. If everything goes well this will be a long term relationship. Thanks.

***Please make sure your bids are correct***


Ads are to be posted to the Real Estate Services Section. Will not pay for ads not posted to that specific section. If you cannot post there do not bid.

I will need a single ad posted to 50 cities once per day, 7 days per week. The 50 cities will be the same every day and are the top 50 cities in the United States by population.

I will give a Ad Titles to use, but the description will be the same for all. You will need to create different ad titles that are similar.

You will need to have a way to add unique content to the description in order to prevent it from being flagged, ghosted, or removed.

– Daily reports with a list of links to all the ads which have been posted

– I will only pay for live ads, not flagged or ghosted ads. This is determined by when I click the links. If it is not up when I click the link you do not get credit for that ad.

– You must have all necessary phone verified accounts (PVAs), IP addresses, U.S. based proxies and so forth to accomplish this project (if you are not sure what this means, please DO NOT BID).

– You must have IP addresses that DO NOT GET GHOSTED (If you are not sure what this means, please DO NOT BID).

– You will need to monitor your posting to verify no ghosting and so forth (if you are not sure what this means, please DO NOT BID).

– Provide a daily email with links to every ad posted.

– Easy and clear communication between us by daily email messages.

– Must take other appropriate steps to prevent flagging or ghosting

– You must be aware of Craigslist rules and regulations.

– Open to suggestions and ideas to improve the final results, if youre a real expert then we would welcome your advice.

Payments will be paid daily or weekly via GAF or Paypal.

I am looking for a long term relationship so only serious inquiries need apply.

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SEO/SEM/Organic Heavy Website In Financial Services…asap

In need of a powerful website with the following:
-Article Directory
-Appropriate Backlinks
-Heavy in Organic keywords/phrases
-SEO/SEM friendly
-Easy user interface
-Duplicatable (for same market/different company products)
-5-7 landing pages
-Dynamic URL functionality (preferrably PHP)
-Online application (Forms) and forced emailed xml attachments
-Sectioned for easy install/de-installation
Please have experience in all items listed. Content will be provided; however, we are very open to an offer with a company with experience in unique and quality copy for content. Please PM us for examples of competitive sites we find comparable. We are in the merchant service/ACH processing industry, so any experience in such fields would be helpful as it is a very competitive space.

We look forward to reviewing your work and moving ahead in very short order. Please be ready to start on the project within a week as we are very much in need of the site in short order.


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Pro Craigslist Poster for 2000 Legit Posts

Seeking a cost-effective professional expert Craigslist posting service! $.10 per post maximum.

Headlines, body copy, link and images exist for all ads. No writing is required, simply post ads from content on our website.

You Must Have Own IP Changing Software and Gmail/Yahoo addresses To Post ads in Services section.


1. You are able to post 200 ads every day for next 10 days.
2. You have all the systems in place for successful posting (US IP-switch, gmail addresses, etc).
3. You can achieve a high stick rate with your posting methods.
4. You have good knowledge and experiences on CL posting.
5. You are well organized and pay attention to details.
6. You are able to answer my emails and communicate in good times.
7. You agree to do a small free trial.

> 8. You provide daily verified links that stick every 500 posts.

* Payments through PayPal, communication through email and Yahoo/skype IM. NO ESCROW.

In your bid please confirm that you understand and are able to fulfill the requirements and also give me as much information about your service as possible. Note put "CL Services" in response to verify you understand and have read project.

Bid well!

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Craigslist Ad Posting

I am looking for experienced craigslist posters who can post 100-300 ads/day in jobs, sales and services sections. You must have PVAs and USA IPs.
Ill not pay for ghosted ads. Ads should be live for 24 hours. Ill pay 40 cents per post.

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Experienced Craigslist Poster Needed

Experienced Craigslist poster wanted.We need an experienced poster to post min 100 ads per day in job, sales and services section.
This can be considered full time or part time long term position.
If we are satisfied with your work, we may extend this project to include postings on backpage and kijiji.

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