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Website Home Page Visual Comp & Web Style Guie

Hi all.

I have a set of wireframes and a new product. I will be using BigCommerce for the implementation of my store. I have a developer who will help me with the tricky build parts but am looking for a designer to provide me with;

* 1 x visual comp of the home page (based on the wireframe layout & packaging design)
* A background pattern for the website (I have a pattern which will need to be manipulated for this)

* Colours (primary, secondary, tertiary etc and any acceptable shades there of in RGB, CYMK & Hex- these can be pulled out from our existing packaging)
* Typography/typefaces (this can be pulled from the packaging)
* Styles (colours, font face, colours etc) for page titles, headers 1-5, para, tables, links, hovers, visited colours, buttons, forms, etc – basically the CSS elements (the designer will need to make sure these all work together on the page)

I have an very rough mockup of the page layout already to give the designer an idea of what I want. This job is really just to refine it and specify the elements for the CSS so the developer can continue to work.

Thanks for your time

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Web Data Extractor

I need a web scraper to be created in order to be able to successfully gather data about accredited psychology programs in the US from

The data must be in XML form and I would like to own the web scraper software created so I can stay updated if any website data changes. The only data needed is the name of the University and the City/State/Zip code.

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Web Order Form For Customer ID (incl. Preview Page)

I need an online order form for customers to order a customer ID card.

To produce the ID the customer has to enter some data. The data includes personal data such as name adress and some more data (texts and some information from dropdown menus). The user also has to upload a photo.

After the user has provided the data on a next site a preview should be generated that shows the typed in data already integrated in a personal customer ID card graphic. On this site the user can check his data and then send out the order.

If you are interested, please visit the following URL – bascially I need a 1:1 copy of this order process. To see the process just drag and drop one ID on the shopping cart called "Warenkorb" and then click on the button "Wareneingabe". Everything that happens on the page afterwards should be the same on my site, expect that the customer data is different.

If you are interested in this project please bid.

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Server-side Scripting (Web Form Fill / Post)

I am a sales recruiter and I post resumes to niche Employer websites on my clients behalf.
Seeking an experienced web developer who has extensive knowledge of server-side scripting (specifically web scraping or web automation using VBScript, PHP etc) to write a simple script to post this data into a web form and send it.

Website navigation (register, logon, post)
Upon completion save results to logfile
Ability to load multiple URLs for batch processing
Experienced with HTTP Requests / WebFormFill etc

Must be able to provide quick turnaround.

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Joolma Coupon Component

I am looking for a customized component compatible with Joomla. This would be a coupon component that would fit exacly into my website and be used for multile subdomains. The website it would be used on is please take a look to understand the nature of the component. I would like to mirror the capabilties of another competing site
I would like the customer to be able to create coupons at will (including images) and a printable coupon for visitors. If the code could mirror the site above it would be perfect. I obvioulsy do not have the back end capabilties of the site but you can get the idea from reviewing it

Customers should be able to submit coupons/specials, adjust them at will, and automatically post then to their specified page/category. They should also be able to pay for the coupon advertising as well using Paypal or credit card options. This "component" should be easily transferable to separate subdomains and have separte database locations for each. I would like the ability to change and stipulate the price as the market changes.

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6 Hours Training On Visual Web Ripper

I need about 6 hours of training on Visual Web Ripper (VWR).
I need to create a project in VWR, save data in MS SQL Server and use its interface in VS2010/C#.
Will give you access to my computer using (ID+password) or any other access mean to my Windows 7 computer during training.

My time is GMT + 1

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Mortgage Reduction Program

This is a excel based programs which converts bad NON deductible debt into good debt.
We have a technical accountant here who has created the program who is able to go through the matter on SKYPE video who is very keen to complete the project.
We need to be able to enable the macros into a Visual basic or other suitable program.
The work is less a weeks work and should be completed asap.

We also would like to discuss how we can get client data which feeds direct into the program which will be held in a cloud style program….

If you win this project we have a other project called super buster which we need looked once this is completed…

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Web Enquiry Form

We have a very simple webform on our site that does nto appear to be working. I need somebody to fix that for us so that prospective clients can contact us properly.

Its a HTML page with an AJAX backend to handle the sending of the email.

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Web Harvesting of Job Portals using Web-Harvest

We need experienced developers who scrape given German sites

Technology: Web Harvester
Framework: will be provided by us, also target database
Delivery: Web Harvester Scripts
Sites: German Job portals, structure is list + details
Number of sites: 60 (for the first release, if delivered succesfully, there will be 300 additional sites)

Please state in your offer, where you have gain experience with Web Harvester. Some basic German would be a plus, because you have to do the mapping from the site to the target data structure.

Three typical sites:

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Layout Order & Fax Forms

Layout Fax Forms & Order forms plus web page graphics

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