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Writing Review Articles


We are looking for writers for our jewelry auction website. You will need to create short (50

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We are looking for writers for our Auto insurance website. You will need to create short (20

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CL Flagging For 1 CL Post (human Or Software)


We have an upset (and unreasonable) customer who posted a negative review/post of us in Craigslist in an attempt to basically blackmail us.

Ive tried to flag her post from 30 different ips and it is still there. I need someone who either have the software or ips to flag this cl post until it is gone (the category is "For Sale – Used Cars").

So, basically, the job description is to flag the cl post until its gone.

Well escrow the funds and pay the minute that we can verify the post is gone.



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Sales Based

Well see it

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Sales Team For IPhone Development Company

We are a mobile application development firm.

We mainly focus on internal applications – but we are now moving into the consumer focused area (such as e-commerce and high trafficked blogs), soon games.

We have already partnered with an e-commerce company in Sweden to deliver their android, iPhone and iPad application.

We are now basically looking for a sales person or a sales team to get in touch with potential clients, and getting them to order their custom application.

If the sales person/people are in the US, a company will be formed in the US for tax reasons.
We are based in Stockhom, Sweden.

Payment will be commissions based. The more clients you get, the more percentage. 10 to 15% commission.

Basic application cost for the client is from $1000 and up.

Your job will be to find a client, and get a price estimate from us and notify the client.

More information upon selecting the team.

I put this on simple project, as I will pay $50 to the person who completes the first sale.

iPhone application developers are rare – and finding a sale isnt hard when looking in the right places!

Best of luck, and we hope to find a longterm partner!

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Post Ad 10 In USA Job And Sales Section Of Cl For Me Daily

Due to reputation I have got some extra work from my service buyers and from those I want to share those work with someone who is experienced in posting ad in craigslist job section and sales section

daily 5 ad in job section
daily 10 ad in sales section

in cities of USA states like Arizona, Texas, Oregon, New York

Quot separate rate for each section

If you are are well known how to post ad in cl and have own pva and changeable multiple ip address to post ad cl only bid your rate in PM

Bidder must have review and must have experience to post ad in craiglist otherwiese do not bid please.

Payment for live ad only via freelancer.

If you do not know how to post and how to get ad stick, please do not bid.

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Sales Associate To Market Our Website And Increase Sales.

Looking for individuals who are sales oriented to increase sales to our website. Payments are based on commissioned after sales.

We are a clothing, beauty products and designer boutique in Jamaica. We have been operating for over seven years. We need persons who are dynamic and creative.

Last year launched our E-commerce website. We offer over 2,000 products on our site. Plus we custom made clothing.

Commissioned are paid directly through Pay Pal.

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Improve/Redesign/Make A Strong Sales Copy

We have an ebook and sales copy done already. We need to improve, redesign and recreate our sales copy and to put it on hosting.
It must be a very strong, saleable copy, page long.
You need to send us sales pages/landing pages created by you with a proof that it was created by you, do not send any irrelavant webdesign work.
You must be available on MSN or Skype from 9-7 pm EST.
We preffer to have an American doing this job.
Sales copy must be done with in 4 days from the day of the project acceptance.
10% will be put in escrow account at the acceptance of tis project. The rest will be paid after everything is done and hosted. We will pay for any required images.
We will pay $300, do not bid if you cannot perform all the above terms.

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Someone To Post Ads

Looking for someone to post ads for me on BP and CL. Will pay $70 for every 1,000 responses to ads.
Posting in W4M.
You provide content, accounts, IPs, etc… and forward replies into my system. Can pay daily based on responses.

Higher volume, Im willing to pay more!

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IM Sales Page Needs Formatting TODAY

I have a rush job which i need completed today.

it is a sales page that has some errors on it and need tidying up,

see video below

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We are looking for centers and freelancer to call people in USA and sell them our discount coupon package which includes

1. $1000 restaurant saving coupon.
2. $1000 grocery saving coupon.
3. $100 Gas saving coupon
4. Small vacation plan

All of the above will be given to customer at a price of $99.99.

DNC scrubbed leads will be provided to the center or freelancer after a week when they prove themselves and start giving sales.

payment will be weekly.

your commission will start from $25 for initial 100 sales
then $30 for next 50 sales
then $35 for next 50 sales




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Have PVAs and Experience Posting Ads On Craigslist?


i need help with ad posting (craigslist). i want to post 70 ads every 2-3 days for the next few weeks. the total will probably be around 750-1000 ads. the posts must be in one of 4 sections, sales(jobs), marketing/pr(jobs), event(gigs), or labor(gigs)in the city list provided. im recruiting for 10 spots with my company in northern va. you need to have the knowledge and pvas to get this done. ive got several ad versions and ad titles, but you can rework as needed. id like someone that can understand the job im hiring for and make sure what they are posting conveys it properly. id like email leads forwarded to me, i can provide multiple email accts if needed. start with pointing ads to recruiting (@) use "7-800 avg per week" in the compensation section. you need to be able to avoid ghosting and flagging by cl. id like daily lists of ads placed. ill pay .50 per live ad that stays up for at least 12hrs. ads need to go up as early in the day as possible. ive posted several projects, had lots of bids, and gotten nowhere. you must be able to start right away. i will pick the first provider shows they can do the job and will expect work to start immediately.

show me at least 3 live sample ads and we can do work. dont bid unless you will be available and can show me live posts of my ad.

attached are the sample ads and list of cities. the samples should be of my ad in the cities ive given. i need to see that you can do it. the first to get r done gets the project and future business. that will be


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Telemarketing Loan Modification kits

We are Looking for Call Centers, Sales or good Telemarketers to market a very hot product right now in the US economy .

– WE sell a Loan Modification Kit. We sell the actual materials needed for home owners to do their own Loan Modification. This is not any Loan Modification Kit. Once they buy our kit as a bonus we will do there loan modification for free if they want us to. This is a much needed service to help people save money and not get ripped off by companies charging 1500 to 6000$ for the same service . Our kit helps and explains exactly how to do a loan modification. How to obtain the best interest rates when buying or selling a home. Just everything there is to know about the loan business. .But the main goal is to sell the Kit.

YOU will need to :
– Provide your own listing of homeowners who are behind, struggling, facing foreclosure or in a FHA loan or adjustable loan. California, Nevada, and Florida are good states to target because of so many foreclosures. I have many sources for the lists that provide good returns if you dont have access. You will need to be able to filter against the Do Not Call List.

-When you contact the homeowner, you discuss the details about how the homeowner will save thousands using our kit now and in the future on any refinance or purchase.

-We sell the kit for $499.00/ your commission is $150 ; if you can sell the kit for $550 , then your commission increases to $200 per sale + i will give performance Bonus for good sales per week .

-The projected goal is to get around 100 sales / week ,i can manage 4-5 sales per day alone so a good Call Center or Marketer should not have any problems making good sales .

-I will pay weekly for all Loan Modification Kits sold .

This program can only be marketed in the US, so all your phone people must be fluent in English. You must be able to supply your own US leads. Full details will be given via PM, including a website for you to look at and read and where you will take orders from .

– After reading details, I will expect a response with your marketing plan and sales goal .

-People who do not respond via PM will not get this job .

-You must bid $50 only, so that I know you have read this entire post.

-This will be an ongoing project where the winning bidder will be able to decide how much their income will be, based on how much effort they are willing to put forth. REMEMBER–THIS IS COMMISSION ONLY !!!

This is a great opportunity ,Good Luck!!

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