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Website Scrape And Post – Minor Changes

Real rush job needs done in 24 hours pretty simple to do – take information on our existing site make some changes and post entire site on our new domain – information is provided in attachment.

Bidders should be super fast accurate and have experience of this type of job.

Budget is $30 payment will be made as soon as new site is up correctly.

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Post 1000 Genuine Ads In Moroccan Classifieds Ads Website

I am looking for a person that can populate my classifieds website for the Moroccan audience from different ads internet sources in French.
The ads should be new and genuine from other Moroccan websites.
I need 1000 ads.
Please if you think you can do the job don

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Project For Rajat07me Only!

This project is for Rajat07me ONLY!

Rajat, please bid $60 to write 25 X 500 word articles and then post them to our website.



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Facebook Connect

Integrate Facebook connect into existing system (PHP)
Website is hosted on

Description, use FaceBook connect to:

(A)Create new accounts or link existing accounts with FB.
Account fields: Username, first name, last name, password, city, state, gender, dob

(B)This website gives the users a wall and it must post 3 actions back to the users FB page whenever they:
1. Update their status
2. Start a topic
3. Comment on topics on their own wall
(It will not track comments or topics created on other users wall)

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A very simple flash-slidind-show showing 10 pictures needs to modify to ahow say 50 pictures. Also a preloader (already exist) should be implemented.
For both (slidingshow & preloader) fla-files are available. We bought the rights on theese files. You should deliver a swf and a fla file.

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Posting on FORUM & BLOG

I need 200 posts for my forum each week.
Please do 5 sample forum posts at then message me here with your username i will review your post and accept you if you have done a good standard posts. Please hope you know NRL (rugby league)
$10 for this each week. And the price will go up when we get to know each other. I will be looking for a writer for a long period. If you dont PM with any usernames i will not reply to you and your bid does not get chosen.
If you are a general person also, so what i mean, can do anything. Like forum posting, building websites, php script install, general work. I would love to hear from you as i need a fulltime worker as well to help me out.

Im looking for a extra 5 writers to keep on hand. So when i have other work to be done i can get in contact easy.
>>>>>PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PM ME>>>>>>>> **other wise you dont get replied to.

If you can also do blog article writing please let me know.

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