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Creating Sales Funnel For WordPress Site And Blog

I need help creating a sales funnel for my WordPress static web pages and blog posts. Website URL is

What I have already done: I have already set-up this WordPress site with several static pages loaded with content, a couple blog posts, installed an SEO plugin (have loaded and activated with title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords), and I have E-Junkie order buttons installed on each static page ( I also want to be able to offer my eBook from my blog posts.)

What I am looking for: Professional with copywriting, web design, programming skills, that can create a sales funnel that maximizes several ways for the prospect to purchase my eBook from my WordPress web pages, blog, and from several choice eBook retailer sites.

This will entail.

#1: Setting-up eBook with several retailers like Amazon, Createspace, Lulu, Kindle, Smashwords, etc. to offer my eBook

#2: Setup a system to capture leads from web pages

#3: Help writing excellent content for autoresponder series of emails for maximum response

#4: Link those emails through a no cost low cost listing service to my website

#5: Offer any suggestions to improve sales beyond what I have mentioned above.

Note: The work will ensure my website and blog is optimized and the sales process is fully functional and automated.

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Video Sharing – Post, Share, Rank Video’s – Acct. Profile

Design website to post, share and rank videos. Create sign in and user profile much like You Tube and Facebook but on a more basic platform. The primary function of the website is to share video files. Furthermore, contain separate categories of videos such as, (primary) personal experiences, musical, sports, shocking, talents etc…

I own several video sharing type domain names. I want to point all of them to one website and make the website the go to website to visit to see videos of all types with creativity. Also, I will be selling devices that allow video camerea to be easily accessable. This recording device will allow for hands free continous video recording to many different types of cell phones which will create on the spot recording and brinf out a variety of entertaining video. This website will allow for easy up loads (userfriendly) of a variety of video types. The more times a user playes the video the website will show how many views and rank the videos from most viewed videos at the top of each category.

The website will be able to automatically dissallow any unlawful acts and will have safeguard options and settings.
The website will be mostly like You Tube and also many of the Facebook features and have profiles with picture sharing as well. Im interested in having enough space to handle a large amount of videos.

I would like to build a basic version of my description and continue to advance the qualities and formatting and featues as the website gets more and more visitors. I would also want the capability to transfer videos from another location to this website, I would like to have the ability to make certain changes myself such as content, ability to maintain integrity and law abiding. .

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WP E-Commerce Plugin Repair And Newsletter For Blog

For the current site we need someone who

1.Is an expert with the Word press WP e-Commerce plugin and can upgrade our shopping cart. The blog was moved up a directory which caused some errors with the cart now thumbnails are not displaying and the blog has errors whenever we try to Update to gold. need to fix errors so thumbnail pictures display correctly with the built in lightbox on the ecommerce plugin and the shopping cart functions as it should. (It was built and complete and was working 100% functional before the move only thing is it just needed to be upgraded to gold)

2.We have a subscribe button on the blog that needs work. send out welcome email and alert us of new subscription. we have newsletter plugin already installed you can use if it makes the job easier.

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Blog Post Writer – 100-150 Word Posts – 50 Cents Each


I am looking for a writer who can write 20 posts per day. 100-150 words each.

I will provide you with just the topic and you just need to write something around that topic,

only include 1 keyword with in the post.

Just has to be free from grammatical errors, and unique content.

Please bid for 60 such posts if you agree with the pay rate. Also, PLEASE BID WITH A SAMPLE.

The project will be awarded quickly.


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WordPress Blog Template Activation Etc

I need to get this following template converted as a functional website blog..

NB; I will only pay your bidding amount AND will keep you at the time frame.

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Autopost Tags In WordPress Post

I need a simple wordpress plugin, which is checking inside the post for [tags]keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,…[/tags] and autopost the tags to wp_tags.
There was a plugin before – Ultimate Tag Warrior, but doesnt supported for new wordpress and MU, so i need a new stable version.
Thats all!

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WordPress/buddypress Video

Hi, i have a non profit making website am currently building, but am stock right now, i need someone who can do the job for me. i have little budget. i want to have a page that will serve as a video page of diffrent categories where my users can go to and watch videos and a page to serve as upload a video where my users can go to and upload video so that the video will show at the video page. it must have ability to upload video direct from computer or embed from youtube etc.

my website is :

here is example of what i want :

check the video section of the example to know what am talking about.


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Video Credits For A Seduction Blog

Hi all !

My name is Kamal, Im the founder of, a blog where I write about seduction, and lifestyle.

This year, I decided to change my content strategy, so I will begin to make some VIDEOS instead of articles. Therefore, I need to have an official video credits, that I will use for all my future videos.

Here is how I want it :

* It has to include of course the address of the blog :
* I would like to have a Jazz Music on it.
* Pictures of a sexy girl (its seduction 🙂 )
* Duration : Between 10 and 20 seconds. (the full video will be 10mn)
* and since my logo and the blog design is quiet red, I think we have to stick to this..

And of course, you are free to let your imagination run ! I would love to see what you can create 🙂

Looking forward to working with you !


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Automated Video Blog Setup (WP Robot Expert)

I am looking for someone to create a site similar to
http://wordpress videos . tv

Its powered by wordpress and WP Robot 3 and it retrieves video every 30 minutes also. It also has some plugin to automatically create tags, keywords, bold keywords…

It wont be related to Worpdress, but this is to give you an example. We will build it using the On Demand theme from (I own a license to it, so no worry there).

It will be created as a subdomain of one of my domains. I own a dev license to WP Robot so I can send it to you, but DO NOT BID if youre not an expert at WP RObot and if youre not used to installing many plugins that will not conflict with each other. Its not a project to learn how to do things, its a project to do things, so please only bid if you think youre the right person.

We need powerful plugins installed to make it easy (link cloaking, SEO, auto tagging…)


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WordPress Blog Custom Gallery Needed

I have a blog that needs to utilize NextGen Gallery and NextGen Cooliris Gallery plugins for a horizontal scrolling gallery. I want to replicate the gallery on this site and also be able to add my post text with it –
I want to be able to have the option to place my text either above or below the gallery images and the images should open in a slideshow when clicked like the example above. They need to maintain their proportion when uploaded and not be a fixed size.

NOTE: I do not want this gallery for a portfolio page or gallery page, etc. I want to be able to make posts and include a gallery with my post.

I want the same effect as the example site where the images go behind the left navigation and show through slightly when scrolled. But the horizontal scrollbar should stay in the main body of the page and not go into the left navigation column.

If you need more information let me know in the PMB. Ill be able to send you the URL of my current site.
Budget $100
Experienced wordpress developers only with GOOD REVIEWS.

Before bidding, consider I am looking for someone that will start immediately and work through quickly until finished.
Payment released upon clients approval.

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WordPress Plugin Creation

Hello bidders!!!!!

I need a wordpress plugin which can scrape data.
I need this job done ASAP.
It should be easy one who has the proper expertise in WP plugin creation.
Only confident bidders apply.
All other information will be given to the interested person in PMB.
Best of luck.

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Need 30 PR5 & 30 PR4 Auto Approve Blog Comment Links In USA

Hi there,

I need 25 PR5 25 PR4 Auto Approve Blog Comment Links from USA based blog sites.
The Number of OBL must not be more than 25.
I may load these in my Scrapebox autocommenter for commenting or Comment using a Browser.
I need someone who has the list.
I will approve the Lowest Bidder.

Payment will be done once we test the list and List Really works.
So you must know what i need.

My budget really is somewhere like $30. So bid accordingly.
Once we approve you and you send the List, the payment will be sent if the List Is the one as mentioned.
We would Use the list only once we Pay you.

If you also have any more to offer as Bonus let me know.
Or if you have something else you feel would be beneficial for our SEO we may buy that too.
Be as detailed as possible


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