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Yahoo Answers! Replies Needed 40-120 Per Day

I need 40-120 replies per day on yahoo answers for next 10 days.

All replies must be by level 2+ accounts.

All replies must have my link in them, and be new questions asked within 10 minutes of reply. You must supply any text if needed as long as my links are added.

You can not reply to your own questions made from alternate accounts. All replies must be to real questions.

Bid on 10 day job based on number of replies you can post per day.

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Web Coding/Develop/Basic Design Ongoing

We are looking for an established, stable company to help us in the areas of web development, some graphics and some admin.

We are looking for a company that we can work with who accepts payment on an hourly basis for some projects and, for others, payment by the project.

We envision starting small and then growing and possibly getting a dedicated person with the company that would be managed by someone else in the company.

Heres just some of what he/she or the company may be doing:

1. Create/Edit sales letters, order forms, web forms, confirmation pages, and API forms using HTML and PHP/Javascript (requires intermediate knowledge of PHP and Javascript)

2. Set up web forms, order forms, templates, follow up sequences, fulfillment lists, and action sets in Infusionsoft and add code to custom order forms/web forms (requires intermediate knowledge of PHP and Javascript)

3. Post and remove special offer sales

4. Create and maintain autoresponders in Aweber and Infusionsoft

5. Custom coding as needed for sites and webpages

6. Website and blog creation and maintenance

7. Design/documentation services

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Yahoo Answers Web Promotion

Im looking for an honest and reliable writer to help me post Yahoo Answers related to my website including my URL in the post.

This job involves finding relevant question and posting an answer in a way that is helpful.

There will not be any problem finding hundreds and hundreds of questions as I have many many keywords you can use in an Excel file.

Here are my submission rules which you MUST follow otherwise I will consider this failure to follow guidelines

1) You will need to have at least 1 level 2 Yahoo Answers account so you will be able to post clickable links.

2) You will need to include my website URL in every single Yahoo Answers posting and none of the questions must not have a best answer chosen already..

3) Each question you answer must be directly related to the corresponding page url which you are going to use while. You answers must be in complete and flawless English.

4) You will need to include my URL within the post which should not look like spam but an integral part of the post. It should not create a bad image for my site.

5) Each post must to be at least a few sentences. It does not need to be an essay but it should be descriptive enough.

6) All the links should be working. I will only pay for good quality posts with working links.

7) Work will be consider complete when all URLs have been submitted successfully without error

8) You shall give a completion report based on the format which I shall provide to you in excel.

9) If you have a way of posting your own questions and choosing your own answer as the "best answer", I will give you 2x what you bid per answer.

Im looking for long term business relationship here. Do not bid if you dont understand what Im talking about.

Post your bid per 200 answers as well as "Ireadit" in your PMB to ensure that you have read the entire post.

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