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Website Scrape And Post – Minor Changes

Real rush job needs done in 24 hours pretty simple to do – take information on our existing site make some changes and post entire site on our new domain – information is provided in attachment.

Bidders should be super fast accurate and have experience of this type of job.

Budget is $30 payment will be made as soon as new site is up correctly.

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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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Content For Travel Website – Egypt


I need help to make about 20 posts about the travel resort Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.
Written in good English.

They could be about a restaurant, a diving centers, a hotel or activites. So some research on Google will be necessary.

Pic in post are approx 600×350, ( 2- 3 pic pr post) that also can be set as Featured image.

You will get username and login to a wordpress site.

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Gumtree Australia Posting

You will be posting mostly in rentals categories in all the major cities in Australia.
All ads must be verified and approved and generate emails from viewers.
– Must be able to post multiple ads in Gumtree Australia ( rent category/multiple cities/regions),
– Must have Australian IP to post ads to gumtree australia,
– Most preferably dynamically changing IP,

15ads/day, im not paying ads not listed, only visible ones. You must know that every ad must be activated by phone. If you know what i am talking about please contact me! Dont waste my time!

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SEO Blog Post Service Needed

If you have a blog network, i will provide a spun article so you can post all your blogs as blog post.

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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT **** Experienced

We need someone to post a few ads for me on CL. I will pay per live ad. Easy work and need this done ASAP.

We seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

Daily post 5 to 10 adds and cites will be USA only , if you work good than we increasing capacity of adds

We will pay up to $.40 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted, deleted or flagged ads will not be paid for.

Payments will be made weekly, NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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Post Submission Plugin Required For WordPress

Hi there,

Im looking to find someone who can write me a customised plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow the site visitor to do the following:

– The Create a post form should include: Image upload, post title, category, tags and customised permalink (plugin is for a link site) and "alert me" (user is sent automatic email when their post is approved or declined) are required, perhaps other custom fields later

– If possible, when a post is submitted, the user should have an option to perform basic editing on the photo – there should be an option to crop the photo, although the crop ratio needs to always be 1:1; the user can then preview and Submit the post.

– The user must be registered in order to post. The link to make a post should not be visible when the user is not logged in. If the user is not logged in there should be a link from the menu bar (not widget in sidebar/footer etc) to an AJAX login popup which will authenticate the user and redirect them back to the same page. If the user is logged in there should be an option to "Submit New" (see below) as well as an option to log out, and a link to view the user profile. These links should be on the menu bar at the page top – not as widgets in the sidebar.

– The "Submit new post" page should come up as a AJAX popup – background page is faded and the submit new form appears similar to a Facebook-style lightbox, and should be "activated" by a link from the page menu (not a widget on a sidebar/footer)

– The user profile, linked to from the menu should also be a customised page, showing the users previous published submissions, as well as an option to change basic info about the user account (email address and so forth) – there should be no need to go into the WordPress admin panel/backend for the user to do this.

– The form should be able to localised easily in multiple different languages. I want to be able to edit a specific file and easily add/change new languages so the form displays in different languages. This variable should be carried over from the main site, which will also be localised in the same languages.

– The submission should automatically go to a pending state which will require moderation by me or another Admin before the post is visible. There should be a dedicated section for post moderation on the Admin panel, and the moderation section should display a small thumbnail of the photo uploaded (which can be clicked on to enlarge), the post title, post permalink, tags used and categories. Each pending submission should have an option to approve/reject the post, and in the case of reject, there should be a customisable menu where I can select a reason as to why the post was rejected. This variable can be pushed into the automatic email sent to the user in case he has selected to be notified when his post is moderated.

– In the user page showing his previous submissions, there should be 3 different sub-sections. One section showing "Approved" posts, one section showing "Rejected" posts, and these should also show this rejection reason next to the posts, as well as a "Pending" posts section – for posts which arent yet moderated.

For resources, please check the following sites to view some examples of the type of thing Im after – / – which have the authentication and submission system Im after
TDO Mini Forms – WP plugin which does a similar thing to the form action I require
Multibox – WP plugin which displays a nice lightbox for content – sort of the thing I need for the submission and login forms.

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FML/TFLN Style User Generated Content Site

Need to a site developed based on a wordpress theme if possible. Idea is for users to post text or pictures to a user generated blog. No need for user registration, just a user name i.e. anonymous post as long as a user name is provided.

Posted objects should require administrator to approve before posting on site. This setting should be able to be switched off and on by an admin.
Each post will have a positive or negative vote. Also have an option to view best rated and lowest rated.

Each post must also be able to have a comments section similar to blog comments.
Social sharing should be available.

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Content In French Language

I need content in French language.

Content is for blog post – approx 14 blog post of 200 words each

Please bid

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I have several videos about my sites and i need them all published on websites online.

pay is 0.10 to 0.15 depending the traffic of the website. where oyu post our videos..

all you need to do is take the embed of my video and post on other sites so people can watch them…

there is no limit you can do as much as you want


only video embed…and not only youtube !

start bidding now !

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WE NEED ADS POSTED IN THE TALENT GIGS SECTION OF CRAIGSLIST. We need someone to post ads in the following cities:
* atlanta
* austin
* boston
* chicago
* dallas
* denver
* detroit
* houston
* las vegas
* los angeles
* miami
* minneapolis
* new york
* orange co
* philadelphia
* phoenix
* portland
* raleigh
* sacramento
* san diego
* seattle
* sf bayarea
* wash dc
Thats 23 cities
We would like ads posted every 48 hours. We will supply you with a promotional flyer to post. Change up the titles so they wont get ghosted. Or you can use the information on the flyer and just post text ads sending people to the website on the flyer. (We prefer this) This way each ad will be unique.





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P2 Theme Javascript

I am currently using the P2 WordPress theme ( but would like to add the following few customizations:

#1 Add the ability to play a sound (Ding!) when a new post/comment is added… I presume that should be possible since there are a few actions that appear to take place after the Ajax posting (number count increase on the tab for example), but I dont know how…

#2 Enable posting by just hitting Return (or if not possible, another easy shortcut like Ctrl+Return) instead of having to click on the "Post It" button. You could still add forced line breaks in your post by using Shift+Return for example, but it seems a shame to have so many keyboard shortcuts available, and not this quick posting one.

#3 Be able to upload images at a minimum (video/music/files/etc if possible, but not crucial) directly from the front page without having to go to the back-end Dashboard, by integrating the upload buttons functionality you can find on the Dashboard QuickPress area directly into the front-end quick post section…

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Lat/Long To UK Post Code

Good afternoon,

We have a CSV database of 84,000 lat/long co-ordinates and need someone to help identify the UK Post Code location for each of these points.

Some of these resources may help:

We need this doing swiftly but also accurately 🙂 Any questions, do feel free to drop me a line.

Many thanks,

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Post Articles In GOOD SEO-Friendly Articledirectories

I have 40 articles written in english and want them posted in articledirectoris that approves follow me links to two specified URL:s in my webshop. The articles are already written and no writing is needed, just linking and posting in seo-friendly articledatabases and directoris.

In the bid, specify how many articledirectoris you will post all the 40 articles to.

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Project For NiNa07

We are a seo company in INDIA. We have some large link building projects. And we have spent
last week on And we have found some good link builders. And we have some Trial
projects to them.

This project is For only NiNa07

Please Bid $35.

And give us your Best offer for Blog comments links.

How many links can you provide in $35.

Please read the requirements

( 1 ) All links Pages that you post on must have PageRank of at least 2+

( 2 ) Dofollow links only.

( 3 ) Post good comments not spammy.

( 4 ) Only Blog comments links.

( 5 ) 20 % links should be related to given Topic.

======================================== MOST IMPORTANT

This is just a small trial project. If you are done well for us than we have some large link building
projects for you.

And we will create 100% escrow.


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Poster Needed – Post Ads For Me – Marketing

Need 30 to 100 ads posted a day on major site – You know the site! please PM me your posting rate!

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Seeking Long Term Experienced Craigslist Poster- Needs PVA’s

We are seeking a Craigslist poster to post in the Real Estate Sections. Will seek to pay for ads that remained on the site for at least 72 hours. We seek to eliminate ghosted ads or blacklisted accounts. You will need to supply your own phone verified accounts, and email addresses for us to use. We will have on average 30-50 ads to post per day.

We prefer to pay per ad posted and not an hourly rate. You will need to keep track of your posts and keep a list of them for us to access to confirm.

Please bid based on what you would charge to post 1000 live non ghosted ads over a 30 day period.

Depending on your skill set and level of English comprehension and writing skills I may be willing to pay you to follow up with the leads generated from the Craigslist postings.

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Google Reviews – Must Have USA/CANADIAN IPS

I need someone to post google reviews for me using different USA or CANADA ips.

I have the reviews. You post them daily for 20 days.

20 dollars.

10 dollars upfront

10 dollars upon completion.

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100 Posts On Forum Threads That Are RELATED To Our Website

Post to forum threads related to the topic of our website.
This is not a typical sign up to a forum and post a link job.
Your task:
People ask on sport related forums for solutions we provide, so you will need to find these threads and answer to these with a back link to our website.

All forums need to show a minimum of activity (several posts over the last days).

– Comments must be relevant to the forum subject and demonstrate that you read the thread
– Each post will have different content which will be directly related to the thread
– Minimum of 20 words per posting.
– URL to our website and to a specific page regarding the sport activity must be inserted and be active
– Notify on reply must be selected.
– Email address (gmail account) will be provided to you, which you will use for sign ups.
– Reporting after first 5 posts necessary, thereafter after every 15 posts that we will review, so we can assure quality is what we expect.
– Excel reporting with all forum links needed.

* High English test scores
* Must understand how to use HTML/BB when creating anchor text link
* Preference given to candidates with proven link building experience.

If interested please send me examples of your previous link building work.

In your response please succinctly answer the following questions:

To be considered for this job, you need to PM me and I will ask you for 2 links where you would post for this job. Further instructions follow.

Should this campaign prove to be fruitful we will probably assign you in future with more work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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WordPress Site Build With Pay Wall


I have an existing WordPress site that is pretty poor, I will be needing you to do a number of things:

– Find/build and install a theme that is worthy of a news/visual website
– Build in a paywall so that we can charge for premium content
– Build the existing content into the new theme
– The site will need the ability to add video content and photo content (in separate areas)
– The site will need space for advertisements
– The front page will need a slider that showcases new and interesting content
– Needs to encourage sign up
– Needs to be easy for users to sign up (only able to post content once registered behind paywall)
– Very simple navigation
– Link in to Twitter both to show our Tweets and to allow content to be tweeted
– The content will all be centred around COMEDY so needs to be both light hearted and serious in relevant places
– Will need a features page to be built for signup

Of course I would also like input from you as to what you think would add to the site.

Please read the entire post / project before bidding and when you message please provide examples of your work as well as an idea of what you have in mind for the site.

Many thanks,


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UK Builders

Looking to have a website very similar to to be built with the following additional features:

1. Site needs to enable "House Builders" & "Building Companies" to register their business for an annual fee.

2. Each "Builder" listing to display number of user "ratings" and an associated average "ratings value".

2. Website users need to be able to carry out a local (5 – 50 miles- selectable) UK post-code search for a suitable builder without having to "Post a Job".

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Looking For A Posting Service To Jobs Section In Craigs List

I am looking to post ads all over Craigs.List in the Jobs Section.

id want to post about 2-4 ads per day as a beginning. If it works well, Id increase the number of posts and post it in more cities.

I need an expert who can post ads in the Jobs section without a problem.

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Need Craig’s List Poster

WE need EXPERT(s) to post ads on the website Craigs list in Las Vegas, NV only. Its very important that you read this from top to bottom! We are looking for someone who can post ads in the real estate for sale section at least 4 days per week on Craigs List. The successful person will need to:

1.) Post ads on craigs list twice a day. The first grouping of ads must be placed online between 10:30AM and 1:00PM Pacific Daylight Time. The second grouping is to be placed online between 4:30PM and 7:00PM Pacific Daylight Time.

2.) You must have good knowledge of Craigs List terms of service to avoid ghosting and flagging.

3.) You are responsible for creating and maintaining the Craigs List account.

4.) You are responsible for creating and maintaining the email addresses.

5.) Bidders should have have IP addresses that DO NOT GET GHOSTED (If you are not sure what this means, DO NOT BID / DO NOT CONTACT ME .)

6.) You are bidding on a one month project and if it is successful we will in turn this into a permanent project pending your progress and results within the first seven days (trial period).

7.) You must be able to rotate Ad titles, post image ADS, rotate IPs, Monitor ADS, prevent Ghosting .

8.) All ads must be search-able and verifiable

9.) You must supply us with a spreadsheet listing the links to the live ads you posted.

10.) Payment will be made every 50 posts through PayPal (ghosted / flagged posts will not be paid for.)

11.) We will pay up to $.50 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted, deleted or flagged ads will not be paid for.

12.) We will provide all of the content needed as well as a detailed list of where we would like the posts placed.

Please reply with samples of your work and pricing per post.

Payments will be made weekly, NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

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$1/post- CRAIGSLIST Posting

Looking for someone who could post for me 50/posts per day in different cities, Paying $1 per Live non-ghosted ad.
You need to use your own accounts/proxies- I will provide only ad copies and where to post!

Place a bid for 100 posts ( $100) and send me 10 of your previous posted ads on CL, Will hire on Spot if I like you!

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Co Reg Lead Generation System Needed

I need a Coreg lead generation system that will basically GET data passed from a signup form and post it to another URL. Here are few websites that work on same model, looking for something very similar.

Will need ability to POST data to multiple locations and insert data to a MySQL database, a cookie/session should be set. A random user id should also be created and stored at this time, and this value will need to be passed on as well.

From there the data will be passed to a coregistration path and once the user is complete they will be forwarded back to a final page. Post reading verification question one – in MySQL what is a lookup table and when would it be used.

The final page will also need some basic design / CSS on it and it will be on our domain and should still have all the data stored from the original POST when the cookie/session was created this page will be full of links that will need to have that data passed to it as well.

Prefer to work with some one who have already worked on a similar project.

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Classifieds Website – Need Help With Ads Posting

Ive just finished a classifieds section on my website and Im looking for two people that can help me on posting new ads, Im gonna be responsible for the SEO (marketing) part.

How do I pay you?
Im gonna provide a free space for you between the ads, so you can give me your banner, Ill post it, that way, all the users and guests gonna able to see your banner, what might be a good income for you if you have a ppc banner (except adsense), I can also put an ad directly to your site, that way you could raise your services/products selling.

The website is about classifieds in the USA and Australia. Even though, the focus is USA.

Remember that your income will not depend only on me, I can make the SEO part, but once you post new content to the site you are automaticaly helping with SEO, so, as much content as you post, as higher are the chances to raise visits, and your income.

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Promoter Forum Poster

Hi there,

We need someone to post in "spearfishing" forums for us.

What we need:
1. Posts in at least 500 different spearfishing forums
2. Poster need to create a profile in each of these forums
3. Poster need to post 3 relevant to the topic posts and must not appear as spam
4. THEN Poster need to post a spearfishing video from our youtube channel
4. Poster need to report back daily with forum accounts details and post urls


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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT $0.35 PER ADD

I am seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

I am looking for someone that is experienced in Craigslist posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

Please PM us your price per ad as well as how many live ads you can post per day.

Daily need 10 to 20 adds and cites will be USA only

Rates will be $ 0.30 per live add , we will not pay for any Ghosted ads.

if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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Post Grad Level Writing For Business Studies

SAP related MBA dissertation writer required.

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Auto Blog Posting Script / Bot Wanted

have you got a auto blog posting script you could customize for me?

I need a bot/script to enable me to post an article to many different wordpress blogs.

I have 1000 self hosted word press blogs and have author access to them all. I need a way to post an article to all of them automatically.

The Bot would hold all of the log-in details for the 1000 blogs and up to 20 articles. Then I would like to schedule the posting so the bot posts the articles on a schedule.


> Able to add 1000s of blogs and manage them into groups, sort them, etc
> Upload up to 4 meta fields with each blog and sort on those fields once uploaded
> easily upload and store all of the login details
> able to post an article to all blogs, selected blogs, or specific groups
> upload many articles and auto post them on a timed schedule (cron)
> easily upload the articles in batches if they are txt documents (title, and body text)
> abilty to spin titles e.g. {green|purple|black}
> script can be hosted on a domain/server so it can be access by anyone anywhere

Any other features you can

How much would it be for you to develop such a script or even better, customise a script you already have?


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