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Write 2 Sentence On Different Posts


I have the list of websites. Youll visit each website, open different posts, read them carefully and write 2-3 sentences related to the posts in Excel.

I will pay $0.04 for each post (2 sentences).


04/05/2011 at 12:26 EDT:

Payment will be only after I check the work. (No Milestones)

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Quality Blog Posts

Looking for someone to write very good article for submission as guest blog posts to different blog posts.
These articles should be pillar articles.

We are going to handle submissions ourselves so do not provide submission services.

1. Article length 800 to 1200 characters.
2. Bid for a block of 10 articles.
3. I will pay through on delivery of work.
4. Must provide previous writing samples when bidding for project.

This is an ongoing project (repeat every month, minimum 20 articles) so Im looking forward to see reasonable bids.

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Forum Poster Required

I am looking for experienced forum posters, quality working only in native english.

Poster needs to join in with conversation, No posts from gambling or porn related threads, try to avoid threads with 100s of spammers/pharmacy related content.

Quality posts only.

Forum needs to be indexed by Google.

If you can provide related forums that is the ideal.

In your application please include examples of your previous posts plus outline the cost per post.

If you have speciality in one area, please let me know.

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400 Confirmed Blog Posts

Need 100 blog posts (dofollow and no follow) every two weeks, for a total of 400 confirmed posts.

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CL Posts Needed For 2 Weeks In April

Craigslist adds needed in the event service section
5per day. multi-city.

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Forum Posts

Looking for some posters to kick start a parenting forum geared towards AU visitors.

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Minor Technical Changes To A WordPress Site

I need some small but technical changes made to my wordpress-based Real Estate site – so strong familiarity with PHP and wordpress is essential.

The changes are:

1. A minor safari compatibility issue – a javascript text input box is not working correctly, it only works when user refreshes the page – which is very annoying.

2. Basic image size issue – when users add images, they display in the post, but some display too big. I need there to be a limit on the size at which the images display.

4. Inside the wordpress admin dashboard, some of the fields related to posts users have submitted have disappeared. I need to be able to see those fields again so I can edit them from inside the dashboard.

4. I have a slider with an inbuilt google map on my homepage – it displays some information, but at the moment it is displaying the wrong information sometimes and needs to be fixed.

5. I would like several basic sliders put on my homepage that display the featured listings for the 4 different post types I use on my site.

6. When search results appear, the Page 1, 2, 3, 4 etc option at the bottom of the page does not work. Page 1 displays ALL the posts, page 2 also displays ALL the posts. I would like them to display 10 results per page.

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100 – 150 Word Blog Posts

I want 100 posts written and posted to build my rank as follows:

– 150+ words long
– Original
– I will supply a writer account at BuildmyRank for you to post to
– I will supply you with the links to use. 1 link per article in the first sentence.
– Ongoing work if job done well

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Writers Needed For Easy 250 Blog Posts (150 Words Each)

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE ENTIRE AD.. We are opening this position for another 2 fast and hardworking writer. This needs very minimal research, we just need it to be grammatical error free and it makes sense. You can come out with your own topics but each article would be around the topic of the website. These articles would be approved from either or

Each blog post looks something like this –


Title: Motivation For Life

I always remember this phase – Life is like a box of chocolate, you dont know what you are going to get. This is such an inspiration to me because it makes me realize how exciting life is. Sometimes we get lousy chocolates and sometimes we get delicious chocolates. Sometimes the chocolates may seem delicious but when you eat it, it doesnt really taste as delicious. And vice versa.

You see, it doesnt really matter but what you think that matters. If you think you are a master, then you are one. If you think you are a loser, then you are one too. So which one do you want to be?


Criteria and rules –

You need to insert our links into your articles such that it blends into the article. It also requires the right anchor text (you will be instructed with this). No grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors as they have very strict quality control. The best thing is that MINIMAL RESEARCH is required.

To bid successfully for the job, please insert the word "HTTPS:1280" when you PM or reply me. Otherwise I would reject you straight away.

We are planning to pay $50-70 for the 250 blog posts with each 150 words. You would just need to be very fast typist and get these blog posts approved on the site ( or As long as it done correctly and get approved, you get paid for the article. You can do over a period of 10-15 days, so each day around 16-25 posts a day.

Please send in your resume and you would need work sample trial runs on either linkvana or buildmyrank to get orientated.

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Changes To Infuse WordPress Template From Rocketheme

I need three changes to this template

1) take time off the posts, but leave the date

2) change the appearance of the side widgets. I would rather the text be smaller, and use different icons, if possible

3) the box for comments appears on the posts, but not on the home page. Since Im using the home page as a blog. Id like people to be able to make comments on the posts, but from the front page, they cant see thats an option.

The theme is installed on my site already, just these adjustments need to be made.

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100 Posts On Forum Threads That Are RELATED To Our Website

Post to forum threads related to the topic of our website.
This is not a typical sign up to a forum and post a link job.
Your task:
People ask on sport related forums for solutions we provide, so you will need to find these threads and answer to these with a back link to our website.

All forums need to show a minimum of activity (several posts over the last days).

– Comments must be relevant to the forum subject and demonstrate that you read the thread
– Each post will have different content which will be directly related to the thread
– Minimum of 20 words per posting.
– URL to our website and to a specific page regarding the sport activity must be inserted and be active
– Notify on reply must be selected.
– Email address (gmail account) will be provided to you, which you will use for sign ups.
– Reporting after first 5 posts necessary, thereafter after every 15 posts that we will review, so we can assure quality is what we expect.
– Excel reporting with all forum links needed.

* High English test scores
* Must understand how to use HTML/BB when creating anchor text link
* Preference given to candidates with proven link building experience.

If interested please send me examples of your previous link building work.

In your response please succinctly answer the following questions:

To be considered for this job, you need to PM me and I will ask you for 2 links where you would post for this job. Further instructions follow.

Should this campaign prove to be fruitful we will probably assign you in future with more work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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100 Posts Of 150 Words Each For Build My Rank


I am looking for a writer to write posts for Build My Rank.

The project is for 100 articles.

Each article will need to be at least 150 words.

Each article must have a keyword mentioned in the first two sentences.

Each article must have a title that is more than a couple of words and relates to the article content.

We will supply the keywords to be used and the number of articles allocated to each keyword.

The articles must be unique and pass a human editor. This cannot be five articles spun into 100. We are looking for excellent quality and may be able to offer the author more work in the future.

We prefer a writer who has written posts for either Linkvana or Build My Rank, but we will consider others as well.

The budget for this is $50.00. Thats $0.50 or 50 cents per article. Lower bids have a better chance of winning, but we will not sacrifice quality.

Time to completion must be ten days or less.

We are a reputable, established real estate company based in the U.S. We work with all vendors in a professional and fair manner and we look forward to getting this job completed on time.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your bids.

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40 Blog Posts Per Day, A Total Of 1,200 In One Month

I would like to buy a total of 1200 forum/blog posts.
With 40 posts per day.

We have 4 different domains we want linking to which means that you can post 4 links in every blog which means that you need 10 blogs per day to complete this assignment.

The blogs/forums have to be:
– DoFollow
– The LINK PAGE must be minimum PR of 2
– Be in English
– There should only be one link in each comment. You will have to write a new comment for every link.

You must send exampel of a few links you have done so I can see that you know what you are doing!

I will not pay over 250 USD, so do not bid on this project if you bid is higher than 250 USD!

Best Regards

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PHP P2 Theme WordPress Customisation

I am looking for someone to recode the p2theme for wordpress into my own online app.

I am basically making a website called and the function of the website will allow a visitor to write their own thought for the day.

Please see the attached document and I will explain further.

The site will be similar p2theme for wordpress except different and extended:

Basically someone visits the website.

Selects from categories for their thought

Writes there thought. (There will need to be a jQuery form validator that automatically detects http:// www .com string and pops up a notice and the form will not be submitted. The same for the comments form).

Mandatory name and email.

Choose to register

Choose to subscribe to daily thoughts (or daily quote)

And posts it

The post function will need to run through AJAX same as p2 and appear automatically through ajax like Twitter aswell.

If they register, a email is sent to confirm registration, username and gives password after confirmation?

Subscribe to daily thought sends the highest rated daily thought to the user.

Toggle comments will open all the comments for the posts, toggle on/off. There will also be a Rate plugin for posts posts.

As you can see the social icons will need to be like share retweet and stumble on each individual post.

On the sidebar there is just the most popular thoughts order in categories eg. motivational etc. User can click view all –

On the individual category pages the user can then view thoughts by category – arranged by most popular ever. There will also be a option to view by most popular this month and week. (like youtube videos sort)

It would also be nice if the user could subscribe to a individual category to receive the posts from that category only via email weekly/daily.

There will also need to be blog pages set up separately, that list posts from my category choosing.

Also when the user is on different page other than the homepage there will be a little popup notification stating there is a new thought once again similar to p2. Also adding a (1) New Thought/s to the page title. The pop will simply appear above the website content at the bottom of screen for 10secs – user can click back to the home page to see the new thought.

Note the posts do not have titles or tags.

So basically the same a p2 theme. Even if you based the entire project off this framework would be fine. I have already started building the website with the rating system and form, however I dont have enough time to complete it.

I am website designer and developer but I need to outsource to save my time. You can visit my website

I would prefer to do the basic HTML & CSS structure myself. I can however also provide the Photoshop documents if needed.

If this project goes well I also have 2 other larger projects currently being structured, wireframed and designed, due for development in the next few weeks, so there is the opportunity for ongoing work.

If you could provide a rough estimate into timeframe and price it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Virtual Assistant Team Needed

Im looking for a team needed – please be a team of at least three assistants, four to five would be even better. I require that you work with little supervision, call my cell only for emergencies and that you be available for a long-term relationship.
Tasks will include:
* Screening emails and delivering a weekly report of what I need to respond to.
* Performing keyword research for blog posts needed.
* Adding stock photos relevant to my blog posts and info products to my shopping cart in Fotolia (I will do the purchasing for now).
* Installing WordPress PLR blogs, for which I have a full .pdf of details as to how to complete this and it takes about 5 minutes.
* Adding my domain names as add-ons to my hosting account.
* Finding relevant blogs to my blogs.
* Composing or hiring someone to compose blog posts that fit my strict editorial guidelines – they will be 250-words and keyword-optimized (NOT stuffed) in well-written English
* Formatting .rtf documents to include my images and to have consistent formatting so that I can sell them
* Research for which I will provide clear, concise requirements.
* This list will later include social media action which you can do with your team or you can hire out.
* Take my emails and organize writing and data within WordPress – also drafts within WordPress.

I am very serious about this position and want to find the right team for me. I dont need to know all of the inner workings, I dont need to talk constantly and I cannot hold any hands. I need your English to be clear, but I am very happy to work with anyone from any nation.

Please bid your cost for the first trial project. I will select three providers to perform this trial project.
The trial project is working within WordPress to organize the work Ive received from freelance writers Ive hired and drafting Ive done. Youll take 3 post drafts and make sure that the formatting matches my sample post, isolate the keyword and include it in the tags field and the All-In-One SEO fields and fill out the title and description for this post. Youll then schedule it for any day without scheduled posts in the month of May. These are all posts that are targeted at 250 words, and theyre simple posts.

Ive found great providers and other kinds, too, on Freelancer. Please begin your bid with a summary of the project and the bid youre providing that ensures you have read this project description and that you understand what Im looking for.

I dont want to abuse anyone, I want to build a relationship. Looking forward to your bids.

— As a final note, please do not bid if you need to be in constant communication. I want you to help me eliminate tasks I dont want to handle, not create more work for me.

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$1/post- CRAIGSLIST Posting

Looking for someone who could post for me 50/posts per day in different cities, Paying $1 per Live non-ghosted ad.
You need to use your own accounts/proxies- I will provide only ad copies and where to post!

Place a bid for 100 posts ( $100) and send me 10 of your previous posted ads on CL, Will hire on Spot if I like you!

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Promoter Forum Poster

Hi there,

We need someone to post in "spearfishing" forums for us.

What we need:
1. Posts in at least 500 different spearfishing forums
2. Poster need to create a profile in each of these forums
3. Poster need to post 3 relevant to the topic posts and must not appear as spam
4. THEN Poster need to post a spearfishing video from our youtube channel
4. Poster need to report back daily with forum accounts details and post urls


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Craigslist Poster

Looking for an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER, to post 15 – 20 ads DAILY.

You must have all the systems in place for successful posting (US IP-switch, PVAs, etc).

Ads will be posted in New York City only in computer servies secions!

You have to provide an excel report with ads links daily after posting (all ads will be checked)

I can give you a few examples on what to write but need to change words around to avoid repeat post.

All emails must be forwarded to me as soon as possible, i can not afford to wait few hours for you to forward to me or i lose client.

We will pay $.15 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted or flagged ads will not be paid.

We will pay weekly.


Please only bid if you are interested in LONG TERM work. Ready to start immediately. Experts only please.

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WordPress Custom Page With Social Integration

We need a custom WordPress page made on an existing WordPress blog.

I need someone with a LOT of experience in coding
for WordPress and integrating with social media to create a page that lists posts and those posts are ranked on the page based on how many FB likes and Tweets the posts receive.

This must be a job that can be completed quickly!

Here is what I am looking for:
– Someone with huge WP experience and particularly with social media integration
– Someone with good rating
– And someone who takes pride in their work

If you think you are the person for the job, heres what you need to do next:

Please reply with examples of your previous work of yours that is similar to my job.

If I like your previous work, then Ill get back to you and give you more details on the job…

When you first reply please start out by typing the code word "wp custom page" – so this way I know you took the time to read the entire description and you ae not one of those people who automatically replies to all submissions…



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Linux Howtos And Tutorials

The project consist on writing Linux howtos and tutorials in a basic of 2 posts per week.
The writer has to be a Linux user and to be able to cover one of the following OS : Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora.

It is important that the posts must be original.

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Custom WordPress Plugin

Hello, I am looking to have a WordPress plugin developed. Here is what Im looking for.


1. Disable links in posts/pages based on a set time in seconds, minutes, hours, days or a combination of all 4 inputs from the post creation date.
(example: Set the time to disable links in a post/page to 2 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes, 15 seconds after post creation date OR set it to just 10 minutes)

2. Disable links in posts/pages based on an include or exclude of post or page ID #s. If including then only links on the posts/page ID #s you provide will be disabled. If excluding then all posts/pages other than the ID #s you list will be disabled.
(example: I want post ID 4,7,12 to have disabled links after the set time OR I want every post except 4,7,12 to have disabled links after set time – these will be two different options)

3. Disable links in posts/pages based on a category.
(example: I have 5 different categories of posts on my site and only want 1 of those categories to have links disabled in the posts after the set amount of time)

4. Disable links based on tags.
(example: I only want posts with a certain tag(s) to have links disabled after set time)

5. Have a text box to enter HTML or simple text to go into a post/page after a duration of time.
(example: After 5 days I want to insert Adsense code into the desired posts/pages at the top, middle, or bottom as options)

I would like this plugin to only affect the links in the content of the post, not the links in a sidebar or navigation. I would like all of these options to be made in the plugin admin panel. If you need more details please contact me. Im hoping Ive provided enough detail for you to understand what Im trying to do.

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BMR (buildmyrank) Writer Needed

I need an experienced writer to write BMR posts. You must be familiar with posts. Your writing must be all kind of error free and copyscape passed. You will only get paid for the posts accepted by BMR. Pay is $0.50 per 150 word post. Fast turnaround needed. Looking for long term relationship.

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Facebook Likes 5

I would like to have 3K likes for a specific posts on a facebook page.

Please be prepared to only use real methods of promotion
so that the account will be healthy, targeted and a good source of
promotion for my posts.

Bid Confidently.

deadline on 3 days. max. budget is 60$

A bonus will be given for a good work.

I Only accept programmers with at least 1 positive scriptlance review.

This is a reposting of Facebook Likes 4.

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WordPress Theme Modify

provided php code to modify wordpress theme "twenty ten 1.2" for wordpress 3.1
so that admin can select which categories to use when displaying posts in the home page
currently all posts from all categories are selected when user goes to home page.

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Facebook Likes 4

I would like to have 3K likes for a specific posts on a facebook page.

Please be prepared to only use real methods of promotion
so that the account will be healthy, targeted and a good source of
promotion for my posts.

Bid Confidently.

deadline on 3 days. max. budget is 60$

A bonus will be given for a good work.

I Only accept programmers with at least 1 positive scriptlance review.

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New Blogger Template Needed

New Blogger template needed for an online fashion store. Need someone who is very familiar with Blogger template programming.

1. To imitate an existing and operating Blogger template (no shopping cart). No new design work needed, as we already have the design. Current template is bugged and we want to build a new template to solve problems.

2. To allow for more posts to be shown on homepage. (Currently showing 6 only)

3. To re-design individual posts template and to incorporate mouse crossover zoom features.

4. To convert all old posts to the new post template.

Only want to work with serious and professional Blogger programmers/designers. Prior experience in Blogger template designs needed.

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PHP Programmer Needed For RSS Feed Project

More Details Will Be Provided As Needed:

I need someone who can take various RSS feeds and create a system for me to choose individual posts and dump the data from them into our database for editing
I have a list of about 300 RSS feeds that I would like to dump in to our back office, sort by country, and grab the data from them and turn them in to individual posts on our site for use. They should be approved by our admins, go in to a holding tank, and then wait for further input before being assigned as "live" offers

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High Quality Blog Writers Required (10/10 English Skills)

We are looking for a professional blog writer who has prior blogging experience

This job requires you to submit 4-5 blog posts everyday on topics related to technology, online deals, online shopping etc. to a very popular Australian website. Quality of the content is very important to us and we are only looking for creative and insightful writers who can keep our readers engaged. All the topics will be given to you 24-48 hours in advance so that you can concentrate on researching and writing instead of having to search for topics.

We are flexible with the rate as long as you can demonstrate your ability. This work will be long term based on engagement you create with our readers through your content.


You must know SEO writing and to pass copy scape.
Must produce quality content.
Blog posts will need to be directly submitted to the blog where they will be edited by us if required. Low quality posts will be rejected and you will not be paid for those posts.
Each post should contain at least 600 words (Very important).

Please send us your writing samples and also write 50 words on why we should choose you. Please tell us a little about yourself as well – we have a fun loving team and we value hard working and ambitious people.

Let me know if you have any questions. This has the potential to be a full time job and you can earn around $500-700 a month.

Please bid for the first 100 articles to begin with. ($3 to $5 per post as a guide)

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Build My Rank BMR Writer

This job involves writing as many as possible 150+ word short articles posts in a day. I will pay you $0.50 per 150+ word post/short articles. I need 72 such posts and I am willing to pay $36 for them. I will not necessarily wait for the deadline to award the contract. We will begin as soon as we find our writer(s). That being said, I might hire more than 1 writer because I have a huge backlog of posts to be written. Here is how I want the posts to be written:

– I will supply you a number of keywords.
– You will research the keywords given and acquire a fine grasp of what they are all about.
– You will then write blog posts/ short articles of at least 150 words excluding the article title.
– The article title should contain the keyword. Example is as follows, assuming the keyword supplied is dry skin problems, an acceptable title would be like Getting Rid of Dry Skin Problems, Causes of Dry Skin Problems, Help! I Have Dry Skin Problems or Solutions of Dry Skin Problems.
– The keyword should appear at least once in the article body, preferably in the first 3 sentences.
– The articles/posts should be free from grammar and spelling errors, have proper punctuation and be factual based on your research above.
– You are free to employ any writing style as long as you have followed the above outline. Be creative and just let your thoughts flow into your writing!
– Articles need to be 100% unique and pass Copyscape
– The keywords are from different niches like beauty, health care, sports, medical, electronics, pet care, travel and hospitality, internet and technology, home and garden appliances and so on. You should have a broad mind to handle whatever keywords are thrown at you!
– This contract is really a paid interview. I will discuss much larger contracts of hundreds of posts to the right writer upon successful completion of this project.
– As I need the short articles/posts in large quantities, I will only consider offers from full time writers.
– Bid for only 72 short articles/posts @ $0.50 per post. So your actual bid should not be more than $36 for 72 posts.
– I will provide you with a Writer account where you will write up the posts. You will edit or replace any rejected posts. If you have lots of rejected posts, I will cancel the project.
– Mention how long it will take you to write the 72 posts in your application. I need fast turnaround at the same time I do not want to compromise on quality.
– Please mention the word candy in your application so that I know you have read and understood the requirements of this job post.

If you have any questions, just bid and ask in PM.


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Craiglist Post Need ASAP

Hand postings are a MUST (No autoposting/spamming software!).

These ads must also contain a link to our website(in some cases just a phone number and email address). I will provide ads(which you made need to alter, copy or edit as you post them multiple times). Must have your own IP

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Looking For Online Marketing Expert …

We are looking for someone with an opinion about internet marketing (including content marketing and social media marketing) and online business to help us keep our social networking profiles updated with new mini-posts.

You will be paid per post. The rate per post is negotiable depending on your level of experience. This first project will be for 150 posts.

You may not obtain "inspiration" by copying or paraphrasing the content of others without proper citation as a quote for your posts. This will result in immediate termination from this project.

Your English must be 100% flawless. If your first language is not English or you dont have a good enough grasp on English for a native English speaker to believe that you are dont bother bidding on this project because you are not going to be selected.

In your bid mention the social networking sites that you have experience with and let us know what kinds of subjects it would interest you to post about in relation to small business and marketing.

You should also include some links to profiles you have done work for previously and some samples of your writing from your blog or any content that you have previously created for others that is related to this subject area.

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