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Adwords Project

Google adwords

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Google AdWords Campaign


We are an IT Service company based in Thailand. We are looking for someone who can manage our Google AdWords campaign. Please we are not interested in SEO work as we have someone doing that already, only interested for AdWords.

We would like to have a campaign to cover local and global (Excluding Display network). We don

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Sit Google Adwords Fundamental And Advanced Exam

I am looking for someone to sit my google adwords fundamental and one advanced exam. I would supply you with my details and on completion of the exam would complete payment. My understanding is that each exam takes 2 hours and costs $50 each so this would be included in the total cost so it is clear.

I am looking to complete this asap.

02/02/2011 at 7:56 EST:

I can also pay the exam fees upfront if this helps.

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Adwords/PPC Specialist Needed. Hourly.

I need someone who is a specialist in Adwords to help manage some client accounts. This would be through a virtual teamviewer connection.

Please quote your setup fees (and whats included), ongoing maintenance fees (and whats included) and also your hourly rate.

Looking for a low rate as looking to pass on savings to my clients.

Please also provide:

Examples of previous success. List of tasks competent with. What clients have you worked with? What budgets have you worked with?

Must be ready to start immediately.

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Google Adwords Fundamental Exam

Need a guy to sit for me to give Google Adwords fundamental and search exam. Will be Paid only when he passes the exam.
Contact ASAP

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AdWords PPC Campaign


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AdWords PPC Campaign


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Google Adwords / Ppc / Gmail Scrap

I am looking to get a list of all the companies that advertise thru google for particular buisness. THey would advertise in gmail ads, pay per click ads and adsense. This is for the US only. They probably are different in each state. THey also might have advertised over the last 3 years. My category is Bail Bonds

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Google Adwords – Improving Quality Score

Please read the description completely. If you do not have experience with these skills, please do not apply.

Job Requirements:

Pay Per Click:
I need to improve the quality Score of my keywords, the Account is without history (Less then a month) however i have another account with more history (but he is paused for a long time now)

Candidate must be Google AdWords Qualified under the new guidelines. In your initial contact with us you must provide a link to your Google test results to be considered for this position.
The candidate will be able to perform keyword research, organize keywords into AdGroups, write compelling ad copy, manage bids, and make recommendations for landing page optimization.

Candidate must be able to write grammatically correct US English

-Expert at Google, Yahoo, MSN and other PPC reporting
-The candidate will have experience with the display/content network
-Understand various match types in different PPC platforms
-Knowledge of CPV & 2nd tier ppc traffic sources helpful
-able to quickly build tightly focused campaigns
-able to think outside the box, show initiative and generate bottom line improvements.
-available for daily reports & weekly meetings
-familiar with keyword research tools
-excellent adcopy skills

Please read the description above completely. If you do not have experience with these skills, please do not apply !

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SEM Consultor Only Carlosgallegocom

Necesito asesoria para administrar una campaña en Google Adwords.

Espero ofertas.

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Solve Google Anaytics / AdWords Conversion Tracing Issue

Investigate and fix issue why conversion tracking isnt wokring on two sites.

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– H

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Google Adwords Expert For Up And Run Image Ad


we are inneed of an expert on google adwords campaign setup.

we are trying to do that ourself but can;t approve the image ad, we also setup a text ad and it became approved in few moments.. but ad not showing online yet…

we would like to select someone can suggest best keywords for our site and can gaurantee about image ad approval, live online etc..

only expart bid please, no amature for save our time as well as yours too..

Thank you

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Google AdWords


I am looking for someone who can do the magic and save me from paying the crazy prices of google PPC,
Main industry is a locksmith,not a store (mobile locksmith, 24/7)
Normally to get to the first page (First Ad) with PPC Google AdWords, Each click will cost about up to $25 ,depend in location..
i am looking for someone with A lot of experience in Google Adwords, who can:

Learn my competitors
Optimize my Campaign
narrow silos
peel and stick top 20 keywords
Split test ads
Create exhaustive list negative keywords
Keep good quality score
Do savvy Geo Targeting
Set up conversation tracking

1- Bidder MUST have good communication skills- Must be able to Skype and write in english effectively

Examp: Google "atlanta locksmith" or locksmith atlanta – I want to be first with lower PPC
Examp: Google "tampa locksmith" or locksmith tampa – I want to be first with lower PPC
Examp: Google "locksmith" (city atlanta,Ga) – I want to be first with lower PPC.
and etc etc…

Good Luck

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Google Adwords Specialist PPC/SEM Manager / Expert

I need an adwords expert to provide Adwords/PPC management for several mobile click to call campaigns. I need you to build out many click to call adgroups and campaigns based on root keywords.

For example I would need a adgroup built out for "cooking schools" this would be one ad group and you would find 10-30 keywords for this group and set it up. Please provide a bid for setting up 10 adgroups.

Must provide proof of experience in using Adwords Editor.

Please when bidding include descriptions/examples about past experience with PPC management.

Also please let us know whether you are Adwords Certified by Google.

If you have managed other campaigns please provide samples of campaigns you have managed and how you set them up.

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100$ Google Adwords Card To Sell


I have a Google Adwords Coupon Code worth 100$.

Note that it is ONLY valid on new activations, so if you or a client has a new site to promote, this will be perfect for you.

I will ask for 100$ deposit in milestone, THEN I will send you the Coupon Code in your inbox or by e-mail, and will ask for release once you have received it.

Do not bid a different amount then 100$, I will not consider it.

The card is valid until September 3rd, happy bidding!

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10K Leads For Finance And Insurance Via PPC , Adwords

I am finance and insurance agent based in US. I want to generate 10,000 leads for health insurance

I want to use internet marketing to increase my leads and business.

I am open to using search marketing on Google, Yahoo, Bing or even SEO

But Finance and insurance are extremely competitive categories and the keywords are very expensive in the US – which makes the lead cost unviable.

I need a talented, experienced PPC / Pay per click / Google Adwords certified professional who can do the following:
1. Do the keyword research
2. Study and put the optimal bid price.
3. get the account up and running.
4. Deliver 10,000 leads

Only freelancers who are committed, dedicated and have a proven track record reply to this post. Else you are wasting our time.

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PPC Campaign Management

We are looking for a qualified person or company to manage a PPC campaign for our business. Person or company needs to have lots of experience and a proven track record in creating, following up and maintaining Adwords Campaigns for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

IMPORTANT: You must know how to do keyword research and write ads.

Please let us know what your previous experience is in the following fields:

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Independent Google Adwords Campaigner Wanted.

We are an Online Computer tech support service provider.Our market is 100% targeted to US nation wide only.We need Google ad-words & other PPC campaign service providers who will do this completely for us.This is a trial period job for 60 days & we pay you based on your experience & results delivered.Our CPA budget is $4max for actual sale made which needs to be considered while preparing the campaigns.

The job can be converted to on going status through if the trials prove successful.

Please respond ASAP with your detailed profile.


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Google Adwords Expert For Single Ad Campaign


Im looking for someone experienced with Google Adwords to help with an exploratory ad campaign. I have a campaign set up, but its not displaying ads. It is a small campaign about baby equipment rental only targeted specifically at one US city.

Message me if you will be able to:

-Make recommendations on keyword choice, ad group set-up, bidding, and budgeting
-Achieve a good quality score
-Give concrete suggestions for landing page improvement
-Explain what you did and why you did it (so I can learn)
-Through your recommendations/guidance, get enough clicks to spend an Adwords budget of $100 in 2-3 weeks
-Respond to emails in 24 hours or less


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Need A Travel Portal

Well I am looking for a Travel Portal with Heavy Budget Only India & USA can apply

A Good domain name preferably to singleword.tld only ccTLD is not required (Related to Travel Niche & should be in English word)
B. Travel Portal with E Business with Its Affiliates site (similar to Travelocity, Yatra) with content
C. A Blog in its subdomain (Preferably WordPress) like blog.domain.tld with daily updates
D. Review Portal in its sub domain like review.domain.tld (similar to Trip advisor) with content
E. Complete Travel Guide of each and every location
G. Its complete Promotion (Offline/Online Optimization, Google Adwords/ other Paid advt Management)
E. Complete Online Branding
F. Full Time Writer/ Web Managers/ Web Promoters/

Well i am not much aware of technically terms . Pls Bid with Subject: "TravelP".
Submit the Details or Report Describing each and every section. A~ E.

It is trial post.


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Google Adwords Accounts Needed

We are looking for a regualar supply of google adwords accounts,they must be active with $100 voucher,must have good knowledge of adwords and be able to supply on a daily basisw

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Adwords Professional

Google adwords professional requierd.
For providing our complay with support and passing 5 Google adwords qulificatin tests.

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Small Business PPC Google Adwords Campaing Management

Looking for google adwords qualified person or company to manage a PPC campaign for small businesses including my compnay and my clients.

needs to have lots of exprience and proven track record.

Looking for ongoing monthly program management rates.

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Google Adwords Coupon / Voucher Codes

I need huge Google Adwords Coupon / Vouchers and or codes . If you have Adwords Coupon and also any Facebook coupons, Yahoo coupons or any other coupons that can be used to advertise please Bid here. They must be able to to be used by multiple different users and preferably in English if possible (at least the majority). Must be able to be used on new accounts or existing ones.

Just let me know on average how many you can get e.g X amount from Adsense, X amount Facebook, X amount from Yahoo etc also if you can tell me the face value of the coupon that would be great.


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