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Google PPC Campaign For E-Book

PPC campaign including:
*Keyword Searches
*PPC Management

For E-Book – targeting ACTORS/ACTING INDUSTRY – specifically in the US.

3 month campaign initially (more depending of profits) – please bid on your MONTHLY RATE!

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We Need A Similar Photo Editing Website To

The site should have the following functions (in no particular order):

– Users can sign up to keep their creations and their submitted effects or stamps
– Users can upload their own photo effects or stamps
– Photo effects or stamps can be animated.
– Friendly URLS is a must
– A simple 3 steps flow (select effect, upload, download)
– Images should be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format and must not exceed the size of 9 MB.
– Photo effects ( and photo stamps ( are seperated.
– At least have 70 photo effects to choose from. (Admins can add more photo effects)
– Photo stamps are to be added by us (admins)
– Categories are included
– Face detection for re-size and capture the head from users photo.
– Users face with basic background pattern or effect (like existing
– Upload photo function (ajax) or load from web adress.
– Auto adjust size of users photo.
– Gallery of generated photos with comment function (SEO optimized).
– Final photo save to disk, save as avatar, publish function (to popular social networking sites).
– Msn/google/yahoo/facebook ..etc invite friend function with the photos.
– Email to friend function.

More info:
– my English is not so good – sorry

– Payment will be made when project is fully finished and tested. ( Sorry, have unfortunately had bad experience with advance)

– One of our professional dev will be reviewing if the project is well-done (in terms of coding and security). If you impressed us and its scripted the way we want, our company will have more projects for you in the future.

– If we get this website big and successful, we will send you bonus.

Thank you for reading!

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Needing WordPress SEO Experts

Looking for some contractors for a big ongoing project. I have multiple sites I want to have some articles written for and traffic generated.

Candidates with the following skills please apply

1. WordPress

2. Strong SEO and Keyword Skills

3. Someone with knowledge of PPC, and Google Adsense

4. Any other strong background that improves website ranking and traffic drive

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Google PPC Management E-commerce

Ignore the price bracket as this is to be a monthly project.

We have a client who runs a succesful bathroom e-commerce site called

They require someone with experience preferably in the bathroom or home sector in succesfully managing google ppc campaigns, intitally they will be looking to spend a couple of hundred pounds a month increasing on succesful roi.

Only get back to us if you have good english, experience in this area (please provide evidence) and let us know your charges and contact details. The company we deem to be best suited will be passed on and the owner of the store will be in touch to make arrangements, this can also lead onto further work on general SEO if the company is liked.

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Competitive Pricing Analysis – Google PPC & SEO Listings

Looking for someone to put together a competitve analysis so we can gauge internet advertising competitors price points. We will provide a list of Keyword terms we use for PPC ads. Contractor will compile a list of our top competitors (PPC – Paid Search and SEO – Natural Search listings) and their selling prices. This would be an ongoing project that needs to be updated every week.

Attached is the procedure required to complete the project and a sample spreadsheet of what a completed competitive analysis looks like.

Please place your bid based upon 140 keyword phrases on the attached excel ss (Competitive Analysis Sample Report) that need to be researched.

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bury info that comes up on Google/Yahoo search

I would like to hide or bury information that comes up when a search is done of an individual on Google or Yahoo.

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Website w/ Backend + Affiliate Prog (ContentArmor)


This will be a subscription site that will automatically scan content on the users website and check to see if duplicate copyrighted content exists elsewhere. It will include an Affiliate Program and an attractive backend.

We need a Developer who can deliver on what we need while at the same time proving design for the site that is stylish and up-to-date. If your design skills cant build a unique attractive site – dont waste our time. (Weve had enough developers waste our time).

We do not pay until project is completed, and will not load funds into GAF Escrow until the project is close to completion. We will not pay for incomplete work (Do it all, or dont do it). Im sorry if this seems harsh – too many coders have wasted my time). We expect our developer to set a time table and stick to it.

Here are our requirements – Details will be filled in as needed, but this represents 90% of what needs to be done:

ContentArmor Site Requirements:


1) Logo
2) Site Layout / Design

(Site styles which we like:,
We are not looking for duplicates of these sites, these can be used simply as inspiration)


Website Pages:

1) Landing Page – Brief Overview of ContentArmor
2) What is Content Theft?
3) Stopping Content Theft
4) Subscription Page (with Options and App)
5) User Login
6) Affiliate Page
7) Affiliate Login


User Backend:

1) Login and Update account information
2) See latest scan status or any pending infringement
3) Change URLs being scanned
4) Billing Status (Upgrade billing, Cancel Billing)


Affiliate Program:

We will need an affiliate system built into the site. The system should incorporate Affiliate stats with a Ticket system in place for questions or concerns. Payments will be made using paypal and all payments will be verified by site administrator.


Subscription Functions:

1) URLs setup in User Accounts are Scanned.
2) Site Map is created and 10 setences are randomly scraped from site
3) Those sentences are then exact searched on SEs (Google, Yahoo, MSN) to see if duplicate content exists
4) If Duplicate content exists, it is marked as possible Copyright in the backend – the status is updated – and email sent to site admin for futher search
5) Amount of URLs and Frequency of the scan will be determined by subscription level


Admin Backend:

1) See All Subscribers and Access accounts
2) Able to Monitor all Scans and edit Statuses
3) Auto Generate Email which will create an email sent to Domain Registrant, Domain Registrar, and Hosting company
4) Manage Affiliate Commissions and Payouts including checking Stats

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