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I need an experienced expert to set up a PPC campaign so we can test keywords for 2 websites.

I need a true expert that has experience in setting up and running a successful lead generate system, using Google pay per click.

You will set up a ppc campaign, tweek and select keywords that will generate many leads per day.

please only apply if you have experience in this,



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Im looking for PPC Professionals that can manage my ads , you must have experience in pets ads . what i mean is , you must have been able to place an ads with the category of pets . I have clients that are ready to place their ads , But they also need to be sure of you legitimacy . So contact me for more information .

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Virtual Assistant For Web Design, Social Media, Writing, PPC

We need to hire a VA for social media, graphic design, writing, and PPC advertising tasks. We will only hire a native speaker and writer of the English language. We need a self-starter who can work efficiently on projects including updating simple websites, updating Facebook pages for clients, and designing simple banner ads.

Please bid your cost for one 40 hour week of service. If we like you after the first 40 hours, we will consider hiring you fill time. We are a quickly growing digital marketing company.

Remember, native speaker and writer of the English language.

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PPC, PPV Expert Guru, Profitable Campaigns

Im looking for a PPC, PPV Expert/Guru….

I want Profitable Campaigns, ROI !!

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Small PPC Campaign

We are exclusively in NYC. we will work with a very small budget initially. You must be knowledgeable and have the time and b able to answer our questions. This is long term

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SEO / PPC GURU To TEACH ME How To Boost My Website’s SEO

I am looking for an SEO & PPC (Adwords) EXPERT to help / teach me with SEO / PPC for my website.
Basically, I have a very nice website that is doing OK with organic, local and PPC results, but I want a person with good experience with such things to teach me how to take my campaign to more professional levels.
I dont need to be told to post more content on my site or just to post movies onto YouTube, etc – I want REAL SUGGESTIONS of things I havent done to take my website to the next level.

1) I want White-Hat SEO only!
2) You MUST speak clear, fluent English
3) You MUST have the ability to instant message through Skype
4) You MUST be very highly rated and qualified
5) You MUST have pure confidence in your abilities with BOTH SEO and PPC

1) To do a full analysis of my current SEO / Local Campaign / PPC work (PLEASE, not one of those simple analytic programs kind of results, rather a thorough look at where my results stand and what I can do to make them better).
2) To **GUIDE ME** (You dont do anything, you just teach / tell me what to do) with what I need to do / content I should create / places to post this content so as to boost my results.
3) To teach me where to post articles / videos / content so as to get them propagating through the internet on other peoples sites.
4) To explain to me WHY you suggest each step.
5) To look at my Adwords campaign and to give some recommendations about how to boost my results.
6) To give me concrete instructions on how to boost my local listings.
7) Not to do anything yourself concerning my site without us discussing it first and you explaining to me WHY you recommend doing it.
8) To be in good contact with me (at least at the beginning) so we can keep the campaign moving

1) I am very highly motivated, a good content developer and will stick by the deadlines we set together in your guiding me.
2) I am already somewhat savvy with SEO and Adwords, I will learn and understand quickly.
3) I am willing to give bonuses for real, tangible results – But I measure success only based upon results.

1) Some kind of proof (other websites youve worked on / past projects) to show that you truly know what youre doing.
2) Your level of confidence that you can complete this task
3) A VERY simple and basic analysis concerning my site ( and some kind of recommendations about what I could do (Again, I am not looking for anything free here, I just want to see if you understand what it is I am looking for and your level of proficiency with SEO).

Please do not waste my time if you are not qualified. I will only accept an offer from a very highly rated and respected SEO Guru. I am looking forward to having a respectable business working relationship with you and to having you "wow" me!


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Facebook PPC Campaign

Experienced Facebook person who specializes in PPC campaigns to lower cpc and raise roi plus increase clicks and impressions. I want a facebook specialist who knows how to tweak the PPC campaign to get maximum results. Please take a look at MedicalTourCancun dot com and Facebook Stem Cell Therapy and please give me your plan of action and bid.

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Upgrade Yahoo Ppc Campaign

We have 3 yahoo ppc campaigns which are quite small. Search marketing only.

The first is a campaign that has 20 adgroups which we have been running for 1.5 – 2 years – this signs users into a free ecourse on weight loss.
CTR is 3.4 – 4.2%, CPC $0.11 and conversion to sign up is approx 10.5% for the last 3 months.
The thank you page leads to a sales page.

The other 2 campaigns (4 adgroups) lead direct to the sales page, have similar CTR and costs – conversions arent so clear.
Budget is $30 per day.

***What we need is someone better than us who can take our campaigns to the next level.
***Improve overall impressions and CTR with similar or better conversion costs.

Must be experienced with Yahoo PPC, the weight loss market and managing campaigns that sign up free leads and buyers.
Future work:
*We will possibly want to expand our market in yahoo (currently targeting ANZ)
* Managing the campaigns on a ongoing basis
* Work on our google campaigns
* Transfer to other search engines

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Pay Per Click Specialist Needed

We are looking for a Google adwords specialist to manage a PPC campaign for me. The goal of this campaign is to have users see our Ads and call our number,we are looking for someone that can help us reduce our PPC cost and increase our cost.

If you are looking for upfront payment just to set up a campaign WE DO NOT NEED YOU.

You must be able to manage this PPC campaign day to day to optimize it and ensure that we are getting great conversions.

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PPC Management

We are looking for someone to setup, modify, enhance our PPC campaign on Google.

The program will require user to be able to
1. write ads
2. select keywords
3. maximize keywords
4. maximize bids
5. provide reports through Google Ad Words

One Company with Ads in Seven States.

Job would be
1. Initial Preview and Enhancement
2. Bi-monthly review of the program and campaigns

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Ppc Campaingn Management

What I am looking for is an expert who has alot of experience in being successful in PPC marketing

Since i never had a ppc campaign before i need some one who can
design and implement me various keyword, category and run campaigns in
order to generate lots of very targeted traffic to my website`it an adult toy store website` and essentially generate good conversions.
you have to be able to

Ability to choose the right keyword
Create effective add that leads to higher clickthroughratio
efficiently manage click rate ,impression rate ,conversion rate and campaign cost.
Competitor analysis & industry research

I would be interested and open tu suggestion that can help
If you have done this kind of work before it would be a plus if you can send me an exemple

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Need A Website Which Is Well Developed By Ppc


I need one website which should be very profitable in ppc.As i was new i need some one to do this in low rate.Lowest Bidder will be awarded.

Thank You

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Yahoo Ppc Expert


I would like a yahoo ppc expert to have a look over my current campaign settings ads and keywords for my adult toy site. I am not gettting the results I would like and i need a proffesionals assitance.

Thank you,

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PPC – Adwords

I need someone to run a very small campaign for me on Adwords.

You must assist in the lading page and finding profitable keywords.

This is to test a new affiliate products so it i a sample campaign.

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Professional Banner Ads And HTML Email Creative Wanted

Were getting ready to launch an affiliate and PPC advertising campaign and need a full suite of creatives, including both banners and HTML Email Creative.

We need 2 banners each of each of the sizes below (one Flash and one static in the PSD format):

In addition to the banners we also need 2 standard HTML email creatives that can be used for all our email affiliates.

We have a very well done video that we want the banner and email design to look like in terms of design.

Also, we want our banners to work across all the major affiliate and PPC networks, so we want there to be flash components, however the creative size has to meet with all the industry standards.

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Seo And Ppc Expert Needed

I need a ppc expert to set up our google and adcenter account and campaigns and to manage it to its fullest potential.
I would like full seo done on the site as well to improve all aspects of our organic listing. White hat, grey hat, black hat, tell me more about them and we can decide. Benefits and consequences of all.
PM me for a link to the site so you can see what we do, and what you have to work with.
Professionals only that have proven success.
I would also like references from other companies that you have done this type of work for.
We can discuss payment, and time frame of project.

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$15/sale – PPC, SEO, Adwords, Sales, Marketing, Submissions

We need people to do Sales and Marketing for our prototype PCB fabrication.
We are one of the biggest printed circuit board manufacturers in the US.

Lets make it easier to understand.


1) A fully working PCB Quoting website with quote forms and upload capability for Drawings/gerber files.
2) This website only belong to you means any quotes or sales that come on this website are because of your efforts.


1) Do whatever it takes, anything you know, like or understand.
2) Every real quote (real company quote with verified gerber files and pcb drawings uploaded) we receive on this website you get $2.
2) Every PCB order we receive on this website you get $15.

We already have 9 resellers who market our printed circuit boards in the market either online of offline and makes from $40-$800 every month depending on their marketing skills.

We do not have any restrictions on your location, if you are in US or outside US, you can do the job as you only need computer and internet access to do your marketing.

Each and every reseller will be given a separate website, so its easy for you and easy for us to do the tracking and payments.

You will be paid on every saturday evening for your sales for the week by any payment means you like. (, paypal, moneygram, western union, T/T, Cash deposit in your bank in your country)

Example: If you work hard and get many people to come on your website and do 40 sales (which is very common) you get $400 on the following saturday.

You can use adwords, ppc, SEO, facebook, twitter, orkut, other social media websites, directory submissions, articles, blogs, forums, anything you like, we dont mind.

What we need is orders on the website given to you and you get $10 for each and every order.

You get control panal for your website, where you can see following:

1) daily visitors
2) quotes
3) orders

Example website:

IMPORTANT: Make sure your bid is exact "$32" which means you have read all above, if its not $32 we will not accept you. We will except all the bidders who are able to do the above job.

Please do not bid with other SEO or PPC or marketing services, as it will be rejected.

Happy New Year, Lets see what this year brings for you and for us.

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Adwords PPC Expert, Immediate Start, Professionals Only!


I am looking for a PPC Adwords professional who is an expert in driving targeted traffic with an excellent track record.

The first site contains 120 products and would be looking to produce a vast range of ads and keyword terms to target.

Please PM with experience and your techniques used.

Experts only please!! If project goes well then there is plenty more work!

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Certified Google Adwords Manager Needed

I am looking for a certified google adwords manager to assist me in a new PPC campaign. I have one website and I am looking to setup between 30-50 keywords for google PPC.

Please respond with your PPC portfolio, how you can assist me, and the pricing.


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PPC Ad Campaign & Lead Generation Expert Needed!


thanks for taking time to look at my job listing. What I am looking for is an expert who has alot of experience in being successful in PPC marketing and vaious other forms such as PPV etc…

What I am looking for is someone to help with various ppc campaigns. I am an affiliate marketer and promote various different CPA offers. In the past I have used,,, and some others to promote my offers but have had limited success in terms of generating leads from my ads.

I would like someone to design and implement me various keyword, category and RON campaigns in order to generate lots of very targeted traffic to my offers and essentially generate good conversions.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone that can help with this and I will expect you to show me examples of similar projects you have undertaken.

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Need Publishers (websites) For PPC Ad Network.

This is a great Project! Brand new PPC advertising network ( banner ads, pop ads, inline, tex ads) needs 250-300 websites (publishers) to become its partners. It will be easy to get them as we have focus on real estate, automotive, financial and trading websites and blogs, we provide high payouts for publishers and have innovative technology.

As a marketer yo have to provide 250 – 300 verified website sign ups ( websites that will join as Publishers to my Ad Network) that will place our network ad code on their websites.
– Only real people, real websites. We will verify each sign up. Website owners should sign up and put our codes on their websites so we could show ads and publisher could earn money.
– Websites should be at least PR1 with a traffic and be regarding Financing, Real Estate, IT, Auto, Moto, Insurance, Loans, Forex etc( at least 3k uniques a month )

You will be provided with a sample sales letter.



Please dont waste your time bidding if you never worked in project of getting leads or sign ups.

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E Marketing- PPC -Clickbank Expert

I need someone to improve my website to get more affiliate income

-Find the right products: clickbank or other affiliate programs.
-Reduce my PPC campaign costs
-Build an organic traffic
– Back link building
– Article posting
– Twitter marketing
– Content writing
– Finding other adverting channels

I am looking for long relationship , with a reliable and experienced e marketer
Please send me some reference about recent projects .
I will need the ability to get in direct contact with those reference owners .
I prefer that the major part of the payment will be based on success fee.
Best regards

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Online Car Rental

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PPC Management (for TopClick) – 5


This project is for PPC accounts management on Adwords & AdCenter. Please bid for 15 hours of work.

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PPC Expert For Adsense Is Needed

Hi adsense expert is needed to optimize one website for adsense. Please provide examples of previous and current adsense work. adwords and chitika experience is a plus.

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Google PPC (pay Per Click) Tracking Script

On the Google 1st page on only search there are the PPC, (pay-per-click ads), on the top of the page and the right on the
screen. These are updated regularly with new companies in different positions advertising.
THe program will search multiple cites (maybe 200 or more) for multiple search terms daily or more often.
Example. I am searching for local businesses. like bails bonds, lawyers, locksmiths + 50 -100 categories.
Google updates this regularly with new companies in different positions advertising. I would like to capture this many times daily. (or whatever is practical). I need a program that will do capture the url of the advertisers. THe program needs to eliminate duplicates. THe program should also track which advertisers are always in the top postions and which are new.
If it is possible the program would go to each site and find the fax number and email address if not I will need do this manually.
Windows based. If I need to get a server to run it, no problem.
My goal is to get the email address. and the fax number and the phone number of each of these companies. And to build my contact lists.

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AdWords PPC Campaign


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AdWords PPC Campaign


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AdWords PPC Expert Needed – £80/day Budget Optimisation


I am looking for an qualified AdWords PPC expert to to a one-time optimisation on my running campaign, to improve ROI and sales generated overall.

I am currently spending around 60-80GBP per day on PPC. I know this is a profitable niche, however I dont have the right keywords etc.

Looking for a real expert, who has proven PPC experience in the past.


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PPC Management, SEO, Internet Marketing

Needing help getting more traffic to my site. Need someone to manage a PPC campaign across all the major search engines (google, yahoo, bing). Also help with SEO (link building, article submissions, videos, etc)

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