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Fix Javascript Image Cycle Feature & Add Preloader

The javascript image cycle feature works fine with only one set of images, but when multiple sets of images are used, there are bugs and when viewed online because the image array is not preloaded there is significant delays.

The page should load the logo image first and preload the image arrays so that when the user does mouseover on one of the images it will cycle instantly.

This is page where fix is required: greenfootprintdesign[dot]com/portalpage/

I want the preloader to happen discreetly in the background. I do not want any kind of loading.gif used unless it is the logo that is currently there.

Essentially this page is duplicating the effect found at joelfitzpatrick[dot]com with js instead of flash.

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Customize Multiple Existing Flash Preloaders & Combine

I have purchased several flash component fla files including preloaders, text/banner effects, intros, date countdowns, number counters, scrolling marquee, and animations. I want to include all of these components in a single flash application that can dynamically display each component at a specified x,y,z position, width/height scale, at a specified time. All of the canvas and component parameters would be loaded from a remote xml file via http. Each component comes with its own set of dynamic parameters that are currently loaded from local xml files or flash embed parameters; we need to modify these components so that the parameters are loaded from the same remote xml file via http. I also need the 5 different preloader components to be modified from using the bytes loaded values to using values specified from the xml parameter. The end result will allow me to combine the various components into a single timeline where multiple components can be displayed at the same time and one after the another as a movie. The single flash file is a framework that can create an unlimited number of subsequent movies based upon the content displays the combined components are capable of creating.

Below are an example of some of the flash components that I have purchased which I would like customized and included:

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Flash ActionScript HTTP Cookie Loader Different Domains

Proof of concept is required in .fla flash movie
flash must do this:
user with web browser goes to url
flash actionscript on flash object loads that sets http cookie to that web browser and when user with web browser goes to, cookies already exist because of cookietracker.php

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Flash Preloader

I need preloader like this.

and then to start video(I have video).

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Port AS3 Preloader And Bridge To AS2 (Flash, Action Script)

The task is to take existing AS3 code and port it to AS2. (You will need CS5.)

The preloader has a default animation as well as functionality for serving an ad (four ad types:, swf, or image). To server the ad there is bridge class which dynamically loads during the preloader.

You will not need to do any animation work on the timeline.

Youll be given:
– .fla
– 4 ad classes
– 2 main classes (AS3 document class)

Youll return:
– .fla
– AS2 classes
– example swf and fla for each ad type
– brief instruction doc for installing the AS2 preloader

Time line: Start immediately and return it within 3 business days.

If youre familiar with AS3 and AS2, it should be a quick and easy project.

NOTE: The last person was not able to finish this. Youll need CS5 to be able to test. Please only bid if you are able to follow directions. Specifically, youll need to return the test classes which show the code is functional.


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Flash Preloader

I would like to have a Flash Animation which uses the attached preloader to the load the movie and then automatically plays it when ready. The deliverable should consist of an HTML page and flash files required to show the final result. The attached movie is in MOV format – any conversion required is accepted

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Flash Site – With Gallery Photos V.fixes

A flash project is almost finished. Some last fixes must be made.

Main changes:

1. It allready has a preloader when images are loaded. We want to change position of preloader and style. guides will be given.
2. It has allready a portfolio section, which support one page. We want to load max 27 thumbs per page, and if are more thumbs available to have prev,next buttons, to load more thumbs. That section must have same preloader as other sections.
3. general fixes to style of the flash template. Move objects up or down, change some gaps, simple changes.

12/03/2010 at 6:07 EST:

1. Flash project use xml files to load images and all content
2. Flash project is made into CS4, and use AS3

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Port AS3 Preloader To AS2 (Flash, Action Script)

The task is to take the existing AS3 code and port it to AS2.
The preloader has a default animation as well as functionality for serving an ad (ad types:, swf, or image).

Youll be given:
– .fla
– 4 ad classes
– 2 main classes (AS3 document class)

Youll return:
– .fla
– AS2 classes
– example swf and fla for each ad type
– brief instruction doc for installing the AS2 preloader

Time line: Start immediately and return it within 3 business days.

If youre familiar with AS3 and AS2, it should be a quick and easy project (probably a day max).

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Help With Flash Preloader


I need urgent help with an integration of a flash preloader for a .flv movie of 55 sec.

I have the preloader already so I need only help with the integration.

For a flash specialist it should be an easy job.


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Need Flash Preloader Fix

When I publish my flash project, the screen hangs on the preloader. The preloader repeats and repeats without loading the content. The project is made in as2.

I hope someone will be able to help me out.



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Javascript Preloader

My website takes a long time to load

I need an animation to show users that something is happening

The website does not use flash

The preloader needs to be in java script /ajax

It is NOT a case of simply copying and pasting an image preloader, as the website has PHP functions that take a long time to load and I need a preloader for the whole page not just 1 image

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Flash Video Preloader

I need a flash preloader that works and looks exactly like the one found here:

It will be going on 3 differently hosted web sites with Godaddy so it will need to play on both a Linux and Windows server. I also will need the Flash FLA file so I may do edits and add different videos. I have Flash CS4 so it will need to be compatible with this version.

This project is for creating the file and helping me with getting it to work on my hosted sites.

You may send me the final product using a generic video since my video is still being created.


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Flex 4 Preloader

We need a Adobe Flex 4 developer to create a hip-looking preloader on our new site. We expect you to know how to create a preloader from start to finish, including the use of Flash, exporting symbols, and the code that needs to be placed in our main flex app. It will be based on an older version of our site. We have all the artwork, flash file, code. it just needs to be upgraded to Flex 4, the loaded percentage need to be fixed, and it needs some cosmetic changes: fadeins, fadeouts, etc.

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Female Voiceover Talent For Flash Game Intro

We have a flash preloader that runs before our custom created games. What we would like is some voice work which simply says the name of our site which we can then add to the preloader.

The site is for kids, specifically young girls, so we would prefer a kid/young voice actress.

Examples of what we are looking for:

The sites we would like voiceovers made for is

Please submit an example of your previous work or some type of demo we can listen to of how you would say the site name in the preloader.

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Adsense Ads Preloader


On this page-
It has the Adsense ad sit on top of the game while the game loads.
the adsense ad is from DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business

I need someone that is familiar with this to give me the code and the process on how to set this up on my
own game site or any game site.

That is all I need.


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A very simple flash-slidind-show showing 10 pictures needs to modify to ahow say 50 pictures. Also a preloader (already exist) should be implemented.
For both (slidingshow & preloader) fla-files are available. We bought the rights on theese files. You should deliver a swf and a fla file.

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Swf To Flv Preloader

Dear friends, i have a one as2 swf preloader but i want to convert this to flv preloader.

you can download and see my old codes. (very short and simple). just need a flv video connection instead of swf connection.

please look at line 62

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Some Simple Flash AS Improves

This is the site

Basically I need 3 improvements

1. Add a preloader for main movie (very simple you can use one that match with design)
2. Add some Easing to the zoom script ( It is not hard since zoom is currently working just add the easing.
3. Add preloader for display thumbnail and zoomed image in Gallery.


So basically can be done very quick. I am not in a hurry but It wont take more than 3 hours.

Budget is $20.00 I will pay by paypal.

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Integrate Online Flash Portal Preloader With Game

Quick task needs to be done fast: we have a complete flash game and we need it integrated with a online flash portal preloader. Well provide both .FLA files.

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Add Preloader To Flash Gallery

Add preloader to a flashgallery and expand a flash dropdown list to 20 items on click ac3

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Project For Tarek Only

Add a preloader to existing flash
and fix some xml issues

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Page Flip Project

Dear Freelancers,

Im looking for flash developer who will be able to make modifications and add new features to my page flip version for pdf files. There will be 3 or 4 modifications, for example: changing preloader,new look of navigation bar. About new features, there will be 4 or 5, for example: sending e-mails, printing. My page flip version is based on open source code so if you already know it, it will be easy job for you. I have already all graphics like buttons,navigation bar and preloader, so you only need to focus on coding. More details on PM.

Best regards

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Find A Flash Preloader Bug

I want someone who find a bug from a fla game, the preloader sometimes load, sometimes doesnt load.

the game:

iill provide all the source code, without the artwork

Kind Regards

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Preloader To My Swf

I need a preloader to load my .swf of 5mb. for start now, not start tommorrow.

budget: 10$ . via paypal

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Flash Protected Preloader

We are looking for a flash preloader to be created that protects against decompilers. We will provide graphics, you must developer preloader and provide protected swf along with source .fla.

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AS3 Slideshow Player With Video/Audio

I am looking to update an existing AS1 audio slideshow player to AS3. Files can be downloaded from

As well as keeping all the existing functionality I would like to make changes shown in the changes section.

As well as price and the ability to finish this project quickly, the successful candidate will need to demonstrate a solid track record of completing flash multimedia projects.

Thanks in advance to those who take the trouble to respond to this post.


* Slides and audio to be loaded from external files referenced in an external xml file

* Slide sequence and cuepoints to be set in the same external xml file

* Slide sequence to be shown as clickable text links such as:
Slide 01
Slide 02
Slide 03
Slide 04
Slide 05
Slide 06

* It should also be possible to add descriptors to clickable text links in the xml file such as:
Slide 01 Introduction
Slide 02 Merger announcement
Slide 03 Takeover results
Slide 04 John Peters
Slide 05 Roger Beams
Slide 06 Afternoon tea

* Ability to use either a audio only file or a video (H.264)


Scrubbing through the timeline should have the same effect on a video file as it does on the audio file ie. jump to that point.

Currently the preloader does not appear to work this will need to be fixed

I expect the new code to reside in one location, either a single class file or in the first frame of the flash file.

The code should be commented, clean and effecient, with no code that is not required left in the file.

It should be as easy to replace, reskin and resize control elements as it is in the existing file. Attached is the existing source file, some sample slides, an audio file and a video file.

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FLA File Modification

Basically, we need to have a FLA file modified to do the following. Only needs to be a one time deal.

The fla will need to bring in an FLV file off the server and play it. No controls needed, just the video. A preloader will need to be set up to load a certain percentage of the video before the video starts. A number to throw out for now would be say 40%. When the video is done playing the FLA file will need to know and move onto the next frame which will display a custom greeting and a play again button. Pretty simple, just dont know how to code it right myself. Heres a summary.

1) preloader that calls FLV file on server and starts loading
2) flv file plays after "X" amount has been loaded
3) when the video finishes playing the file will goTo the next frame which will have greetings (this part is done) and a play again button

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