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EBay Bidding / Bid Sniping Web Site


Im looking to have a site built that has the features of Previous experience in bid sniping types of sites a plus.

I could give a list of all the features required, but its much simpler to just ask you to visit & plan on incorporating EVERYTHING has. Please take the time to signup and look at the features it offers before making a bid.

Should be built with php, mysql, paypal api, and whatever else is needed, in mind.

The following sites are exactly what I am looking for. I would like every feature they have:

If you can take this project on board, please send me a pvt message explaining exactly what you can offer and any ideas you think will help the project along.

I am looking to have this completed as soon as possible, this is a serious inquiry and I am set to go on the project financially.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,


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Upgrade Site From Magento To (Site Not Live)

We have a Magento store that is not live and is on version We need to upgrade to the most recent version

We have ftp and cPanel access, but do not have SSH. Please bid on this project only if you have previous experience in upgrading Magento. We would like to contract this out ASAP.

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SEO Project – 1 Site

Need SEO work for one of my sites which is:


for the following 3 keywords:

colon cleanse
colon cleansing
colon cleanser

Current position: page 6, 8, and 5 or somewhere around there. I need someone to take this project and get my site to TOP 5 on for all of the 3 keywords listed above. You will be paid per results only. Be paid by the following:

top20 – 15%
top10 – 35%
top5 – 50%

Bid only with previous SEO work and projects that have been completed. Must gurantee results, your deadline is 8 months.

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Xfilesharing Template,design, And Coded

Im looking for a skilled designer to design a template and code it to work with xfilesharing v1.7.

Were looking for a design something like web 2.0 and simple.

Im looking to get this done quickly and done right the first time. if you cant design and code it to work without problems on xfilesharing script. Please do not bid.

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Very Simple And Easy Article Submmission

Looking for a person to manually submit articles to my choice of article sites.
All accounts are ready to go.
You will need to submit the article with given information and submit.
I have the email, article, author bio, title, summary and links ready you need to just go down
my small list of 25 sites and submit the articles.

Will do one article to start with once I see the article live you will get paid and continue on.

This is a part time positions as I need this done. I have payment ready and will pay either freelancer or papal once submissions are done and verified. Not till then…

Please bid on submission of 10 articles to 25 sites set up ready to go.

Please read all the information I have listed and understand them.

One requirement is you will need to have a gmail account with Google chat. Will not consider anyone with out Google chat as you need to be on there when submitting the articles.

Anyone doing a great job will have more work in the future.

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200 Fresh Job Leads Needed Very Simple Project. Bid Now!

Hi, this is a very simple project you can get paid every lead you bring everyday. Yes, Ill pay you every day till you reach my 200 lead goal. I have a job applications offer, all I want is fresh job leads people looking for a job. I want them to fill out my applications as a completed lead I will not pay over $0.50 a lead total of $100 the offer is very easy my site explains it all to the visitors about the job and what they have to do all you have to do is get interested young job applicants.


I want job applicants from Georgia only, any city doesnt matter but must be real people no fakes. You have till January 28 to have the 200 applicants if you finish before then the your done and you will be paid.

It doesnt matter how you market to them I dont care as long as it is real people that need a job, I have picked Georgia because it has a unemployment rate of 10.3% thats over 450,000 people unemployed who dont have jobs and I only need 200 of them, the spots should fill up quick if you market right.

You can use complete free methods like posting on classifieds or whatever you want, I will have daily reports for you and I will check every address that

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I Need Backlinks To My Site

I had a blog hosted on blogspot, but now I bought a domain and transferred it to there. In the site, I installed WordPress and imported all the content.

The problem is that it lost all the PageRank and links it had (it was PR3). So I need some backlinks to it. I want PR5+ links sites. I prefere if they were from Brazil or Portugal, but they all apply.

I am willing to pay $15 for this project, so bid $30 and say in PM how many PR5+ links you can get for this price.

The address of my site is



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Need Partner For Web Developing & SEO.

Long term Project !

I need an expert person/team who will be partner for web developing & SEO. Ill call interview. Bid here with ur previous work.

Lets start.

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Modification FiverrPro

I want a very small modification to fiverrPro , which is a copy script of fiverr built in cakephp, only bid in case ur already familiar with cakephp and fiverrpro modification. the modification is fairly simple, one can do in 2 hours or so,

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One Minute 2D Simple Animation


I got a small business and im looking to promote it on 1 minute simple animation, the reel will show the logo of the business and some of the features i provide, majorly text based. The look is very modern and querky feel (not that much thought)

Here is a sample for what am looking for but am looking for something easier and much simpler.

If you think you are capable of doing it:
1- show me work "real work"
2- My initial budget is within $100 (am serious) so please do not bid if you think it will take more time than you think
3- I am a designer (print) so ill be providing rough storyboard with supers to explain the idea
4- Changing is a part of the execution process so minor changes expected
5- If you left this off, more work will be provided
6- VO or music will be provided

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Joomla Virtuemart customized (phase 02).
Description: Customization of the Joomla Virtuemart on a web site.

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400 Social Bookmarking

I need 400 social bookmarking from 200 do follow social bookmarking sites.

I will provide 2 sites, for which i want you submit each site to 200 do follow social bookmarking sites.

My budget is $30. and i need report in 48 hours.Only bid if you can start instant. and report me 200 bookmarking in next 24 hours.and other 200 48 hours.


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Web site on Joomla established (phase 02).

Phase 2 of initial web site creation.

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Web site on Joomla established (phase 01).

Phase 1 of initial web site creation

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Web site design, pages (phase 01)

Design the main looks for all web site pages.

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Replace Mp3 Player On Site

I need a freelancer that can switch the current mp3 player on my site:

To this mp3 player:

I have already purchased the mp3 player and it will be provided to the individual doing the work. My budget for this project is $30, please only bid if you have prior experience with this type of job.

This job is not as simple as it sounds or else I would be doing it myself, be certain you are experienced with xml and flashvars throughly before bidding!

I need this done within the next hour or so!

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Simple Website Developer

I need a simple marketing website for only 5 products… TVs, Gym equipments, DVD players, Play stations and Games. Please bid with experience. A site closer to this
Cheapest bidder will be selected..

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Simple Coding Project For Site

Im looking for 2 bits of coding.

The first is to take some photos hosted in a folder and display them as a carousel which.. use should be able to navigate the left or right of the pics to scroll left or right. When hovering over photo scrolling stops. When photo clicked the photo loads in a lightbox.

The second is to modify an existing piece of code. Please see the social networking section on the front page of Currently when you click one of the bars, one section closes and the other opens. I want to add buttons above this to do the same job.

Clicking button 1, opens frame 1
clicking button 2 closes other frames and opens frame 2 etc.

An image to illustrate each are attached.

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Web site template for Akita dog breeding business

In order to choose the ideal provider, I would like you to either submit a mockup design, sketches of your ideas, or a written description of your concept. This project has a limited budget, so please take this into consideration as you place your bid, ideally < $125.

Grand Vista Akitas is the name of the client. They are a family farm in the western slope of Colorado, USA. They specialize in Akita (a large dog breed) breeding and offer both unrestricted and neutered pets, shipped across the country. They want to use their site as a portal to upload pictures and descriptions of the dogs, and have the ability to make sales through the site. The target audience is first time Akita buyers, so the site should be fun, friendly, and visually appealing. The company is in Colorado, so they wanted to have a landscape picture of the San Juan Mountains to influence the homepage or masthead.

All the pictures that have been submitted to me are included in the attached zip file.

Some sites that may inspire the design: and

Link for the navigation:
Home, About Us, Our Philosophy, Akita -About the Breed, Our Champions (with lineage brackets), Application, and Contact Us

external links:
AKC, Akita Club of America, and Akita Rescue

simple logo
website design and Joomla template

The content and functionality of the site will be handled internally, all we need is the design and the template. We need the site layout markup coded without tables and to be compliant in major browsers.

If you need any clarification, please feel to PM me.

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