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Need Quality Designer To Design Powerpoint Presentation

i need high quality designer to design power point slides for my presentation. there will be around 50+ slides

budget $15

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Keynote SlideShow Creation For A Big Company.


Attached is a final presentation that was prepared in Macromedia Flash 8 (I have the source file). We would like to convert it into Keynote slides with state-of-the-art animations. Here are the details:

1) The Keynote slides should fit on large widescreens as well as normal PC.
2) We should be able to modify content easily later on (text and normal image replacement).
3) It is preferable if user can toggle language of slides at the beginning of the presentation (choose: Arabic or English).
4) When you get to the Awards section we want them to appear like the famous image scroller in iTunes. With ability to add Awards later with ease.
5) You can get creative with animations and effects but dont over do it. Neatness and simplicity is a must.

Note: the presentation is in Arabic language (just leave space for text so we can modify later).

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Presentation – Small Flash, Video Or Powerpoint.

We need a small presentation video/banner for our website.
It should be an animation similiar to the one on – but maybe a bit more simple.
We have the text and idea, so you should just do some animations that fits the text, as well as adding the text of course.
No speak needed.
How its done is not so important, that it looks good and professional is.

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CGI Lucid Dreams: Change Site Name In Presentation

Change site name and site url to virtual expo business (
in a presentation you made for our blog.

We need format to be used in adobe after effects.

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Iphone Interface Coding (only For A Presentation)


i have a ready Iphone Interface Design, and i want a working version of that "INTERFACE". its only some swiping and hover stuff…. it has no functions behind the Interface.. Its only for a presentation to show the Interface….

– Swiping
– rollover (Hover)
– Loading Screen (Loading animation)

Design is ready…

it should not be a working app, its only a working INTERFACE for the live presentation in XCODE….


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Sales Presentation And Script For Salesmen Of Website Design

Job Description

We are looking for a world-class, persuasive, already put-together website design sales presentation and a sales script.

It will be used for the selling of web site design by in-person sales people to small and mid-size business owners.

What format are we looking for?

The presentation can be in the form of a power point presentation, or flash presentation video. It can also be in the form of a simple series of 8.5" x 11" pages with words and imagery that tell a convincing message to small and mid-size business owners of the importance of having a great website and how our company can best do this for them.

Our company has been in the Southern California area for many years and is looked upon by many businesses as a vendor with integrity which consistently offers good value.

Over the last few months we have developed a formidable team to provide website design services.

To introduce these services to small and mid size businesses, weve hired a team of in-person sales people.

So were seeking a smart, persuasive presentation and sales script we can give to members of our sales team.

The script and presentation must help the sales person effectively (and respectfully) guide the prospect through the necessary sequence of sales gateways that leads to the sales close.

Were hoping a presentation like this may already exist on the web or that you may have such a presentation. Our idea is to either place our brand on it or modify slightly if necessary.

Well pay for a convincing presentation that our sales team may use effectively.

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{K} Powerpoint Presentation And A 2,000 Words Report


I need a powerpoint presentation and a 2,000 words report.

Deadline: April 04, 2011

Details through PMB.


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Presentation To Apply Project Management Software At Work

I need a presentation to show to my boss. It applies to using a project management software called JIRA. Currently the company uses email to manage and communicate across projects and I have been tasked with presenting a brief (in a concise word doc form), a PowerPoint presentation that i can show in less than 10 minutes, and also a flowchart or perhaps two included that will help show how JIRA can help with the current processes used by our marketing team. I will want an analysis of the current situation, pros and cons of using JIRA and then some options for moving forward, including a business case for hiring a professional consultant to help implicate JIRA into our processes and staff training.

I already have a brief that can be used to source some of the information, and I will provide any information you need to do the work. i will expect the work to be done within 2 days, ready for me to review and then submit to you for changes.

Please start your bid off with your favorite color so I will know you read the whole thing and was paying attention. The successful applicant will be considered for a full time Virtual Assistant position. Show your past work.

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Product Population Into ZenCart

We are seeking someone who will take our our suppliers website and put their products in our store.

This is a simple task that can be done manually or by using ez populate. We require nice formatted pages, any extra images inserted on the product pages, and a simliar presentation as the original supplier and consistent with our current products presentation.

We pay reasonable amount. In the past it has average to $.20- $.30 per product

As an example of a supplier of ours is which are products that need to go in our store here at

This is long term help and we have several mfgs and product lines to get in the store currently, and through the year we often are adding new products regularly.

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Presentation Folder Design

We need a presentation folder design 3 colours – Pocket folders 9 by 12 inches and include one or two 4-inch pockets on the inside. One pocket includes slits for a business card.
We require 3 samples to choose from & once the design is chosen we need it sent to us via email ready for the printing company. We will suppy logo & content. We need a 2 day turn around because the original designer was unable to complete the project & we are behind our deadline.
Our budget is $100.00

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Create Video Tutorial About WordPress

Im looking for a wordpress expert who has experience with camtasia or other screen recording software to make a video presentation demonstrating how to build a site with wordpress.

Im looking for really simple step by step style videos that will take the user through domain registration, hosting setup, wordpress install through cpanel, adding content etc

I will provide a full outline and I can finalize it with the chosen freelancer

The turnaround time for this is 48 hours

I will need to see a quick 60 presentation created by you before choosing the winner

My budget is $60

PM me with any questions

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3D Model – Outdoor Restaurant

We need a 3D rendering of a simple layout done asap. Consists of cabanas (eating areas and a bar) and shipping containers, textures, overhead view, supporting files for styling are provided. Out of the 3D rendering we need still images and 3D video walk-throughs from multiple angles. This is for a presentation and needs to be incorporated into Power Point layout. Needs to be modern presentation, solid modelling, and impactfull video. Only those truly capable apply please. This project needs to be completed within 3 days of briefing.

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PowerPoint Presentation Improvements/Editing

I have a powerpoint that I would like to have looked at by someone who can give their feedback and make/suggest revisions that improve the visual presentation, wording and layout.

The powerpoint is already complete and the primary focus is to make revisions that ensure clarity in both design and copy and visual appeal.

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Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentation

Hi Im a student and I need someone that can help me prepare a powerpoint presentation the subject is modern building style. I have all the written work and photos saved on microsoft office word 2003 I need logo design, graphic design, slide shots, background music add, background features, clips, tidying-up and up-date to microsoft office word 2007-2010 I have attached the work below check it out, It must look professional and modern let me know if anyone can help.

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Business Plan And Presentation

I have a concept that I need a business plan and PowerPoint prepared in order to present the concept to potential investors. I will provide more info to the shortlisted applicants.

It is for an internationally driven website.

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Business Plan And Presentation

I have a concept that I need a business plan and PowerPoint prepared in order to present the concept to potential investors. I will provide more info to the shortlisted applicants.

It is for an internationally driven website.

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PowerPoint Presentations Required

We need power point presentations for our products. Additionally we will require a written description of that presentation i.e. what the presenter is supposed to speak when giving presentation.
Hence the selected candidate is required to create content + presentation.
We will post the project details to selected candidates only.
The presentation can not be longer than 5 mins, there is no upper/lower limit on the number slides.
The content will be around 500 words but can vary according to topic.
We are not willing to give more than 5$ for one assignment and we have over 500 assignments in hand. So plz contact at your earliest.
[If you are a native english speaker and can record this presentation from your computer screen using screen capturing software – then it is an added bonus and we will pay 8$ for the total work 5$ for writing + 3$ for recording. Do not take this responsibility if your accent is not native/good.]
Post sample of presentation and voice accent (optional) alongwith your bid.

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Creative Presentation For Ipad

We are looking for a creative freelancer to develop creative presentation to be shown on an Ipad.
The presentation must give an over view of our company, the products we sell and produce and what we can do for them to support their business.

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Create Flash Video From Powerpoint Presentation

I need someone to take a powerpoint slide show with text, match it up with an mp3 file of the audio of the text so that the text and audio match each other.

Additionally I need you to take an online flash video from a website, slice one minute of the video and insert it into the powerpoint presentation video. The video to slice out will be from this website!/Denversdietdoctor The Gary Taubes and Dr Oz video.

The final output you are creating will be in flash format.

A perfect example of the final output is the video at

Let me know if you have any questions.

The Powerpoint is 106 slides. Total length of the video will be around 5 minutes or so.


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PPT Presentation

Design of a PPT presentation, of about 40 – 50 slides. All content of the presentation is already captured, I only need the design elegant, minimalistic and following some rules of corporate identity. Need it done in 24 hours with hourly advance reports. (Presentation is in spanish so spanish-speaking designers can have priority)

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Proposal/Presentation For A Movie

We are in need someone to write a proposal/presentation for a movie to pitch to investors.

We will provide you with a synopsis once the freelancer has been chosen; we will work hand and hand to bring about perfection. It is also extremely important that you are proficient in research in particular movie reviews, budgets

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Proffesional Company Brochure And Powerpoint Presentation

The brochure that you will design will be an A4 booklet for a group of companies that will be printed as a hardcover. You must design the cover and inside pages and all the content will be provided to you. The booklet will consist of the following:
-Contents Page
-Chairmans message
-Directors message
-Vision and mission
-Company divisions
-Sister Companies (with a few pages of info about each company – 4 companies in total)

The sections of the booklet will be tabbed so that it is easy to jump to each category. Your design must include the tab at the side of every appropriate page so we can print and cut it. Each page on the left hand side of the booklet will contain an A4 size photograph and the text, small pictures and designs will be on the right side pages.

The booklet content and information then needs to be converted to a powerpoint presentation so that it can be used as a slide show. A design for the cover of the CD that this presentation is on will also be needed.

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Create Short Video As Intro To Sales Presentation

I am looking for a short video (30-40sec) to introduce a session at our sales kick-off (will be embedded into Powerpoint presentation) to introduce our managed services update.

The concept is a person walking towards the screen. So they start very small, and fill the screen. As they walk forward, they also "morph" from an engineer (think, casual clothes and propeller hat) to a business person (suit). Prefer a simple, animated character – not an image of a real person. On the right-hard side of the screen there will be a scrolling list of words representing the different technologies we have introduced in our managed services.

At the end man walks "though" the screen and our logo is shown in reverse on a black background, with an animated graphic.

Fairly urgent project. Have not submitted video project before, so if you are interested but cannot deliver within this budget please advise via clarirication board.

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PPT Presentation URGENT!!!


Need a 10 – 12 slide power point presentation. Details will be sent via PM.


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Video Presentation To Promote Company At A Homeshow/ Website

Hello I own a landscaping company. We are currently waiting for out artwork to be complete. We are looking for someone to make us a small video 1 min or so to be played as a commercial on websites.. home shows.. or to send in emails.
This would include what we do and can be all graphics you would supply or a model and graphics..
We will let you know the services we perform etc you co pyrite the script and design and complete the video.


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60-90 Second Video Presentation

We need professional video artist to create short (60-90 sec) video presentation for our servce.
We sell software which encrypt torrent activity.
When you use our software your ISP cant track you and you can be safe from any prosecutions
Presentation will be published on websites main page and must demonstrate in simple form how our software works and motivate visitors to make a purchase.

here is example of what we want to see:

Please, write you vision of the movie(just main idea) and samples of your work.

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Database Computation And Presentation

I am seeking a web application designed that can do significant pre-computation of a large database in the cloud, which is then subsequently read and displayed by a client browser application

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A mineral water manufacturing company wants to have a presentation cd/dvd to present the company and products to potential customers.The cd/dvd will consist of 3d animations, photos and video.There will be a narrative voice in Turkish, English and Arabic.(selectable by the customer through menus)
You can find samples at below address:
I will provide the video,photos and narrative text.
The photos may need to be customized and edited in PS or other software for a better look.
The video I provide will be about 30 minutes long and the final video is requested to be about 10 minutes.The video I provide will be cut, edited and mounted by yourselves.
The narrating must be done by native speakers of the respective languages and the narration and the video must be synchronized.When the narrator is talking about an aspect of the company or product, the related video must be running at that time.

The job covers:
– Design of the interactive cd/dvd menus.
– Design of the cd cover.
– Design of the envelope (or should we call that a box may be?)
– Video mounting, editing.
– Photo edit, customize.
– Sound over the video in 3 selectable languages.
– Some 3d animations regarding the company, products, facilities.

Please supply previous work samples when bidding.

Thanks and regards to all…

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Keynote Presentation

We are a small real estate company looking for someone to jazz up a keynote presentation. For a proficient user, this shouldnt be a very hard project. We are looking to incorporate some of the usable features of Keynote to make the presentation more dynamic. Please submit a portfolio of other works with your bid.

Thank You,

New Plan Marketing

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Create A 3D Model For 2D Box Packaging Presentation

I am designing the box packaging for a Vitamin brand. I will be creating the artwork in Adobe illustrator and need someone to make it into a 3d model for presentation. I need it on a white background and some nice shading and subtle refection. The packaging is a simple box shape so it should be straight forward.

Aim: I want it to look realistic and to sell the concept.

Any questions dont hesitate to ask.

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Powerpoint Cleanup & Launch Page

Need simple cleanup to three power point presentations:

1) Presentation 1 – clean up text overwritting
2) Presentation 2 – clean up text overwritting
3) Presentation 3 – add standard footer
4) Set auto transition for each presentation
5) Create master presentation with links to launch each ppt separately

Additional details will be provided to selected bidder.

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Flash Presentation Rotator

Deliverables : Flash Presentation Rotator

You will be provided with five images, five sentences, five urls
The flash animation will contain 5 slides.
Each can be triggered to show when a user click on the corresponding button or when the timer says it is this slides turn.
When the use click on the slide, the user will be redirected to the corresponding url.

See this video for further illustration.

In your bid, you will need to include urls to examples of prior work you have accomplished of similar nature.

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