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Stream Videos From Megaupload

I need a script or wordpress plugin to stream videos (mp4) from the filehostings directly – (megaupload mainly- if megaupload works i dont care about others). You can see a working example from m o v i e z e t DOT com.

Stream from Megaupload
Use player and load subtitles

I need this working for firefox, chrome, safari, IE and opera. I dont care if you copy part of the code from other sites or the player is a free player. I have a pretty clear idea of the php files it calls and javascript files that are called. I also have downloaded these files but I cant seem to get them to call each other correctly. I am pretty sure it is all there, just that the frame is not being called correctly. I can provide what I have if it reduces the workload and completion time. I really do feel like someone with a little more experience can work with the files i have retrieved from their site and get it together fairly quickly.

If you visit the site – you can see that the plugins for all the browsers are there. these can be downloaded locally, and then the files called inside can also be downloaded. When it is all said and done, the user-side script calls another server side script, which calls another which calls 1 of 3 php files, and then finally loads the fetched video on the swf player. I am pretty sure I have all the files that are called.

I have a wordpress test site running on a random domain that can be used for this project. I can provide via private message.

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Want A Site Pretty Similar To

I would like to start a website similar in functionality to, including the ability to view the map of where items to be collected/delivered. If possible, a better way to see jobs on a particular route as this does not seem to work well on uship.

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Need An English Speaking Oscommerce Expert

I am in need of an english speaking, oscommerce specialist to help me with the things listed below.

-Rid my website of any trojan/viruses and make it 100% safe (if applicable)
-Help me upload my csv files for Easy populate (i have the files ready, but they are not uploading correctly)
-Write an additional script/code for a script that i have for my website (will explain this more thoroughly, pretty easy)
-Fix some minor issues
-Instruct me on how to do some basic functions of the website (changing front page wording, etc, pretty east)

Thank you

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Android Streaming Radio Application

Hi All,

Ive been posting this project but have not yet found the right person to get this working.

Im working on a streaming application and have pretty much figured out the aacp streaming. I would need someone to finetune the already available opensource code so that it can play flawlessly. For this I would need someone who is good at understanding and handling multi-threading concepts in Java and Android.

The opensourec code can be found at

The code pretty much does what I want but with some buffer issues. I need someone who can figure this out and get the stream playing seamlessly.

Alternatively if you have another approach, except for a chunk player in which we split the files and play it, please let me know.


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WordPress Events Multiblog

I have a website which I want to set up with wordpress. I want it to have multiple blogs with each blog post from all the blogs showing up on the front page in a magazine format. With widgets as for recent posts and recent comments and most popular articles all across the blog.

The blog is pretty much for event promotion. So each promoter has their own blog and there will be an events section and a photos section.

I have event espresso purchased. I have a network theme as well and access to the widgets I need. I just need to make the front page look more appealing.

Also facebook and twitter integration is also my goals.

I know this is pretty simple however Im having trouble putting it all together.

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Shopify Assistance

I have an online store with SHOPIFY and need a small task done (it is just over my head) which involves using their editing program LIQUID or HTML ( I am pretty sure).
I have had various people help me put the online store
together and revise various issues along the way…am delighted to find this method of finding help.

Am not a computer whiz, but am looking for someone who is and can do this task for me. Im pretty sure what you need to know is HTML, but cant promise you that.!
Like I said, this is just not my specialty, which is why I need you.

Im fairly certain it wont take more than 1 hour, 2 tops.

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WordPress Basic Blog/site Built For Seo

Ok I have a number of domain names 3 in total and I want to create a seo friendly blog/site

This will be pretty basic and we can use the same design and lay out for all 3 sites

I have all the picture files and text ready for pasting so this will be very easy for someone who know word press.

So you are pretty much creating one blog that will be uploaded to 3 hosting accounts and domains.

There will be home about testimonials shipping and products page. The products page will be a link to my supplier using my affiliate code.

I just need a simple layout with a few pictures and text

Looking at spending around $30 to $50 only for this

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Need A Call Center Or RENTING 20+ Computers For 18 Hours

HI Guyz !!

Its Pretty Urgent so i am going to select someone in 2 + hours Maximum !!

I need Computers on RENT !! Just need for 20 Hours from when the project starts, it is easy for call center which have alot PCs ! i just need 20 + Computers , I will need remote access for them Via Teamviewer or you do the stuff that i say .
even if you have not 20 + Computers Free , Tell me How much you have if you more let me know or if low !
The Task is pretty Simple All it will be automatically ! You just have to leave the PC ! after it has Start

They need to have good connections !

Pentium 4 + is recommended ,
It just have to open Mozila Firefox Thats All , So the computers should have got Mozilafirefox with an addon Installed i will tel you !

Also !! There is nothing bad we are doing ! !we are just opening a video on Viddler Thats all !!

So PM me Your rate per Computer for renting just 18 hours ! , i am looking forward to get this done , So please b quick

Happy Bidding

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Vbulletin Help

I have a pretty big vbulletin site and i want to change something to it. Seems pretty simple to do but i cant find it.

This is what I want to do…..


and change it to

basically i want to change the /forum to something else to my choosing.

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Integrate PSD

Person hired must be proficient in PHP. I have 2 PSD files that are pretty clean and straight fwd.
Home page will have its own design. The script has a templated structure so once inner page is
integrated it should auto update the rest of the site.

Looking to select winner within 24-48 hours.

12/07/2010 at 9:33 EST:

again the design is pretty straight forward and not highly complex. For this reason, i am not
paying a premium price to integrate. If you think to charge much, think twice before wasting
a bid.

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Hello, I am located in The New York Area in USA Im looking for a Skilled American engineer who can work on designing a Music Hardware Synthetizer for me,This synthesizer must be designed to play sampled sounds. It involves plastic housing, PCB electronics, a screen/display, buttons and these types of things.

I specifically need someone who knows about electronics.

One thing to make your job easier… I have a pretty clear drawing of what I am looking to make, so it will be pretty easy to understand what exactly I want.

I will require that you send me a copy of your ID, and you sign/notarize an Non Disclusure Agreement which I will e-mail you later.

Please respond with your experience, some samples of work, etc… We will talk more through messages.

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Guestbook Poster

I need a desktop app that will perform a simple google search, harvest a list of URLs, check to make sure that they are valid, and then be able to fill in forms. Specifically, Im looking to fill in forms on a guestbook. It doesnt have to be particularly pretty, it just has to work.

User would be able to put in any number of paragraphs, their name, email and website. The program would fill in the forms with this information automatically, choosing a random paragraph, at various intervals, and collect a list of URLs where the comment was posted successfully. I think that this seems like a pretty simple project, and Im hoping to have it completed quickly and with a fairly low cost.

Ill give more specific project details upon accepting your bid. You are free to use whatever programming language you want, so long as it runs on my Windows 7, 64-bit system. I will be the only one using this program, so it doesnt need a whole lot of extras.

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Blogger Programmer Needed For Minimalist Design

I have a simple design I wish to use and need a programmer to implement it! I want to use

The design itself is pretty basic, minimalistic & will be sent to the winning freelancer. I would like the freelancer to fully integrate the html code to my blog so all thats left for me to do is post!

I imagine it will be a pretty straight forward html job including adding features such as google api fonts (most of the font I want is helvetica).

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Magento Site Redesign


I have a Magento store that is live but would like to redesign it to encompass more of the Magento best practices and capabilities. The new design* must* be optimized for excellent performance! If you are not Magento experts do not bid, no hackers, this is a store and needs to perform well!

I also want the new design to have one tweak; I want sub categories to show in grid view instead of product list. There is a pretty easy way to accomplish this though it is not out of box capability of Magento I think its pretty stupid that this is not an out of the box option, but maybe someday in the future they will.

I also want some modules to be installed, I can install myself but would prefer to have someone do it for me.

Finally, I also have a logo I would like designed.

Thank you for reading.

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Simple Science Related Questions

Hi there,

I need some one to answer simple science related questions. A person having basic knowledge of science can easily do this. There are 27 questions in total. Answer may be of one word.

Please tell me your bid in pm as i am expecting to pay less than 30$ since it is a pretty simple job.

Again the questions are pretty simple and need to be answered in one word or a sentence, whichever you feel is suitable.

Thank you!

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Fix WordPress Plugin

This is an urgent project but a simple one for someone who knows what theyre doing. I was installing Pretty Link Pro and something went wrong. Now I get this message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or } in /home/content/l/e/m/lemonquest/html/wp-content/plugins/pretty-link/pro/includes/php/abraham-twitteroauth/PrliTwitterOAuth.php on line 17

The site seems to work on FireFox but seems to be down on Safari. I need it fixed asap and I need Pretty Link Pro to work properly when youre finished.

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Urgent Job Take Over

Hey looking for 9 charactors to be drawn
I have detailed charactor descriptions as well as samples of the style the charactors need to match
Had someone else on it but after 12 days have only seen a sample of 1 charactor so please no time wasters
I am not interested in choosing a pre drawn characters that have nothing to do with the ones we need

Sinders pig needs to be a female and probably a lot
more porkier and cuter and on all fours with a tiara maybe with pink
fluffy boots with small pompoms and long lashes. She sees herself as a
fashionista pig but daddies litle princess

Agent Om and Agent Roose are the Magpie which is a black and white bird
bird who is an fb1 type bird. think american fb1 agent MEN IN BLACK or
the mean dude in the matrix dark sunglasses white shirt and tie and black

Elephant a female pretty and pretty fat on all fours, think jumbo, She
hangs out in the forest and is friends with Aussie Possum and Eme U. She
is like the female version of Eddy Murphy ummm maybe Whoopie Goldberg

Eme U, keeping the colours closer to emus actual colours eg beak, legs
body also extening the slight backend slightly so and arent they pretty
shaggy on the back end, she is middle age and wise a bit of a mother hen

Tem the tuatara and he is the mayor of Jollywood, he is like the
godfather and when he speaks noone but a mexican worm can understand him.
he is big and fat

A human old man, grumpy with grey tuffs of hair around the ears but bald
on top and round rimmed spectacles with a rather large butterfly net,
dressed in explorer outfit, think Gargamel from the smurfs in a safai suit

Arnie who is a buffed ape who wear track pants and runners with a singlet
top and a whistle around his neck think planet of the apes crossed with
Arnold Swaerzenager (not sure hom to spell his name)

Doctor Fred is an optomotrist Kangaroo and has a pair of eye doctar pull
together glasses around his neck and those big google type things on the
top of his head pulled up from his eyes and a white coat with a name badge
saying Dr Fred

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Customize Yahoo Store From PSD

I need a custom design and configuration for a Yahoo store with a limited number of products. NOT a variation of the store-builder, but a custom theme with appropriate codes already in place. You need to know your way around the Yahoo controls for this one.

Clients current store is at (pretty bad! I had nothing to do with it)

The product data and pictures have already been input, as has been the shipping and payment information.

Need variations for cart, checkout, home page, item, pretty much all the typical shopping cart pages used with Yahoo stores.

Bidders need to have portfolio pieces of yahoo stores, no newbies. Not looking for anyone with zero reviews, as Im not having good luck with that.

Would need all work completed no later than October 29th.

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Filemaker & Php

We have a filemaker database using php and ajax. Its pretty complex and its pretty good. However we do have some session errors. It needs to be tightened up.

We find that users have a difficult time going back and forth while in the cart. sometimes they lose data or their session.

We dont need filemaker database work performed, only the php and session work.

However….If you dont know filemaker please DO NOT BID.

thanks for looking!

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Run External Program From AIR

Lets do this simple :

I need a function for run an external exe program by an adobe AIR program

The external program is a command line program, it need to be called with a couple of arguments

So I may need a function like callExternalProgram(programpath,args)

I know this is is a pretty tricky due to the AIR sandbox, but I also know that can be done by interfacing AIR with a custom C program that accepts socket calls, but my experience in C is pretty limited.

If you can do it this way, I will need:

– The C/C#/whatever program *source code* and exe
– The Flex/AIR function needed to call it

Im open to any other approach you may suggest by the way

Please note: this have to run on AIR 1.X, DONT have to require AIR 2.0

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I Need Some Icons

Hi guys,

I need 13 256×256 icons, these icon must be cartoon style (like caricatures) and just faces.

And this is:

Icon #1 Male Gangster (face expression normal)
#2 Same Male Gangster (face expression very happy)
#3 Same Male Gangster (face expression worried)
#4 Male Police
#5 Female Police
#6 Black girl (pretty face)
#7 Blonde girl (pretty face)
#8 Brunet girl (pretty face)
#9 Asian girl (pretty face)
#10 Black Boy (Bad boy face)
#11 Blonde Boy (Bad boy face)
#12 Brunet Boy (Bad boy face)
#13 Asian Boy (Bad boy face)

I need to see something before accept any bid (so show me something no matter what size o whatever you want but show me icon#1 to see if is what im expecting).

Thanks very much, Ill be more after that 😀

Thanks again.

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CSS Drop Down Menu

*****please read this description carefully. I do not need a website designed. I only need what is described below*******

Hello all,

Im in need of a css drop down menu resembling the menu found on

Notice how in the drop down that there are two columns, the left one is more of a browse by category column and the right one is for featured posts.

My sites a wordpress site and you dont have to worry about putting in workable links with your example for me. Im pretty familar with wordpress loops and such and I will simply take the code you give me and modify it to include links to my content and thumbnails as well.

I must stress that Im looking for the exact layout as on as I am already familiar with designing a regular drop down with just one column and Im sure that if I tinkered around long enough that I could figure it out, but Im looking for someone out there who may already have a working example as this should be a quick and easy job.

Budget is low for this job as it shouldnt take too long for a css expert.


****for the people that wont read the description*****
I do not need a website designed for me, so please pretty please do not bid for me to get that service.

Thanks again.

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Video Clip Needing Editing

I have a short video clip that I need to edit. There are a few seconds in this video that I need you to replace with an image with our company contact information. Pretty simple I guess.

After viewing the video, provide us with the dimensions for the image and we will send it to you.

Pretty simple.

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Wedding Table Plan Design

Hi there,

I need a table plan design (poster size) for my wedding. Pretty short notice and quick turn around, however I know pretty much what were after.

Poster design – size roughly 900mm x 600mm in colour.

We both play field hockey and would like to use that as a theme on the table plan.

Thanks and happy bidding!

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Make My IPhone App Pretty.

I need artwork for an iPhone app I created.

Simple logo
Splash screen (320×480)
basic design for 2 or 3 of the app screens

Looking for someone with a good eye for colors. I personally like minimal designs but Im willing to go with whatever a good graphics artists suggests.

I would prefer someone with experience creating artwork for iPhone apps.

I would like to see a portfolio to see what your "style" is.

Thank you.

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Trixbox Hud Alternative Some One Help Me !!!!


Help me to find something else as good as Hud but free/open source. I am looking for pretty much similar feature what we can get it from hub.

Hud is resource hungry and some of the feature not available on lite. We are running Trixbox on VPS. Let me if you can get something going for us as client( Windows/Mac) application for Asterisk.

Pretty quick job, so low budget – $30

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Online Youtube Converter Script

I require a script similar to

It needs to be easy to install, no technical stuff, pretty much a simple upload to my server will do nicely.

It also needs to be customizable.

Basically, my new site is an online youtube converter site. The user pastes in the youtube url and then clicks "Download".

They will be then taken to a page which has a loading bar.

Once the conversion is finished, the loading bar will say "completed"

Next, a new page will load up with their converted youtube file, ready for download.

Pretty simple stuff really.

Max price is $30. Will not pay more, if you bid more than $30 then you will be ignored. This is because there are scripts out there which do pretty much everything I need for under $20.

Start your reply with h3110 so I know you have read all this.

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