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$1 Per Sign Up

I need a lot of USA Signup.The lead will be converted after first page submit.In the PM you must tell me the source of IP changer.

I need 15 trial sign up.Then I will pay you by Paypal.After getting the money I need 100 sign up.And then another 100.That means I will pay after each 100 sign up through Paypal only.You must tell me the source of IP changer in PM then I will reply with the Sign Up link.

Sign UP is very easy you just need to fill the first page and submit.15 Trial sign up will take only 15 min.I will give $1 first but it will be increase later for future work waiting for you.You must deliver 15 sign up within 1 day so that I can pay you the same day and start the campaign of 100 sign up next day.

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Admin for $5 per link exchang

Hi im looking for someone that can work with us on our admin section on a very basic duty link exchanging for our site, Hope you know what link exchanging is if you dont i can explain when you reply. We will be paying $5 for every link exchange that you do and there is no minimum number of link exchanging that you have to do so basically you could do as many as you like. And payments going to be paid through paypal strait to your account

Please contact me back if your interested for more details


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Link building, travel site

I would like to have a number of links to my website, related to travel (about China). Specify how many links you can get, in how long time, and your price per link.

– No directory listings
– One link per domain
– Links should come from different C-class IPs
– All links must be permanent
– All links must be put on relevant pages (travel, china, asia)
– Links must have different anchortext and text combinations
– No links from pages with fake PR
– Links should be text links
– Page must be indexed by Google
– No flash sites or pages
– No free webhosts such as geocities, tripod, etc
– Links from pages that already link to my site will not count
– Links must be manually submitted, no use of automated software is allowed
– No scraped content sites, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with ads, popups etc
– No illegal sites, no porn sites, no religious sites, no forums, no guestbooks
– No link-exchange programs, no link farms, no FFA sites
– Page should not have more than 20 other outgoing links
– Link cannot be rel="nofollow", or blocked in robots.txt, framed, cloaked, etc
– Link must be static and direct using anchor text and title tag
– No "sponsored link" or similar
– No sites using dynamically generated links, MouseOvers or similar
– All links must be visible and readable. No hidden links.
– Links must be one way links
– Links must be from a page in English
– Link page must be navigated to directly from the sites homepage
– I only want quality links. I will only pay for links that meet my requirements.


I will require an Excel file with the following info:

1. Site Title
2. Site type
3. Site URL
4. Site PR
5. URL of page with link
6. URL Page PR
7. Anchor Text
8. Date Submitted
9. Date Accepted

I reserve the right to reject sites that do not meet my terms and will require you to add suitable replacement links.

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Jewelry link building

We are looking for link exchange to our site.
We have a high quality jewelry directory in our site that gets more than thousand visitors a month (to the directory only).
The process is like that:
1. Collect website link candidates
2. send it to us for approval
3. contact website and offer link exchange
4. Add those that added us.

Please offer price per link.

We require that the page were the link is placed will be at max two levels from home page (meaning be accessible from home page in max two clicks).

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Link Building Solution

I am looking for a long term link building outsource solution. The criteria for links are very high but we are willing to pay. Our intention is to run a test campaign with the winning bidder to see the quality and quantity of links as well as the price per link. We will then increase the amount of clients and budgets used within this project.

Anchor text and descriptions will be provided for each keyword being targeted with the backlink campaign.

Please note that we reserve the right to disregard and cancel any link which does not meet the criteria of quality page rank as well as any of the rules below.

Rules for links accumulated:

* The actual page the link is placed on must be PR4 or higher
* Page linking must have been cached in Google the last 2 weeks
* No blog or forum spamming
* Link page should be in English.
* Links should be static. No redirects, JavaScript links or Flash sites please.
* Link page must not be excluded by robots.txt and the link must not contain the rel="nofollow" attribute.
* At most one link per domain/per C class IP.
* No more than 20 outbound links on the link page.
* Links should always be be one way.
* No links from Link farm pages and networks
* All links must be visible and readable. ( no hidden links)
* Link pages must be from relevant content/website.
* Links must be manually submitted ONLY. No use of Automated software.
* No links from fake Pr pages.
* Links cannot be spread across sub-domains (one link per domain).
* Permanent links – no subscriptions


A monthly or weekly report must be provided with the following:

* URL of the page where the link can be found
* Anchor text Used for each link
* Page Rank of each link
* URL of the page that the link is pointing on our site

This report must be sent before the 28th of each month

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