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C# Application Window With 4 Tabs – PriceSheets

This project is for development of a single window form with four tabs. The purpose of this window form is to allow users to maintain product price sheets. A product price sheet contains a list of products with different types of pricing. This window will use SQL Server database tables. The attachment contains alot of details and please note that the design shown in the screen prints will be provided along with some code as mentioned. I always pay extra for early completion and improvements. Provider will be provided with SQL Server tables mentioned in SPEC, visual studio project and specification.

TAB1 – This tab is where the user will create new price sheets, delete existing prices sheets or open existing price sheets for editing from a Gridview control.

TAB2 – This tab is where the user will selects the products that apply to the selected price sheet. This tab cannot be selected until a price sheet is selected from TAB 1. This tab will consist of a TREEVIEW displaying a hierarchy from a SQL server table (this code will be provided), 3 list box contols, a gridview to display products for the selected treeview node.

TAB3 – This tab is where the user will select an additional criteria to limit the price sheet to certain price types and/or receivers. This tab will contain 2 list box controls to allow users to select price types and receivers. The list of price types and receives will be obtained from a SQL Server Table.

TAB 4 – This tab is where can create a Price Catalog from the selections made in TABS 1 3. There will be 2 buttons. The [View] button will display the report in the window. The [Print] button will open the print dialog window for the user to print the report.

Delivery Expectation:
Provider will be provided with application window form show below so none or little design is needed.
Provider should be experienced with creating text reports.
It is recommended but not required that the provider user use DevComponents software. A full functional trial version can be downloaded here –
Must be developed in C# and compatible with Visual Studio 2010
All source code must be at least unit tested.
All source code must be provided including any stored procedures when final milestone payment is made.
Must be developed using two tier application layer. All the SQL Server calls will be made in Data layer called DAL. This will be provided.
Writing performance efficient code is critical for this window. This window must open within a 2 or 3 seconds.

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DJango Functionality

i am looking for some ready made apps or custom made apps / online shopping management tools be developed for us.

Following are few examples of what i am looking for.

1. – Provides price comparison services which plugin only in Mozilla firefox.
2. – Provides price comparison services, Deal alerts and Tracks the product wishlist, which supports all sort of browsers.
3. – Provides price comparison services and has different versions to support all type of browsers
4. – a Mozilla firefox plugin provides price comparison services.
5. – Provides price comparison services.
6. Shopping assistant – Price comparison and deal alert service provider, this plugin is provided by, supports all sort of browsers.
price comparison link –
Deal alert plugin link –
7. Myshopping genie browser app – – provides price comparison, better deals etc – supports all sort of search engines


All above are in US, but i need it for UK. Let me know if you provide such service. We are looking for an experienced partner for us who will develop this for now and for all future development requirements.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks & Regards

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Excel Spreadsheet Tool / Script

I need a tool, script, setup of Excell to handle changing all numbers in Column I (PRICE). The resulting number would be a % of Column I (PRICE) plus the original number in Column I (PRICE) . For example, if the original number was 100, and I need the % (to be added to original #) was 30% the resulting calculated figure would be 130.

I need to see a proof that the tool, script etc works.

I will pay best offer on proven work.

The Spreadsheet attached is to be used and the column to be edited is attached.

Thanks, Casey Connors

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Simple Pet Insurance Price Comparison Website

Require an insurance comparision website very similar in features to:

This would need to be a very slick and professional site, ideally SEO optimised and come with instructions on how to add new companies and change affiliate links.

Enable registration and emailing of quotes

Please PM with any questions.

Note: Not sure what coding languages required so those put down on job type are samples only.

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Article Spinner W/ Spinning Software Wanted – Quality Writer

Must have article spinning software and you MUST be an expert in spinning articles up to sentence level. You need to add 3 additional sentences out of the original and then perform word spinning on selected words/phrases.

When applying for this job state which article spinning software you are using, your experience, and daily output.

If you can submit articles as well using a mass submitter you will be interviewed

State code: 342ccw
then I know you read this description, otherwise you will be ignored.

Price 2dollar per article to be spun at 90%+ uniqueness and submitted to 20 + article directories per day. If you are submitting content you will require an ip changing software and preferably use USA ips to submit content.

If you can not submit, the price is 1 cents per article spun.

5 articles per day needed.

State code: 12NV1
then I know you read this description, otherwise you will be ignored.

Thank you!

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Need Youtube Service Expert ( View, Subscriber, Rating )

I need several person that could do this youtube service

video views
1k (perefer below $5) , 2k , 5k ,10k

100 (perefer below $5) , 300, 500, 1000

video comments
30 (perefer below $5) , 50, 100, 300

video ratings
100 (perefer below $5) , 300, 500, 1000

Channel view
10k (perefer below $5) , 20k , 50k , 100k

Must be 100% real views, NO proxies, NO bots, guaranteed result !!

please provide proof that you can deliver this,
Ive got ton of order right now and need more people to do this.Hope we will start in less than 24hr 🙂

Pls for serious bidder only, prefer cheap one, looking for long term.
I will pay 50% at the first, and the rest after you done the work. Dont worry Im serious in this business too.

PM me with your previous work and your price.
Regular price only, I dont want to see price for Fast video service in 24hr.
(we will talk it later )

If you have another amount of views that you can do (20k, 50k, 100k , etc ) , also how many days that you can done,
just put in PM

Immediate start for this project

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Price Comparisation Site For Cars

Need an price comparisation engine that compares and provide minimum and maximum price of an car .

Input need to be: brand , model or type , feul , year of build.

websites to search and scrape are :

After searching this sites we need to provide an output of minimum price and max , links to result pages.

Also we need an history of searched brands , top searchs , login , profile managing..

Mobile friendly

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Blog Design

Hi all,

I currently have a blog that I havent been using and I would like to get a price on getting a design concept for it. The design MUST appeal to youth and be fresh and modern.

The blog address is the following:

I also have a website which is the following:

Whilst tendering for this job please keep in mind the following:

– I normally use a different outsourcing company however I have been recommended to Freelancer. So althou this is the first job I am posting I outsource all my work.

– If I am happy with the price and service and end product I will continue to use that contractor for all my other websites as well as new projects.

I look forward to recieving your tenders

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Excel Programing,purchasing Price Comparison Spreadsheet

I have a restaurant I need a spreadsheet that will allow me me to do my purchases according to the
lowest price bid comparison ,this is how it would work.
1- create purchase order from database
2- import multiple vendor bid prices in excel format for the coming week
3- automatic find cheapest price for items according to purchase order
4-automatic create purchase order per vendor according to cheapest price
5- e-mail automated to winning bid vendors
6-receiving goods, to be able to check mark items when they arrive and make sure the prices
charges on invoice are same as bid.
7-receiving invoice to download on Quickbooks
7- all compatible with pc and ipad

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Selling Premium Domain

I want to sale this domain

Help me in selling this domain.

Price to sell:- 485$

04/03/2011 at 11:47 EDT:

Price Bidding can be started with 85$.


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Facebook/Youtube/Twitter EXPERT

Looking for someone that is an expoert in Facebook – Twitter – Youtube.

Please provide as much detailed information on facebook and twitter services along with prices ie: iframes, landing pages, custom backgrounds, like buttons, connecting websites to facebook etc.

Also looking for friends/fans for facebook and followers for twitter. Need pricing for 50 to1 000 for each. Must explain how this is done as well.
Is it possible to link friends/fans from one specific city?

Also price for youtube views and backgrounds.

Price for twitter/facebook /youtube account setups.

Anything you can provide with pricing on all social media. Full time work available.

Thank you


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Price Comparison And Review Site In Php


I would like to hire a freelancer to create a site like, it is a site hosted in Hong Kong but you can use google translate to your language to get an idea of how it works.

It is basically a price comparison and review site, it allows users or merchant to submit prices for products (currently that site only focus on electronics and computers but we want the scalability to add more categories).

Lets say a user bought an iphone4 today and want to share his price on our site, he/she can visit our site, browse or search for iphone4 and tel us how much and where he bought this gadget. So when other users come in they know where they can get the best bargain, if it is a local store and it is close he/she can simply get it locally; if not he/she can compare online stores too. The idea is a user can come to our site to find their best deal (online or offline merchant) and all data are shared by REAL users or merchants. Merchants can also use our site as a platform to promote their products or stores – for instance I have some iphone4 that I want to get rid of I can "share" my price online so users can compare my promotional prices with other merchants.

Our candidates must be good at php, mysql, ajax, javascript and any other skills that are required to complete this project. Templates skill might be required too.

The project should contain a site-front and admin backend for managing users, merchants, categories, products, promotions, notifications, and the scalability to extend the site.


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Price Comparisson Website

Hi, I want a website which works like

anyone who is interested will have to show me how good and quick they can work.
payment will be made once i start seeing some work.

i dont want any time wasters who bid on the project without even reading or understanding it..


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Modification Of An EA

Im looking for a well experienced MT4 coder to modify an existing EA that I have. The EA is based on price action and no indicators are involved. MT4 Coder should have Forex trading knowledge.

The system is based on a daily chart and I already have an EA available with the basic setup for it but I require someone to include some features; (user entry fields has been marked as field )

If the range from high to low of the previous days candle is greater than (or equal to) Previous_bar_range_limit of pips, it is a valid setup candle indicating that a trade setup will be looked for today. The setup is as follows:
If yesterdays closing price was higher than the opening price (bullish candle) you will be shorting today. An entry may only occur between Trade time
In order to enter a trade, todays high must exceed yesterdays high, even if only by one pip. If that part doesnt happen, there will be no trade today. Once it does, the next signal is the current price dropping below yesterdays closing price. The short trade is entered at one pip below yesterdays closing price, with a stop loss equal to one pip above todays high. If that price comes before Trade Start the entry will be at Trade Start as long as the price at that time is still under yesterdays closing price. In order to allow a little volatility the minimum pip amount of stop loss must never be less than 10 pips.
If yesterdays closing price was below the opening price (bearish candle), everything is simply reversed. You must wait for todays low to be at least one pip lower than yesterdays low, then the trade is entered long at one pip above yesterdays closing price, with the stop loss being one pip below todays low or 10 pips below the entry price, whichever is less.
The current EA has a semi-trailing stop included so that whenever you are in profit 50 pips, the stop loss is moved 50 pips (lower for short trades, higher for long trades). This should be removed because we will be implementing a breakeven and trailing stop feature.
I believe that the current EA closes an open trade if it is left open overnight. This should be removed and a trade should only stop if the SL or TP has been hit.

User Entry Parameters and items to include in the EA;

Risk % = amount in no eg. 5 (this will calculate 5% of my account and open trades accordingly. My EA has it available as lot size, I would like to have changed to percentage of account at the time of the order)

Risk Reward Ratio = number (example set to 1 if stoploss has been calculated to 33 pips (yesterdays low/high) and RR is 1, this means that risk reward ratio is 1:1, so the take profit is 33pips + spread, if money management has been set to 2, then the take profit would have been 66 + spread)

Break Even = True or False
Breakeven = amount of pips in favour, stoploss moved to breakeven (calculate spread)

Trailing Stop = True or False
Trailing Stop = amount in pips (Trailing should be greater that the breakeven, if set as less it will conflict with the breakeven)

Trade_on_monday = true or false; Enables or disables open of new trades on Mondays.

Trade time = true or false trades can only be started between these times
Trade Start = 1100 (1100 Broker time)
Trade End = 1300 (1300 Broker time)

Previous_bar_range_limit = amount in pips ( to be used with item below see the description for more info)

Email_alerts_on_trade = True or false EA to send visual and email alert when; 1) Previous bar range is ok and when conditions are met eg: trade is long, low of todays bar is lower than previous bar by 1 pip and time is within trading range 2) Order is initiated . Alert should include the Currency Pair , Long/Short, Time of order , Lots, Entry, SL, TP.

Notes : EA will be used on multiple pairs, EA should be able to handle multiple orders. If an order is opened and closes on the same day. No more trading on that same day for the same pair. EA should work on 4/5 digit broker. IBFX ALPARI

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Price Bermuda Option – Matlab (URGENT!!)

I need to price a Bermuda Option with matlab,
the program has to be 100% accurate and has to pass the test provided in the"project.pdf" file,
if possible please follow framework in "projectTip.m"

I need this in 1 day!!!!! please provide comments in the program so I can follow the code!

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Need 1000 Phone Numbers


I need 1000 phone numbers every month to creating my own pvas.

Please pm me if you have phone numbers in bulk and your price.

The numbers should can be forwarded to my own usa numbers,if the numbers are steadily enough,we will need more than 500 per week,the price should be reasonable and the numbers can be already used by others.

Also, if you can find such a service, then pls recommend me, if the service work fine, I will pay you some money to say thanks.


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Source For Print On Canvas Suppliers In The US


We are a big retailer of photo prints on canvas.

We would like you to conduct a complete supplier sourcing in the US, contacting printing companies that print on canvas (not retailers with a website that sells to end customers like ourselves).

These companies will have an online interface to our print orders and will need to print and ship them to the customers. Each print will be a separate custom made print (we will not order big quantities of the same print)

Assuming that we will order at least 100 prints a month, please prepare a table with the following:

1.) Name of the company
2.) Address
3.) Email address
4.) Phone number
5.) Price for 12"x16" Gallery-Wrapped canvas print (the width of the Gallery-Wrap can be 1". if otherwise please mention the width)
6.) Same for 16"x20" – you can tell them that our target price for this size is less than $30
7.) Same for 20"x24"
8.) Same for 24"x36"
9.) Monthly capacity

The table should include 30 suppliers from all across the US. Please note that if the price for number 5 is over $50, it is surely a retailer with prices for end customers, so you shouldnt even list it in the table.

If the results will be good, we will need your help with doing similar research in the UK and AU as well.



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Virtuemart Customization


I need a customization on my existing virtuemart component.I use the virtuemart as homestay booking system. What i need is:

(Front end part)

1.add check in/check out insert calendar at product detail page,so that guest able to select check in/check out date. this check-in/check-out date will be appear on guest ordering cart.

2.admin will able to set price base on selected date,when guest pick a check in date,the price at cart will be change base on price for each date set by admin(i try to accomplish kindda price base on HI,LOW and PEAK season)

(admin part)
1.admin will able to add a custom price for each date at virtuemart admin section.(low,hi,peak season)

Please bid if you know what the requirement are.I have bad experience with recent freelancer.
Joybidder please stay away.

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The Price Shopper

Groceries, on average, account for 37% of a household

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Magento Price Changes

We have a Magento powered website whereby we need to the prices modifying by category instead of per item. Spreadsheet with depicted % will be supplied.

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Magento Site Develop & Customization

I need a Experienced Magento developer to customize and develop.
Please do not bid if you dont have enough experience !

– A Vat Declaration form At checkout. When customers click on it should pay no Vat and i should see this on order invoice at backend office. (check attachment)
– In Cart should have option to guide customer, "Save …. " with vat declaration.
– All "tax" label should change to "vat"
– Cart page have some issue with displaying item price and etc, "all moved slightly to the right hand side" need a quick fix
– On product page, short description is not visible, need a quick fix
– Add a "Do I need to pay VAT?" as same as like this on all products : . This feature can be enabled/disabled from backend with just a single click for all products. this should appear below the "Our Price" on the product display page.
– CSS Horizontal Top Menu – on site there is a menu But the design is not looking good on site. i have attached an image. (find the attached document with my email). I m open for your better design Idea.
– Add a "A – a" button to change text size. when clicked on them should make text bigger or smaller.
– On Product Page, Price tier need a tweak. At price calculator ; it gives discount for only 1, 3, 6, 9 the set quantities. It should give the same discount in between as shown below
1-3 (there will be no disount),
3-6 (for all quantities it will give the same discount as the customers buying 3 pacs),
6-9 (for all quantities it will give the same discount as the customers buying 6 packs),
for all purchases over 9 pacs the customer will have the same discount as they buy 9 pacs (this will be highest
discount that we offer)
– On Main Page we have our best seller range of products. but these are should be a category not product link.
– "Shop By" option should be on every category page !
– Cart Should be Ajax, when added item should not reload the page !

Website id :

I need a developer who can develop with high quality standart with good design. Developers who have done this job before will be favored. If you can show me a working solution of this kind it will be a great plus.

Im looking for a long term business relationship that allows me to outsource future jobs like e-commerce integration and drupal/magento/prestashop related jobs.

Please do not bid over : $150

preferred communication method is skype.

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Magento Size Option Fix

Size option should change as;

default price always should show smalest pizza price. and when i click on medium size pizza. price should change to medium size pizza. and when click on large pizza price should simply change. Shouldnt add price on it..

Im looking for a long term business relationship that allows me to outsource future jobs like e-commerce integration and drupal/magento/prestashop related jobs.

Please do not bid over $10, will not be accepted.

preferred communication method is skype.

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Hide The Price

I need hide the price
I just want to do a guide of companies, as a commercial guide, then the price should not exist in the form .

[Removed by Admin]

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Joomla Component For List Price Flight Ticket Realtime

Need an Joomla component / modules to show price flight ticket. This is for people able to book ticket online that will integrated with the airline. For example at Just show the price list on realtime, can give logos, and on the botton for each give button to booking link to contact form.

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Low Cost Linux NetBook

Hello, and thank you.

We are seeking a partner to help us source a low cost netbook that runs a full linux OS. The target cost is $100 or lower.

The specs needed are already found in another product. They are displayed here:

(We may need to make minor adjustments to the design e.g. upgrade the CPU to the same one to the 833mhz Samsung S5PC100. This CPU takes DDR2 RAM rather than the slower DDR1 memory which will bring down the costs and improve system performance).

However, the product above violates the GPL licence and thus dealing with it may result in copyright issues.

We are looking for a partner to help us build OR source a similar device. If need be, we will provide our own custom Linux distribution to work with this machine.

Kindly note that we welcome any other low cost full linux laptops that you may have in mind. The only "must have" feature is:
-3G modem with integrated SIM card slot
-Cost should be as close to $100 as possible

Please note that the price you quote on this project is not the one we shall use if we agree – we will likely change the price as we come to an agreement.

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Website Review And Documentation

We have a website which was written a long time ago by consultant, who didnt leave the documentation. Pages of the website are using css and java which have more stuff than pages really need.

We need a freelancer who will do following:
1. Review css and javascript files and will find what is not used and can be removed.
2. Check existing pages for errors and proper usage of html tags and javascript.
3. Document existing website pages and will come up with the recommendation on how to create consise html framework – currently the site is written using CodeIgniter.
4. Recommend on how to compress javascript to make download of the pages faster.

Freelancers bidding on the project will have to commit to a quoted deadline and price. We will send all the urls to freelancers whose response rate and price range we will find attractive for funal determination of time / price.

Please accompany your bids with examples of your previous work.

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Excell Price List

We are travel agency that is looking for a freelancer who is expert in microsoft excell to design great hotel rates tariff set.
It must be user friendly, well organaized, easiliy updated when exchange currency fluctuates, and impressive…

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Amazon Prime Accounts

i need somebody to get me 10+ prime accounts…

i could use about 100 of them, depending on your price.

please let me know if you can do this and your price

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Similar Site Price Your Meal .com

Its been a while since this website came out,

I need this website software with full acess and features.

Important: Languages: English, and Portuguese.

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