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Tweek Forms For Medical Centre

I have a 7 page form used in a medical centre that has been typed out in Word with the text boxes where they should be. I need the form converted to an aesthetically pleasing format. The use of colours/shading and text boxes be appreciated.

My preference is to be able to print this form on a mono laser printer from a PDF OR in colour by a print shop so it must look good in both formats and be provided in a print ready PDF and as a PDF document to print on local laser printers.

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Print Catalog For Virtuemart

Need to create Cusomisable PDF catalog for Virtuemart for printing, must be able to select categories, show thumbnails, ahve Front and back page and linked table of contents. Similar to the one shown at this link

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Print/Clothing Design Software

I am looking to have software custom designed on a budget for something like this – and this –

We want people to be able to go on the web site, choose their product and customize/preview their design before purchase. Things like color, font, text, size, graphics, etc. should all be available options.

We can likely install it ourselves but will need something who communicates well and can be there to assist if needed.

Project will lead to future projects as well.

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Simple Java Program

You will modify the SpeedDating class, but only by completing the method bodies of the three methods already declared. Do not add any other methods or instance variables to the SpeedDating class, do not modify the constructor, and do not modify the method declarations (headings) provided! (Not necessary!)

Complete the SpeedDating Class

Write the method bodies for each of the 3 methods declared in SpeedDating. Study the method declarations and documentation so that you understand what each method does.

it must use one of the Java loops. Nested loops are not necessary.

Do not modify the method declarations (headings) in any way!

Note that, by law, Thanksgiving occurs on the 4th Thursday of November

Write a Test Class for Your SpeedDating Class

Your test class will have a main method that does the following:

Create a SpeedDating object

Have the user enter a year, and call the beMyValentine method to print the day of the week on which Valentines Day will occur for the next 10 years, starting with the input year. Valentines Day (Formerly, Saint Valentines Day) is celebrated on February 14th.

Have the user enter another year, call the discoverColumbusDay method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

Have the user enter the data (month, day, and year) for two Date objects – an earlier date and a later one. Create the two Date objects, call the getHalfWayDate method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

(Make sure your implementations of the SpeedDating methods have sufficient internal documentation)

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BIO Data Printer

It is simple project to fresher can write own BIO DATA in quickly , this application is create Auto database and table if the database and table is not existing every time this application help to print the bio data and save in to in data table , the candidate can search from name from table and print the Bio data , I knew this a small project ,

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Website To Print Temporary From State Of Florida Website

I dont need website I need program that will allow my customers to print tags from the state of FLorida website (List of requirements)

(Example Websites that provide same service)

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22,000 Word Book Typeesetting Project

This is a cancer survivor story with a workbook component. Approximately 22,00 words to bulk out to around 112 pages 5.5" x 8.5" provided in WORD format. Primarily text and some halftones that will require some adjusting for print.

I show a sample layout to the author for approval – before we typeset the entire book. This book may require two files – one for LSI, the other for an offset printer. The only difference generally is the spine width and occasionally the presentation of the print pdf.

This book will be used to launch a speaking career and the designer receives a copyright page credit as well.

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Source For Print On Canvas Suppliers In The US


We are a big retailer of photo prints on canvas.

We would like you to conduct a complete supplier sourcing in the US, contacting printing companies that print on canvas (not retailers with a website that sells to end customers like ourselves).

These companies will have an online interface to our print orders and will need to print and ship them to the customers. Each print will be a separate custom made print (we will not order big quantities of the same print)

Assuming that we will order at least 100 prints a month, please prepare a table with the following:

1.) Name of the company
2.) Address
3.) Email address
4.) Phone number
5.) Price for 12"x16" Gallery-Wrapped canvas print (the width of the Gallery-Wrap can be 1". if otherwise please mention the width)
6.) Same for 16"x20" – you can tell them that our target price for this size is less than $30
7.) Same for 20"x24"
8.) Same for 24"x36"
9.) Monthly capacity

The table should include 30 suppliers from all across the US. Please note that if the price for number 5 is over $50, it is surely a retailer with prices for end customers, so you shouldnt even list it in the table.

If the results will be good, we will need your help with doing similar research in the UK and AU as well.



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Corporate ID And Promo Flyers Required

Hello to you,

I am in need of a talented (see: creative) designer to come up with a full corporate identity for a new business and its website.

What I require is:
~ Logo
~ Corporate colours – to go across all mediums (logo, print media and website)
~ Business card design
~ Letter head design
~ Email signature design
~ "Referrer button" for websites- more info will be given to winning bidder
~ Online Advertising banner and advertising boxes (1 large and 1 small)
~ To print A4 promotional flyer – must be bright, fun and enticing
~ To print promotional flyer – as above

A few of points on this project:
~ It would be great if you can start on this straight away, so please dont bid if you are too busy to do this
~ I think Milestone payments are not required, as you do not need to provide the files until paid, so if you ask for them you will not be winning the bid
~ I would like all the resultant images to be in jpg, png (including layers) and native format
~ I would like the information of the RGB or CMYK colours used in all aspects of the designs

If any of the above is too much for you, please dont bid and if any of the above are not completed payment will not be made. I hope you concur that this is only fair.

I look forward to your bid and getting this moving quickly.

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Magento Product Pricing

Magento help needed for a website with manufacturer rules that differ- Please advise:

Need help customizing a check-out and the product per Manufacturer for
The products are set-up as Custom with Simple products for the different colors they are available in.
However, the many different manufactures rules for pricing and printing is causing difficulty.
Also, when we added a few plug-ins it has caused the receipts and invoices to show up differently.

Here are the rules and mandatories for this project, there are different Manufacturers that have different pricing criteria: Criteria/Rules are as follow:

Printing of Gerald Fried Pouches:
Die Creation Fee: $65.00 unless they already have an account created need the option of whether you need the print fee or not
Minimum Print Fee: $36.00 need to have at least 300
Per Pouch Print Fee: $0.12
Minimum Print Quantity: no mandatory

Printing of Pouch Depot Pouches:
Die Creation Fee: $65.00
Minimum Print Fee: No
Per Pouch Print Fee: $0.15
Minimum Print Quantity: 200 Pieces

Minimum Order Fee: $15.00 on any order totaling less than $100.00
Note: The minimum order fee calculation should not include the Die Creation Fee.

Price Breaks: For the purpose of price breaks the total number of pouches of a given size may be accumulated regardless of color.

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Picture Upload, Circle Crop / Resize, And Print

need a php, java or flash script to have site visitors upload their picture, crop with circle, autosize to site specific size and visitor can print on their printer

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Need A Brilliant Flash Developer

I want to create a flash based database application where we will display 20+ images on a single screen and where u click the image it will get bigger and if u click print it will print the text associated with that image using a thermal printer. Like a receipt printer.

All the images and text will be database driven and will be taken from the server.

Think you can handle it? have u done flash based database programming before? get back to me.

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Photo Ordering System

I am looking for a website that will act like this one:

I want it to be native to the browser and I dont need it to be very fancy.

Allow me to set print sizes and set a price

Would like it to check to make sure images are not too low of a resolution to print in the selected size.
I do not want to require them to login.

Want each order placed in its own directory with prints in sub folders based on prints.

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Windows Print Driver

Looking to develop a Windows Print Driver that would appear as a paper printer but actually saves it to a file.

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Auspost Eparcel Integration With Oscommerce

We need to integrate the eParcel (from Australia Post) with osCommerce. The eparcel server will require some kind of scraper/api to pass order information to the eparcel system. The eparcel system will then provide a label which should be linked to the order within oscommerce. Then, when we print packing slips via osc it should print the label provided by eParcel.

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Business Stationery Designs Needed For Online Print Shop

Online print store going live soon. We need 10 stationery sets of – business card, matching letterhead, and matching compliments slip. No stock imagery, either licence or royalty free – may be used for this project as we will be reselling and require full copyright. Items will need to represent different industries. Please show samples of work first. A satisfactory outcome could mean more of the same work.

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Vista Print

I need a website same like this..

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5litre Labels (for ProfiPAINT ONLY)

This project is for profiPAINT ONLY

To redesign and adjust the our 1litre label to fit a 5litre bottle. Small adjustments needed as per conversation/email
Needs to be print ready for our printing people to print.

Also need photos amended to remove the background to a white and clear – save as jpg eps format

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Print And Online Advertisement

I need A4 sized printed web designs with a clear identity and trigger function.
Also I need related (flash) banners and a 1/4 page for advertising print in magazine.

We are a young company so this project will also help shape our corporate identity.

I need to see reference portfolios to make a decision about whether we can cooperate.

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Theatre Seat Booking

We are looking to update / upgrade our current booking system and need someone to help us with this.

At present we use Fusion Ticket which does meet our needs to an extent however we need a few new features. Our new site we would like to operate on a similar basis to or

For our customers we would like a list of current shows, the option to see a graphical view of available seats, which can then be selected at which point they choose whether seats are for children or adults and price applied dependance on this. They must then pay for their order via paypal (which will add another amount on in handling charge). Their tickets will then be emailed to them as pdf with barcode etc.

In admin side they need to be able to design venue and tickets, add shows, select prices, and print orders and cancel.

There should also be a staff section where our sellers can sell tickets by Cash or Cheque and print them out instantly without extra cost being added,

Any idea you have also please let me know,

Happy also to hear from people who have created a script like this before and want to sell again,


You can see our current site at

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Small ERP Project

We have a small ERP project runs over the internet. We are looking forward a programmer who can develop sales module.

Sales Invoice will include,

Invoice No,
Invoice Date,
Paymet Plan,
Items (must have a serial number)
below Granttotals..

After the save invoice, all information will print as a invoice. At the same time serial number will print as barcode on the labels.

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Small ERP Project

We have a small ERP project runs over the internet. We are looking forward a programmer who can develop sales module.

Sales Invoice will include,

Invoice No,
Invoice Date,
Paymet Plan,
Items (must have a serial number)
below Granttotals..

After the save invoice, all information will print as a invoice. At the same time serial number will print as barcode on the labels.

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Print & Publishers Advert

I require a corporate print advertisement (A4 size) for a major publishing and printing company. This is not a retail advert but rather an ad to promote the company as an entity (the mother brand). There is scope to design this ad as the company has never had a corporate ad designed before.The ad needs to be imaginative and design intensive. I do not want a lot of copy – maybe just a catchy phrase or slogan.

The logo will be supplied.

Corporate colors:
Tangerine – pantone 021C c0 m51 y87 k0
Red Bite – pantone 485C c0 m100 y91 k0
Solid Black – pantone Proc.Black c0 m0 y0 k100

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Print Ad Creation

Looking for someone to review my current marketing pieces, websites and create a clear, simple yet visually appealing 1/2 page ad for use in convention magazines.

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Need Continuing Education / Test Taking Website Built.

I want to put together a continuing education website.
With this website I need it to;
Let a student register – name, ss#, license #, address and email.
They preview courses available before registration.
When someone pays a course / test it should give them a pdf file school course (they could print) and test (I created) with options multiple choice questions (test part they cannot print only online) Make it so it can auto grade the test and at the end state pass if 70% of questions were correct? If no pass they can take it again and again with no change of order of test questions. Test questions will range from 25 to 50 multiple choice questions.
I also have a cram course that I want students to buy and download in a pdf.
Need to set up an e-commerce to collect the payment for the tests and cram crourse.
Once a 70% is achieved it needs to create a printable certificate that populates their name and course name.
There will be 2 different website both the same just different tests. One is for Insurance and one is for real estate and will have about 8 courses and tests and room needed to grow.
Need to set up email for a future time to be sent out as reminders for different events such as licensing due. (this is not a must have

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Software C# Mini CRM + Register Students +Print Certificates

This is for a company that runs training programs. With the development of this program the company would like to keep records of instructors (lecturers) and students. After keeping these records the administrator must be able to print the names of the students (plus more info) into a certificate and a small pocket card (not visa type card, just normal print).

It will also work like a mini CRM to keep records of what communication this company has with its clients.

More details will be given to winning bidder. Please explain which way (software, language) will you develop it with.
Must have backup capability.
Must be able to operate it from different computers (multi-user).

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Copy Writing For Print Websites

Looking for a copy writer for assistance in writing and rewriting copy for a 50 – 70 page website as well as other mirror sites and landing pages. Copy must be SEO optimized based on provided keywords. Experience in print and graphic related websites is preferred but not required.

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SWF PDF Viewer For Publishing Co, Print To A4 And Letter

New, small print music publishing company needs help getting a SWF PDF viewer up and running. Need to take our SWFs generated in PDF2SWF/SWFTools and combine them with a good viewer (preferably something like FlexPaper) so only one SWF file is uploaded to the server.

— Main feature: we need to make sure the documents can be printed on both A4 and Letter sized paper, so may need some editing to the print architecture of the viewer.

Happy for an HTML 5 suggestion as well if someone has a good solution.

Well handle the PDF to SWF conversion if you can help us sort out getting the viewer up and running.

Small budget, but keen for ongoing relationship with someone knowledgeable in flash and PDF to SWF publishing for future projects (mobile apps, etc.)!


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Magento – Print Shop, Pricing And Artwork Upload

Need an interface where by people can select a product ie, business card
and then select the quantity and then the gsm or what have you, single sided then click on the price and it will then ask for artwork to be uploaded.

can provide link to somthing i want it to be like on request

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Blue Print For Real-time Data

This project does not involve coding but a blue print needs to be submitted as to how to solve a particular scenario.

Project Information :
I get real-time stock market data in my local computer (running Windows). This data is available every second and it will contain prices of stocks. How can I transmit data so that my users can get that data through my software (developed in VB.NET).

For e.g. assume its 11 AM. Now if you select a stock e.g. Google, then my program should fetch data for google till 11 AM and also show new data every second or so with minimum lag. Something like a terminal where you see stock prices getting updates every second. In my case I need to get past data and show current data which get updated at short intervals.

Now I have a linux vps web server which hosts my site. (I get one or two static ip free). This server supports php & mysql database. My front end software is build on Visual Basic .Net 2008. The part that requires to pull in this data will be developed by me after this project.

Your task: Tell me/make blue print as to how can I send data from my local computer to my server and how my software can download it from there and show it to users. Please note that since data is real-time there should be minimum lag. The coding aspect will be taken care of by me.

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