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Prestashop 1.4 – Fixing Bug In Cart


I am a prestashop theme developer who has a problem with my newly made theme.
The theme is rady except one little bug in cart summary it is a javascript/jquery/ajax problem i think..
and i guess it is not so hard to make it work 100% if you can handle these programing skills.

The problem
Theme is installed on prestashop version 1.4
When i delete a product from cart summary it should come up a message "Your cart is empty"
The message only show up like 1/10 of a second and then dissapear,(it is like it dont can be load for some reason) if i push F5 and refresh the message show up properly.

The theme is well made and ready, but still this little problem, so it is just a theme issue not platform issue
This work including:
*Find this bug
*Edit / Change the code so it will work

I suggest you have skills in Prestashop or similar cartsystem, know: javascript, ajax, jquery, css
I think that this job dont is so hard for the person with the right skills

If you do this work i give you access to my server where all stuff are installed, and you can just start work immediately.

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Install&solve Problem With Payment-Extension For Mageto-Shop

We have a problem with installing an extension in our magento-shop for payment.
This extension was already uploaded and shows up in backend – but it`s not shown during checkout on frontend.
We use a custom design.

Even the company which is reponsible for this extension couldn`t find the problem.

Your task:

Check the installation and find the error thats causing the problem and fix the problem so that the payment-type is shown during checkout.

Only bidders with experience and references with magento. All other will be ignored.
Bidders from EU are preferred. Invoice is needed!

Skype for fast communication is required.

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Magento Checkout Problem And Menu Fix

I have a website that needs some help. I am having issues with my shopping cart. Everything gets added but you cant checkout, and in the admin panel you cant adjust the payment or shipping methods. Also I need someone to fix the contact us part of our navigation bar to go to our contact us page.

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Virtuenart Problem Fix

need an php – virtuemart expert.
only freelancers – companies will not be replied.

problem will be discribed in pm


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Oscillates Checkout Problem

We are having problems checking out through our oscillates website

1. It appears that is says please select a payment method and nothing displays.
2. It says field shipping address is required if we click the pay pal logo to pay.

I know its most likely only a small issue we have overlooked.


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WP E-commerce Problem With Downloads

My clients site is not working with the downloads. I need help. When an order is purchased, no links for the download is provided.

WPEcommerce and WordPress

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Magento Export – Problem With Completing Orders

I have some issues with magento – it sometimes has problems completing orders. When I press complete order in onestepcheckout it thinks for 15-20 sec before completing the order. Sometimes it also times out if more than 30 sec.
I am running a dedicated nginx server with mysql. It also takes a long time to save edited products, I need to have an true mysql / magento expert to look at this problem asap.


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WordPress Nginx Image Problem

I just moved my wordpress site to a ubuntu nginx server. All of my images are broken as you can see here:

Im sure this is something simple. Someone who knows what they are doing its a 5 minutes fix.

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Exchange Server Set Up On SBS 2008

Have a new server set up running Exchange. But set up is not quite the way we need. We have multiple domains that we need to be able to send email out from. Most users use Outlook. With the current set up all users can receive email from any domain but it goes to one account for that user to check with outlook. That is not at problem but it is a problem that the user cant select any account to use from Outlook when sending the email. We need to get that straightened out. Also while doing that I need you to verify that all MX record and DNS records that would affect email are set up correctly. DNS problems cause bounce backs that we do not need.
I will need you to do this in two stages.
First: Check out the server setup, investigate the problem and search for DNS issues. Then let me know what your plan is to fix the issues.
Second: Once have we agree on a plan of action. You will need to help me make sure we have good back up in case you plan does not go as we hope.(it happens – nobody is perfect) Then make you the changes you proposed.

This is a live server with about 20 active users So we will need to plan with the least down time as possible.

We will probably need to discuss this on the phone or skype. I dont care where you live but I do need you to speek very clear english.


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Wanted: Statistics Problem Solver

i have an assignment in statistics and it is very important to me to pass this one. I have loads of stuff to do.
**The topic for the assignment are the following:
one factor experiements – unequal sample sizes
testing for equality of variance – bartlettes test
comparing treatments w/ a control group – dunnetts test
duncanc multiple range test
tuleys test
analysis of means (anom) technique.
randomized complete block design
latin squares
tow factor anova
three way anova
2k factorial experiements
yates technique
fractional factorial experiements
non-replicated 2k factorial experiement
factorial experiements in a regression setting
placket-burman design

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Job Description

I Need someone who is skilled in database management systems,SQL commands,Relational databases and technical writing to write the following essays and project.

You will write a one-page (single-spaced) executive summary for your boss explaining how a relational data solution can be applied to a current business problem or area for improvement. Assume that your boss knows nothing about relational theory. The goal of this summary is to obtain your bosss approval to proceed with your stated project. Post as Microsoft Word .

Essay 1 Rubric: Content (quality and accuracy of statements) 4 points; analysis (creativity and thoroughness of your evaluation of the facts in the case) 4 points; English grammar, spelling, and compliance with APA standards 2 points. Total 10 points.


Exploring the Bounds of Technology: International Uses of Relational Technology (Essay 2)

You will write a two-page essay on how a problem in another country could be solved or significantly reduced through the use of relational technology. The goal of this essay is to convince a decision-maker to fund and/or approve the project. Post as Microsoft Word.

Essay 2 Rubric: Content (quality and accuracy of statements) 4 points; analysis (creativity and thoroughness of your evaluation of the facts in the case) 4 points; English grammar, spelling, and compliance with APA standards 2 points. Total 10 points.


Exploring the Bounds of Technology: Domestic Uses of Relational Technology (Essay 3)

You will write a two-page essay on how a problem in the United States could be solved or significantly reduced through the use of relational technology. The goal of this essay is to convince a decision-maker to fund and/or approve the project. Post as Microsoft Word .

Essay 3 Rubric: Content (quality and accuracy of statements) 4 points; analysis (creativity and thoroughness of your evaluation of the facts in the case) 4 points; English grammar, spelling, and compliance with APA standards 2 points. Total 10 points.


(a)Given a set of user specifications for a database, you will create an entity-relationship model that explain your reasons for designing it as you did.

(b) Given a second normal form (2NF) concatenation problem, you will normalize the database table to third normal form (3NF). Given a third normal form (3NF) transitivity problem, you will normalize the database table to the proper third normal form (3NF). You may use MS Products (2003, 2007, 2010) Word, Power Point, Visio (save to MS Word) or Open Office equivalent products. You may also hand draw the diagram and scan into a Word document.

Project1 Rubric: Entity-Relationship Model 5 pts, Normalization of 3d Normal Concatentation Problem 2.5 pts, Normalization of 4th Normal Transitive 2.5 pts. Total 10 pts.



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2 Macro Economic Problem Need To Be Solved

Im looking for someone with basic skill in macro/micro economic that can solov 2 basic problems, involving demand and suply curve and government subsidy. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you more detailed information.

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Hi, … I am confronting a problem on my hosting server.
All my websites on this server are going down and coming back, and going down and coming back.
This has been going on since last wednesday.
It seems that the httpd service is stopping.

Also it seems that the problem is related to a so called TABLE CACHE. and that my mysql configuration file is much smaller than it should be.

This all seems to be caused by one of my websites on this server which is running joomla.

Check this error message out:

Current table_cache value = 64 tables
You have a total of 3463 tables
You have 64 open tables.
Current table_cache hit rate is 1%
, while 100% of your table cache is in use
You should probably increase your table_cache

This also seems to explain why "tmp table" is showing up so frequently with the user webcur_lps.

I need someone with experience to solve this problem for me ASAP.

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Small Changes On Prestashop Store, Both Front And Backend

I need help to update my site with a few things. The shop is based on Prestashop with a special theme. The following things needs to be done:

* Integrate a good searchfunction for front end
* Fix errors with language in back end, meta-tags field
* A problem with products showing wrong price in a special view in currencies that is not the standard currency

Small problem that someone clever will make in approx 30 minutes.

More jobs will be available for a well done job.

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Avs Script Installation Mod_rewrite Problem

I need help installation of Adultvideoscript.
also need to understand of ffmpeg and plesk.

i have vps and root access

03/22/2011 at 20:01 EDT:

Adult Video Script

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Oscommerce (set Up Ssl, Blank Image Problem On Sub Domain)

Oscommerce (set up ssl, blank image problem on sub domain)

and simple nice theme, language setup.

and explain to me about how to seo setting

using teamviewer, remote control plz.

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Need Help From Expert Joomla Developer Familiar W/ JFusion

In need of Joomla developer/consultant familiar with JFusion.

We have installed Joomla/JFusion and have configured phpBB. The login checker seems to validate and the users sync without any errors. PhpBB has been framed within Joomla, but that is not necessary for our final setup; a direct-link method would be fine.

The problem is that dual-login between Joomla/JFusion and phpBB is not working correctly. Logging in to Joomla should log the user into phpBB but isnt working. (We had tried this with Magento too and had the same problem.)

Project Scope:
This project is limited in scope to just fixing this dual-log in problem for now. We will give all access to the selected developer to fix the problem.

To Bid:
Tell us your cost and Joomla experience. If your bid for this problem fix is below $30, please let us know via PM since Freelancer will not let you list less than $30. We will not respond to bids which simply say

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Virtuemart Product / Category Layout Problem

I am experiencing a layout problem with my product pages on virtuemart, I recently restored Gantry, but seems it blew away my flypages. I do have a backup site from which the needed stylesheets can be copied to restore it, so I dont expect it to be too much trouble, just dont have the time to do it my self.

PM me for more information regarding the page

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Joomla Gantry Settings / Menu Drop Down Problem

I am having a couple of issues that I believe might be Java related on my Joomla based site running Crystalline_J15 template version.

1st. First off, have a problem with the Settings portion of my Gantry template on the backend, all Settings are grayed out, I need this resolved quickly, running Gantry v3.1.10.

2nd. My dropdown navigation menus are not working on the site, need these fixed as well.

Need this done in the next couple of hours PM me to get more information on the site.


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IP/VPN And Security Using Casinos/bookmakers

This is a difficult question, I have searched long for answers.
The person who answers this should have real skill and know-how.

The problem is simple, and I say in advance, please do not get into my private life. What I do only concerns me. If you judge me wrong, that is your problem, not mine. I am an honest dedicated person and my problem is real and I need an answer. If you do not wish to help, pass on to the next project. If you do, make sure you know what you are talking about. I do not need to waste my time any further.
*** *** *** *** *** ***

*** The Project ***

I have many questions but I will some up the most important ones here. If you can answer those, then you will be able to help in the rest of project. This project is not big really, all I need is someones expertise to give me proper advice on what to do, proper software to download and/or procedures to follow.

I will present my problem as such:

My best-friend wishes to sign up to a few Online Casinos and take advantage of a few offers. We live in a quite poor neighborhood and so not everyone has internet. We try to help each other out.

I have made some money using online Casinos and also bookmakers.
I wish to help out my friend truely.

What I wish to do is the following:
I wish to help my friend, to show him how he can also sign up at these websites and make some reasonable amounts of money, legally because he is a real person and so I repeat, he is a REAL person such as I.

The problems which you need to help me with:
My friend has no internet at home but has a laptop. He will NOT get internet as that is simply not feasable. As I said previously, his $ is limited.
I wish to invite my friend to use my internet and teach him a little bit and he can connect to my router and use the Bookmakers where he can sign up, and have a good chance of getting some extra money, which will help him greatly.

the problem, if there is any, is that apparently those sites do not like multiple-people to take advantage of their offers from a same IP… this can probably be solved by using a VPN on his laptop even though he is connected to my router. Now, I know little about IP addresses, VPN services, but from what Ive read, it is possible. I need someone experienced to explain to me exactly what to do.
Of course, I understand the VPN for example , or any other possibility, must be using a new IP which corresponds to my country – are you following me so far?
Good, lets follow to other questions now.

Meanwhile, my friend will need to set up a moneybookers account. I need you as expert to confirm with me that there will be no problem whatsoever using VPN or maybe moneybookers is ok with using same IP on signing up? perhaps not. Please find out. I have a headache and I wish someone to really take care of this problem. I do not wish to contact moneybookers because I dont want any problems. But you may act on my behalf and verify with them. That would be what I would need.

Also I could easily give you a few bookmaker websites, and casino websites (more bookmakers than casinos most probably), and you could yourself check it out, and find out / test, what works what doesnt.

From what I understand – and you need to confirm this with me:
1- a bookmaker signup is only through website, and thus, they only can check your name/address/ip address/phone number/other details you enter in your registration
2-if you play a casino and download their software, Ive heard from several sources and Im quite convinced, that their software detects your Computer or/and your hard drives serial number, and therefore not allowing you to play on the same computer.
3-if that is the case, and my friend may have problems with his laptop sometimes and may need to play on my computer – the reasons are obvious, he is quite poor, his laptop is really a piece of garbage i would be surprised if it works the way it is supposed to.

I have no more space to write so this is enough for now.

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Facebook App – Safari & Opera Iframe Cookie Problem

HAYASA Productions former web developer left the company without testing his facebook app in different browsers
You can view the app at

Although it works fine on main browsers such as IE, Chrome and Firefox it fails to get the session from FB.init in Safari and Opera.
The problem should be better described in this post

but we need an experienced developer to apply it to our case.

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Fix FaceBook Applications Problem

I have a Facebook community page with a menu of Facebook apps. They only work intermittently, though… sometimes when you click on them, they work, other times not.

I need this fixed!

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OSC Pro Needed Now

Ok… Im getting frustrated :/

Problem: Site is configured to use ssl.
When user is at login.php, all is great.
User logs in and is redirected to index.php (but SSL).

This is not proper and shouldnt be happening.
Once user logs in, they should be redirected to index.php (no ssl)

Once again, Im looking for a pro to find the actual problem, fix it and let me know what it was 🙂

I want someone who knows osc well enough and can started on this right away and get it done quickly!

Best price with fastest turnaround = Winner!

I dont want a simple hack job like adding a line in .htaccess to force non ssl 🙂

The current problem is simple enough to fix properly 🙂

Please note: I make no upfront payments of any kind.
I pay in full upon successful completion. See my feedback and youll see that Im fair, honest and prompt. If thats not acceptable to you, please dont bid 🙂

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Latex Problem In Oracle

I need a simple crud database website based on Oracle Application Express. I have data and a working template to copy.

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Help Me Fix Site Display Problem With IE6/7

Ads on my site are not displaying in IE6/7 under some circumstances. It works on my PC and IE6, but not others. Need to determine what in my WordPress and OpenX ad setup is suddenly causing this problem — I had no reports of problems until last week. Details in project clarification board.

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Magento Fix Shipping Module Problem

I have a canada shipping module.

The problem was the get quote button, nothing was happen.

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Fix CSS Problems

For a pro like yourself, this probably is a piece of cake.

In FireFox 3.6.15 the roll over buttons are not properly centered vertically; it looks fine in safari.

In addition, we would like to add a footer that mirrors our site. We can insert the HTML no problem, but the CSS is giving us problems. Will provide more details once we fix the first problem.

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12 Click Bank Product Reviews 500 Words Per One

Im looking for an experienced product reviewer who can write reviews on some online products related to either ebooks/softwares.

The reviewer should be able to look at a product sales page and write a review of the product without owning the product, making it seem as though they have used the product or own the product.

Here are the requirement for this project

1) There are no actual digital products for you to read and review, but rather you are required to research from the salesletter as well as other reliable source which talks about the products or may help in your reviews. In this way, an accurate portrayal of such products based on facts and actual results can be accomplished without having to personally test or

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Oscommerce Store Hacked


my oscommerce Store has been hacked serveral times…. And there is a error or a security problem on that oscommerce store.. I need an professional who can fix this security problem and taking the oscommerce store to the next level, so that hacking should not happen again…

its very urgent…


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Joomla Jomsocial Activity Stream Problem

After installing some plugins (activity comments) and modifying the templates some user actions are not shown in activity stream anymore (frontend and backend)
e.g. new friendship, photo upload, video upload

another problem with "activity comments" is, that comments are not stored. comments are shown after commenting, but not when refreshing / reloading the page.

need a programmer for fixing that problems.

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Problem With Joomla Shopping Cart

Im looking for someone to fix a problem with our shopping cart.
When you add a product to the cart its ok but when you go to checkout theres a page error.

IMPORTANT: It works sometimes and doesnt work sometimes so please try it yourself first and see if its causing a problem on your computer. Please check our website at:

Our website is made with Joomla.

Please include a lump sum bid not hourly rate.

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Email Spam Problem

Need an Email IT specialist to configure our server/domain.

Majority of sent emails keep going in recipients junk/span mail folder.

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Moodle/Articulate Problem

We have a problem making Articulate courseware run on Moodle 2.0. When loaded, the material sometimes fails to initialise. We think this may be a problem with Javascript. When it does load, quizzes embedded in the courseware hangs and will not load. We are working with a client with a firewall, so some capability in this area may also be needed.

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