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Install Script On Xoops Cube And CakePHP..Fix Xcube Problems

Sites are made on xoops cubes and another site on cakePHP. Having problems installing the xoops cube and cakePHP on new server, if you can fix this problems let me know.
Give me sk yp e ID we can chat more and i will pay you on freelancers.

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Javascript Problem Within Mobile Website

Solve javascript/jquerymobile problems

We are working on a little and simple content webpage for mobile.
We use HTML/javascript/jquerymobile as basic technic.
Because we are novices in this kind of things, we have a few beginners problems/errors/difficulties.
The solving of them is the task of this proposal.

We guess all the problems result out of our incorrect use of javascirpt/jquerymobile.

In principle the site consits out of a navigation and single content files (HTML).
We build a sample (attached to this proposal, starting with the index.html) which is based on our work. The solving of the problems can/should be done within this sample, so we can copy the solutions to our original data. The sample also reflects/shows all the problems described below.

The solutions have to be done with javascript and/or jquerymobile!!!

List of the problems/difficulties (with aditional comments):

1. Within the single HTML-files there is a javascirpt which resizes automaticly the images.
– When the files are opened the normal way (thru the navigation) the script doesn´t work.
– When the files are opened directly with a browser, the script works.
– When the files are opened thru the next-Button, the script works.
– It seams, that the scirpt is not triggered correctly.

The provided solution needs to work offline!!! without any help/contact to a webserver!!

2. At the top of each page there is a navbar, followed by a header.
We want a space between the navbar and header (dynamic or fixed hight need to be discussed) where ads are shown.
The ads come thru a javascript. A sample javascript ad is in the bottom of each html-file.

3. Edit hight of the navbar and header
The hight of the navbar and the header need to be sized down to minimum but reasonable hight, in fact just a few pixel less then the standard version.

Last note:
The solutions have to work on actual devices and I want prove of it. If its on an android and/or an iphone is equal to me!!!!

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Apache Shockwave Problems

apache shockwave problems

need help fixing a problem

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HTML RTL IE6/7 Problems With Hebrew

Hebrew Language in a website. Have problem with IE6 and IE7 ( the website looks a mess ) Need help fixing the issue in these browsers.

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Need Freelance Coder – Various Problems- NATIVE ENGLISH Spkr

My site runs Joomla v1.5 – Very popular, in its 14th year delivering positive news (5th year with Joomla)

You would need to work on a COPY of the site, then, transfer to live site (I update site with 4 news stories every day.)

Homepage has INTERMITTENT trouble with sh404 – missing data (photo/text) on frontpage after pageloads – this only happens occasionally. (See attached to compare to my front page, normally, link below)

Pagination problems – When clicking ALL HEADLINE, and clicking on different pages, after page 2 or 3, all data is missing except date

Community Builder/OSE JSE issues – after registering, some IE users cant purchase subscription – sometimes a COOKIES NOT ENABLED message appears, yet cookies ARE enabled.

Photo auto-resizing needs to be updated

Need offline payments added to my subscription component options, so that people can choose to pay with a check – with pending sub on file until check is mailed/received.


Start immediately – Weekly progress required

Do not want project fee. Will pay hourly rate –

Please submit your hourly rate, and experience.

Geri Weis-Corbley
Editor, Publisher
The Good News Network

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Build My Rank BMR Writer

This job involves writing as many as possible 150+ word short articles posts in a day. I will pay you $0.50 per 150+ word post/short articles. I need 72 such posts and I am willing to pay $36 for them. I will not necessarily wait for the deadline to award the contract. We will begin as soon as we find our writer(s). That being said, I might hire more than 1 writer because I have a huge backlog of posts to be written. Here is how I want the posts to be written:

– I will supply you a number of keywords.
– You will research the keywords given and acquire a fine grasp of what they are all about.
– You will then write blog posts/ short articles of at least 150 words excluding the article title.
– The article title should contain the keyword. Example is as follows, assuming the keyword supplied is dry skin problems, an acceptable title would be like Getting Rid of Dry Skin Problems, Causes of Dry Skin Problems, Help! I Have Dry Skin Problems or Solutions of Dry Skin Problems.
– The keyword should appear at least once in the article body, preferably in the first 3 sentences.
– The articles/posts should be free from grammar and spelling errors, have proper punctuation and be factual based on your research above.
– You are free to employ any writing style as long as you have followed the above outline. Be creative and just let your thoughts flow into your writing!
– Articles need to be 100% unique and pass Copyscape
– The keywords are from different niches like beauty, health care, sports, medical, electronics, pet care, travel and hospitality, internet and technology, home and garden appliances and so on. You should have a broad mind to handle whatever keywords are thrown at you!
– This contract is really a paid interview. I will discuss much larger contracts of hundreds of posts to the right writer upon successful completion of this project.
– As I need the short articles/posts in large quantities, I will only consider offers from full time writers.
– Bid for only 72 short articles/posts @ $0.50 per post. So your actual bid should not be more than $36 for 72 posts.
– I will provide you with a Writer account where you will write up the posts. You will edit or replace any rejected posts. If you have lots of rejected posts, I will cancel the project.
– Mention how long it will take you to write the 72 posts in your application. I need fast turnaround at the same time I do not want to compromise on quality.
– Please mention the word candy in your application so that I know you have read and understood the requirements of this job post.

If you have any questions, just bid and ask in PM.


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Problems With WordPress Site Going Down

The site is
job is for Pawelecweb

wordpress site fix. Brought site down by removing wrong file instead of W3 Super cache plug in trying to set up quick cache.

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Word Press Problems!

Basically, there isnt alot that needs doing. Im just having some issues with The Professional template, I need someone to sort out these minor issues.

These are the following issues:

Error with compatibly in Firefox,
Wrong display on home page (3 columns not appearing),
Need logo adding to the page with transparent background.

This shouldnt take long!

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Fix CSS Problems

For a pro like yourself, this probably is a piece of cake.

In FireFox 3.6.15 the roll over buttons are not properly centered vertically; it looks fine in safari.

In addition, we would like to add a footer that mirrors our site. We can insert the HTML no problem, but the CSS is giving us problems. Will provide more details once we fix the first problem.

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Cross Browser CSS Compatibility

We have a fully finished website that looks great in modern browsers. The site has a few minor display problems in older browsers. Your job is to refine our CSS so that the website will display properly and consistently in all the following browsers:


Firefox 1.5
Firefox 2.0
Firefox 3.0.11
Firefox 3.5
Firefox 3.6

Safari 3.2
Safari 4
Safari 5

Chrome 9.0
Chrome 10.0

The subject website is quite small and simple. There are basically three primary templates which are used to generate almost the entire website. Apart from these three templates there are a few standard pages such as About Us, Terms, Privacy, Sitemap, Newsletter, Newsletter Confirm, Newsletter Thank You.

The site only has a few problems in these older browsers, for the most part it works. But we need it to be perfect.

When bidding, keep in mind we require support for IE6 which means using some JavaScript to handle translucent PNG images. If you have not worked to implement compatibility in IE6 before, do not bid on this project. Only a veteran CSS guru can implement elegant solutions to these types of problems.

Additionally, we take our page load times very seriously and make efforts to keep them as small as possible. We use image spriting, minimize and combine all JS and CSS into one file of each (apart from jquery), and generally follow all of the Yahoo sitespeed guidelines here: Your work will be expected to adhere to the same guidelines.

This project does not require any design or image editing.

We have an account with which we are happy to let you use for testing.

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Irealty Script Upgrade Installation

Im looking for someone who can install an upgrade for a script that I use for my existing site.
The script is written by and is a real estate script.
There were problems with the Paypal payment system and some bugs and have been assured that the new update resolves all these problems.
I have since received a license key to download the update from their website and just want someone capable of installing it on the existing site I run.
I also got assurances that the install should not have any conflicts with the existing site but will obviously want the provider to take all necessary precautions when doing the work ie backups etc.

So if anyone can do this, then please make a bid.

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Excel Problems

I need someone to solve 3 excel problems at the college level. Additional problems may be available if work is satisfactory.

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I have finalized a project of improving with a developer from freelancer, the outcome was full of bugs and with not the exact features i want

Now what i need is as follows:
1- Test all of the features of the site
2- Improving the profiles and chat sections
3- Adding a feature of buying tokens for a monthly draw, where i can add awards and the site will be able to select the winner according to a token number
4- points of players can be changed to tokens on a specific ratio
5- games listing and sharing shall be improved
6- look and feel shall be enhanced
7- main issue is the profiles problems and chat fixing.
8-allowing multi photos uploading

any bidder who wants to bid shall first send me the errors and problems he could see in the site to make sure he understood what i want
and this is not a redbuild of the website
it is fixing the problems and adding 2 to 3 features
so dreamers who are bidding for high shall not consider to bid

No Amateures, and any one who is not interested in showing the progress daily does not have to bid
No Milestones (so if you added a milestone your bid will be hide)

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Elastix Call Centre Module

We are running Elastix v.2 and have installed call centre module 1.5.3 on it.

We are currently facing problems with creating new campaigns, the link to create new campaigns is not working.

We will need assistance to resolve this issues, and a help us with a basic understanding on how the Call Centre module works in Elastix.

We are also having problems receiving incoming calls using the DID number we assigned to the extension.

Please note this is a very simple installation.

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Directory Script Need Some Fixing

I have a directory script installed on my website that is giving me some problems.
I could not get in touch with the developer that initially created the website for me so i need someone to fix the problems i am having.
I believe the script being used is edirectory.
If you have experience using this script please bid.

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IT Consulting Website

I have an IT Consulting business. We do not have a website yet. I would like a website with all the services we offer. We build custom computers. Repair laptop and desktops. Provide onsite troubleshooting and repair. Work with small, med size businesses with network problems. Provide remote support for businesses and personal computer problems. I would like the website built and look professional, also provide all content for the website. I will provide phone numbers and email addresses.

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Permissions And Access Problems In Zeus

I have two problems that are linked to permissions for a gallery script installed on a server running Zeus:

First, the internal permissions admin needs to be fixed in the gallery, and second, an htaccess file in the server root which seems to be linked to the gallery is preventing me from accessing a couple of unrelated perl scripts which handle password protection on a couple of directories.

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VICI/Asterisk Dialer Timeout Problems

We are running a modified install of the VICI dialer. We are running this in several offices, but are having problems. When the agents are dialing, they will sometimes lose connection to the server and have to log out and back in. There is no pop up or any error like that. It simply will be dialing for an agent one minute, and then the next it wont. Incoming calls and transfers will not get sent to that agent either. When viewing from the admin panel, they show they are online and ready, but if I try to submit any changes to their ingroup logins or other such thing, it pops up an error saying that their system API is not active.

We have upgraded slower computers with more RAM. We have upgraded bandwidth and router to 100 mbps or higher in all shops. When an agent pings our servers from the command line, they get about 100 ms.

Upgrading all that seems to have helped, however it has not completely solved the problem. We still get agents who time out a lot during the day. The dialer will be dialing fine, but then the agents system API will go offline, and they will not receive calls even though they are logged in and ready.

The dialer seems to work fine other than this issue. We have tried all ideas we could think of. If anyone knows of any possible causes for agents who are online but stop dialing, we would appreciate any help you can provide.

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New Oscommerce Eshop.

we own an oscommerce template that we work on and we need an oscommerce expert
to set up some thinks for us.The site its on on a test server.
These are:

1) Set up magneticone store manager as our store console.
2) Set up a coupon for customers who sign up.
3) Set up discount categories for orders over 100 200 e.t.c
4) Set up free shipping for orders over 70.
5) Link our eshop with our ebay store (xbooster?) or..
6) Link our old eshop products to new eshop so we can upload products to new.
7) Set up top bar with categories on.
8) Fix some buttons broblems in product (colored description boxed-price in box) e.t.c
9) Check all site code for bugs or problems and check security !
10) Advice for other general problems might find.
Well pay by Paypal 30% in advance and 70% after work is finished.

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Fix Flip Book

I have a Flip Book website that was not built properly. I require a freelancer who can sort it out fully. It must work 100% when finished. Unless you know exactly how to fix this site, please do not bid.

The website address is
I want the "settings" and "download" removed from the toolbar.
I want to be able to change the toolbar colour.
Please check everything. Some of the problems are as follows;
Bookmark does not work
Zoom does not work properly
Search does not work
Share does not work properly
Page numbers are not working properly
Pages do not flip properly
Full screen is not correct
Bottom bar in wrong position.

Those are some of the problems. The site has to open properly on Firefox, Explorer and all others.

Please do not bid unless you afr fully confident on how to do this work.

Payment will be made on completed job.

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Webmaster For Joomla Site


I am looking for a webmaster to help with minor problems in my Joomla site, . I have for instance some problems with my htaccess file, double content in both and . Also I am looking for some link building . It is located in Denmark and is only to be used in that area.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Optimization Of

I have and have some problems with the javascripts. One part of the project is to solve these problems and one other is to optimize the shop for speed.

The java problem I encounter is in both Front office and Back office. Today I have solved it by deleting some of the code and the shop is working correctly in Front office now. But its not correctly done and definitly not done for speed. Is till have some errors in frontoffice that needs to be repaired and in the Back office I have problem with the languagechoice in some modules.

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Incoming Trunk Problems

When I have incoming calls they are appearing as anonymous peers.

I need one of the trunks fixed and a example of what to do so I can fix the rest of the trunks myself.

The example trunk to use is Engin-Rundle on my server.

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Solve Small Problems With Script

I own a scrip that have a couple of small problems that wont take long to fix. The first one is the language pack; because this script was translated from English to Spanish the script wont accept the updates and writes the words as Contáctenos, Regístrate instead of Contáctenos, Regístrate, etc. The second one I need to disable the payment link; when you list an item or when you activate your eShop (store) it will take you to payment before is listed or activated; these links need to be disable. I need a step by step how is done on both cases. If we agree on the price I will give you the Username and Password for both the actual website account and the the hosting where all files are located. You can log on to see the website and the problems that I am talking about.



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Css Correction For Internet Explorer And Speed Up The Site

We have a deal site like groupon the job is to fix any problems caused by i.e

we want that the site will be looked same as its looks in chrome or mozila.

also speed up the site load time as much as you can.

i have 2 files of css one is for the all site and second one is for the i.e that load the problamatic areas and there solution.

i will give a full access to the all site areas also the site isnt in english he is in rtl form.

there arent so much problems but the ones you see im expecting you to fix.


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Linux Server Trouble Shooting (urgent)

We have transferred a website to a dedicated server and are having problems with the transfer. We need someone with an expertise in linux servers to deal with the problems as well as provide ongoing support.

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Having problems writing a program for data analysis on Matlab for Project.
Assistance needed to complete the project as soon as possible.

TIME PERIOD 5 DAYS then 2 days for the document.

This is a student project so bid only if you are free to work and dedicate yourself for this project, and explain the methos used.
Also, large amounts of communication (with me) required.

Looking for programmers that have knowledge on Matlab and Signal processing.
Need to have a well understanding and knowledge of "Orthongonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)" And Its Peak-To-Average (PAR) problems. Well provide more details upon accepting the project.

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PHP / Magento Expert To Fix IE Problem On Magento

I have an online shopping cart and it seems that anyone using IE8 ends up having problems with the site. Some people cant add to their cart and some people have all kinds of weird problems with clicking and scrolling.

Ive watched the traffic closely and signed up for Clicktale just so I could watch the video of people coming to the site. What I saw was that only IE users were having problems with it.

Now, I am a PHP developer (at least I thought I was until now) and I cant seem to fix the problem.

Ive researched and it seems that a LOT of people are having issues with IE, but were losing a LOT of sales because of this and its only been in the last couple of months.

We upgraded to the latest version and everything seemed to be fine, but we never caught the problem until now.

Our computers all had IE and it worked fine for us, but people kept complaining so I need someone that can help me out with this one.

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Problems With Cache

The following pages cache date varies between 4/12/2010 and 16/12/2010 and back again to the 4/12/2010 continuously.

The page is

For someone to supply me with the correct solution I will pay $30.
You will have to trust me.
Thank you.

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Problem Network

The idea on the project is a message board that you can post your problems anonymously. The post will have a comment section where people will be able to suggest ideas as to helping the user with the problem. All of this will be anonymous but a user-name or log-in will be optional as to keep track of their problems. The idea will be to have categories to distinguish the different problems or messages the user wants to relay. Also, a view counter and a &quot;thumbs-up&quot; or &quot;thumbs-down&quot; button will be at the bottom of each post. I hope you can set up a website that will be linked to the application with a similar function as the application it self. Advertisement will be the main source of revenue as the application will be download-able for free.

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