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Radio Engineer

We are young Russian firm engaged in quantitative measurements of timber. The measurements based on laser scanning techniques. The powerful lasers and high speed cameras is used there. The modern algorithms of computer vision perform into our measurement systems.
We are looking for radio engineer who can operate with complicated tasks, concerned of microelectronics development.

At least 5 years of microelectronics development experience.
High education (master degree desirable).
Experience in video processing.
FPGA skills, microcontroller skills.
Good knowledge of C++.
Deep knowledge of physics.
Deep knowledge of mathematics, numerical methods, signals processing, well algorithmic grounding.
Skills in modeling environments: Matlab – necessary, LabView desirable.

Also, it necessary that candidate has possibility to long business trips to Syktyvkar or leaving for Russia. Contract payments will determine after candidate interviewed.

Other requirements:
It desirable that candidate should be Pakistani or Indian.

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Product Data Processing

Working for a client which sells apparel, you will need to convert the data given from an excel sheet (roughly 300 products and their prices) and generate and process the data ready to be imported into the clients new point of sale system. This will include generating colour-size combinations, wholesale prices, cost prices etc.

In short, you will be taking the clients 300 products and turning them into around 30,000 colour/size combinations.

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Inside Sales – Merchant Credit Card Processing

About Us:
We are a leading provider of merchant payment processing services. We enable business owners just like you to sign up to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit, check services, cash advance, and more. These initial services are just the beginning of the wide array of products and service options that we have to offer each business owner.

Project Scope:
Looking to outsource an inside sales person to call on main-street merchants that want to save money on their current credit card processing rates. The inside sales person will be required to attend our training webinar to understand the business from the inside/out. He/She will then have the knowledge to make the sale from beginning to end.

Daily call reports are expected
Excellent English read and write is a must
Leads are provided

Bonus split on each sale which can range from $60-$160 depending on the Annual Volume of the merchants sales.
The bonus is paid the following Thursday of the previous weeks approved contract

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Paypal Payment Pro For Virtuemart (Credit Card Processing)


I need a joomla + Virtuemart Expert to add Paypal payment pro (credit card processing) in to existing joomla + Virtuemart site…
also need a template for the same…

More in PMB….


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Water Quality Recommended For Textiles Processing

The Quality of Water used in Textiles processing is very important to take into consideration for effective and reproducible results of the finished product .Comprehensive report and recommendation for the water quality to be used in textiles.

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Need Pricelist


I need rate list of some automobile related products from a PARTICULAR manufacture. I will provide u website of that manufacturer and list of items for which i need the rate ( there r 6-8 items ).

Will be easy for those who r good in Web research. very easy task , will take few hrs only.

PM me for details.


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Wanted Web Designers

We need Business developers who can generate business for us. That can be via local links or freelancing sites or outsourcing company.


SARU is a contact center and transaction processing services provider that delivers high quality IT Enabled Services that leverage an offshore delivery model. SARU brings together a unique combination of technology expertise and business processing capabilities to deliver innovative back office solutions to client organizations.

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Data Entry, Data Processing

Hello freelancer,

I need a experienced freelancer for simple data entry work.

Requirements :

Need to have a personal computer with best internet connection and well communicated in English.
more details will provide in PM , also for your information the payment will go through freelance site
Daily you can earn easily $10-$12USD the work is for one month only.

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Date Entry In Ms Excel

Hello, This is a single data entry project. Have to type some data in ms Excel. PM for details.

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Merch. Processing + Affiliates Page Changes

Im wanting to add merchant processing to the site and I need an affiliates page where people can apply to become an affiliate.

I want my affiliates page to match this one:

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.

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Create Links On

Hey i need someone to create links for me

i will provide u 7 different links and i need 2000 links for each

so i will need 14000 links

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5000 Gmail Accounts

Need 5000 high quality gmail accounts

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Data Processing

Were looking for a blogger in the enterprise data security niche. Were looking for ~50 posts/month (100-150 words each). Were looking for a high quality writer – you need to be a native English speaker and know how to paraphrase well. You need to be proficient in technical writing pertinent to the data protection niche.

Your job will consist of:

– monitoring news websites (these will be provided to you) and looking out for press releases/news articles relevant to the niche.
– summarizing the selected articles in 100-150 words and posting the summary to our website.
– optimizing your posted piece for SEO using the installed SEO plugin.

Please do not bid if you provide content with less than 10/10 quality – we will not hire you.

Please post your bid for 50 blog posts and thoroughly explain why you would be perfect for the job.

Were looking for a long-term relationship that will benefit both sides.

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IOffer Feedback Needed

My company is looking to dive into a very competitive market on and we are looking to generate feedback before beginning to sell on the website.

Please bid your price per feedback – looking for between 50 and 100 feedback as quickly as possible.

Thank you,


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Python Data Processing


I have written a program in python that can extract data from a file. Using the extracted data I want it to be placed in a wxPython or tkinter window. Basically I need a nice simple GUI.

Also, my program needs to be converted so there are functions and comments.

I want a .exe file and source code. So upon requesting to take the job, I will send you what I have done and full details. You will finish it and send me the .exe If it works you will receive Payment via this websites escrow service. If it is not up to standards I will tell you what needs to be changed. If you cant change it I may still buy it.

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7th Project For Amalgamltd

As we discussed, 1k of hotmail verified acc, 1 file txt verified hotmail accounts total 15 usd.

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$15 Per Day For 200 Addresses

I am offering $15 per day for 200 daily unique forwarding addresses from

Again i am offering $15 each day for 200 forwarding addresses each day from


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Off Line Data Processing Work.


All Member.

We are Looking for Off Line Data Processing Work. Any buddy have good payout work please contact me

we are ready to pay consultancy charge.

Send me all details.Google Talk:- netadmin2010

02/22/2011 at 9:18 EST:

We are also Looking for Medical Form Filling Work. (We are experience this work)

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Word Processing With Formatting

Retype a 4 page A4 PDF document in MS word format with formatting the document is required within 2 days.

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FOR 1K, 2K…..

FOR 1K, 2K




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Copy & Past Work


This is an easy project, all you need to do is :

1 – Search for a specific item on a website.
2 – Copy text from the website and save it in .txt file in a specific format.
3 – Clean things up (if needed)

There is about 100-200 items to process.

Quality work is very important !

Similar projects will be available for the winner.


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Private Project For BSUS – 01

This project is only for BSUS. Please place bid. Sorry for others. Thanks


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Android And IPhone Image Processing Application

Im seeking a developer who can create an Android app that does image processing.

When a photo is taken using the phone camera (or Android tablet camera) the app must recognise that the image is of a nude person, either completely nude or partially nude. If such a photo is taken the image needs to be flagged as inappropriate and it can then not be sent from the phone via bluetooth, IR, email, TXT or even posted on a website.

The purpose of the app is to prevent the spread of (self) pornography via Android mobile phones.

You tell me is this is possible to do or not in your bid PMB and how you would go about doing it.

Only people with really good English reading/writing/speaking skills need apply.

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6th Project For Amalgamltd

As we discussed, 3k of hotmail verified acc, 3 file txt, each file with 1k of verified hotmail accounts total 45 usd.

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Adding 3D-secure To EWay Payment Processing (WP-eCommerce)

For this project we require implementation of 3D-Secure for the eWay payment processing, to bring the site inline with Westpac merchant requirements. Experience with WP-ecommerce, PHP, and payment processing (especially eWay) is a must.

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Invoice / Mail Program

Needed software to print multiple invoices from .txt file and send confirmation mail to recipients (e-mail address from the same .txt file) .

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Marketing Project 1A

Looking for Internet Marketing teams.
Project term 2 months.
People needed 10 and many.

Processing time 24/7
You can divide you team in shifts to work 24/7 on my project.

Payments Weekly: every Sunday.

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Translation Services

Ability to translate from English to Spanish and viceversa. Extensive experience in accurate and professional translation for over 30 years. All type of documents: bilingual, technical, commercial, scientific, books, panphlets, handbooks, manuals, essays, compositions, legal documents, web sites, flyers, banners, and more!

Expertise in Data Processing and Data Entry (55 WPM)

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Marketing Project

Looking for Internet Marketing teams.
Project term 2 months.
People needed 10 and many.

Processing time 24/7
You can divide you team in shifts to work 24/7 on my project.

Payments Weekly: every Sunday.

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5th Project For Amalgamltd

As we discussed, 2 file txt, 1k of yahoo accounts and 1k of verif hotmail accounts total 25 usd.

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Image Processing

Hi to All

I need the program that will print Text in HTML formal and Images to JPG files.

Please send me your previous works examples.

I apologize, but I have a low budget for this, thaks for understaning.

Thanks to All

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