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Base Metal Jewelry Production

We are looking for a manufacture for a small token. The pieces should be in a non tarnishing white metal. I will provide prototypes. Quantities between 50 and 1000.

We need someone who can work with us through the entire process from sourcing to delivery. Whomever we pick must have knowledge of issues for importingtax and tariff, shipping (FOB, CIF), and all regulatory requirements (US Customs and Border Protection, other government authorities like USDA, FDA, DOT, and ATF)

Candidates must speak English.

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E-Book Production

1) Format an existing 60-page word document (on Growing a Small Business) into a compelling E-book product. This will involve:

a) Optimising fonts and formatting etc
b) Inserting appropriate graphics at your discretion
c) Expanding paragraphs which have been marked as needing extra content. There are c. 20 such paragraphs in the document, each of which will require less than 10 minutes online/wikipedia research in order to write a sufficient paragraph.
d) Checking spelling and re-checking formatting
e) Publishing in pdf.
f) Give metrics-based suggestions for an AdWords campaign to market this product.

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Electronic Book Production

I have about 200 forms that I have catergorized and I need them in ebook format so that my staff can go to the book, i.e. "auto accidents" and have a list of all the forms I have categorized. Click on the form and it pulls up. I want my logo on the front of the "book" so it appears to be officially mine.

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Printing Production Website

We are a wide format printing organisation. We are wanting a online store / production website where clients can choose from a small range of products, upload artwork (to the file system of the computer), view the progress / status of their job, email invoices and take online payments.

Simular to

Each product needs options to up sell extras and recalculate the cost of the job accordingly. (like how the dell website does when you customise a PC)

A small administrative section should allow us to update the status of each job, modify jobs and reissue invoices.

Ideally PHP and Mysql because of cross platform capability.

We already have the layout drawn but not coded for the site.

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Keyword List Production

I need a keyword list of 1,000+ keywords for the keyword: Twitter

The pay for this job is $10 so there will be no fb but possiable additional work in the future.

This is an immedieate job so it will need to be done today.

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Feedbook – Beta Site Production

Well researched concept seeks experienced developer proficient in PHP, wordpress and building of payment gateways.

Wireframes already produced and ready for immediate start.

Building of member environments with customizable pages also required (including analytics).

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Tune Performance And Security Of Drupal Site (Phase 1)

We would like to tune the performance and security of a Drupal site. The site contains many community and custom modules. As such, we need someone who is comfortable working with and tweaking custom code.

We would like for you to look at all layers in the stack for opportunities given the budget.
– Linux
– Apache
– Drupal
– HTML/CSS optimization

We may be interested in a phased approach if there are more complex opportunities to increase performance and security…but there needs to be some quick wins in this initial phase.

You will be responsible for:
– making a copy of the site and data,
– tuning it in a separate environment
– taking the production site offline in maintenance mode
– migrating the tuned site to production including any data changes since you made the last copy of production
– testing production
– flipping the switch back online

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Production Of Excel / Numbers Sheet

I am looking for someone who has knowledge with Excel / Numbers

Seeking to build a custom inventory list which is able to accept data in certain fields, and according to various formulas produce numbers / alerts in other fields.

I will provide more information to the right candidate.

Thanks in advance!

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Webcast Production Manager Required

The webcast production manager is the main logistical contact for our webcast clients. We work with corporate communications teams & investor relations officers to ensure they successfully communicate to their audience via our range of webcast services.

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Video Production


We require a one minute quality video for our new corporate site which goes live in two days time.

We require quality video production and voice-over.

MUST be completed within two days.
Please do not bid unless you can complete within two days.

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Interested Investors And Producers For Animation Movie.


We, a new animation production company, is going to start the production on a low budget feature length (80 min) animation movie. The movie will be released on commercial theater upon its release.

We are looking for interested investors and producers who is willing to spend at least $100 on our movie. We have three category for investors and producers:
1) $100 – $ 1000 [will be given financier as credit]
2) $1000 – $3000 [ will be given co-producer as credit]
3) $3000 and above [will be given executive producer as credit]

We will disclose detail about the screenplay and studio to only serious producers.

And include how much amount you are willing to invest on the movie. the movie will be completed on 20 month time frame. We will shortlist investors and producers and inform you about it.

Each investors and producers will get a signed paper from the studio stating the amount that they invested on a movie.

It can be your golden opportunity to invest on a movie which will help you get a handsome return after its release as you dont have to spend heavy amount on it. the profit from the movie will be distributed among the producers and studio. The percentage of profit that will be distributed among producers will be disclosed to only selected investors once we finalize the deal.

Please include Animation movie on proposal to be considered. only serious investors. we are a serious animation studio and we will start production from coming June.

Thanks for reading.

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Radio Jingle Advertisement

We are searching for a studio with a male or female voice to produce a 30 second jingle at a high quality production level. You must have good experience with audio, music and voice over production to be able to produce the jingle that will be used on a radio station. The jingle it self will be used to promote a cleaning company. Please send us all your samples so we can assess the quality of your work and make a choice to carry on our co-operation.

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Video Post Production Of Event

I need *urgently* somebody to produce a 3 minute corporate video (with backing audio) from approximately 3 hours of raw video footage taken at a recent exhibition. The footage was professionally shot with a Sony HD Cam and consists of interviews, conference, general stand shots and delegations. The final result needs can be any video format (avi, mpg, mov etc). Budget negotiable.

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Production Of Objetcs


I want a company to produce an item I designed. I wish first prototype, and then when everything will be ok, I want a big production.

I have autocad files and 3d model of my item. To simplicity, this object is a plastic box, with size 8x8x8 centimeters. I will give more details by private message or winner depending on the type of information requested.

Say me more if you needs more details for the good first price, for the prototyp.

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Redesinging Stacker Robot Arm With Dual Grippers

The project will analyze the ways to decrease the time taken for the stacker to build the hub, as the time taken to de-stack and stack the hubs is the main reason for the in-efficiency of the workcell. The present stacker robot used cannot give ample production according to the rise in demand; hence there is a need of creating a new model which can improve the current output production. The project is intended to be carried out in MDW department of Seagate International Company at Woodlands plant in Singapore. On the reason to increase the production efficiency of MDW department, company considers redesigning the stacker robot in the work cells of the production lines. The reduction in time for the stacking will be achieved by re-designing the stacker robot

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RareSound Production – Music Composing And Sound Design

RareSound Production Ltd. offers original and fresh music scoring for video games/film and quality custom sund design. Rates starting from;
Music – From $150 per minute depending of arrangements complexity.

Sound design – $100 per 10 single effects

Professional quality!!!

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Designing Furniture

Hello Bidders

We are manufacturer of home furniture.

We are looking for a creative designer with ability to design furniture for a new collection. A collection includes bedroom, dining room, and TV unit.

The person who will get this project must be very passionate about designing.

The designer must think outside of the box and therefore he/she must be very creative. If you believe that you have an idea of what you must do, this will be extremely easy project for you. However, if you think that you dont have any idea and therefore, you will need our guidance, this project is not for you.

What we want is simply to create furniture with aesthetically appealing, modern, and elegant design with functionalities. We are a mass producer. Therefore, all designs must be producible in our production.

When bidding on the project, the designer must present sample work (the sample work should resemble his/her style, quality of work).

More details of our company, products, and production process will be provided in PM.

It is very important that we can work with the designer / architect on a long term basis.

We hope to find the right person soon.

Thanks and regards

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Av Production Website

Budget US$350

same or similar to

easy to edit – no photoshop etc.

Search Engine Optimization is key, design less important.

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20 – 500 Word Articles In The Music Production Niche

Looking for a talented writer to write 20 original articles. The articles need to be at least 500 words.

The theme of the these articles is in the music production niche, specifically for aspiring music producers, musicians, and DJs. Article topics will be provided. The articles must be both hip, entertaining, and informative.

The successful applicant must have a knowledge of music producing or strong researching skills.

Work should be handed over as individual .txt files. We value quality over everything else so please be professional and please provide writing samples of previous work.

Thanks in advance for bidding, dont hesitate to ask questions during the bidding process.

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100k To Be Earnt – Video Game Coder Needed

This project could and will most likely generate 10s to 100s of thousands. This is because the game which will be made will be marketed worldwide and to a mass production.
The project is for a video game to be made – on xbox 360 and after will hopefully be made on other consoles.
To start off, I will create all of the 3d models for this game which is a 3d first person shooter. You will be required to code these and put them into a compatible format. I will then pay for all production etc.
– a video game coder
– easy going
– no time limit

You will earn 50% of the sales coming in and will not need to pay a Penny! Please inbox me for more info and for help.


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T-Shirt Production For Limited Runs.

We are looking for a manufacturer that produces T-Shirts in limited run quantities. Highest quality printing and embroidery methods, with details right up to custom labels, tags, etc etc.

We have a design unit, we just need a high quality producer. Ideally 50 units per design would be adequate. Around 3 designs every quarterly would be put into action.

Thank you for reading!

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Wedding Photos For Post Production

Im looking for somebody who can do post production for 110 wedding photos. I need somebody who can put life on photos. In other words, I want the pictures to be dramatic as possible. Please send me a before and after samples of your work. I would prefer before and after wedding photos.

Please attach you samples in sending Private Message.

Thank You!

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High End Post Production Retoucher

We need a high end retoucher for multiple client jobs. You need to have experience in jewelry, automotive and people. Please post links to your portfolio possibly "before / after" and what is your rate.

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IPhone App: Design

To create the design concept, artwork and animations for a new iPhone app, similar to a BASIC version of the following apps: Zombie Booth, Alien Booth, Aging Booth and the finger scan apps (Love Finger Scan, Mood Finger Scan etc.)

There are three parts of this project:
A) Pre-production – designer will review wireframes and make any suggestions or raise any concerns
B) Production – designer will produce 3 concepts and all the design elements (sliced PSDs) needed for the developer to build the iPhone app
C) Post Production – designer to be available for revisions during the testing phase

The designer will have to present 3 Romance concepts (more details to follow) of which we will pick one for the designer to develop the following:
– Logo
– Font selection
– 6 screens
– 30 content items which will be served dynamically in the app
– App buttons
– Transition animations between screens
– Scanning animation
– A results A4 PDF with logo, 3 results images and supplied copy (also in wireframes)

All copy and wireframes will be provided for the designer to work closely from.
Support will be given as needed via email and Skype from an experienced production team who know what they want and will not your valuable waste time.

The successful submission will be within budget and will have examples of relevant apps or digital work with a Romance concept.
Thank you for your submissions.
DOH Productions.

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Charity Video Production

I am starting up a new charity organisation and I need the help of someone to produce a video for our to be created website homepage, I have posted a project for website design, and a song for which this video production will need to be married up with. I am looking for ideas and help in making this production a launching pad for the charity and indeed the people that help start it, being the webdesigner, the songwriter/band and also the media video production company, I will be linking the successful bidder to our website to help drive traffic to them for their efforts in helping this fledgling charity start from the very ground up.

I am willing to listen to any ideas that you may wish to offer, I have an idea but would like the constructive ideas of people within the industry to make this stand out and help with the raising of much needed funds to help people in Australia as well as internationally.

I would like to thank you in advance for any attempt in helping us bring this to fruition for as little monies as possible. I know that in kind help from people like yourself will somehow be richly reward. I know that this journey is helping me knowing that I am helping others.

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Excellent News Articles Needed

We need some excellent articles written for our PR. We need 3 articles written on the subject of Web Video. One of the articles will be specifically about our company and my personal background. The subjects will specifically cover:-

(1) Our background as a video production company, being based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, background of the owner and utilising local and european resources to build a world class video production company

(2) The effects of Web Video for increasing website conversions. (will need you to research the stats for this)

(3) The importance of good content and structure in making a video


Excellent english writing skills
Creative and profound writing ability
Ability to research well on our chosen topic

We have more writing projects coming up and would like to find a writing partner for all our PR side.

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Live Person Actor For Website Video Production


I am looking for an individual or a company who can provide me

1) Live Person Actors for Testimonials
2) Green Screen Live Actor for Website

If you cannot do post productions of it , no issues . Only video production is enough.

thanks and let me know when we can discuss it .


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Production And Mixing Services Available

I graduated from university in 2010 with a degree in Music Technology and I want to get into music production. Therefore I am looking for bands or artists who would like their music independently produced, mixed and mastered. They can be in any genre.

Im hoping the process would work by sending me the individual audio stems of a recording that I can then mix and master in my studio. I have done this before very successfully with an artist from the USA.

If you are interested please bid on this project.

Thank You


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