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Data Migration For Experience Developers

We have Read-Only, remote SQL access (server,db name, user, passwrd) to a MS SQL 2005 database and we need to:

Create a custom tool that can do the following on demand (one or two-clicks solution)

1. Read the data (obviously)
2. First time copy the data to a local host (or another remote host – Apache shared host / cPanel access only)
3. Update the new data or the changes to existing records
4. Find the relations between the tables / views
5. Select by criteria some records (Filter) (example: all the persons named "John" and Born after "1/1/1990")
6. Use the results in a ecommerce (osCommerce) as products for sale
7. …anything else that is needed to have:
– on-demand
– up-to-date
– filtered records
– available in the ecommerce as products
– Classified according to the DDC system (see below)

You will create the products database structure in a default osCommerce installation based on the categories in the resulted database.
This structure is based on the DDC System:

This structure has to REPLACE the default osCommerce "categories" structure and it IS INCLUDED in the database (as a field in the "products" table)

We have to result with a fully working and "browser visible" oscommerce shop and products.
(NO templates or other things to deal with – just the database)

You can decide the technology to use (example: php, C++, …)
If you have another strategic (instead of the "1,2,3,…,7" steps I propose) to have the same result we can discuss it.

The destination server is Apache, shared host, and we have cPanel access only! (not sql remote access)

If you need any additional info before or after you place your bid please ask me,
Thank you.

Note I am look for providers with minimum of 3 or more reviews and complete this project shortly.

Happy bidding….

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Website Development

We have a client who needs a custom website developed with a CMS (preferably WordPress) so they can edit the website content and images.

Quick Summary: They sell and install mobile electronics for car dealerships. They DO NOT sell directly to customers online,etc.

They want to create a website that allows their dealer clients to view product offerings, learn about the products and find answers to their customers questions, and allow them to schedule an appointment/order products directly from the website.They just want a function in which the dealer customer can select a product then it all goes into a basic shopping cart, then that form gets submitted and emailed to client. It DOES NOT need e-commerce/payment gateway integration.

We need home page design mockup within 3 days of selecting you. Website must be complete and live by (by 4/22). It must be 100% tested/bug-free and work on all web browsers.

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Several Mods Needed For An OSCmax Ecommerce Website

1. Add dropdown menus for sorting by sizes, date added and prices to product listing page (index_products.tpl.php). Sorting by sizes has to be independent of other sorting methods and available size selections may not be the same depending on the categories selected.

2. Show total price amount and numbers of items added to the cart next to the My Cart navigation bar on the top right hand side of the website, i.e. My Cart(1) $20.00.

3. Need a crawler to keep my inventory in sync with the vendors. Each product of different colors and sizes from vendors website has its own unique attribute sku_id listed along with its price and quantity that we can extract and input to a csv file and then upload to the database where the existing table products_stock is used to control product quantity info of different attributes. I notice there are some web crawlers out in the market available for download, so I dont need anything more complicated than those. Any other better idea is also welcome.

4. Add option of view 80 per page to product listing page, currently only one option is allowed and is set to 20 via admin control panel.

5. Change the way search result is displayed. Current setting is one product per row, and I like to change it to 4 products per row just like the way products displayed on other pages.

6. Change the way color and size dropdown menu of product info page is displayed. Current setting will display i.e. "red" and "small" upon entry of the page and like it to be changed to "red" and "size", so customers will be forced to pick the right selection. Also, the available size selection should change accordingly with the color selected.

Some existing contributions might be helpful for this project:

Sort Products By Dropdown-

Quantity for Product Attributes Mod- – Since the total summary quantity does not automatically sync with the sum of attribute quanities, might need a way to reset the total quanitty, so no errors show from QTPro or Stock Report of admin control panel.

What I need for all the Mods except Mod #3 can be found from as reference.

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Ebay Seller Looking For Products

I am a Ebay Seller with 450 feedback and my accout is over 5 years old.

I am looking for new products to sell. I can list as many items necessary per day.

Please contact me if interested in working together

I live in Australia

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Product Population

We are seeking one individual who has expereince in putting in products in our online ZenCart store by way of copying content from suppliers webstie and transfering to ours while presenting an attractive product webpage complete with all content, text, and images of products, task must include the quick meta tags attributes also on each product.

Start immediately, must know zen cart and how to do this, we pay per product put in

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Business Website Design/Code/more Needed

I need a web-site for a business, similar to this one ( I plan on selling toys and electronics, about 500 + products. I will need a shopping cart, login and registration, A design on the site pages for background, any buttons/links/text,and the general looks of the site(excluding a logo)to go on this site I want to be able to edit the HTML and to up-load products to the site so please add comments to the code so I can understand what they mean(You dont have to go into to much detail w/the comments, I have a basic understanding of HTML). Id like to see some of your work before I accept an offer. My budget is about $200 to $500.


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Magento Configurable Products

Magento Configurable Products Setup

Private project for Martin

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Product Data Processing

Working for a client which sells apparel, you will need to convert the data given from an excel sheet (roughly 300 products and their prices) and generate and process the data ready to be imported into the clients new point of sale system. This will include generating colour-size combinations, wholesale prices, cost prices etc.

In short, you will be taking the clients 300 products and turning them into around 30,000 colour/size combinations.

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OsCommerce Payment Module Customerization

I have installed oscommerce for my online store. I also installed a few OSC contributions including Points and Rewards. Everything works well so far. However, I need to add another feature to my site which I could not find any contribution from OSCommerce website. So I would like to find somebody here to help me with this.

What I need is to separate payment method for different products. There are 3 particular products that can be only purchased with credit cards, the rest of products should be only purchased with customers points.

So, I need some codes written or modified in checkout_payment.php, class payment.php (or more php files) to achieve the following: when one of the 3 products (as mentioned above) is selected, only credit card payment is available on payment confirmation page; when rest of other products are selected for checkout, only Points and Awards module shows up and the credit card module does not show up on the payment confirmation page at all.

I prefer somebody with intensive working experience with OSC and payment modules. I do some coding myself too but not experienced enough to accomplish what I need here.

Thank you very much.


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Another Craigslist Poster

Need help posting 60 ads for inventory in our store. Information regarding the products and pictures of the products already online. Simple copy, paste, and post job. We need these posted in a few surrounding areas from our location in the United States.

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Sequential Phonics

We need a graduate degreed education specialist interested in creating a phonics program to complement our existing spelling program. The freelancer selected is encouraged to provide advice and counsel on the development of the project; we are not phonics experts. The selected professional will have full freedom to create the program as they see fit so long as it comports well with our existing line of products.

You may see our products at Feel free to search the web for "Sequential Spelling" (except that URL, we dont own it yet). You will find a great deal of information on our program.

This is work for hire; you will retain no rights in the completed work.

Bids should include examples of work and references.

In the upcoming year, we will be contracting out several more language arts projects for older students.

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Zen Cart – Upload Product Info & Pics And Organize

I need a programmer who is very experienced with ZEN CART.

The project consists of 2 parts:

Part 1.
I need this programmer to help upload products, data and pictures into our online store. The online store is already created and organized.

We already have most of our products displayed in the onlinestore.
We will provide you with a simple data feed to tell you the remaining products that need to be displayed in the online store. We need to upload 50 additional products (pictures, descriptions, text, etc.) We will specify the category, sub category for each product. We will provide you with all the information. You just need to upload and organize the products into the online store. You must make it look neat, organized and very user-friendly.
We also need you to organize and make the inner pages of the online store look better.

Part 2.
You must learn how to use 3rd party datafeed software called:

We will give you access to our account. You must watch and learn the tutorials. This app is very easy to learn. The purpose of this software is to automatically provide our datafeeds to the various shopping engines and comparison shopping sites.

You will setup our account for All of the products offered in our online store must be listed in our account. The linked datafeed must contain all the products listed in our online store. The datafeed that you setup in this app must be easily updated by us and linked to various shopping channels and easily setup for affiliate marketing.

Our datafeed must be fed to the following sites:
Google product search,,

Please also have our Zen Cart store friendly for Affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Add Magento Products

I am new to Magento, and for the past day Ive been trying to import a CSV file with over 3,000 products to my Magento store.

To cut a long story short, the file keeps coming up with errors, so I need someone experienced in importing CSV files to Magento to view the CSV file, make the necessary adjustments for it to work, and upload it.

I have images corresponding to the images numbers in the CSV file, which I can send too.

*The products are all adult products*

Im looking for this to be completed inside a day.

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Create Google Shopping File For Volusion Based Website

Need programmer skilled in Volusion shopping Cart to generate a working Google Shopping file for our website.

We already created one using the Volusion API. However, only a few products were added as Volusion support said there are a few fields that are missing in the other products that are needed for them to be included in the Google shopping file.

You will need to Import these fields into the remaining products.
Once that is done, generate a complete Google shopping file.

This is a simple project if you know Volusion shopping cart.

So please, unserious bidders, random bidders or marketing reps, please do not bid.


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Joomla No Frills Shop

Need a no frills Joomla shop (VirtueMart) to run as an iFrame in another package (Serif). So no shop header, footer, boxes, categories, no print/pdf, no links, just a white background with products etc.

Two columns with the product group menu and shopping cart on the left and some sample products on the right (well replace those samples with our own products later). Each product has a standard add to cart button.

Shop menu should show only product groups, no breadcrumb trail. Each product group shows only those products in that group (so each group on its own page, not just a long scrollable page with all products).

Project should be delivered as a VirtueMart folder ready ro run as localhost (e.g. /www/… under WAMP)

Payment integration not required for this project (leave checkout functionality as per sample shop).

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Customized Clothing Website

We would like to create a website to allow users to:

1. View our products/image
2. Customize their own products using available options
3. Purchase finished products
4. Market our image/products

We would like an experienced website designer who has the knowledge and tools to create a unique and professional website that will reflect our companys image.

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Magento Custom Product Copy To Existing Products

we have a customized product with customized options. Those extra options we need to copied/add into other existing products.
We pay when the job is ready.

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Project Inisport

Project iniSport
My client is selling supplments for the fitness industry and needs to have a website developed in wordpress. The following requirements apply:

1.A unique designed logo and website for needs to be developed.
2.There should be an option for adding products to the page.
3.A shopping cart feature should be added to the site.
4.Upon placing an order an email should be forwarded to the customer as well as iniSport.
5.The design should be similar to
6.The menu should be horisontal.
7.On the frontpage there should be pictures of products changing after a few seconds.
8.The colorscheme should be Black and Red with white Font.
9.The menu structure should be as this:
-Om iniSport
-Kontakt (A contact formular should be applied)

Please qoute for this project.


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Product Review Websites – Writer + WordPress Designer

Looking for a professional and with very good skills in the following areas to start building Google Sniper Sites:

– Article Writing
– WordPress blogs
– Keyword research
– LSI keywords (Very important)
– Social book marketing
– Backlinks
– You Tube videos creater

Code: 332n2
Must have this code in the first line of your reply to get interview.

Basically the website will have 1-3 page, the website will be promoting products from clickbank and Commission Junction products.

Websites must be clean and precise and rank in top 1st page of google searchs.

Products will vary from Betting/Weight Loss/Games/Dating ect.

A basic knowledge of affiliate marketing is helpful and would be considered an assets.

Please submit samples of your work during interview.

All information will be given to the choosen candidate.

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Data Entry – 100 Product Profiles – Long Term Prospects

We are looking for dependable freelance data entry operators who can do web searches for some very popular products, and enter data in an Excel file in a pre-defined format.

We are looking for serious freelancers with whom we can establish a long term association. But first, you would need to work on a smaller project, a batch of 100 products, so that we can get an idea of the quality that you can deliver. Each product would have about 50-60 fields, most of which would be simple yes/nos (available via a drop-down), hence very less typing would be required.

Please submit a copy of some sample previous work to allow us to check its quality. Feel free to submit additional documents that highlight your understanding of key concepts related to web search and data entry.

We have attached 3 sample products to help you better understand our requirements. You would be required to go to the OEM sites and gather data related to these products. The list of 100 products for this particular project would be shared with the shortlisted bidders, but you can expect those to be along similar lines.

Please mention the exact cost and time required to deliver this project.

Some important expectations from the bidder
1. You should have good web search skills
2. You should be able to communicate by email daily, Monday – Friday, and must understand the importance of timely delivery
3. You should be an individual, NO COMPANIES
4. All the data collected should be India-specific. The products are available all over the world, with slight variations in features/specifications across different countries. So make sure to go to the India-specific site of the relevant OEM to get the data
5. All the product profiles must be at least 95% complete. Else you would be asked to rework on those.
6. We could award this project to multiple people
7. We would take about 7 to 10 days to review your work, and the payment would be released only after that

Please write iwilldeliver in your bid so that we know that you have read and understood all the requirements. We wont consider your bid without it.

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EBay Sellers Needed – Online Selling


We are interested in Working eBay/Amazon Sellers who can sell our Products Worldwide. We have Great Variety of Products and Offer Worldwide shipping for better sales.

We are working as Manufacturers and Drop Shippers and have Great Products to sell Online. Amazing Commissions and our Unique Way of Working will really help you and us to have Mutual Growth.

Interested candidates are required to provide us with their eBay id or other selling Platform names along with experience.
Highly Motivated and Dynamic Professionals are welcomed.

Further Information will be provided after we receive your BIDS!! Hope to have Great Online Professionals.


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Updated Product Colors In Excel Spreadsheet

Bidder will update colors for about 100 products, by checking wholesale website and finding the product in an excel spreadsheet of our products. Each product has around 10-30 colors to be typed in.
For example 22MB – Champagne w/Gold Hi-Light

Each has to be added twice, with a different category number. Project should take about 10 hours.

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Oscommerce STS Featured Products

Need STS featured products applied to front page of 2.2 RC2 project, incorporating Sams Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings V2.8. All is installed and working with the exception of the front page, which shows the std product_info.php results.

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Data Entry – Adding Updating Products

Im looking for someone to add products to my website. I have 3DCart and I need product images and text copied from one site to my site.

There are about 200-300 products that need to be added. You should have some familiarity with 3DCart know/understand SEO because this will have to be imputed as well.

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Products Crawler Into MySQL DB

We need products crawler into mySQL DB
Crawl the following 7 web sites

and save product data into mySQL Database with the following structure:

— Create schema products_crawling
USE products_crawling;
— Definition of table `products`
CREATE TABLE `products` (
`website_product_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`website` varchar(80) NOT NULL,
`website_product_url` varchar(500) NOT NULL,
`product_category` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
`product_sku` varchar(40) NOT NULL,
`product_model` varchar(40) NOT NULL,
`product_features` text NOT NULL,
`product_name` varchar(200) NOT NULL,
`product_description` text NOT NULL,
`product_overview` text NOT NULL,
`product_specification_text` text NOT NULL,
`product_specification_html` text NOT NULL,
`product_manufacturer_warranty` varchar(40) NOT NULL,
`product_manufacturer_website_url` varchar(500) NOT NULL,
`product_manufacturer_website_support_url` varchar(500) NOT NULL,
`product_manufacturer_website_product_url` varchar(45) NOT NULL,
`product_brochure1` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_brochure2` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_brochure3` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_brochure4` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_video_url` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
`product_image_path1` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_image_path2` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_image_path3` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_image_path4` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_image_path5` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`product_stock_level` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`product_price` float NOT NULL,
`product_rrp` float NOT NULL,
`product_created_ts` datetime NOT NULL,
`product_updated_ts` datetime NOT NULL,
`product_status_cd` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`website_product_id`)

Product Categories must be saved on MySQL DB in the following format Category > SubCategory > SubSubCategory

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Zen Cart Guru Required

I would like the following modifications on my website :-

1. I want only certain products from certain category to be displayed on "New Products for X month" on the main page.

2. I want my products listing to be laid out in rows and columns.

When making an offer please make sure you can finish on TIME otherwise negative feedback will be left.

Only reliable and time efficient people need apply.

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