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500 Words Writer For Blog, Must Have Psychology Background

Required writer for 500 word article for blog, must have psychology background in relationships, co-dependency in relationships.
This is a ongoing project atleast 4 articles of 500 words each. No copyright issues.
Must have capability to discuss this with me on phone, Canada or US residence. Also must have ideas of own
All articles will be discussed over phone, I will call

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Translator English – Czech

Hello ,

I will need a translator to translate 4 articles from English – Czech
Each article is 400 words.

Only native people from Czech will be accepted.

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Technical Blog Writer

Looking for a technical writer to write blogs for a cpa firm website. Must have detailed knowledge of tax, accounting, bookkeeping and financial business consulting matters and must develop creative topics tto write on these subjects. Require 250 to 300 words per blog to be written approximately every 10 days. Project to last until the end of May 2011.

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Article Writer – Native English – Varied Topics

PLEASE take your time to read what I am looking for, dont just reply assuming you can fulfil this request no matter what because you have a "team" of writers. I am not interested in any team of writers or those that are not native speaking English sorry…

I am looking for a native English speaking person to write 7 short articles regarding a selection of topics listed below.

Each topic should be around 500 words although I would prefer one article to be 400 words and another two articles 550 words each rather than you keyword stuff any of them.

Articles 8, 9, 10 you probably wont have heard of so please google this before bidding.

The articles must pass copyscape, not have been washed through a spinner, researched by yourself and accurate. It goes without saying they should be spell checked and grammar should also be correct.

The first hint that an article has been passed through a spinner and I will leave negative feedback. If you already list articles for sale at Digital Point I AM NOT INTERESTED your quality is NOT what I am looking.

The articles need to make sense, be informative and make easy reading. I expect the articles to be delivered one to two at a time or as they are completed.

They must appeal to the UK public.

Article Topics:

01) Baby Changing Bags For Men.
02) Designer Baby Changing Bags. (include words "Yummy Mummy" and "OiOi")
03) Reasons Why Speaking Spanish Can Help You.
04) Online Spanish Courses. (generally praise them without mentioning any particular one)
05) Becoming a London Taxi Driver ***
06) The London Knowledge ***
07) Taxi Knowledge ***

*** articles 5, 6, 7 are in regards to what is required to become a London taxi driver. They can be semi re-writes of each other as long as they make sense and pass copyscpae ***

The successful bidder will be expected to submit all articles for checking before payment is made.

I will check the articles by running them through copyscape and I will also ensure the articles make sense.

If it is obvious that the articles have been run through a spinner I will give you one chance to correct otherwise I will leave negative feedback.

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A Project For Shellywagar – 1

This is a closed project for shellywagar. All other bids will be ignored.

We need one article written for our website. We want this article to be authentic and not a rewrite of whats on the web or what you have written already. The parameters of the project are:

*The topics will cover mortgage rates for vacant land loans

*A minimum of 2000 words

*MUST pass copyscape

*The article will be our sole possession after payment is made

*Include the main keyword in the titles, in the first few words of the body and aim for 1% keyword density.

*Native English writer preferred

*You must include the reference websites used for your research at the bottom of the article

*Article must be written in a conversational writing style (as if talking to one person).

Thank you for your time

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Fashion Blog, English Writers! From $ 0.25 For 100 Words

Looking for fashion blog writer.

– English – without spelling and grammatical errors
– Write a 100% unique blog post
– Blog post must be at least 200 words
– 75% of the blog posts should include a relevant picture (ones that are free to use, do not steal pictures that are copyrighted)
– Blog post will require a unique title that describes the content of the post
– Write 5-10 relevant tags for each post
– 3 posts per week
– long-term project
– Blog posts must actually be interesting to read

Blog post niches include:
– Fashion
– Beauty
– News about specific Brands

Bids without samples will not be considered.

Copyright: We retain full ownership of all the articles with complete copyright to use, publish, etc. on any of our web sites of all work purchased from you.

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Article Writer $2.5 Per 500 W Article ( English Native )


i need article writer must be English Native ,
i will pay $2.5 per article of 500 words.

i will need a couple of articles every couple of days.

no escrow payment for each article will be made when article suplied and approved.


12/10/2010 at 5:07 EST:

when i give a topic ,
i will need the article in less than 24 hours,
if you can do this please bid,
else do not bid ,

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Creative Writer – Must Be Native English

I am looking for creative writers who can write 100% correct Britisch/American English.

– You are supposed to do some research in a particular field and write 2 business agreements. The first agreement is for an agency and his customer and the second agreement is for the agency and his freelance worker. For this job you will receive $0.01 per written word

– For the same field you are going to do research to write marketing website content and related stuff. Please make sure that you are a creative writer and not a rewriter before you place a bid and that your written material passes copyscape. For this job you will receive $0.005 per written word

– Write catchy text and slogans for a flash banner – this is $0.02 per word

– I also need a Britisch/American native to proofread the written content. For this job you will receive $0.01 per written word

When you place a bid please mention your skills. When you are shortlisted you agree to do a short writingtest

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Good English Writer For Blog

We are looking for good English writer for our blog.

We would like to have at least two articles per week. The articles must be original and unique.

How to apply
Please submit a proposal along with writing samples.

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10 Articles – 350 Words – Native English – ASAP

I need 30 original articles @ 300 – 350 words each – Must be 100% original content in native English. Must be free of any spelling or grammar errors and must pass copyscape.

I will pay $1 per article. I will pay through paypal. Since you must bid a minimum of $30 US, I will offer 3 packs of 10 articles for this price.

Work is ongoing for best writers. Background in home improvement or construction a plus!

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Article Writer For Web Hosting Blog, Native English Only Pls

I need an Article writer for my web hosting blog. This could be an ongoing job if you have the experience and skills that i am after. First job, i need 40 articles.

*I am interested in only NATIVE English writers
*Looking for well researched, useful, straight to the point, quality content
*Should pass copyscape (Must be unique articles, not rewrites or copies content)
*Should be able to write around web hosting keywords that i provide
*Must provide a sample article on web hosting niche upon bidding otherwise bid will be neglected

$5 for 400 words article. I need 40 article finish in 25 days

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Need Writer (Native English Only)

Need a content writer, Native English Only.

====Can write 2 to 5 high quality articles of 500+ words in 12 hours or less once request is sent====

-Should have diverse writing experience,
-Should have written for US/UK audience,
-Strong research skills desired,
-Should have worked with variety of niches.
-Should have experience keyword targeted writing

1) Payment via PayPal once work is approved.
2) Articles must be original, unique and must pass copyscape premium
3) Should be able to write keyword targeted/LSI SEO articles,
4) Niche will very from article to article.
5) Quick turnaround 12 hours or less once accepted
6) Please bid for 10 articles to start with

Leave me detailed pm about your credential "Price per article"
with 2 recent sample of your work.

add "10 only" while posting reply to remove non serious bids.

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Article Writer English Native Only -2


we are looking for article writer who is an english native,

a none english native do not waste your time bidding.

articles of 400 to 500 words each.

describing products or services, kind of reviews.

i can pay $30 , so for $30 how many different articles you can give me?


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Experienced "weight Loss" Writer.


I need someone who can write around 315 articles (blogposts) in the weight loss niche. 500 Words each.

I have 21 product websites, and all of these sites need 15 blogposts written. They need to be related to the specific product. The articles need to be of good quality.

– Native english only
– High quality articles
– Interesting articles
– You must have GOOD experience in the weight loss niche
– copyscape passed

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Writer – Must Be Fluent In English

I need a writer who is fluent in English. You will be given materials to summarize. Each article should have a maximum of 600 words.

You will summarize 12 topics and again, there is no need for research. Budget is $4 per article.

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English Native Writer II

S | Research | Technical Writing

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English Native Writer II  

English Native Writer II is project number 707496
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 06/08/2010 at 6:44 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

06/11/2010 at 6:44 EDT
(2d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



I need 33 articles (Project II).

– Must be able to write perfectly in US English and pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation
– Writer should have excellent research skills in order to be able to write on the topics
– Articles must be at least 450 words each (excluding article title and meta description)
– Article should be well titled and SEO ready
– Article should contain required keywords (in title and body text) (I will provide the keywords for you)
– No spelling or grammatical mistakes
– Articles must be thoroughly researched, written manually, sound natural, be easy to read.
– I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you
– Each and every article should pass copyscape tests.
– Must be 100% unique, no rewrites
– Articles must be submitted on time
– Should be comfortable with variety of niches

Add English Native Writer II while posting reply to remove fake bids.

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Need Native/Excellent Writer – 2.75/500 Words

I need an excellent writer immediately who can write grammatically perfect content and it should pass copyscape. Payment will be via Paypal/GAF. I might be a bit new here but I have been in this field for the past 6 years. So please provide a sample of your writing via PMB. Make sure you can handle at least 10 articles a day before bidding. If you are chosen and you fail to produce 7-10 articles a day, it would result in immediate termination of this project.

Kindly start bidding with samples. Good luck

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Woman Adult Writer Experienced Native English

From my understanding there are loads of talented women writers out there who can dish out some amazing stories. If you are a talented writer, i need you. I need you to write for me

1. Must be ORIGINAL content
2. Copyright belongs to me
3. Person writing must have English as a native language ( UK , US , Canada, Australia )
4. Must PM me short samples
5. Will have to submit at least 2 stories a day
6. Already published adult stories online
7. $ 4.00 per 500 words

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I Need Writer For One Blog About Lingerie.

Im looking for someone to create original articles for my blog about lingerie. Topics will include:

sheer babydoll
,sheer bras
,sheer chemise
,sheer lingere
,sheer lingerie
,sheer panties
,sheer underwear

No adults or porno on this blog, just about lingerie

1. Each article should be between 350 and 500 words
2. No less than 20
3. 100% Original content
4. Articles should be researched and meaningful
5. American English
6. Only women.

Im looking for someone that I can work with in a continuing partnership. Sometimes I will provide topics for articles that I would like to see written. Any articles written for me as part of this project will become my property and I will hold all rights to the article.

Articles will be checked for originality.

Thank you and I hope I can find someone to work with for the longterm.

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English Writer From Philippines Eager To Learn Internet Mktg

If youre from the Philippines and can read/write/speak English proficiently, this could turn into a good job for you. I am the owner of an American company based in Texas. This job will be interesting.

Your bid will need to be for 1 week of full-time work (40 hours). Each day of the week youll be given a new set of tasks to accomplish and theyll all be related to using your English Writing skills while learning internet marketing.

Heres a sample of the work you will do:

– Research
– Write articles
– Create website profiles
– Post articles to websites
– Write blog comments
– Learn about WordPress
– *Build a WordPress website (I will help you)

Even if you arent sure how to do these all of these things, but youre eager to learn, I would encourage you to pray about bidding on this job. Im looking for a good attitude with the aptitude to learn.

To let me know that youve actually read this job description, post the word "aptitude" in your reply and tell me about your English Writing experience. I am only considering bids from the Philippines. I will not work with a company. You must be an individual worker.

PM me if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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Native(Fluent) American English Blog Writer


Looking for experienced individual blog writer FLUENT in American English to writer well-researched, informative blog articles.

I cannot stress this enough – articles are for high-quality blogs and must be written in a fluent, informed, engaging style. If you are the 1 in a 100 truly talented offshorer who has real writing skills as opposed to rewriting Ezinearticles all day long, I really want to hear from you.

Required Skill Set:
1. Fluent American English
2. Exceptional writing skills
3. Ability to follow instructions
4. Regular communication

This is what I need:
– 5 blog posts
Topics given by PM, I have new articles needed all the time.

Please provide links to work samples.
Please keep you bid message short and simple.
And please send me a PM first.
Article titles and respective keyword(s) will be provided through PM – IF YOU ASK.

I will own full rights to all articles.


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Article Writing, 500 Words – Native English Only

Im looking for talented article writers who I can bring in to my business and give work to on a regular basis.

I pay $5 for 500 words.

Im looking for reliable, creative individuals with an excellent grasp of written English who can deliver on time every time.

Does this sound like you?

There is a PDF attachment included with this job positing. The PDF "7minutearticles" is the necessary training required to be able to research and write good 500 word articles quickly in the correct format that I need.


If you have previous experience with this kind of work make sure you include samples!!

Im looking forward to receiving your bids.

Good luck!


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