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Social Network

I am looking to set up a niche social network site which will be designed around one topic.

The site will be similar to other social sites such as facebook in terms of its member profile etc.
The site will be able to upload photos and video.
The site will need to be able to accept uploading of information in form layouts.
The site will operate on local and international levels and blogs and forums should be able to operate on theses levels.
The site should be capable of messaging in real time during events.
The site should be able to show news at local and international level depending on the visitors location within the site
The profile of the site members should allow linking to other members in developing friends
The site should be monetizable and ability to add ad sense and add products for sale by web members should be included
The site should allow members to join by facebook etc as well as standard login and join.

As an overview the member signing up can put in their profile their favourite teams at local intermediate national and international level.
The profile will form the basis of member linking at all the levels. Members can also link to other members as they wish.
At events the members should be able to communicate with members in real time during the event and post blogs and engage in forums as they wish.
At local level the member can access local news and events and at national and international level they should be able to access national and international news
The site will not be monetized until member numbers are large enough but will then be monetized by ad sense and internal ad sales.

Questions for Freelancers
1. have you experience in social network sites
2 What platform will you be using.
3. Can we expect a fixed price.
4 What time frame can we expect
5 What after sales service will you provide.

Detailed submission will be forwarded after initial selection

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Facebook Profile Need

We need 1000 Facebook USA Profile .
1. with real profile pic
2. With full of usa profile


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1000 Targeted Facebook Likes

I am seeking someone who can provide 1000 targeted Facebook likes for an existing smartphone/tablet website Facebook page.

Like Requirements:

– Like must be through good practices only, please NO SPAM techniques
– All fans must be REAL PEOPLE with active Facebook pages (no fake accounts, no mafia wars, no bots) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon…REAL PEOPLE ONLY
– All fans must have recent activity over the last 14 days, including wall posts/comments/photo uploads/etc. on their profiles.
– Each profile must have at least 2-3 profile pictures (no nude photos and no accounts with the default Facebook profile image).
– Each fan must have at least 30 friends minimum
– Fans must be added at a rate that will not cause my page to be banned.
– 75% of Fans/Likes must be from the US
– Must be 18 years old and over
– No temporary likes that will be deleted within a matter of a couple weeks.

Payment: I will send payment 2 weeks after the project is completed to ensure the likes do not drop off. Any likes that are lost within that time will need to be replaced prior to sending payment.

Bid Requirements (Please provide in PM or in your bid):

– Price for the completed project
– An accurate delivery date
– Links to examples of previous Facebook Fan pages you have worked on
– Description of methods used to add Fans to make sure that the account doesnt get banned
– You must have previous feedback
– You must provide proof of work
– WHITE HAT techniques only

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Speedy High Volume Web Page Scraper

I have a software product that reads online text and creates a detailed profile (a profile is then compared to other profiles and recommendations can then be served).
The profiling engine is a single-server Java application that is served off Tomcat. It has a REST API.

Up till now, the profiles have reached my server via full text RSS feeds, or XML files (that I then create a custom parser for in Java).
I now have a project where I will receive a high volume of urls (around 80,000 arriving during the course of the day) and will need to scrape the text off these pages before passing this to the profiling engine.

For this development operational speed is very important and so the scraper needs to be fast acting in order to handle the perceived transaction volume but also accurate enough so that most of the page junk does not affect adversely the profile that is made.
Ideally the web scraper will take the page title and article text and use these for profiling.
However, there will not be a standard format for these pages and so the web scraper needs to be fairly generic too.

Get in contact if you feel you can achieve this but please you must have experience in this field!!

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PHP Fox Design Changes

I am building a unique social networking site on PHP Fox platform and need someone with experience changing and deleting items from the home page, navigation bar and profile page. Am also requesting help to create a warm but simple design layout for the home and profile page. I will provide the content, just need help in the layout. If satisfied with design and implementation will also be needing additional programming help to create add-ons within the profile page.

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PHP Music Software Website Community

I need a web based online mixer that can play multiple mp3/wav files at the same time. The software needs to be able to play a song and breakdown the individual elements of that song in separate layers. Each layer need to have basic functions; pan, mute, volume control. Examples: digimix, iklax. The software needs to load fast. the software will have to allow members to download and upload tracks. 

PHP music website community that will allow musicians to create their own profile, post their music, and find other musicians to collaborate with and build production teams and groups. Each profile will have the software on it to collaborate with other artist on songs.

*portfolios must show relivant software development*

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Integrate Simple Business Directory And Blog Into Website


We need a simple job employer / business directory built using php html and mysql. We need the directory integrated within our site, and we need users to be able to sign up as employers and add their business to the directory.

Each business will have a profile, and be able to self manage the profile and update themselves. Types of information will be business image (multiple), company description, and also we have several specific questions we want on each business profile that the client will answer when signing up for their business profile.

We also want a search function, where users can search by specific data fields. Option with search results to have a featured business listing which is highlighted.

Also be able to embedd youtube videos into their profile as well.

Any more information please contact – Need ASAP

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Need Facebook Accounts


i need 500 facebook accounts with tamilian names and profile picture.complete profile is a very urgent project and low budget too…..

looking for long term relations…..

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400 Profile Links ( Angela/Paul/Terry Kyle Backlinks)

I will need 400 profile page links from PR4-PR9 sites/domains using Paul/Angelas/Terrys backlinks method. If you dont know what this is please dont bid.

– Profile pages on different domains/subdomains i.e. all domains/subdomains must be unique.
– DoFollow text links (Links with Anchor text only)
– Publicly viewable text links
– 2 anchor text links for each profile
– Different gmail account/name/profile details (will be provided) for each project of 2 links
– No Adult,XXX, gambling, Pharmacy Forums

DONTS for all the backlinks:
No duplicated backlink sites
No Black Hat or unethical SEO/spam techniques
No use of automated software or bots
No links from rel=nofollow or noindex tag for pages and anchor text
No robots.txt blocking, fake PR, penalty site banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing.
No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, session IDs, etc.
No link farms and link exchange programs or web rings such as,,,

DOS for all the backlinks:
Permanent, static html and never expire
Located at English language website only
Text link only, no graphics
Visible, readable, indexable by human and search engines

After all the profile pages are created, you need to:
1. Take all profile page URLs and convert them into RSS feeds using HTML2RSS for instance
2. Create one single custom RSS feed which contains all profile pages URLs using RSSMIX for instance
3. Submit the new feed to the top 5 RSS aggregators except Feedburner (provide account details)
5. Ping all the RSS feeds

I will check the pages 6 days after you sent your reports to make sure the links have not been deleted
If some links have been deleted within the 6 days, you agree to replace them on a different forum
Payment only if ALL profile pages are created as per my requirements

* I require an update in Excel with the links that are created
* I require the following information:
* URLs of the domains where profile pages are created with PR
* URLs of the publicly viewable links + URLs of RSS feeds + URLs of the social bookmarks of those feeds profile page accounts: username + password
* Anchor text and link used
* gmail user/pwd used for the profile

Please do post sensible bids if you are interested in long-term working relationship.
Our budget for this project is $40. Please do not place a bid over this amount.

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Looking For A V-Bulletin Expert To Finish Website

Anyone interested in bidding on this project must first register at and add an image of a dog to see how the site works. This is NOT my website. But I would like some of the features/functions they use. Please dont bid on the project unless you registered there so you have a clear understanding of my needs.

My website is

My goal is to make if more user friendly along with making it feel like any dog owner would love to come back to it.

I will attach screen shots of how I would like the site to look and function. A lot of the site is done already but some of the main areas in need of work are the following:

Right now, an owner can have a profile. I need each owner to have a profile along with each individual dog to have a profile. Refer to Owner Profile Page and Add My Doggie Page and Profile Page for Each Dog (attached).

Another thing that is not working properly is the "share" button. It takes you to facebook, but doesnt bring up the correct dog along with the correct bio. You can see how I would like it to work if you go to (THIS IS NOT MY WEBSITE…JUST A REFERENCE).

Main Profile Page needs to be redesigned. Refer to Main Profile Page (attached).

After registration, I would like people to just be able to add their profile/dogs without having to wait for an email.

I would like the facebook "LIKE" on all dogs, Please refer to – (its above dog pic).

After registration, it should bring them to a Thank You for Registering Page. And this page needs to be redone. Refer to Thank You For Registering (attached).

Owner Profile Page needs to be redone. Refer to Owner Profile Page (attached)

Add My Doggie Page needs to be redone. Refer to Add My Doggie Page (attached)

Profile Page for Each Dog needs to be redone. Refer to Profile Page for Each Dog.

On Home Page – Would like the ADD YOUR DOGGIE and ADD YOUR DOGGIE VIDEO to flash. Nothing too flashy, but something to make it stand out and noticeable.

Move the FB, Username, Password, Login, Help and Register below the dog banner and add a FB icon directing them to my fan page and a twitter icon directing them to my twitter page.

On this page – – I need a picture with explanation of the following: Add an Image, Filmstrip, and Hyperlink – added under Instruction on the right hand side.

The site should be SEO optimized with Google admin tools, site maps, robots, metatags as well as google SEO package

One month of support to work out any glitches.

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Joomla/Invision Board – Sports Player Rater/profile

We are looking for a software to be developed from scratch.

Our website is dedicated for fans of a football (soccer) club, developers wishing to bid should have a basic understanding of football as it will make it easier.

After every match played, an online poll will be launched on the websites forum (invision power board) asking members to rate each players performance, based on those who played the game. This poll should only be able to be created by a moderator or administrator and will ask members to score each player out of 10. The poll should only stay open for 24hrs. The poll will display results for each player based on an average.

I would also like the software to include referees performance, and management (ie tactics, substitutions) in the poll.

The information harvested from this poll will then be able to be used by Joomla, either as a plug in, and in real time. Site users will be able to track players statistics via a joomla profile for each player (see attached file). The information will also be used and attached to the bottom of match reports posted on Joomla, showing the player ratings from that particular game. There should also be a page showing players ranked by performance.

We are wanting a comprehensive system here, and are looking for an experienced person, with a portfolio of past work to carry out this job.

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Company Profile Pages For Medical Tourism Website

We are a upcoming Medical tourism portal.

We need some profile pages of our company written from some professional writers.
About us,Services,Management,Whu us,Join us etc

Around 10 pages have to be written.
Please attach some demo work also.

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Basic Beat Selling Website Like

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i want a basic member base website were producers can sell beats made in joomla like or i am working on a budget

I want this to be done in Joomla or any other souce code using any components you think will be perfect. But I want this to be unique job and work very well. Basically a site where users can sell their music beats. With membership and SOE
Here are my specifications;

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Tornado With MongoDB

I need a very simple Tornado/MongoDB application with the following high level specs.

1) Ajax User registration with email confirmation similar to django-registration, but using Tornado.

2) A profile view and form similar to a typical social network or dating site profile eg, avatar, picture album, video album, about me, etc ,, the list of fields for the form and view together with form constraints/required validation will be provided. the form will be Ajax driven and must include country, state, city dropdowns, with state and city drop downs determined by choice of country.

3) A list profiles view with arguments for paging and sorting based on profile fields (will discuss)

4) I am not looking for you to design a web user experience or take any effort with the layout, rather, I am looking for purely JSON, RSS and Atom presentation for the views (except the forms which a very simple barebones HTML and ajax will do).


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1000 Facebook Accounts Needed

Im looking to buy UK Facebook accounts.


Each account should have AT LEAST 3 profile pictures, and a little bit of the profile filled out. Friend count doesnt matter.

Profile pictures should look realistic NOT celebrities etc.

Names must be English

Location listed on profile must be in the usa and uk

Privacy settings set to top level – Friends only

They should be made on clean USA IPs and should offer a replacement guarantee. Im looking to buy 1,000 accounts.

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3000 Angela/paul Profile Creation Site List.

I Need 3000 Angela Paul Profile URL Link

I dont Need Profile Back Link.

I just Want Angela/Paul do follow site Lists.

spam URL Not allow, All Must Working Site

After Checking All Link Valid Then I will Release Money.

I Need URL Lists as follow:

do-follow PR-3 =500
do-follow PR-4 =500
do-follow PR-5 =500
do-follow PR-6 =500
do-follow PR-7 =500
do-follow PR-8 =500
do-follow PR-9 =500

Please PM Your Rate For 3000 Angela/Paul profile creation Site lists.

happy bidding

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50 Edu Profile Backlink

I would like some one that can create 50 edu profile backlinks with report.

I will pay up to $20 for each set of 50 edu profile backlinks

I will pay out when each set of 50 edu`s have been created

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Php Sign Up Form

We need a sign up form that connects to our login panel that is in our wordpress blog and php bb , based on the tabs of the sign up form they will convert and be displayed in the users login panel under a new tab called user profile . If you can make this lets start my budget is $50-$75, our site and database are already configured so this is should be a simple enough task .

1. Sign up form that will export information to the new tab.
2. New tab to be created in wordpress labeled .(User Profile)

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400 Profile Links (Angela/Paul/Terry Kyle Backlinks)

I will need 400 profile page links from PR4-PR9 sites/domains using Paul/Angelas/Terrys backlinks method. If you dont know what this is please dont bid.

– Profile pages on different domains/subdomains i.e. all domains/subdomains must be unique.
– DoFollow text links (Links with Anchor text only)
– Publicly viewable text links
– 2 anchor text links for each profile
– Different gmail account/name/profile details (will be provided) for each project of 2 links
– No Adult,XXX, gambling, Pharmacy Forums


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Profiles Links Building

I am Looking for Experienced link builders to provide 1000 profile links

Project terms and condition:

all sites must be PR4 or higher.
All links should be from different domains.
All links must be DO FOLLOW.
All profile pages must be publicly viewable in Google.

Excel Spreadsheet should be provided profiles registered
URL of the profile page
Domain PR
Username / Password (You can use the same username password and e-mail on all profiles).
Email address and password to email address

All above criteria will be verified before final payment is made!!

Project should be done in 7 days!

I reserve the right to reject any links that do not meet standard

Happy Bidding!!

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1000 Angela/Paul/Kyle Profiles Links Building

Looking for Experienced link builders to provide 1000 Angela/Paul/Terry style profile links.

Project terms and condition:

1. Web Top Level Domain must be PR4 or higher.
2. We will provide 2 links/keywords to be inserted in profile page.
3. All links should be from different domains.
4. All links must be DO FOLLOW.
5. All profile pages must be publicly viewable in Google.

Excel Spreadsheet should be provided profiles registered
URL of the profile page
Domain PR
Username / Password (You can use the same username password and e-mail on all profiles).
Email address and password to email address

All above criteria will be verified before final payment is made!!

Project should be done in 7 days!

I reserve the right to reject any links that do not meet standard

Happy Bidding!!

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WordPress/Buddypress And MapPress

I have WordPress, Buddyprss and MapPress installed — working correctly. Now need support creating a google /map page that includes a mash up of members whove added their addresses. Map popup profile should include their avatar images as well as a link to their member profile.

Thanks for bidding,

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600 Profile Links Needed Urgent

* ALL backlinks must be DO FOLLOW… ALL links will be checked.
* Only backlinks from English Websites in USA.
* 1 link per domain will be counted so all links must come from 600 different domains.
* Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices. All profile pages publicly viewable in Google without logging in
* Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text.
* Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
* Links must be in text, no graphics.
* You must build links manually. If you are using automated software like Brute Force,Snuke,Sick submitter or anything other than manaul individual submissions do not waste any time.
* I reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
* Will provide you with the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.

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QR Code Reader/generator For IOS, BB And Android

Simple QR reader app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. Standard QR reader functionality (e.g. as supported Googles xzing QR library – vCard, url, text etc) plus QR code generated from user completed profile, to be displayed on screen for capture and exported as image via email. Basic profile data to be held on phone and on external mySQL database.

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Targeted Facebook Fans

We are looking for professionals capable of bringing us targeted Fans (via facebook likes) for one of our fanpages. We are looking for a max of 5000 fans all targeted around Weight loss, Yoga and healthy food. We are Look for quotes for the following:

stage 1: 500 – cost and time frame
stage 2: 1000 – cost and time frame
stage 3: 2500 – cost and time frame
stage 4: 5000 – cost and time frame.

1. All fans have to be real people with active facebook pages – no fake facebook users. Fan page blasts are preferred, or an equivalent method. Spam, bots and other facebook TOS violations are not acceptable.

2. Fans must be from English speaking Countries .

3. All fans must have 50+ friends and a minimum of profile pic

4. All fans must be 18+ years old

5.Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

6. We will validate that all fans accounts are genuine via the fan pages in built insight and random profile checking.

If the job is completed to our satisfaction, there will be a high possibility of return work. Note we have selected ongoing time frame and pay by hour for now, this is of course negotiable.

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2000 Profile Links #2

We need 2000 Web 2.0 style profile pages created using the Angela/Paul/Terry Kyle Profile link building method.

Project terms and condition:

1. Web site DOMAIN must be PR3 or higher
2. The profile page must allow for 2 anchor text backlinks
3. All links must be DO FOLLOW
4. All profile pages must be publicly viewable in Google
5. You know how to Index all profile pages in Google (!!!)

NOTE: Profile pages that are created but CANNOT be found in Google WILL NOT COUNT!!

Spreadsheet should be provided after every 200 profiles created.
Username / Password (You can use the same username password and e-mail on all profiles).
URL of the profile page
Domain PR

I will check the following:

I will verify All links are DoFollow and that the Anchor text is correct.
I will verify the domain PR of each website.
I will verify that the profile pages are publicly viewable (viewable without registration) and Indexed in Google.

NOTE: This is an easy job, so preference will be given to the lowest bids.

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Fake Facebook Profiles X 3

3 facebook profiles with 2000 male friends on each profile to guide them to my porn website to watch the video of the girl on each facebook profile.

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Website – High Profile – Ongoing Job

Looking for a partner to build high profile website – you must have experience of building
graphically pleasing easy to naviaget SEO friendly websites.

Please see our current site – as an example
looking for SEO related site – see as an example – our site is likely to be 12/14 pages – full content will be provided – however you may be needed to create/adapt some graphics.

We will pay $50 for site creation and optimisation and a further $30 per month for updates and add ons –
really want to work with someone we can trust – and who has a track record of brilliant website creation and who will be around for the long term.

Please bid $50 for first site -additional monthly payments will be made as agreed

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Simple JomSocial Site Enhancement

We have an existing JomSocial wesite that we want to utilize JomSocials Multi-type Profiles to create two types of users w/ two registration pages. We are looking for an individual that we can establish an ongoing relationship with. We need:

1) 3-4 modules added (see below)
2) and two separate registration pages for two User Profile types . Have a default registration with a dropdown of "individual" or " organization" If they select organization they will be redirected to the 2nd registration page.

The site is for organizations to schedual events online. Any individual(user profile 1) can sign up and register an event for any organization(user Profile 2), but that event must be

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