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For Live Casino

It is necessary to develop the client program and a site on a turn-key basis, for live casino.
Design of a site we will give.
It is necessary only for one game.
Approximate example of the program look here: http:// v=EhrCRDCg3lI
More detailed information I will give by mail.
Write the prices and terms.

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Rootkit Hide Process

I neeed a program that willl hide a process from task mamager. A dll must be provided with the source code for the program. The DLL must have one method:

1. HideProcess

Lowest bid wins

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C Program Calculations

Write C program to perform simple C arithmetic calculations. The user is to enter a simple expression (integer operator integer) such as: 15 + 30

The program is to extract the 2 operands and the operator, perform the indicated calculation and display the result. For example: 15 + 30 = 45

Operators should include +, -, *, /, and %
Operands are positive integers, no sign
*Use getchar to input the expression
Allow for variable spacing before the first operand and between operators and operands (zero, one or more spaces)

Allow the user the option of entering another expression
Code a function for each operator to do the appropriate arithmetic operation (5 functions)
No global variables. No string handling functions. No arrays

Input: Interactive. Allow the user to enter multiple expressions.

Output: Echo the input (both user prompts and user entered data).
Print the whole expression with the result or an appropriate error message
Be sure output data shows all valid and invalid test data and how the program handled it.

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To Run C++ Program In A Web-site

I have a running software which is for our users who use it with password and ID.
It runs from a CD.
We want to run it on our website which is made in
Please give complete cost and time required.
We need to do it in 1-2 days.
Only serious candidates who can do it in 1-2 days may apply.

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Response Program

This is my assignment i need done by Sunday the 10th of April 2011. The rar file got all you need and one pdf file that explains what to do. Hope someone can do it in that time. Thanks

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Application Icon For Mac Desktop Program

I need an icon for a Mac desktop program we are developing. The icon should have the Mac look and feel, and conform to accepted Mac icon guidelines (

Were looking for a style similar to these:


In your response, please post a link to other Mac application icons you have designed, so we can see your style.

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Photo Matching

I need a program which searches for similar photo from database/list of photo.
User will be uploading his/her photo via browser, and you will be writing php program which searches for similar photo from thousands of photo online.
I am thinking of preparing more than 1000 photo.
Examples would be, Google Similar Images.
You dont have to create websites, just php script for searching.

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Sequential Phonics

We need a graduate degreed education specialist interested in creating a phonics program to complement our existing spelling program. The freelancer selected is encouraged to provide advice and counsel on the development of the project; we are not phonics experts. The selected professional will have full freedom to create the program as they see fit so long as it comports well with our existing line of products.

You may see our products at Feel free to search the web for "Sequential Spelling" (except that URL, we dont own it yet). You will find a great deal of information on our program.

This is work for hire; you will retain no rights in the completed work.

Bids should include examples of work and references.

In the upcoming year, we will be contracting out several more language arts projects for older students.

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Targeted Leads Needed

I need a professional who can get qualified leads, using any and all successful techniques: forums, blogs, lead capture page, craigs list, social networks, youtube, facebook, twitter or whatever.

I dont care as long as all leads are real, no fakes, no duplicates. I need a minimum of 200 leads. I only require valid email address.

Do you already have an opt-in email address, I will consider but will not be as valueable as fresh, hot leads generated just for my weight loss program.

Provider must be highly experienced and reliable to run complete program without my assistance.

Bid accordingly,
leads .50 – $1.00

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Software Liscence Protection

i need a program that protect my software. if i give the cd for a customer, it should work only for one server. he cant use reflectors to get the code in the dll and exe. now even if u dont have the program, i need to consult with the expert to get ideas and advise

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Bookstore With MS Visual C++

You need to work out the operations of a library from the point of view of a library patron. As a minium, you need to design and implement these operations.

– Borrow books (patron)
– Return books (patron)
– Renew books (patron)
– Check current loans (patron)
– Add books to the library (library staff)
– Add patrons to the library (library staff)
– Exit

Provide a simple text-based menu which enables the library patron to use your program. Library staff can add books and patrons to the library. Make sure you design a simple menu so that users do not get confused.

STL data structures can be used in this program. You must use the Binary search tree and the STL map data structures.

Your program should be able to save and load data using files. So that, you dont need to enter all the books and patron data every time your run your program. Data can be saved using the CSV format.

As borrowed books have a due date, you can use the date class and to keep track of the due dates.

Book data need to entry and store:
– Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Publication, NumberofCopies

Member data need to entry and store:
– ID, Name

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Video And Pdf

im looking for someone to create a program that can record a short video of the user using their webcam, and also allows the user to create a pdf document. Then the program will allow the user to send the video file and pdf document together as an email attachment. Im looking for user friendly software which can be sold retail on cd in the UK.. Also it must have a brand feel and a nice look about it, with a professional feel, sleek.

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LB TaskControl

I have developed a VB.NET software for tracking time and tasks for people who work on internet jobs.

Now I need a MAC version of my software.

My software is called Lionbridge Task Control (now only LB Task Control) and more information can be found on

It tracks time per tasks and how many tasks the user has worked on. Then it finally generates a report so the user can keep records.

Besides the creation of a MAC Version, I will need from the developer a partnership for when the program gets updated, I will be able to cantact him to update the MAC version also.

This program is a freeware and it survives only by donations, so I do not have a good budget, but Ill accept offers.

Please share some history off applications already developed.


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Optimizing Program (bin Packing)

Hello developers

I am looking for the right programmer to code an optimizing program.

The problem: My customers know the sizes they need to cut a plate in to, and they know the width of the main plate they cut the smaller pieces from. But they dont know the most efficient way of cutting them.

The solution: The software must be able to figure out the most efficient way to cut the required pieces of the plate.

First of all: User friendly GUI like the one attached this description. I am thinking something like C# – but it is up to you.

The first step in the program is for the user to type in how many pieces they need (see attached picture Screen 1)
Also there is a field for putting in the width of the plate (they always now the width).

Second step: The software now makes as many fields as the user typed, in the first step (see attached picture Screen 2)

Third step: After the user has types the dimensions in, the software makes a graphic cutting plan. (see attached picture Screen 3)

Further requirements:
There must be a check box for choosing to mix length and width or not.
The total length of the main plate needed must be shown on the cutting plan (and the typed in width).
It must be possible to print and save the cutting plan in PDF.
The software must be compatible with Windows 95 WIN 7 (no need for linux or OS).
At the projects end I will give a Danish translation of the text, to be copy/pasted in instead of the text shown in the attached file.
There must be a (simple) license control on the software. Must only work if the right licensID has been put in on installation.
At the end of coding all the source code must be delivered to me.

Hope to hear from you. Any questions ask before making a bid.

Cheers Michael

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Magento Development

Looking for a Magento expert who has immediate availability for this project.

Details will be provided to selected providers. Overview:

1. Ability to offer products with start/end date/time (e.g. for 24 hours only, or for 7 days, etc.)

2. Ability to offer products shipped and sold by others (multi-vendor, see:

3. Integration with affiliate program (I will provide program and it is built to integrate with Magento).

4. Clean layout/navigation like

5. Ability to display blog posts where they have the Shop Together bar (

The project would require excellent knowledge of customizing Magento. Longer term opportunity available. Please respond with examples of what you have already developed, specifically anything which required extensive modifications. No fee paid upfront. Work needs to be completed within 7 days.

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Google Scraper Addon 1

Modify the Google scraper to handle advanced functions.

…anywhere in the page plus other keyword location functions

Google Scraper to save search results.

We need a program to Scrape Google search results.

A. We need the ability to enter in the following fields:

Word or phrase
date (from a calendar view)
File type
pause xxx seconds

By entering:

Word/phrase: popcorn
date: February 1st, 2011
File type: PDF
Launguage: Eng
Pause: 15

1. We would get the following search string:

2. We would click a START button which would search the first page, and scrape the first 100 URLs

3. We then wait 15 seconds, and search and scrape the second page, third page, through all ten pages (or as many search results pages exist)


B. We will need a SAVE LINKS button, which will save the URL list with a file name of:
Word/phrase + Date + File type .txt

In the above example, the file name would be popcorn02012011pdf.txt

After the file is saved, the daterange would step up one day, and wait for us to click START again.


C. We will need a button to specify the file path


D. We will need an iframe which will show what is on the Google screen. Google will eventually send up a CAPTCHA screen that we will need to be able to complete. If the CAPTCHA screen shows up, the program must stop and wait for the user input into the CAPTCHA screen before it continues onto the next page.


E. The program can take up as much of the computer screen as is needed to display the iframe properly.

The attached graphic demonstrates a program that we had been using that worked well, and had all of the features we needed (google changed, so this no longer works).


You have 21 days to complete this project.

– Payment through GAF with a partial escrow account. Funds will be released after checking for product quality.

– Please consider the following, when applying for this project. We will cancel the project, and withhold payment if the chosen provider:

1) Does not complete the entire project within 21 days of contract award.
2) Does not respond to emails within 24 hours.

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Teach Me Android Program

teach me android through teamviewer~

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Asterisk Vicidial – Phone Dead Number Checking Program

We are using VicidialNow as a dialer.
I would like some software to dial the phone numbers and check for dead numbers.

Only bid if you have experience of asterisk. Please tell me your experience.

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Extract Betting Data From Website

I will require a program which extracts betting information from a particular website. The information extracted will be then processed by another program and be sent back to the website. This is basically making the betting process automated.
Contact me for more details.

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Program Marketer

Enlist Organizational participation in new Product offer.

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Website Linked To A Hotel Affiliate Program + Logo

Need someone to develop a website. Details are as follows:

1. It will be a one page website but the design, graphic and quality should be FIRST CLASS. Please send me details of your past works so that I may assess quality.

2. The website will be linked to a hotel affiliate program.

3. There is a search box provided by the affiliate program. The programming code of the search box is provided and should be included in the website. Other things that will appear on the website are some texts.

4. You are expected to design a logo.

Note: I will contact only those who offer best prices and have good quality past projects in web designing.

Thank you for your bid.

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Price Bermuda Option – Matlab (URGENT!!)

I need to price a Bermuda Option with matlab,
the program has to be 100% accurate and has to pass the test provided in the"project.pdf" file,
if possible please follow framework in "projectTip.m"

I need this in 1 day!!!!! please provide comments in the program so I can follow the code!

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Web Scraping Program Developer Needed ASAP

We are trying to capture data from each record (name, phone, email, title, etc) and export it to excel. We do this search many times per day and would need to be repeated often.

We would need a program that would be able to scrape this information for us on a regular basis. Screen shots of the information are included in the projects description.

The website is

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VB Net – Publish My Program

I have built a simple project in vb (Visual Studio 2010) and it works fine on my PC.

I need to publish it such that I can distribute it as a standalone program running from a CD or flash drive. Ive spent too long messing about with this so I now need someone who knows what they are doing to finish it off for me. The program is just a simple demo and if it is received well by my customers, I will need the whole thing written properly from start to finish – so more work will come your way!

The program displays videos and text, chosen by the user, from a video bank (local). It also has a print text to file function. Thats it. Simple.

I want to send you everything I have done and in return, receive a CD that I can copy and distribute. The program should run from the CD. This should be a very quick job for a professional.

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Article Publishing Program Needed

Here is the basic layout of what the program would need to do:

1.Navigate to a source site or a user supplied URL from a list in a txt file.

2.Take content from a certain section of the page and strip the HTML/other code and leave just text.

3.Spin the article (optional)

4.Log in to articles site and publish text only. I have a list of three articles sites I would like, but all 3 are not necessary.

5.The ability to edit the text and insert HTML links would be a nice feature.

I need the program to basically take articles from a source page from a list of URLs.
Then strip the HTML from a certain section of the page and publish the text to three different article directories.
The three article sites are:

All three require a login to be filled then navigate to a publish article page and specific fields to be filled in before an article can be accepted.

Articlesbase is the hardest one, as it requires keywords that are comma separated. That can be solved by just plucking words from the source article and placing them there.

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Affiliate Links Needed!

Affiliate Partners needed

Thank you for reading. I need someone who I can hire to find good affiliate partners for me which are not in an affiliate network but have their own program. For this I will give you information and hire you per hour. I will pay $12 per hour for this task.

To make your work easier you can use an autofill plugin in Firefox so you can simply find an affiliate partner and press the button and next activate it.
The next step would be to fill out the information of the affiliate in my database, for this we use phpMyAdmin. The output would be username, password, affiliate website and affiliate link to the program.

If you feel like you can handle such a thing please let me know. Thanks.

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Program Translation From English To German

We have a consumer audio editor program we need translated from English to German (Germany – Standard German).

Total word count is 5350. This consists of roughly 2000 words of UI strings, such as button text and tooltips. The remaining 3350 words are the help file, tutorials, packaging, and website.

The UI strings are in an Excel worksheet (with two sheets). The help files and tutorials are in an MS Word document.

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Horse Racing Program And Database

Im looking for someone to create a program that captures information from various websites to create historical performance ratings for Australian horse racing. The programme then stores this information in a database so that i can then produce a ratings worksheet on racedays, do individual horse searches, etc.

Based on the results of a race, the race is assigned a Class figure and then each horse is assigned a Performance Rating for that race.

I do this manually, but it would be a great time saver if a program could do it automatically. Im not sure if this is easy for a programmer to do or not as I am no techie.

A brief run down of what i would like to achieve with this is:

I run the program and it searches for information on a few websites. (namely and, but would also need info from and maybe
It parses the required info it needs to produce the ratings, the ratings process itself is quite simple.
These ratings and some info about each race is then stored in the database for future retrieval. I may even want an early pace rating, a 600m sectional rating, etc
Im not sure how much this project is worth, as I said I am new to this.

If you are interested in this project please leave a message

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Android .apk Program

Android .apk program

*Knowledge of .apk design/UI/Location awarenes/Contact database management and graphic image importing.

Need developer for android application that will incorporate a contact/address database that will link to navigation (gps); also application should be location aware and be able to show location of all people using app when in use. Users will also be able to upload images into contact address database like pictures, etc.I have design and template to base application off of. More details will be provided once contacted. After creation of application, all rights will be handed over to me."All bids" are encouraged and portfolio showing "related" .apks that you have created that demonstrate your proficiency in creating this project. If you are needing more specifics please PM me.

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