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.net SQL Server EDI

Write a module which will use data in an exisiting SQL Server database, create NSF claims file and be able to read a NSF remits file and write the payments back into the database.
Alternatetively an EDI 837 claims file and EDI 835 remits file formats are also acceptable

claims format definition documentation:

remits format file spec:

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C# ASP.NET Senior Freelancer

Freelancer only please, no companies. Company managers you are wasting your time if you apply.

A growing Australian software company needs an additional C# ASP.NET programmer for several projects. The projects are on-going so you can start immediately.

If chosen you will have to prove your skill on a small test project, a part of the larger project. The test will be around 10 hours.

You must know your coding trade and you must be reliable. We prefer people over 30 years of age for their maturity and reliability.

Please PM your past project experience and your hourly rate.

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Custom Development Of Existing C# MS SQL Application

We have a custom built private website for our employees that manages work flows and tasks and we need a developer who can continue to add functionality and change existing functions as required. The system is and C# with a MS SQL database. Applicants MUST have experience and good english communication skills, because this system is critical to our business. This could be an ongoing full time psoition for the right person after a successful trial.

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Part Time Senior Programmer Needed

I am looking for an experienced senior programmer to work part time (20 hours per week) on my website.

Must have at least 4 years experience in .net 2.0 with strong knowledge of HTML AND CSS.

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Support For Csharp, And Spinxsearch

Looking for a developer who is advanced/knowledgeable in CSHARP (for crawler), AJAX, SPINXSEARCH and PHP (for website)

You also must have good knowledge and experience with crawlers (VERY IMPORTANT)

We need to modify our existing crawler software to work properly with our search engine website and also modify/fix our website script that is build on php and ajax



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Penny Auction In ASP.NET

We need a Penny Auction in ASP.NET.

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ASP To ASP.NET Conversion

I need some ASP code which sends email using CDONTS to be converted to ASP.NET for the new .NET server environment I have.

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Personalized Online Store In ASP.NET

I need to build an online store that allows the user:
1. To upload their photo
2. To edit their photo online (using mouse click to create a path around the head in their photo and cut it out)
3. To Paste the cutout head in step 2 into a stock (i will provide) photo which contains a body to create a new person
4. To saves the newly composite photo on the server
5. To make payment for the end product
6. To create an account for future purchase

The site should be similar to the following websites:

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.net SQL Server Programming

Write a module which will use data in an exisiting SQL Server database, create NSF claims file and be able to read a NSF remits file and write the payments back into the database.
Alternatetively an EDI 837 claims file and EDI 835 remits file formats are also acceptable

claims format definition documentation:

remits format file spec:

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.NET C# SQL Server SilverLight Software Application

Coding Team / Coder wanted

Full Time or Task Based.
2 year project.

The application is a .Net C# Silverlight with MS SQL Server.

– Must be experienced with C#, .Net, Silverlight Software application development.
– Must be experienced with MS SQL Server.
– Experience with API integration / FIX protocol a plus.
– No newbies.

– The application is already fully functional but needs many enhancements.
– Add new modules of functionality to enhance system.
– Add functionality to existing modules – lots of display related items – adding line weight option, adding color option, adding scrolling, creating shortcut icons, creating ruler,
– Changing the way certain functionality is currently set up
– Creating right click menu functionality
– Maintaining hosting environment

We will provide profit sharing for an ongoing relationship.

We are an India based organization, so quote according to India rates, not U.S. or international. Keep in mind there is a significant amount of work and this is a multi month project.

This application is in the financial domain. Please provide your portfolio / experience.

Please provide an hourly rate and a monthly rate for multi month assignment.


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Our project calls for enhancing an existing .NET 4.0 code to run in Microsoft Azure Cloud Processing environment to be started and completed by March 2011. Skills and experience will include ASP.NET, SQL 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft certifications required.

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Ecommerce With


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ASP & SQL Server 2000 – Random Recordset Results

I need an ASP page written in VB code to do this: (with both code for an access database / or a SQL server ) – running on access on test machine and SQL on web server

1. Set a time variable – for example 2 days – this can be changed
1. Obtain a recordset that randomises the results in the same way for the set time variable (for example 2 days)
so everytime the same search phrase is entered will get same random order of results for the (example 2 days)
After 2 days (time variable elapsed) – the order of the random results will change and will stay the same (with the same search phrase) for another 2 days and so on…

This is because I am searching products and they appear in alphabetical order – I want a random result

I need to be able to edit the SQL SELECT statement to get the recordset – so i can add in extra or other SELECT…WHERE…

Any queries please ask

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2 – Simple Websites, Sql Server, C#

This project is for 2 – custom websites designs and configurations.

We need 2-separate websites each of them will be very similar function just different design and a few different pages.

Membership, shopping cart, checkout, CreditCard, Paypal, Google Checkout, Coupons, Product Search, Multi Product Images, Set up on server along with walk through.

First sites colors will be like this look feel but of course you have to design the colors/fonts/graphics

Second sites colors will be like this look feel but of course you have to design the colors/fonts/graphics

These sites are adult related

100% escrow the project has to be complete for full payment.

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Freelance ASP.NET Programmer In Mumbai

Looking for 2-3 years plus experienced ASP.NET programmer. Initial development will be 4 – 5 pages with database connectivity (SQL Server). After that next phase of development will be given.

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My client has 2.0 site. I need fixes done to it in 8 days or less. Im going ot pay 4 increments of 25% payments. Ill pay $200-250 for this work. Again I need it done in 8 days or less.

To start the project youll take what is on my clients site transfer it to my server then do the work there.

Follow this hotfile links to see the full description of the work.

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Need .NET Programmer With Ext-js Expertise

I am looking for a dedicated programmer who has expertise in the following:

1) .NET
2) ext-js and java script
3) Microsoft SQL server
4) Flash programming

The programmer is needed on a continuous basis for a minimum of 3 months.
The programmer would be paid up-to $700 monthly based on the work performed.

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Social Network Soft Devel W/ Experience In C#.NET,ASP.NE

I urgently need a Social Network software develeloper w/ experience in C#.NET,ASP.NET for URGENT project – 1 day max.

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Word Automation Using ASP.NET, MS-SQL,

Automate the creation of Microsoft Word Documents that are used in contracts. The application will essentially fill in sections of a Microsoft word based template based on approximately 50 different inputs and calculate prices with predefined static text and calculate pricing based on simple formulas. Once the sections are defined the application will then generate a word document with the dynamic sections being included from the application.

The application must also encrypt user passwords using AES encryption and DPAPI.

Its a fixed budget $200

The project needs to start ASAP and needs to be completed, tested and ready for installation by 30/11/2010.
pleas bid $30

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1 – Person much be from PUNE only.
2 – Must be very good knowledge in ASP.NET , MS SQL
3 – Must have very good Exprience and commend in Programming Skill ASP.NET , MS SQL .


we have to final one guy within 24 hours only, So please post your Details Resume FAST on PM.


once again please do not bid if you do not match the above 3 point . other wise you will be wasting your time and mine time .

Thanks !

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ASP.NET Programmer Wanted


We need a professional ASP.NET programmer to develop a website CMS system, the design is ready ( I can show you in PM ), also the HTML CSS Javascript ( in clean and clear style ) will be provided, website to be in two language version, encoding in utf-8



1. Product CMS

add/ edit/ delete of product categories name and sorting order, also apply on a drop down javascript menu
add/ edit/ delete of product (name, description, images*, PDF manual, selection of categories)

* with image rename, resize

2. Static Page CMS

add/ edit/ delete of sub-pages in the drop down menu
with three input box: menu title, page title, content ( in WYSIWYG editor )

3. News CMS

add/ edit/ delete of latest news
news to be sorted by date in front end
with three input box: title of news, date of entry, full news entry ( in WYSIWYG editor )


No worry, if the above is not clear, I am sure you will understand everything after youve viewed the design, just bid if you are good at ASP.NET, looking for a good ASP programmer for long term work.

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Looking For A ASP.NET Professional

I am looking for a freelancer having experience in ASP.NET. More details through PMB.
I only pay after 100% work completion, so if you going to ask for any upfront payment or escrow please dont.

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ECommerce Online Store Using ASP.NET 3.5 With SQL Backend

We would like to have a similar site as below having e-Commerce functions i.e. shopping cart, order management, payment management and invoicing in it.

This needs to a portal style site which should be purely DB driven including CMS features, if needed.

We would like to hear from those bidders who have actually already worked on ASP.NET based eCommerce online stores earlier. Please include your work/project samples while bidding and also consider the "budget range" as mentioned.

Two Deliverables:
1. Complete ASP.NET using C# Code (including backend code/schemas) with ownership given to us.

Note: There are already few such open source eCommerce .NET applications out there but here we want to own the code which should be delivered to us by you as part of this deliverable.

2. Design and deployment document.

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Long Term ASP.NET Hire


We are a small, well established and dynamic software company, looking to start a long term employee relation with an experienced ASP.NET professional with excellent references.

Ideally the candidates will be individuals (not companies). Geographic location is not important, even though we have built successful relationships with developers from Ukraine and Vietnam, thus candidates from these countries are encouraged to apply.

The ideal candidate would have the following skills, or most of them:

– English:
excellent written and verbal communication

– Technical:
a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the following:
OO development
LINQ (a plus), MVC (optional)
Ajax, Javascript, JQuery
Good understanding of CSS and HTML syntax and structuring.
DNN module development would be a plus

– Project Management:
Excellent Analysis and project documentation skills. Preferably Agile Development, Scrum
UML based development (a big plus)
Capacity to work based on objectives and seamlessly with a remote team.

Our projects range from medium to large enterprise projects, where team communication, documentation and cooperation is essential.

About your prices, please keep in mind that we are looking for a long term employee, so we expect a competitive bid, adjusted to your geographic location. Payments would be in the form of a monthly salary, and you would be entitled to the status of a full fledged employee.

Please provide samples of your previous work, as well as your contact details (this is a full time project) in order to be able to discuss the details with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Expert MS-SQL/Delphi Programmer

In search of a Delphi programmer capable of doing maintenance and enhancing a command-line utility used to import product data to an MS-SQL database by greping for images in a local directory for an e-commerce website. We are using Delphi 6 but open to upgrading to any version. You must be available via Skype (at least for text chats). Please indicate your timezone.

Please bid only if you are a self-started, motivated, delphi expert programmer. We expect you to be available to do changes quickly. We expect to have a 1-2 week workload. Later, we will be doing more complex enhancements.

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News Listing In ASP.NET

I have ASP.NET site that needs a very simple news publishing system with admin interface.

In one sidebar the headlines of the three (or any other number….) latest news should be visible, the latest post showing at the top. When clicking on one of the headlines the whole post should open in the same window, still showing the listing of the n latest posts.

The post/News item should have:

– a headline (to be presented in an h2 tag)
– a message (to be presented in a p tag)
– a creation date (to be presented in a p tag)
– Author name
– No formatting is required other than it would be desirable to insert line breaks

The admin interface doesnt have to be all that pretty but it should be possible to:

– Add new posts/news via a form
– Edit existing posts/news via the form
– Make post online/offline
– Have a login to prevent unauthorized login, but the user name and password can be hard coded.

The form, databases need to be deployed on the my customers server.

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Dedicated Developer


Looking for dedicated experienced developer who has exprienced with big portals and has executed minimum of 10 big projects in . Developer need to be avaialble 8 hours 6 days a week online with us during the development. We will be providing the schedule of delivery which need to be executed by the developer.

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I need a individual with extensive experience in javascript and GDi+ for an ongoing project.

let me know your experience and i can tell you more details about it


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Webbased Inventory System

Need customized web based inventory system for our 3 clients.

Developer can use ASP.Net / sql server express edition for rapid development

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ASP.NET Webdeveloper

Mediaweb Internet Integrators is a full service web agency based in The Netherlands that has been building websites for hundreds of clients since 1995.

We develop websites on the following platforms:

ASP.NET + Dynamicweb CMS and Dynamicweb eCommerce
Silverstripe / Sapphire

We have a large portfolio of clients. Please visit our website (just google our name and Noordwijk) to see the work that we deliver (website is in Dutch only, sorry).

We are looking for long term, very regular cooperation with an ASP.NET webdeveloper

A dedicated ASP.NET webdeveloper/programmer who can work with us on the maintenance of existing ASP.NET websites and the development of new websites.

You should have the following qualifications:

Minimum of 5 years extensive experience in building websites and webapplications using ASP.NET technology. Thourough knowledge of AJAX, MSSQL SERVER, VB.NET, etc.

If you by any chance have experience with Dynamicweb CMS that will certainly be a plus.

If you also have experience with PHP / MySQL webdevelopment or even with MODx and/or Silverstripe, that would be another big plus.

You have to be able to work at 09:00 – 17:30 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris) with a 30 min break for lunch.

You have to be able to communicate comfortably in English using IM and/or Skype. If you understand German or, even better, Dutch, at least to the point that you can figure out what a website in German or Dutch is all about, that would be extra beneficial.

As a person, you have to be independent, precise, pleasant and open minded. You need to be able to test your work yourself thouroughly before presenting it to us as finished, so we dont have to spend lots of time reporting bugs. You are pro-active and imaginative. You think along with us, looking for solutions rather than just following instructions. Suggest better ideas and solutions. Look for solutions yourself before asking us to figure problems out. You need to be dependable, keep promises, deliver on time, respond to emails/im messages etc fast. You really like to work in a team, be it remote. Become part of the team.

You would get paid both on an hourly and project basis, depending on the work at hand.

If you completely fit the description above, please dont hesitate to bid on an hourly basis.

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We have a company Yammer feed we need to bring into our corporate intranet.

We need to be display either or main company feed or one of several business unit specifc feeds available. (we should be able to chose which feed to display).

The app needs to be written as an web site using C#.

The application does not need any fancy styling or UI we will take care of that… your job is to use the Yamme api which uses oAuth and get the feeds to display.

I will supply you with the details to authentcate to see our feed… you can use those credentials in the application.

Any questions please fee free to ask.

API Documentation:

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Experienced ASP.Net Programmer Needed

We are looking for a person who is has profound knowledge of ASP.NET for the following task:

We have a C# application made using .NET framework 3.5.The application, which also runs as windows service, uses WinPCap to capture the traffic going through selected network interfaces.
We would like to enhance the application and fix div. problems.

Only bid if you have experience in related tasks

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