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[Newspaper Live Feed]

Hi Programmer,

Im looking for programmer to help to build the live feed newspaper in single platform that could support in Iphone,Symbian and blackberry. The programmer must deliver app in the format ready to submit for approval (3 platform).

You must sign Non-Disclsure agreement before receiving the full brief.


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Cake PHP Programmer

Looking for a cake programmer with excellent english skills to check a few sites of mine and reproduce them
MUST have good written and spoken english
Available SKYPE
Please also list any other skills you have

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Website Upgrade

I`m looking for a freelance web programmer with following knowledge:
– Dreamweaver
– Flash
– Jscript
– MS Access database

Please send me following on PM:
– Your price rate per hour
– Reference sites
– How did you work as programmer
– How good is your knowledge of (1 expert, 2 professional, 3 medium, 4 some knowledge, 5 beginner)
asp =
flash =
Dreamweaver =
MS Access=

Please apply only if you a freelance and not a company.

Thank you.

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Experienced Programmer Needed!Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 5-6functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1-1.5weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $500-$600 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..
Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Experienced Programmer Needed! Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 10functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1.5-2weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $800-$1000 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..

Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Experienced MATLAB Programmer For Machine Learning

I am looking for an experienced MATLAB programmer to do a Matlab project on Machine Learning, which is due on Thurday 7 April 2011 at 20:00 GMT.


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Tutoring Website

We are looking for a professional website designer to build a website for us. The website is going to be a tutoring website but with many unorthodox features. We thought of the features (or of many of them) but the programmer will need to know how to implement them.
Some of the features include: suggestion list (style eBay/Amazon), chat (style Facebook), buy, sell, etc.

Before we start working, a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

This is very important! The programmer MUST be from NYC. We think that the best way for us to work is if we meet in person.

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Need Programmer For Shwapno Duar

Dear freelancer , i need good programmer for my company , who work friendly my company ..

only for serious bidder , i need urgent , i will pay advance ……

exp: min 2 years experience

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Mass Video Add To Controll Panel

hello guys
i had private cms that some Arabs [programmer wrote for me
and the programmer is gone now ..
on my cms i add videos – series of non- copyrighted videos ..
the problem is there is a series that count 30 episodes and its very frustrating that i had to add 30 time a single ( name – url – picture and choose the category ) ..
i want programing of stand alone page that add the movies to the database – and importantly to the cmd edit video page( that i can edit it after that ) … so its look like similar the way i entered each episodes ..
i dont want the programmer find that somebody mess with his script if he find out he will not give me any support ..
so i want stand alone page that i need to put one picture and mass of urls pick category and just press add ..

ill take the cheapest best good php programmer ..

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Rails Programmer That Can Integrate API

This project should take about 3 hours and needs to be done ASAP, today… Will pay whatever your hourly rate is. Need someone with experience with ruby/ruby on rails to integrate some API, for example, yahoo search or flickr, to a simple rails application. Whichever API is simplest can be implemented, possibly two. Really need someone as soon as possible. Thank you!

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We need high skilled PHP SYMFONY programmers, minimum 3 years exirence. Possibility to work onshore

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Cuda Programmer Needed( Urgent)

There is no code , I was not provided any code, I have to come up with the code, look for it in the internet, and finally compile it using emulation through the command prompt tool in visual studio
you have to do the below task
An algorithm in CUDA for one of the following:
1- The Seller algorithm.
2- The Neighbor-Joinig tree construction algorithm.
3- An algorithm for parsing BLAST file outputs.
I just want a cuda code to be run on the machine: to do the folowing

An algorithm for parsing BLAST file output

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Oscommerce Programmer And Designer

I search a professional programmer in Oscommerce software and also a professional webdesigner. I own few webshops and want to expand with new ones. Required:
– Professional, many years experience in Oscommerce and webdesign
– Quick response and deadlines in projects
– Give me support and good ideas/solutions
– Price must be attractive

Im searching for long term a good team or person who will be there when i needed!

If you are the man or team which says these requirements i can do it 100%….than please respond asap

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PHP Programmer To Help Me With Code And Technique

I am looking for a successful experienced PHP programmer,

Who can help us Interactively ( desktop sharing ) with code in the construction of an application.

This has two purposes, educational purposes and personal project purposes.

PHP Skills, mysql, AJAX, Javascript, CSS, and HTML are needed.

Excellent communication skills required, english, spanish, or french.

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PHP Programmer Needed

i need expert PHP programmer for my near future work.
as i have a website and getting this type work .
so if you are interested to work with me place your bid.

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I Am Looking For An Experianced And Skilled PHP Programmer.

What we require

We are looking for a skilled and experienced PHP, HTML 5, CSS and jQuery programmer to assist on current and future projects. Our site has been coded in codeigniter so we will also require that you have some skill in this area.

The Project

We wish for the chosen programmer to have a Library of script or to be able to work with other script Librarys to save time, testing and also it will be more cost efficient.

Create a drop down slider in HTML 5 or jquery. For instants if a user clicks on a box then more information will drop down for the customer to see. A file has been enclosed of the basic design for this.

You need to modify the down menus and change their design.

Create and add small drop down buttons to the library.

Add a couple of templates to the website and generally tweak it to make it better and look professional, small changes nothing major.

All graphics are supplied

Future Projects

We are a growing company and we will be looking for a programmer to work with us on future projects for example, adding CMS systems to our website and creating new websites. This area of work will start in a month or two. We also run a hosting company and are looking for a PHP developer to code our customers sites and as a result you should have a good flow of work. We will also allow you to share the code that is written with us so we can both use it when it is required.

Minimum requirements

Very Hard working individual who is self motivated.
Honest with cost and completion estimates (On individual projects)
Very skilled and fluent in required programming languages.
It is required that you use adobe fireworks cs3 or later.
You will need to be able to communicate over PMB and speak English to an understandable level
A portfolio
Highly skilled and fluent programmer.

What in return

A wage of 5-7usd/h maximum (And generous bonuses if work is completed quickly to a high standard.

We also intend to give a high volume of work to the chosen programmer now and in the future.

We are also well connected with other Businesses would be interested in having a web developer. We can put you in contact with them.

Please do not bid higher than 30 usd as it will not be accepted thanks

In the email it would be great if you could attach your portfolio or CV.

Thanks and Look Forward to working with you!

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Html Programmer Need: Minor Changes To Existing Website.

I have several websites. I need a programmer who can modify context and make minor adjustments necessary on a site for SEO purpose. No SEO skills need. I have my own SEO specialist. I need someone who knows html well and is trust worthy with excellent completion rate and high standing agent review.
Changes to my site needed:
– context additions (approx 500 words)
– modifying images, flash banners, and maintaining my website
– knowledge with html links etc.
– knowledge with xml
– require good command of english

WORK REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY (please base on this to bid)
– add context to my landing page (500 words)
– adjust layout to allow the new context to look in place
– do not affect my flash banners etc.

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I have a basic layout designed for a accessory designer website. Simple function and clean design similar to the layout of I need someone who can execute my web design layout into a functioning website including purchase/order programming running in the next two weeks.

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IOS IPad IPhone 2D Game Developer/programmer Needed

I have a game idea that is fully planned out and mapped out, but i am in need of a talented and efficient programmer to make it come to life.

You must have experience with iOS development and provide examples of your work that i can test on my iOS device. 3D experience is not necessary, this is a 2D game.

Basically, You must be able to reproduce the functionality in the ipad and iPhone game "Flight Control HD". You must demonstrate a knowledge of this game and how it works. This includes the functionally of the actual game as well as Apple GameCenter functionality and the ability to create a leader board where scores can be kept. I will provide all graphics and images so please reflect that in your bid. You need to be able to implement my artwork into your programming.

I have the game laid out, but you must be committed to working with me to get the bugs out and develop a clean final product for customers.

If you could have programmed Flight Control HD, you will be able to code my game. You must be willing to sign and agree to a confidentiality and creative Intellectual property agreement to protect my idea. You must be able to communicate clearly in English.

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Talented PHP Programmer Req. Familiar With Facebook API

I require a talented PHP programmer who is familiar with the Facebook API. My client requires a long term relationship with a programmer who can integrate Facebook Connect into their website. Serious Bidders Only Please. Only those with feedback will be considered.

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Webdev Programmer Needed

Dear bidder,

We are in need of a PHP/HTML programmer.

We need to have made:

– login system (admin)
– Inside the login system a USER PANEL
– A reporting system/updating system
– A Super-user account that can check/remove/edit data and users

These are basic functions, as our inhouse developper is busy we need your assistance.
We had another programmer also work on this but he screwed up.

We are not waiting on people who bid to much or say that they can do the project but have no idea what their doing.
This project needs to be clean and nice, with open coding so that we can proceed onces you are finished.
We need the admin panel in the same style as our website and we will deliver you the specific files to work on that.

We dislike people who dont report their status, EVERY DAY!

If we see your code is filthy we will throw you of the case and hire a new one.

Your code has to be reported everyday.

If you KNOW you can do this for a 100% we will hire you.

We wont hire you if you have no references! (im sorry new guys)

Further details will be provided upon selection.


A quick recap of our rules:

– report every day.
– no filthy coding
– 100% garantee that you can do this
– you have to sign an agreement
– if you screw up or we see that you are not keeping your promise we will cut you down and make further steps.
– We have to be in contact trough skype, msn, gtalk.

Kind regards,

03/29/2011 at 12:19 EDT:





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IPhone/iPad Freelance Programmer

I have some projects to develope so i need freelancers withe knowledge and experience in mobile iphone/ipad apps.

I need to be intouch via remote and skype/gtalk to explain the projects, test, meetings with designers, etc.

If you want to be part of a virtual team and you have skills to develope iphone/ipad apps, please contact me here, send me CV, apps i can download from app store, or any other info about your profile.



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Actionscript/HTLM5 Game Programmer

We are producing a game for a Museum in New Zealand.
It will be very similar in size to to this:

Developed for Port cities of London and the London Museum.
The game will involve a small portion of animation and would essentially be a point and click game.

We are going to develop the game in stages, in total there will be 8 levels but we are focusing on the one for the time being.

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Perl/CGI Programmer

I am looking hire Perl/CGI Programmer to rewrite the scripts usde in the following url

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Drupal Content Importer, Bulk – Need Drupal Programmer ASAP


I have a project that requires an experienced Drupal programmer. I get each week many articles from my content providers for my websites. They come in .txt and have special syntax described below:


Word Count:



Article Body:

I need a module that will allow me to import them as many as I want in to my website. Each imported article is saved in its node (preset node type). Beside the body and title container it should have several others CCK fields such as: date, keywords, word count, the actual .txt file available for DL…

Upload interface can be ugly, I dont care. Just make it work. I suppose there must be a bulk upload field. Please test how many .txt files can be uploaded at once. It should manage at least 1000 at once. Also add an option to set a node type for the files that are uploaded.

You can ask for a milestone, but you will get the final payment after a week of testing so I can make sure that there is no bugs and errors with other modules.

When posting a bid or sending me a PM, write "importer" first.
Thank you!

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UI Prototype For Medical Claims Payment Rule Engine

I need to find someone who can build a user interface for our payment rules engine. The back-end of the software is already built, but we need a place where users can enter specifications for the rules. There are about 15 screens that will need to built. We have designs for many of those screens (which I can share), but the programmer will be encouraged to suggest improvements to the screens. The prototype must be fully functional, not just a set of drawings.

The user interface must work on Windows. The UI must store the specifications in a database. I dont particularly care what DBMS you use so long as we can use it without a lot of added cost. Since this is a prototype, we do not have the normal architecture stack requirements. I would like to know what tools you are most proficient with.

Timely delivery of the prototype is critical to project success. We STRONGLY prefer someone who can work in our Needham, MA office. It is very important that you be in close contact with the back-end programmer and project coordinator. We have tried remote/off-shore programmers before with mixed results and are very reluctant to do so for this particular project.

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A Programmer Needed

Advertisement Script that rotates based on category page within WordPress.

The site is built on wordpress.

The advertisement is in the sidebar.

I need the advertisement to change based on what category page the visitor is on.

There are 7 categories/pages so each page would display a separate advertisement.

All ads are the same size 300×250.

The script needs to be somewhere within the WordPress theme that the client can access through the Editor and be able to add the image (either from the gallery) and the affiliate link (again either in the script or just calling on the image within the gallery which already allows you to add the custom URL (this would probably be the best option.

I have many projects.I am looking for a long term programmer.If I like a programmer ,he will get more projects s just after this get done

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PHP Programmer For Porn Adult Video Script Customization

Im looking for an experienced programmer to take the script from customize it, with our logo, add some more ad spaces, add gay porn videos, and install this on a server. I NEED A TURN KEY programmer. I will give you the domain, the login to a server, and the logo. You do the rest and have it ready for me to administer. May consider a long term relationship for maintenance. Send your work example, time frame to get this done and an all inclusive rate. THIS IS NOT for a new programmer. I want to work with someone who has done this before. Please send references of your best work.

Sites for references:

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Flash Programmer Needed For Childrens’ Games


We are looking for a good Flash games developer. Please, send samples of your work.
Well take our decision based in quality cost and experience speed to work.

Its a big project about several flash games focused in childrens..also, please describe if you are flas game developer and website programmer…if the quality is the expected we also will contract you to make the company website.

Its a big project so provide your best examples!


P.S. We will need to know the range time you are in skype or yahoo messenger to make the job please clarify that.

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Mechanical Turk Import/export

Seeking a programmer with experience in processing structured and unstructured data, Mechanical Turk API, and Twitter API for a task import and export project. Programmer should grasp best practices in a server-side language of their choice, and must be prepared to document all code thoroughly. Previous experience with relevant APIs and xml parsing is a must.

Programmer will be expected to extract shortened urls from a twitter feed, expand them, and then retrieve an object from the resulting url. The expanded object must then be imported to Mechanical Turk for processing. Finally, Mechanical Turk output must be processed into a format capable of being imported into WordPress in an automated fashion, preferably using an xml feed.

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Programmer For Projects In Java/struts/ajax/javascript II


We need programmers with experience in java,struts, ajax, javascript.
Please bid $30 as the start-up project will be small. Details will be discussed
in PM.

You need to be able to work on US time zone to trouble shoot
together with us.


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PHP And HTML Programmer, Asterisk PBX Experience A ++

We need an experienced PHP programmer for improvements that have to be done on our website. We basically need a programmer willing to work with us for 2 weeks taking care of back-end and HTML coding. Experience with Asterisk PBX would be a PLUS. If satisfied with the quality of the work done, more work will be provided.

Please send us your bid with complete details (your prior experience, technology you work on, availability, budget for 2 weeks of work, etc.).

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Who’s The Best Programmer On Freelancer? Who Wants A Job?

Looking for the best of the best in programming/development.
PHP/AJAX mainly but other skills would be good.

Please list your portfolio/rate.

No India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc bids please.


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