Looking for a experienced ATmega Programmer. Must be able to code in C or Assembler in AVR Studio 4
I want to create a 16 Step Sequencer

Analog 1 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer to variable the speed running thru all 16 steps
Analog 2 to 17 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer which creates the Value of Digital out PIN 16 to 32
Digital PIN 0 to 16 is connected to a LED to show which Channel is active
Digital 16 to 32 will be then connected to a MAXIM DS1804-100 Digital Potentiometer (which connected then to a 40106 Schmitt Trigger generating a Sinus Wave)
Crystal will be a 16MHz
This is a private Project with low budget. Will write a good reference for your CV if requested.
When succefull, i have more Projects (one more is already planed including 7 segment and 16 segment stuff)

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