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Web Data Extractor

I need a web scraper to be created in order to be able to successfully gather data about accredited psychology programs in the US from

The data must be in XML form and I would like to own the web scraper software created so I can stay updated if any website data changes. The only data needed is the name of the University and the City/State/Zip code.

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Parse Website & Registration Affiliate Websites


I need the following things to happen. I need someone who is excellent in programming (or can outsource this part)
and someone who is good in data entry.

Step 1); This is a affiliate website consisting out of thousands affiliate programs. I need
you to create a script which visits every single of these affiliate websites and checks its Alexa rank. Next you can drop
all affiliate websites below an Alexa rank of 15,000; I will be needing all websites with a rank under the 15,000.

Step 2) Now that you have these popular affiliate programs I will need you to sign up for all of these with my information.

Step 3) Create an excel sheet of all affiliate programs that were granted together with their main affiliate link to their homepage.

Really read the above? End with *read*

03/21/2011 at 20:47 EDT:

Step 3 should be a mysql database instead an excel sheet.

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Register On Affiliate Websites For Me


I need the following things to happen. I need someone who is excellent in programming (or can outsource this part)
and someone who is good in data entry.

Step 1); This is a affiliate website consisting out of thousands affiliate programs. I need
you to create a script which visits every single of these affiliate websites and checks its Alexa rank. Next you can drop
all affiliate websites below an Alexa rank of 15,000; I will be needing all websites with a rank under the 15,000.

Step 2) Now that you have these popular affiliate programs I will need you to sign up for all of these with my information.

Step 3) Create an excel sheet of all affiliate programs that were granted together with their main affiliate link to their homepage.

Really read the above? End with *read*

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Monetize Domain Name

I have a domain that I would like monetized. The domain name gets about 40,000 searches per month according to the google keyword tool. If you feel you can do this simply and at a good price please send a PM and let me know what your ideas are to do this. I am thinking affiliate programs/ adsense. You would then research the best programs available. I need this domain to generate traffic and money quickly.

I will PM the domain name to applicants. Please only bid if you have experience.


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Monetize Niche Xxx Adult Domains

I have a few adult domains that I would like monetized. They are xxx niches. If you feel you can do this simply and at a good price please send a PM and let me know what your ideas are to do this. I am thinking affiliate programs/ adsense. You would then research the best programs available. I need these to generate traffic and money quickly.
I will PM the 5 domain names to applicants eg one domain is hermaphrodite related. Please only bid if you have adult site experience.


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E-Commerce Expert, 1shoppingcart, Infusionsoft, Paypal Etc.

Need a website where users can login and purchase programs with monthly billing. user will be reselling these programs so needs the ability to purchase same item over and over and have an order form link to the purchase and to reporting so they know which one is which when monitoring all their active orders. also able to easily cancel orders or submit change orders. orders are all month billings and may have a one time setup.

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TV Program Guide PHP

PHP script to parse TV programs and program information from websites.

Should do following:
– Show programs for current day and week.
– Users able to login and add favorite programs (Favorites should be highlighted and show up in next upcomming favorites).
– Ability to comment programs via facebook commens API.
– Ability for users to select favorite channels that will be displayed and chnage channel order.

More information in PM.

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File Locating And Upload

I will provide you with a website. On this website there is a list of about 450 programs. You will need to locate these programs on the internet as close to a certain architecture as possible and upload them to a web server.

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Willing To Purchase Already Made/ Developed Software

Hello I am looking for investment opportunities and want to form business partnerships with software developers and app developers that have software and other computer based or iPhone or Blackberry apps and programs that they want to get launched in the business market.

I have a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) and solid years of Management, Business Development and Sales experience. You develop the programs and I get them into the marketplace for sales. I can help pay for the marketing, advertising and sales force we would need to successfully launch your creations.

Please note all software, apps or programs should be original.

Anyone can contact me regarding their any type of software that they have already developed and want to make money by selling it with source code rights or form a partnership where I market and pay for launching the software and we split the profits based on negotiation.

You can offer me any software regardless whether it is for home users or business users. Every type of Software Developers including Windows Developers, MAC OS X Developers or Mobile Devices Software Developers are invited.

It is solely my decision whether I am willing to invest my money in purchasing your project or not.



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Virtual Assistant Needed ASAP To Conduct Online Research

I need a virtual assistant to help me research different universities around the world. They need to research the following fields:

-Student Leadership programs
-Social Justice programs
-English speaking competencies
-Points of contact

I can explain the nature of the work over the phone. I need someone who can do this research for $4-$6/hour; should take 8 hours maximum. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks!

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Training Development Programs – Research & Writing

We are seeking someone with strong research skills, ability to read and digest content and rework into fresh content for adult training programs. Programs may include one and two day courses in the Human Resource Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Negotiation Skills, Stakeholder Engagement, Time Management, Briefing Techniques and Presentation Skills, etc. All courses are aimed at middle to senior managers who are seeking advanced skills and learning rather than foundational learning.
Our programs are designed around adult learning principles and it would be very beneficial if the applicant has a training development and delivery (ie trainer) background.
Materials for each course will include a Learners Workbook, PowerPoint package, Facilitators Guide, Supplementary materials (such as, vignettes, case studies, small group and individual activities to apply the learning in class, relevant sourced journal articles to support the learning, etc).
Our training programs are comprehensive and require a wide range of quality research to support the program content in quality and relevance. Adult learners will be typically Australian managers and leaders from all sectors and from any industry.

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US Signups For Free Programs

Hi i want a real unlimited real US leads to signup a free offer that doesnot requires a credit card only email confirmation ,iwll pay 0.20$ per lead and i will pay 5$ in advance then i will pay on daily basis directly to paypal account .

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Online TV Program Guide

PHP Website code that fetch TV programs from TV channels webite. Saves to MYSQL Database and displays current programs for day. User able to register to site and add favorite programs and like programs in facebook.

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Newly Installed Programs Disappeared After Reboot

My newly installed programs disappeared after reboot. These are computers from internet cafe I bought. I cannot install new programs because they disappear after reboot. Please give solution to solve this problem.

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Create 2 Programs For Akhter

Create 2 programs as discussed

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Buy Incentivized Sign Ups For Free Programs

I will pay 0.20 $ for every sign up or install free software you get to me i can buy unlimited sign ups and install .
and any bidder will be rewarded
International sign ups and installs are accepted

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Travel Writing Myanmar

We are a travel company based in Myanmar and are looking for a writer who can write attractive travel itnieraries and tour programs for us and set up a kind of tour database for the whole country of Myanmar. You will get outlines and briefings but might have to research some additional information on your own as well. However, mostly its just rewriting existing programs and updating them.

For this task it is necessary that you have been traveling in Myanmar already and know the country, tourist infrastructure, etc.

We guess we need more or less 100 different itineraries. Maybe more. Therefore, please place your big for one page of appr. 500 words. We only accept and will pay for 100% perfect English. No spelling or grammar mistakes.

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WordPress Site

I have a WordPress site (gambling and sports gambling related). I need it optimized so it would bring daily money (and traffic, of course). I also signed up for some casino affiliate programs, but I would like somebody that knows the best programs of this kind. I want to populate the site with efficient fresh content ( i am a ghostwritter, so I would write the required content – of course, you will have to tell me what kind of articles are needed). the site looks very amateuristic at the moment and it has some unsignificant traffic. I am not familiar with this niche, therefore I would wait for your proposals. everything would be done trough Freelancer.

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USB Webcam Server

Need a small lightweight windows program that will serv a usb webcam stream over IP similar to many other programs. The output needs to mimic an Axis IP camera output so it can be accessed by programs that connect to Axis cameras. Helpful information is available on the Axis API developer section of their website.

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Buying Backlinks With PR4 To PR7

Good morning! We are looking for permanent oneway dofollow backlinks with PR from 4 to 7. Our website is

All links must be on related websites. We will provide a list of keywords and anchors. The links should preferably be on home page. Payment will be done after you give us a list of all links in exel documents.


– We require One way links only with minumum PR 4 and max PR 7.
– Links should contain the target keyword/keyword phrase (we will supply the target keyword/keyword phrase) as text in the link anchor text hyperlink in combination with the link description that we will also supply.
– Link pages must be permanent and static
– Links must be: permanent, static, in text, no graphics.
– Links cannot be: from framed pages, through a redirect script, through a JavaScript
– No link exchange programs or web rings such as,,,,,
– Page must not be excluded by robots.txt and the anchor text must not contain the rel=nofollow tag.
– Linked sites must be in production and active.
– One link per domain. All links must be from different Class-C IP addresses
– No Scraped content, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with contextual ads, popups, intrusive advertising, etc.
– No link from: guestbook

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Website Development

I would like to create a flash page for my website at
This page will list all our managed accounts programs witin the flash with background music.
Please go to and click on Investments to view programs.

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Yahoo Mailer Bot Needed


I am trying to get back into the email business. Getting mail delivered to the inbox is a whole different ballgame then it was in 2003.

I need a cheap solution for a complete system which is ready to go.

1. I Need a sending bot which can personalize subjects and messages with reciptients name is better then YMG mailer,gmailinferno or MailerKing that can send millions a day into the inbox of yahoo AOL craigslist any everywhere.

2. I need with it a yahoo, hushmail, gmail, aol account creator which can create thousands of accounts a day.

3. I need a program or way which can get around the proxy flaws that the above mentioned programs all have. (Proxies are not reliable) AND I PREFER A BETTER WAY TO CHANGE/CLOAK MY IP ADDRESS., and if they MUST be used with the program for it to work then I need a scanner which will find 1,000s of http proxies and test them for compatibility.

4. I need a scraper which can find me targeted email addresses from facebook, craigslist, the web, etc. which extracts FAST.

I know that many of you have obtained cracks to programs for everything I noted above, or have simple cheap programs which do all the above. So MAKE YOUR BID REASONABLE. I could find the stuff myself but will just buy a package from anyone here which can offer the above at a reasonable price.


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Merge 4 GPL Programs Into 1 Program With Custom Skin

The project is to merge 4 simple GPL (GNU) applications into one.

The software itself can stay intact, just add a menu with a custom skin from where all 4 programs can be start up.

Exact details can be discussed with the developer, we are open to suggestions.

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Anti Cheat


im gonna be having some tourneys and stuff and i will need an anti cheat, please let me know if this is possible and how much it would cost.

First Feature: Most cheat programs for the game i am hosting use an Injector that inject a .dll file (the actual cheat) into the game. These cheats range from character editing, memory editing, and more. We would like the anti-cheat to be able to scan for these types of files (files trying to be injected into the game) upon initial startup and continuously throughout the game, and eliminate those programs from being injected, or prevent the cheat programs any access to the game. By simply preventing the programs, it makes it easier on us to manage cheaters for the league. In the end, we want as many players as possible. Being able to simply prevent the programs from being injected/used eliminates our headache as admins for worrying about a ban system. Players are simply "forced" to play cheat free, whether their intention was to cheat or not.

Second Feature: Along with the active scanning and program blocking, I would also like in-game screenshots to be taken and e-mailed or sent back to server automatically

We are open to suggestions as to how the anti-cheat is run. We simply thought this would be the easiest way possible. If you have any other ideas, from a coding stand point, please dont hesitate to post that as well with your bid.

12/14/2010 at 16:54 EST:

Also my game is Warcraft 2 created by blizzard ent (I DO NOT HAVE SOURCE CODE FOR GAME)

For ideas on what i am looking for google: anti cheat

for better ideas something like the following anti cheats:


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Research About University Graduate Programs

Project Description: Research about University Graduate Programs

Brief: I am doing research on the availability of university/college graduate level programs relating to "Creativity" and/or "Innovation" in the USA, Canada, England, and India.

Specifically, I want programs that have "Creativity" and or "Innovation" in the title of the graduate program and in the titles of the specific courses.

Details of what I want:

– The Program Title, the course list and descriptions of the courses. Note: Masters programs, Graduate Certificates, and PhD programs are OK to search for.
– The name and email of program coordinator (if not always available that is ok but please include next relevant contact email)
– A website link to the college or university
– Remember, just copy and paste course descriptions and other content, this is just research. (please see "How to present")
– Its OK to include programs that contain "Leadership" in the title of the Graduate Program
– For each country, I want at most 5 programs. Please note if more programs are available. If 5 programs are not available (for example, 3 programs are available) please note this as well.
– A detailed report on how you went about completing this assignment.

Ideas on how to research:

– Use google
– Design a web crawler

How to present:

– In Excel following this format:

Program Name
Program Director email address (if available, if not, the next best contacts email)
Overview of Program
Course list with descriptions
Hyperlink to College or University

What I dont want:

Undergraduate Programs
Links to websites without specific details within Excel
Graduate Programs unrelated to Creativity or Innovation

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Call Center Available For Commission/Residual Programs

We have a new US based call center available for new programs. We will consider all programs but prefer programs that offer aggressive upfront commissions along with back end residual commissions. We will also consider outsourcing our call center on a per hour per agent basis. We have 60 seats currently available (this can be expanded based on need) that can work two shifts to cover West Coast to East Coast (12-16 hours per day depending on the program). We also have Hispanic agents.

We require weekly payments for the initial 30 days (one week up-front before beginning program or money escrowed to guarantee payment) and can move toward bi-weekly payments after the initial 30 days.

We can source data or can work from client provided data. DNC lists are required if client provides data.

You must provide training, support, CRM, etc.

Please send overview of your program along with detailed proposed compensation and your experience/success with the program.

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2 Simple Programs In Visual Basic/ PHP

This is a homework from my school..for a beginners nothing too difficult, I need two small programs ..each of them have to be in PHP and Visual Basic, (they should be the same thing).. for example a form to take numbers average.. in Visual Basic and in PHP.
Both programs should be in ONE word doc with both listings and screen shots in it.

Please dont be too aggresive with your a beginners course..something simple and easy.

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Prevent Certain Programs From Launching

I need a hidden background program that launches when game is launched to prevent certain programs from starting I.E. Game hacks; i understand that people can create their own game hacks but those people im not really worried about since most just google hacks and thats what they use so i want to prevent these hacks from opening so that they cannot use them. them not being able to open hacks is 1 method i thought of if you can come up with another method that is fine too. you can download game @ under the download section to mess with it and im sure you can find hacks for warcraft 2 on google to test out your project
I run my own server to host this game for multiplayer so if you think of a way to implement this onto the server that will be considered too. We are currently working on a new version of the game that we want to implement an anti hack too amongst other things


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Web Crawler / Data Cleanser

Skills required:
mySQL stored programs, Hibernate, Spring, JDBC, threaded programming, SVN

Much of working code already exists – this is mostly a refactoring and documentation project. Will work with an experienced Java developer Project Lead / Architect. We are NOT using Lucene.

Web Crawler
Analyze existing functioning code base, refactor to improve maintainability
Implement new features to allow crawler to crawl more sites with minimum of configuration changes
Refactor crawl process to handle 1000s of crawling threads with good performance
Refactor crawl process to crawl targeted sites several times a day with good performance
Document refactored code implementation
Document configuration process and crawling process
Work with Project Lead to make crawler operational on production servers (hosted remotely)

Data Cleanser – Develop 100% new Java code, calling existing mySQL stored programs (SP), refactoring mySQL stored programs, writing new stored programs. Documentation of what code calls which SP, which SP does what etc is 40% of the work.
Analyze patterns of crawled data to identify errors and potential errors
Analyze existing data cleansing mySQL stored programs (70% existing)
Refactor existing stored programs, develop new ones and maintain data cleansing stored programs
Develop using Java, mySQL stored programs to create data cleansing process
Document developed systems
Work with Project Lead to make Data Cleanser operational on production servers (hosted remotely)

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MLM Website Replication In ASP.Net

Please also view my featured posting for more details and opportunties.

I need a website replicating software program that can be installed by you on my preferred server (MS SQL with ASP.NET) that performs like the software programs that I will give you examples of below. Please do not bid if you are not an expert programmer that has worked with a script like this before.

I want to be provided with the complete source code (no encoding) of the program so that it can be modified later in the event that you are not available to work on it. I prefer a working demo of the program before agreeing to purchase. You will need to be available immediately to install the program and work with me until it is functioning properly as expected. This is also an opportunity to build a long term position with the company to maintain the program as we add additional functions, features and other websites to utilize the same software on different domains.

These are the software programs similar to what I want according to the ones that I like the most first. I will not list all of their functions because it will take up too much space, but if you are not familiar with all of the features that these programs provide, please familiarize yourself with them before you bid on the project making it clear which parts would not be included in your software script

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