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Web Designer For A Motorbike Joomla Project

Hi all,

I am currently developing a french social network on motorbikes using Joomla and JomSocial. I already installed the website a few months ago and I need someone with design skills to work on the graphics.

My needs :
* A banner with the text "Facebike" and a logo reminding the motorbike world. This is not about old or classic bikes, but more about new bikes. Im a fan of my suzuki gsxr 600 K9 ;-).
* You should start from the Dominion template I installed (copyright RocketTheme) and get rid of the "glossy" effects. I would like something cleaner.

Website designs I like :,

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3d Tunning Project

18 seconds video

presentation of an online store selling products tunning
a garage door open with the logo of the site
appears a car without tuning and will be transformed into car tuning,
garage with several pieces tuning the car back,
pilot starts car engine, and does some car exibitions and leaves the garage

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Project For IndyaInfo

500 Links are Approved Do-Follow High PR Links from PR4-PR8 Websites.
20 links for the each of 25 sites, total 500 backlinks.
2 keywrods per site.
Budget – 200$

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SEO And Conversion Rate Improvement Project

I have done a lot of SEO but need someone to look at my site and help me make it even better so that my conversion rates can improve.

The successful candidate must be able to provide solid references that what they did actually made a difference on said website.

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Web Developer Required. Private Project For Forbestcoder

We require a web developer to develop something simillar to an online auction site. Apart from being exceptional developer you will need to have good SDLC knowledge. I would like to approve wireframes before actual development takes place. High level of business requirements will be provided but no detailed functional specs so you will need to have ability to work autonomously. More details provided to shortlisted candidates

Desired skill set:
– Advanced skills in AJAX
– .Net or PHP (4+ years)
– Knowledge of HTML, XHTML
– Experience with Open Source Technologies
– Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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Web Site Development Joomla/Flash/3D

Looking for a website developer(s) to create a joomla based website similar to an existing website (for reference only).
1.) The website will be in English.
2.) Joomla Based
3.) Will have flash content and 3D Spinning semi transparent cube
4.) We can provide all software if needed.
5.) The web hosting will be provided by
6.) All databases will need to be set up at
7.) Payment: 1/3 when first milestone reached, balance when website complete.
8.) Website will be primarily graphically oriented. Copy will need to be developed by you the contractor. We will work with you on this. Approximately 70 to 100 words per page.
9.) There will be approximately 6

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PowerPoint Presentation 2 Hours Max

I have two PP presentations that need to be converted to my powerpoint template. I will provide both the existing presentations and the template. It should be very easy for someone who knows PP well. Less than 1 hour per presentation.

It is conversion work, not design.

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Web Site Conversion From Front Page To Joomla

Convert to a Joomla based website.
We need a shopping cart linked to Paypal for the existing products being sold. We also want an affiliates function so other people can sell or refer our products
We need files that can be easily loaded into our existing hosting service that supports Joomla 1.5.

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Converting Web Site From Dotnuke To Joomla

I have a site that is created using the dotnetnuke and it is multilanguage ( ENGLISH/ARABIC) and done using ASP .NET

I need someone profisional who can convert the site from DotNetNuke to joomla in the fastest time possible, all content are available, the current site work on MSSQL, we need the new site to be based on MySQL,

we need a very profisnal skilled people to do it ASAP, the current dotNetNuke we have have some problems so we need to elimnate it be going to joomola, also we have already speperate server to install the joomola in

I need a profisinal answer ASAP please

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Joomla Small Project

Need some assistance on a revamp of my site

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Project For Barca2045

As discussed Joomla edits!

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"Acesso" Joomla Project For Platonicsolutions

We already talked about this project on Skype 🙂
budget $100

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Finish Off A Joomla / EZ Realty Project By 27th October

I need someone who excels in Joomla / PHP / CSS / Javascript and has worked with the EZ Realty add-on.
I am expecting big things from this site and will call on you for future modifications if I am happy with the results.
This project must be finalised and able to shift to live BETA stage by the 27th October.

Please ask any questions you may have in-case I haven

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Yootheme NU Module Position Setting For Joomla 1.5

I installed Yootheme template NU into our client web site,
We are looking for joomla template specialist who can help module setting and configuration.
I want to set module positions pretty much same as Yootheme samples
Budget is around $50,

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Web Site Conversion To Joomla

Need to convert two websites to Joomla. Visit review and bid for conversion of first site to Joomla. Joomla version needs to be accessible for maintenance remotely by webmaster. Turn key solution needed. Payment terms to be agreed. Proof Of Concept for main page will be required as free of charge. [Removed by Site Administrator]

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Little Project On Drupal

Only for russian speaking developers who are good in drupal. I need developer to make little additional functionality for current site + little fixes.

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Setup Web Site From Existing C# ASP.source Cod

I have existing C# ASP.NET source code for Web Site with about 50 pages (aspx, cs), few DLLs, and 1 small MS SQL database. Need to compile and setup to work.

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Joomla Template Project

I need a joomla template project modified for the blog section of my website. The eventual design must match the existing templates. I will provide more details on request.

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Move Changes From One JOOMLA Site To Another -30 Day Project

Someone will move the work that is already done MENU by MENU to the main (live) website. If a page (article) is missing on the new website, i expect you to create a new page and make sure all new menus are landing people on a specific page.

This project will last about a month. Therefore, i will breakup the payments in 4 pieces just so that you can get the money for the work already completed. Why a month? This is partly i wont have the time to make all the updates necessary on my end. Again, this work will be completed one menu at a time and associating pages will need to be created (blank content).

Following is the extent of work taken from this site

— 17 Menus (roughly) on the left will be created on the new website. The order of these menus may be slightly different. We may also ask you to add / update a few entries for the menus if missing.

— For the 17 menus, you will end up creating some pages (if a page is already not there). I am guessing you will end up creating about 30 pages (just a rough number). Creating a page means creating a new page and having a title and linking it with the menu. Not asking you to add any content to it. Must keep SEO type URLs in mind.

— 8 – 10 Menus on the right will need to be moved (created) to the new site including the contact us form which requires installing a plug-in which will send email (must work). Again, i will ask you to move one menu at a time and create associating pages as necessary. Total number of pages that needs to be setup still stay the same (roughly 30).

– Rename a navigation entry from "injections performed" to "procedures performed" on the new website. This includes the top tab and the left navigation.

– Make sure as people move from page to page, the top menu (tabs) are highlighted.

I already worked with someone to create the existing site accordingly to our specs. Now, i am looking for someone to move the changes to the main LIVE website. Instead of having blank pages all over the place, i am going to work with someone over the next month to tackle one menu at a time so menus will have the necessary pages. Page content is going to be added by someone else.

Not looking to get this done in a few days.

Again, look this this site for which work is already done.

We get our work done in a test website and see the look / feel before bringing it to the main live website.

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SEO Project For TishaSoft

Here you go, show me what what you can do. Like I said I really need to see how you do business so if I could get the weekly and monthly reports you normally sent, plus all the usual comunication.

keyword: seo surrey

Good luck, I hope this can be the start of a great releationship.

Good luck

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Interspire Theme Conversion

This is a project to integrate a supplied first page along with applying the same style of theme across an Interspire shopping cart.

Further detailed direction can be given to the winning bidder.

Please only bid if you have experience with Interspire.

Example version of the first page can be found at:

Full layered PSD will be supplied.

There will need to be a full backup of the site made prior to the winning bidder starting work in case of any problems during the project.

As this is fairly urgent, the project may be awarded prior to the end of the project bidding period. Please be aware we will require this project completed promptly.

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Convert Existing Site To Joomla

I have an existing website which I need to convert it to joomla. I want to be able to manage the content and make it lighter. I want it to look something similar to: (this was done by me but I need someone to program the basics) Originally, I was doing this project with a programmer that programmed his own CMS but it didint work. You can see how the new site should look like, here: Also a new site almost identical needs to be built> similar to The main difference with this one is that it has an extra language> Portuguese
I am requiring the following:
– Basic programming of Joomla for both sites so that I am able to create the pages myself. You would need to make the menus and the home page and I will make all the remaining pages myself.
– The site needs to be bilingual for transpanish and trilingual for transportuguese.
– A quote form needs to appear in all pages, as you can see in transpanish (at the right). I will need to translate the form to Spanish and Portuguese for the Spanish and Portuguese version. A quote form also needs to appear in a webpage as in
– You will need to install Joomla in both domain hostings so that I only need to log in and create the webpages, and I need to keep the existing Blogs (made with WP). A link to the Blogs should appear in the top menues (both Transportuguese and Transpanish have a blog)
– I want the last 4 Blog post titles of my blogs to appear in both sites homepages. You can see this in at the left (below last posts)
– I need to put the telephone numbers at the top as it appears in Transpanish.
– A Paypal icon needs to be put at the right as it appears in Transpanish.

Both sites need to be SEO friendly. Regarding Transpanish I need to maintain the htm extensions so that I dont loose the page rank or we can do a redirect if you know for sure that the rank will be transferred to the new pages. The redirect would need to be programmed.
Regarding Transportuguese, the extensions dont need to be html as the site is new.

I need someone with a strong experience and VERY professional who is able to finish the work in around 2 weeks. Please bid with a time frame you can accomplish. We will need to sign a contract or PO specifying the deadline so please make a realistic bid.

I might have more work in the near future. Please bid with your best price.


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Project For Clayarcs

This porject is for clayarcs for additions to existing script we discussed in pm.

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$30 MAX Joomla Project … Copy Existing Site

$30 MAX Joomla project … Copy Existing Site into a new location (copy NOT move).

Ill deploy the base deployment of Joomla to a new location. Ill give you the existing DB and files (whatever you need), you will then deploy (copy NOT move) the site into a new location.

******* Bonus $20 If *******
******* Bonus $20 If *******

Bonus $20 if you can help reorganize the site navigation which will follow through the site. Also, add additional needed menus as needed in certain locations.

******* Bonus $20 If *******
******* Bonus $20 If *******

Site detail to people who seem reasonable and come with good reviews.


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SENUKE Article Submitter

Every week I will supply you with 5 spun articles, each article needs to be submitted to all of the article directories and web 2.0 properties which SENUKE supports.

You must be familiar with SENUKE to win this project.

The price for this job is $30 per week.

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Layout Change For A Hyip Web Site & Complete A MLM Project

Job 1: please visit : , its a HYIP site based on PHP .
i will give you this script. you need to change total layout including admin site.
layout must be look very professional.
also i need 10 GIF animated banner. please see sample at :
quote your price for each banner.

job 2: see
its a uncompleted matrix/online MLM web site. my previous designer switch job. so i need some one, who can able to complete this project.

pm me your price separately. and bid total price for both job. No any upfront payment. you may work on your own server. when you complete project, i will pay you 50% direct and 50% should be screw. after 7 days screw payment should release to your favour. i will take this 7 days for trial and any correction/modifying ( if required).

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O2I – Beauty Project I And II For Chirag

New beauty site + new features on existing site.

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Web Site Conversion Frontpage To Joomla

Converting a site made with frontpage in joomla.
The site is in a file that will be converted to hold on graphics and logo in joomla.
For more information i can send the link to download the file of the website the file is about 70 mega but is not a big website.

All page will need to have the google analitics insert.

Some “smart” guys have cracked the web site so didnt works online see
I did the backup of the web site (see the file attached).

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Project for Teknowledge: Subdomain to Video Site

Create a subdomain for main site to display videos only for the entered domain.

Most components are there. This is to tidy up and tie some loose ends. More details will be sent to provider directly.

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UI Designer for Web / AJAX CMS Interface

We are developing a new web interface for an existing content management system (CMS). This CMS system supports a variety of use cases including asset management, page design, reporting, user rights management etc. We are looking for a contractor to support the usability and graphical design to ensure that this interface looks great and is incredibly easy to use for our clients.

The chosen candidate will be working with expert users of the existing CMS system to understand its use cases and areas for improvement.

* a passion for delivering compelling web 2.0 application interface with 2 supporting references
* ability to work onsite in Hampshire, UK for at least some of the project
* good understanding of web 2.0 interfaces using Ajax and the interaction style they support
* excellent understanding of key Human Interface Design issues and processes for rapidly delivering very usable interfaces
* excellent communication skills & english speaking
* available immediately
* mobile web site design experience beneficial

* artifacts (format TBA) defining the user interface flow of the application in terms of user interface components
* graphical designs for the interface including colour scheme, images, icons etc

This is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate to work with small engineering team on a cutting edge project. There is scope for this to become a medium to long term relationship for the right candidate or possibly even a contract-to-perm.

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