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Editing An Already Made DB Using Access (reposted)


I have a billing system made using MS Access. It is a very simple billing system. I want to make a few changes to fit the requirements. The changes would be:
1. All coding is done using embedded macro, I want atleast some of the coding to be in embedded procedure using VBA.
2. A few changes in the bill form and some of the other forms.
3. I want the tables to be normalized and validated. Some of the fields are validated but some have to be validated.

These are the major problems to be fixed. There will be other monor changes while the changes are being done. So you have to agree to correct all those minor changes.

Budget – $20

Deadline – URGENT so fast as possible.

All payments will be made only after completion and checked. You can see my reviews, I do pay for what I get.


PS: Time wasters and companies please dont waste your time as I want someone to be online for 5 hours atleast and fix everything for me.

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Need Expert In WordPress

Need full website using wordpress. working fulltime until project finish

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Need MySQL & PHP Expert

Im familiar with both mysql and php, I basically need an expert who I can pay just to answer questions and look over some scripts modifying them correctly. Im looking for different and more efficient methods of executing queries and I also have some problems I need solved. Need someone especially familiar with FULLTEXT in mysql and using functions in queries. Looking for way to preserve server resources, searching over 100,000 rows. If youre available to continue working this could very be an ongoing job.

**I need assistance immediately**

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IPhone Game Project Unity 3D Or IPhone SDK

Looking for a game similar to the Impossible Game — to be created for iPhone / iPad using Unity 3D or iPhone SDK. Project will integrate AdMob (Google Mobile Adsense).

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Need access to the execucomp database, very quick job

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Access Database Verifone Payware Integration

I have a POS with an access db front end and backend in MS SQL i need to integrate it with verifone sim payware. Please help. I am on a tight deadline.

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Access Database Redesign

We have an existing database that is a combination of a CRM database and product database. Each product has a serial number and is linked too a certain customer. Through time there can be several consecutive owners, and we keep track of owner history, repair history and all initial data and registrations of the product when it is first produced. Each product is delivered with other serialized accessories, this is also registered. The database is build in Microsoft Access, and with increasing number of records entered over the last 10 years, it has become impractically slow. We therefore need it to be redesigned, using basically the same front end design on a more efficient database platform, probably SQL.

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Set Up Filemaker As Frontend For WordPress MySql Database

I have a WordPress website and I want to be able to interact directly with its Mysql database using Filemaker as a front end. To begin, all I need is help setting up the connection between Filemaker and Mysql. However, I may also need help with the Filemaker frontend design. For now please give a quote just for the connection, but keep in mind that the project might expand.

Web host: GoDaddy
Filemaker server 11
Mac OS X 10.6
Filemaker Pro Advanced 11
WordPress 2.92

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MS Access & C# Integration Project

Requirement is to write an integration interface between an existing IP telephony dialer controller, written in C# and a multi-user MS Access Database, specifically controlling screen pop (popping) which records are on display on each Access Users Screen in accordance with numbers/contacts dialed by the IP dialer. This is a application for a call centre environment.

Current logged on users and respective client hostnames are currently not captured or used. The Access Database will be stored on a central file share. Access Users will all be LAN connected to the dialer.

Changes to the access DB and/or the Visual Studio dialer is allowed allowing a push or pull notification.

A sample Access Database and a copy of base integration code from the dialer provider will be provided.

Documentation of the code and support for testing will be required. Support from the dialer provider is also available.

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Integration To French Sageline 100 Using ODBC

This project is to integrate (10 integration points) our product MCS-rm to French Sageline 100 using ODBC.
The person applying must have experience of French Sageline 100 (it is totally different from UK sageline 100) and the ODBC drivers in Sageline 100
the project will kick off doing the three most important integration touch points
and then as a second phase move onto the other 7 integration points
Please do not apply if you do not have detailed knowledge of French Sageline 100

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Urbanspoon Like Flash Spinner

I need a spinner like built in flash, but using info from restaurants in my (already developed) mysql database

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Simple Java Program Using Netbeans 6.8 And MySQL Database

Create a connection to a mysql database in netbeans. The database will contain the following table:



USE registrar;

SET @saved_cs_client = @@character_set_client;
SET character_set_client = utf8;
CREATE TABLE `student` (
`studentID` int(10) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
`firstName` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`lastName` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`gpa` float(4) NOT NULL,
`status` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
`mentor` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`level` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
`thesisTitle` varchar(60) NOT NULL,
`thesisAdvisor` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`company` varchar(20) NOT NULL

Build a student record managing system application that uses the above database.
1. Create a Student inheritance hierarchy. This should include the following

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Database Research Project

Project Budget: $30-$40

I need to build a database of 400 MLM distributors from specific companies & zip codes. No more then 50 names from any one company. You must search the web to gather this information from various sources. Project should be completed within 3 days. I would like results sent in an excel spreadsheet.

Will be sent via PM

Area Codes:
215, 267, 610, 484, 609, 856, 302, 717

I require the following information for each distribtor:

Name /Email / Phone / Company Name / link to webpage where you gather the data


name- JEAN REIMANN / email-jreimann new.rr / phone-920-733-3414/ company-Mary Kay / website link -

Thank You

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Project For Sujoy From Danielle 16

Fix database/admin

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iPhone application to display content

I need an iPhone application that shows content to a user based on preferences they provide in the application. The users preferences will be stored in their device and accessed by the application to display unique content whenever they open the application.

The content will be fetched from a websites MySQL database and cached on a daily basis. Overall, there will be 4 or five different pages in the app which will be navigated using tabs.

I would like to have this application ready in 3 weeks.

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We are looking for a database expert to develop a solution to manage products and suppliers for our product sourcing process .
This Online database aim is to store information about our products, suppliers and requests for quote projects.
Key required functionnalities are :
– Suppliers register and update their info
– Supplier can upload multiple products using some
– Product database has sections with specific access rights
– Projects are Request for quote that we post and to which invited suppliers can access and reply with their quotes, files, messages (similar to GAF)
– Admin panel with advanced access rights and export management
Project requires a very capable PHP développer with ability to deliver a working solution Under 8 days using possibly a reference work.
We supply all fields for database and key page layouts
Please advise existing similar work in PM
Full details and workflows to be supplied in PM

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Website Redesign

This project is to redesign an existing website which is currently developed using Perl,Java Servlets and MYSQL database. We would like to redesign the site using Java Servlets and MYSQL database.

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PHP coder needed w/ MySQL knowledge

I have an 8 page php form for my web site visitors to complete.
The form needs to record the details into a MySQL database and then e-mail the results in a clean table based format.

I already have the form built and all it requires is someone to tweak it so that it runs through the database properly.

It used to work on my old server, but since I switched host it doesnt work.

For an experienced php programmer this should be a very quick easy job.

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php display mysql data project

ok this project is for creating a PHP app/page to display information from my mysql database in a certain way that i see fit formated how i also see fit

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Installation of Joomla + Some extensions/ Modules

This is a very easy job for a Joomla expert, should not take much time to complete this project.

Project: To install Joomla 1.5.10 on a new site (I will provide access to host) + install 21 (modules and/or Extensions) in the host root to integrate with installed Joomla. Don

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Eurolexis : Project to build Open-source, European and International Law Wiki

Graphic designer and web developer with strong PHP, PERL and scripting skills required to design and build a new European Law Wiki, to be hosted in the UK.

Said contractor must, in addition to being a skilled and creative graphic designer,be capable of coding to a very high standard in PHP and SQL and in using MySQL databases. Thye must also be confident of coding within a Linux/FreeBSD environment.

It is intended that the site be built using TikiWiki and so therefore applicants with no experience using this software will not be considered.

All software and code is to be open-source and will be hosted on a dedicated LAMP server in the United Kingdom.

All coding must be documented and available to the client for inspection.

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