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Web Page Project

Dear programmers!
I have idea and need to finish it but no skills and knowledge in programming task what so ever.
So far I have this:

Its suppose to be writing community page like those:

This sites are complicated, have lots of features, paid membership and loads of options members can be amused and interested in. My page is made on free platform, as example what I am going for. It doesnt necessary mean that it will stay on the It is up to you. You can both offer me upgrades only or entire design from scratch including domain.

From you I want detailed plan and program how to improve its features to resemble more to site I mentioned above, the one with paid features and etc.

I would like you to made list of necessary changes and your ideas about my page, include price you will charge me for every step, both graphic and programming changes; you are free to offer me lots of things considering your programming services which could help my site in any way so I can choose what to pick and which programmer have the best point in what I want to achieve.


I am not likely to pick you in day one, because I am very creative and demand the same from my designer.

Do NOT bid if you dont have elaborated steps and plan for this project.
Do NOT bid if you dont have samples of previous work.
Do NOT bid if you dont have outstanding feedback from your previous employers.

All considering payment, communication and deal will be done trough freelancer and only trough escrow service, no other way of payment or no other way of communication will be possible before and during work.
Payment description: 1 ( one!) milestone, payment release after testing you product.

I will modify my budget to suite your offer price and changes you will made on page and changes and prices stated in your project plan. Till the I am in seek mod, please bid on amount 100$ in 33 days and key word cash only in your PM, all other plan proposals will not be taken in notice.

No frauds, no fakes, no lousy done job, no pushing the toll with prices.
If I dont find satisfactory party to make this project I will simply open another one and start my search again.
I am not in the time run, and I have all the time on the world so I will choose wisely.

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Photo Project For Karreman

Create montage of supplied photos and logos for use on a fundraising page.

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Project Only For Netdevbiz

Customize web store

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Web Scrapping Project

Need someone to scrap for me profile images, prefer the size to be 36 x 36.

Need 10,000 images

Should consist of a mixture of people of different races , some general portrait images so it seems natural.

Propose solution , how long you take and share experience.

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Web Scraping Project – Start Today!

Looking to consult with a Data Mining / Web Scraping expert to discuss new projects I have in mind. Please use PMB to introduce yourself and express your skills related to these strategies and tactics.

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Web Develompent Project

I am looking to create a website using the same template as,
The site will use a popularity algorithm to draw in the most popular projects to the homepage based on number of likes (not sure if this is how works).
There will also be individual pages that will draw in the most liked projects only they will be filtered so it will pull in the most popular projects of that particular category. (if there is a art project it will pull in the most popular projects categorized as

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I am an seo company in Canada, Montreal.

I really need to have a website to convert.

Im searching for this kind of design or or

I need html 4.01 validate w3c.

Its really important to have clean , code , nice design. Before I hire you I need to chek your portefolio and I need the best website to convert well. Habitually for a webpages I paid 200 $ us. So give me your offer. I am able to give you 10 website per week to do , I am searching someone who is the best in the details , like to change the website , best creativity .

Give me your portefolio or dont bid please.

I am searching for the best, looser dont put your bid.

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Welocome Page (test Before Large Project)

Test is just one page, a welcome page. The page will be simple, and clean. Be translated into Japanese from English.

And link to a second page.

Very simple:
My Logo
A large box with the company tag line.
A large link button to the next page "Now Hiring"
And button to convert the site to Japanese.

The large project is:
I need a programmer to build a language learning community. Similar to

The site will have student and teachers profiles and the interface would be in English and Japanese.

The profiles will have different timezones so the user that logs in has to see the availability of the teacher in their time.

The site will allow students to request classes from teacher and they will be able to meet in the "classroom". (integration with WebEx). Also I need to have a payment method set up to collect the fee. And Id like to beable to track how many lessons a teacher gave and create a score for the teachers based on the feedback from the student after the lesson.

If you have any similar experience, please email me previous sites built.

The look I am searching for is "simple and easy to use".

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Project For Komal 4

30 PR1S, 30 PR2s, 30 PR3s, 10 PR4s over a 25 day period.

Links must be from relevant sites (finance related) and permanent.

PR is of the page that contains the link and not of the main site. I shall provide anchor text to use.

Links will be verified and any link not meeting the guideline will need to be replaced.

o Links must be permanent, static, free(non-paid), one-way, non-reciprocal, text-only
o Links must be on English sites
o Links will need to be SEO and Google friendly
o Links must be submitted manually

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On Page Search Engine Optimization Project

Australia company looking to target local Australia customers only. We are online shop and mainly selling water pumps to customer direct.
We hope the target keywords and some products can ranking on page 1 of after optimization. I would like to see with proven optimization experience, great ideas and success with existing clients.

The scope of On Page Search Engine Optimization.

Keyword research and Keyword Competitiveness Analysis
Initial ranking report
Keyword placement
Competitive analysis
Back Link Analysis
Alt tags on images
Title Tags Optimized / meta tags preparation for entire site which includes title, description, keywords, h1/h2/h3 tags and other important tags
W3C validation for all pages
Website Structure Optimization
Optimization of Internal link structuring
Broken Links Analysis
Robot.txt generation & Optimization
Content Optimization suggestions

Bi-weekly Activity report to show improvement/success + analysis and refinement for 3 months (e.g. Search Engine ranking reports and Google analytics reports)

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Web Advertising Project

I need some help getting the word out about my site online. I have several ideas, so please contact me if you are interested. Thanks.

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Web Designing Project For Freshers

I need some fresh web designers to join my team for a simple web designing projects.
details will be discussed through pmb.
so start bidding and pm me.
i may select multiple winner.

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Web Designing Project For Freshers

I need some fresh web designers to join my team for a simple web designing projects.
details will be discussed through pmb.
so start bidding and pm me.
i may select multiple winner.

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Web Writing Project! Starting From $ 0.25 For 100 Words

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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Simple Page Update CMS Project

I need someone to design a page using CMS. Its an articles/pressroom page where we will post the text into a field and the page will update. Simple CMS stuff.

The admin will have 3 fields:

– Enter text and HTML into a field
– Enter a date into a field – (set up must be Month, Day, Year)
– Radio button to select which category – Press Release, Blog Post, and Newsletter

Thats it…thanks for bidding

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Project For Mantislin

Web scraping project for mantislin

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Website Info Extraction And Promotion

I have a list of 300 websites. I would like to find someone to help to judge if those websites are related to English learning or not. If so, then find out its contact information and then sent an email to this contact (or sent an private message, leave a comment, …etc.). I will provide some guidelines, an email a/c and email template. The purpose is to invite those people to visit my website and attract them to give me a link on their web page.

I estimate this project takes around 15~20 hours to complete.

I am looking for an individual who actually do the work. Company, agency or middle-man will not be considered.

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Long-term Web Writin Project

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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Multi- Page Mailback Form Or Cart Project

We are looking for someone to create a multi page form or some type of cart that will allow our customers to select one of our design samples and let us know what changes are needed to the selected example. All actual design function will be done offline and is not part of this project.


Here are the actual process steps>

A customer will go to our example page at
Once on the example page the customer will select an example by clicking on it (the example image will continue on the page they are on > See possible nonworking example

They will then be able to select to keep the current background or select another. If they select another background a page will be displayed with other background options (Once they select a new background it will be placed on the next page) > See possible nonworking example

The above process will also be done for the
Name Holders > See possible nonworking example

Team Name Font> See possible nonworking example

Player Name Font> See possible nonworking example

Coaches/Sponsor Name Font> See possible nonworking example

Adding Customers information> See possible nonworking example

Adding Team information> See possible nonworking example

Adding Players information> See possible nonworking example

Adding Final information> See possible nonworking example

Recap and final submission> See possible nonworking example

All this information can be sent by email or just added to a database file. I dont want this to be too complex for our customers to use so it needs to be simple. There will also need to be a button to go back and or start the process over.

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Web 2 Print Project

Looking for site similar to , I am hoping that someone can take the CRE Loaded source code or Magento and add modules that will enable the following features. I am looking to host the website on my own server and would need the full source code.

AJAX Style Pages so the customer does not have to update shopping cart etc

Loyalty Program
– Customers who are more loyal will receive perks such as cheaper pricing, faster turnaround, and special promotions
-There will be 3 Customer Levels: Fan, Exclusive, Partner
– Loyalty will be calculated by the length they have been a member, how much they spend a month, how many orders they place.

Rewards Program
-For every dollar spent customers wil lreceive a point
-There will be a rewards page where they can use points towards rewards such as $50gift cards, ipod, laptop, etc
-Make Sat-Sun-Mon Double Rewards Points Days

File Upload
-Customers will go through regular checkout process. Once they have completed payment the confirmation page will also have the ability for them to upload files to their perspective orders.
-After they upload a file they will see a pdf preview
-Customer must approve the pdf preview

WYSIWYG Design for two main products "business cards" and "postcards"

Instant Price Calculator
-This will enable the price to change automatially based on the attributes

Attributes are percentage based
-The attributes will alter price based on percentage of unit price

Client Dashboard
-Client can see what stage their job is in

Live Support
-Plan to use Ability to install php live chat

-Ability for the customer to diwnload blank photoshop, illustrator templates

Customer will also have a Payment Field- It will allow us to choose whether the customer pays upfront, net30, or can use in house credit

Customer has ability to ship to multiple locations

Customer can click "print estimate" and instead of placing order they can print pdf quote

Click to Call

Customers will have a Reseller Field – If it is populated they will not be charged tax
Customer will also have a Broker Field – If it is populated the will receive extra discount

Please provide links to similar websites.

09/30/2010 at 16:46 EDT:

Online Print Shop, Print Shop Ecommerce Site, Ecommerce for Printers, Ecommerce for Print Brokers

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Web Designer Project


If you are an experienced web designer/developer who can design a site from scratch from a Photoshop (psd) file that we will provide, then we have work for you.

Below are our requirements: –

– Mush be experienced in using html, CSS and js (Dreamweaver)
– The site needs to be designed fully in CSS, so all the buttons/rollovers coding will need to be in a CSS file.
– All other coding must be in the cgi-bin
– Site to be WC3 compliant and will be checked
– Site needs to work in all browsers (All internet Explorer versions, Firefox and so on)
– Site to remain in the middle of all browsers (background to expand to fix all windows)
– For the top section, which includes the menu bar; for that section to remain open in order to reduce reloads on each click? No frames but something similar to frames that allows web search.
– Allow us to add more links/pages to the menu bar (through the CSS coding)
– We have 2 coded pages, which need to open within the sites body (all the coding for the Customer Login and Sign Up is complete, just need the pages to open within the site body section). The pages relate to the Sign-Up and Customer Login section to open within the parent section of the site.
– All feedback forms to work and connect to the cgi-bin
– Active pages e.g. rollovers, dropdowns and informative pop-ups
– Be able to read Mysql tables and display data as we do have a section on the site that will change monthly, (this must work on our servers).
– Must be able to work from Photoshop
– Small shopping cart linked to PayPal
All examples of our requirement will be provided in detail

Please only reply if you have more than 10 URL working examples that you have worked on and have fully completed.
Work must be done on our servers and payment will only be made after all the work has been completed, if payment is requested during the project or before all the work is completed and checked, or you withhold work, we will end the project.

We require for the site to be fully designed using CSS therefore no tables, no coding on the html pages itself only in the CSS. Please only reply if you are fully experienced with the above details and can work to deadlines.
We will only look at bids/providers who send URL

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Web Scraping Project

I am looking for a person to create a drupal database from a .net website using web scraping.

The site contains a directory of schools and i want each information of schools mentioned on this page

If you have any queries, let me know

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LifeDesign Project – For Plsohani

This is web designing project for plsohani, only.

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Web Page Scraping Single -page Project

Web page scraping single -page project for more details pm me.

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Business Web Copywriting Project

We need high-end writers for business-oriented web articles for eco-friendly business website that include corporate content, blog articles, product/service descriptions, news releases, reviews, etc.

Project is restricted to writers with experience in B2B copywriting

* Experienced writers in business-oriented content (please post examples)
* Research on subject (each group of articles refer to similar matter)
* Smart writers that can deliver added value through interesting content for a business audience
* * Error free Articles, correct grammar, no fluff
* 100% Original Work, no plagiarism (checked with
* Articles ready to go online
* total keyword density of 1.5- 2.5% max
* Output of minimum 10 articles / week

Most articles are between 300 and 400 words (business style with short sentences, simple vocabulary, bullet points)
There is also some rewriting for articles available

* ongoing work (at least for coming 6 months)
* Interesting subject
* Reliable payment every week
* Starts immediately

You will get key ideas, keywords, benchmark for each article and then you write an article about it.

We will ask for 1-2 article test to validate quality and workflow before actual job starts.

We will reward quality focused writers with more work and bonuses. If youre looking for a reliable income stream then is the right project to bid on as we are looking for a long term relationship with writers that will understand the project requirements.

I pay via PayPal within 24 hours of completion of each article project of 25 articles Moneybookers or GAF if you dont have Paypal. No escrow

Rates are $3.00 per 300-500 word article and $1.00 for article rewriting. May be rediscussed after first 100 articles and client satisfied.

To start immediately please bid for 100 articles and advise links to some previous work in PMB

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Web Scraping Project

Project 1:
extracting contacts from these 2 websites:

they are local yellowpages websites.
i want hyderabad city data according business categories.

and 2nd project is:
go to
go to LOANS and FINANCE section.
i want to extract LOANS, INVESTMENTS contacts CITYWISE.(bangalore, hyd etc.)

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Need Programmers For Web 2.0 Project ,SmartGWT/GWT/Aja

Looking for Programmers to work in a Web 2.0 interface. We are using GWT / SmartGWT
if you dont know it check it here:

We are currently porting a windows based data management application to web2.0, so have many modules to port. So want to have preselected programmers to invite to the projects, or to create a long term programming relationship.

This is about Programming, we would like to see samples of web2.0 applications programmed by you, or where you helped out, That means a web application that acts as a windows application, with drag and drop, etc.

If you have no feedback, please send projects

If you dont have specific experience in GWT, but are related to it via another tech, Please specify which technology are you good in…..!!! cheers,

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Web Scrapping Project


I need to scrape the data from "[CONTACTS REMOVED BY ADMIN]"
Further information will be sent via private message to bidder.
Feel free to bid on this.


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Special Project For Yellowcoder32

10,000 followers on Twitter page
4 weeks

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Web Scraping Project Repost

Last freelancer whom I selected has gone to some neverland, after wasting 9 days. so dont bid, if you cant do the job.

This project will involve extracting property details from one website, performing, search on another and writing the details out to a csv. The site containing the first set of property details is composed of a number of static HTML pages with the property details formatted within a number of tables. The site that will be searched is using a GET web form. The details from the first page can be passed as URL parameters to the search site as well. I have started this project using an application called screen-scraper basic version ( and I would like to continue using the application. I will provide further details to any bidders on this project.

I don;t need your utility. Ive mentioned SCREEN SCRAPER and I want you to work on this utility ONLY. So prior to bidding, read the description and then bid.

Budget :30 USD

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Web Scraping Project

I need tht this site to be crawled:
It is like a of Brazil.
I need to import all its restaurants, bars, etc.
You will visit each of its page like this and import its fields.

The delivery will need to be in a access database.

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