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Product Promotional Video

Hi there, I would like someone to create 4 videos with 30 – 50 sec length. the videos will promote our product and type of service. Two videos will be targetting the B2B and the other two for B2C.

the videos will be posted on our websites

Our budget is $200.

We would like you to be very creative in the look and feel of these videos. you will need to provide voiceovers in English. However if we like your videos and creativeness then we will regularly require more.

we will need in writting all the copyrights of the work.

I hope that you are able to provide past examples of your work.

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Articles For Web Content And Article Directories

Job Description

I need an English speaking writer and require a person from the Philippines.

I have many articles that need to be written and re-written. I have many new topics to write about. They must be different, keyword focused, original and follow my guidelines. You must adhere to Googles new guidelines.

They need to be 100% original and not too promotional. I have been having problems with writers sounding too promotional and not taking responsibility for their work or lack there of.

I need a reliable writer who can be called on when work is needed.

Writers must take responsibility b

I am looking for a long term relationship.e fully submittable to EZINE 100% of the time.

What is the price per article?

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$1.25 / Article (Quality Required – Promotional Article)

number of articles required. bid for $30 and wed extend the project as we find quality and preciseness in your work.
its strictly $1.25 no more, no less.

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Promotional Launch Video For Retail Microsales Tool (phase)

Hi all,

I am after a promotional video for the launch page of our localised, social buying tool, to be put at

The video needs to convey the concept clearly to the customer, which we consider to be small to medium sized businesses. These businesses will use the too to connect with the ultimate end user via an iPhone app. Its a brand new concept! We want the video to be around 60 seconds if possible and to basically highlight the situation in which a business should use Phase.

You will be required to provide:
– The drawing / animation: I want this to be very simple and clean. Flash or the like is fine, but i want it to be cartoon based with simple characters using one or two colours and nothing fancy. Either dark grey (#3e3e3e) and white or orange, dark grey and white would be ideal, as in the first video below. Here are two videos that I like. I would ideally want ours to be somewhere between the two; and

Please find the storyboard attached, it has rough images drawn by me which merely show the story, not the style I want. I will do my own voiceovers, or outsource those, but Ive included the text along with each frame / slide so that you can bear it in mind when animating and the time required on each slide. Ive also included extra notes to help with some of the animation.

I am open to some design flair and if you could show me some of your previous work when you bid (a link or something similar) that would help me greatly in entrusting you with this project!

If you have any questions, ask them up front and along the way, its better to work together on this as I dont want to get to the end and have lots of nasty surprises!

My budget is ideally < $300.



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I need some one to send email blasts out to (hip-hop) music artists around the world. I have the promotional material to send. Requirements: The email list must be to (hip-hop music artists). I will need blasts on a regular basis. I also need some form of information to know how many people are receiving the emails. We will be able to tell by the response anyway but we want to know so we can adjust the promotional material. We are promoting & branding our website.

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Ezine Article Writer – Continous Work

We are looking for someone to continuously write 500 word articles for us, about 10-20 per week. Looking for someone committed who can write articles on time. Must be familiar with Ezine guidelines. We will need you to submit the articles to our Ezine account as well. We are a promotional products supplier, so the majority of your writing would be articles on promotional tote bags, promotional pens, etc.

We would pay $5/500 words.
Please message me samples of your writing if you are interested. Thank you!

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Promotional Video On After Effects From My Templates

Hello ! I need 3 videos , but this project is just for one.

I have voice over and need to be created one 3 minute promotional video on adobe after effects. TO make this max easy,i`ve bought arround 7-8 templates,costing me over 200$. They are modern,21`st century looking. I need someone who i can give the templates to , and produce me one great video. I have images and video which can provide and explain where it goes.

I`m low of cash now,but you benefit from the templates,plus additional 30 max to 50$.
Timeline is important here, 3 days max, up to 2 revisions.
Please do not bid if you are not sure that you can finish the video on time and with quality.
Further info will be avaivable to those, who are interested,i`m looking for service providers with high ratings.
If sucsessfull,more videos will be coming !

Happy Bidding !

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Create A Promotional Video (pics, Info & Music)

I need a promotional video to promote some music artists I represent. I want to have their pictures flashed on the video. I would also like their contact information flashed as well. This video is meant to brand my company as well. I would like to have an action movie styled score as the background music for the video. I want to really bring a lot of attention to our website by using our logo throughout the promotional video. I will want you to send us the file for the video so we can post it on youtube as well. The video can be anywhere from 3 to 4 minutes long. This is not a video that will have motion in it. Simply pictures, information and music. Let me know if you can do thi. Send me your experience, examples of your past work as well as your rates. Thank you.

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Website Maintenance

Hi, we have an e-commerce website with shopping cart, were not getting any traffic at all.
we need to drive traffic to the website also we want to change a few things (Postal address, Pics, Details, etc)
we need credit card facility added.

We are also thinking about adding promotional products category that will have promotional products for the customer to choose from example: blank T shirts, pens, mugs, hats, etc that the customer will be able to upload their own design (logo/photo) for screen print, embroidery, digital printing.

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3 Promotional Mail Template

I need 3 promotional email template for my Virtuemart site.

the promotion works with email module Acymailing then would be created with TAG dedicated

1 template is dedicated to invite new user with 1/3 new promotional products

1 template show new arrivals on different VM category

1 template offer 1 discount coupon

I will translate all yourtext in my language (italian)

any template must be with very professional graphic and must follow all the tipical rules of email marketing (text version, link ti subscribe/unsuscribe, date, and more….)

will be welcome any link of portfolio about mail marketing of job done.

03/20/2011 at 6:42 EDT:

my site is on

the module is on

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Accommodation Affiliate Site Required.

Job Description

I am looking for someone that can make a site from scratch that will fulfill the following requirements:

* Professional look and feel whilst also being easy and fun to navigate

* offer search options for Australian accommodation

* display search results from (for which the site will be an affiliate).

* This is where it gets tricky: Once a customer has chosen there desired accommodation choice the site will offer two options:

1. Continue with there booking as normal
2. accept a promotional offer to reduce the rates further.

If the customer chooses option 1, the booking will be made through the normal process using expedia.coms normal affiliate booking system.

If the customer chooses to accept the promotional offer and reduce the rates the customer will the run through a qualification page to make sure they meet the promotions minimum qualification. if they do not qualify they will be notified straight away and have the option to book as per normal. if they do qualify for the offer and wish to book, the website will then make a booking through spending money from my companies bank account, the customer will then pay my company not expedia. Once the booking has made the client will then be taken to a promotional offer booking page to set-up a date and time to view the promotional offer.

* the site will then send the customers information and promotional booking information to different email addresses dependent on which location the customer has chosen for there accommodation booking.

* The site also needs to be able to track every client that has accepted the promotional offer, as any client that does not attend the promotional presentation will be required to make up the discount and will be charged on the credit/debit card used to purchase the accommodation.

Other requirements:

* Logo design (If you believe you are capable in all other aspects of the site but would rather not do the logo we will consider outsourcing this to someone else)

* Complete front and back end set-up

This is just a brief overview and im sure once working with the right people we will find some more things to add

If you believe you can do this please feel free to get in touch

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Make Promotional Video For Website

We want to create a promotional video for our website that focuses on our product which is targeted mainly at accountants and IFAs. Our thought is that much of the video that we have already recorded could be used in making a promotional video production to showcase our services and design tools.

Require a 3 short video to put on homepage of my website. Its aim is to convert visitors into purchasers. A script the voice overs have been done, so we just need some stock video with illustrations which you add the audio over the top

Our budget is 50-100 USD for this task

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30-60 Second Promotional Animated Video For Dating Site


This project is for an animated video which will be featured as a promotional/introduction on the homepage of a relatively high traffic dating site, to the left of the sign-up form.

Were looking to spend around 150-200 dollars for this initial comparatively simple video (may require more complex videos in the future) but are flexible depending on your portfolio.

The video should ideally be done in After Effects and will feature moving typography or anything else that is in your opinion as an animator suited to introduce the service and present some persuasive information to encourage users to sign up.

The exact text to be used and possibly an audio file to accompany the motion will be provided.

If we like the work, there may be more projects to come with higher pay and more extensive animating required.

Please present a portfolio if you have one or any examples of things youve done in the past so we can get an idea of your work.

Thanks very much!

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1-2min "how It Works" Promotional Video For Youtube

We are an online auctioneer who specialises in selling items on eBay on behalf of our clients.

We require a 1-2min video that can give new clients a better idea of how our service works.

The video can be "real-person" oritentated, animated or in any format you wish – we are open to ideas.

We can provide the copy (text) or main points.

You are in charge of completed the production and providing a video we can then upload to our site, youtube, etc.

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Promotional Video – 30 Second Lenght

My firm is in need of an individual that will make a 25 to 30 second video that will be uploaded to YouTube and many other video sharing sites.

Your tasks will be as follows:

– Create the video that is 25 to 30 seconds long
– Use the images presented to you in either .eps, .ai or .jpg format

This will be a simple video that will have the clients address and web URL. Please apply with examples of your work.

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Graphic Artist To Produce Promotional Email

I sell shares in racehorses in Australia. I need a beautiful email that I can send to my clients and prospects highlighting the features of my new horse.

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Promotional Flyer Design

We are looking for someone to design two sets of flyers for our company. The first is an 8.5×11 inch promotional flyer that we would hand out to potential customers and the second is a 4×6 inch postcard/flyer that we would place inside of a purchased item thanking our customers for their purchase and giving them some information on our website.

Both the promotional flyer and customer card need to have consistent design. We already have logos that were created using Adobe Illustrator that you can work with. Finally, it is important that the promotional flyer be created in such a way that it is easily editable as we will need to add and remove products on a weekly basis. Our thought is that Adobe illustrator would be the best but please let us know if you think another program would be better to use.

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Photoshop Touch Up On Promotional Shots

I have just had some promotional pictures taken (mainly head shots), and would like these touched up slightly. There is only minimal retouching required and a little bit of background editing etc.
I will have approximately 10 photos and would like to pay per photo on a fixed basis.

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Simple Promotional Ad Required

I require a simple promotional ad, written in css which will appear in a wordrpess widget on our site.

Its basically to promote a free tickets competiton were running. Include a few graphics here and there.

Simple work. More details upon request.

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Promotional Products Website

Design of website for a promotional products company, mixture of several existing sites.

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Promotional Mugs/cups, Designed + Manufacture + Deliver

Need someone to design and brand promotional mugs/cup and deliver to Sydney. 500 units on first order
-Must have a range of coffee mugs to choose from
-Be able to deliver to Sydney, AUS
-Complete price including delivery

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Need Promotional Video On After Effects

Hello, everyone, i need a promotional video made on after effects.
Style should be similar or better,than :
The video will promote new site for hyper virtual conferences.
I`m providing logo, voice over, background music, pictures and videos. All you need to do is put them togheter.

Aprox lenght of the video is 2 minutes,budget is 40$, if it works good,i`ll have 3 more videos to do !
Fast turnarround required.

Bids more than 40$ will be ignored
Thanks and happy bidding !

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How To Video


I would like a promotional video made for my site. It should be under 90 seconds long and use screenshots of my site to show customers how my product works.

Initally I would like one video to be made. Once deemed suitable I will require another 4 promotional videos, please just bid based on creating on video.

The deadline for completition would be 27th January two weeks from now. There is no movement on this deadline so please do not bid if you cannot deliver the FINAL project by then.

All bids should include examples of previous works, if no examples are attached to your first communication I will immediately hid your bid.


Miss Vikki Taylor

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Promotional Video For Group Buying Website

Hello. I need someone to make a video like this one (the 1st one from the top.) You can create it however you like, just get the same message across as they did. This isnt to much work, so keep the bids low!

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Need 1 Professional Animated Promotional Video (2-3mins)

This project will involve designing and creating 1 professional quality animated promotional/intro video for our website. The website is a daily deal site.

Project Details:
– We will provide the script for the 2-3min video. You will be responsible for creating an outline and designing and creating the animation videos
– Voice-over and background music will be provided by you
– We are looking for our video to be very similar to this style: (Lots of white space, inviting blue color with a very friendly, upbeat feel to them!)
– Project Length: 15 days max

Project Requirements:
Contractor will need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and Work For Hire Agreement. They will also need to provide us with examples of previous related work in order to be considered for the project.

We are a fun team to work with and we respect motivated and enthusiastic people.

Additional information:

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Clean Promotional Video For Website

I need a clean & simple PR video w/audio (English accent ) for my website. The video must be 1 min and professional. see the link below for an example. The budge for this project is very small and will not exceed over $60.00 (USD).

I can provide images if needed.


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Promotional Video Advertisement

I need a 15 second promotional video made.
Here are the credentials

JG. Heating & Cooling

no logo, business card attached (with info), take what you want from site, etc.
advertises in yellow pages
15 second ad (no sound)
Business is heating and cooling installation, replacement, sales, service
Be creative.

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Facebook Expert To Create Pages * Generate Trageted ‘Likes’

I am looking for a freelancer to construct eye catching facebook pages to market various different promotional offers.

Once the page has been designed and made, I will then need work done to get as many fans or likes as possible to the pages.

The idea is to get people interested in the offer and for them to submit their email address to take advantage of the promotional offer.

I look forward to hearing from any EXPERIENCED facebook marketers, to discuss this project in more detail.

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SEO Friendly Editing Of 4000- 5000 Product Descriptions

We have 4000- 5000 product descriptions that you would need to proofread , correct spelling mistakes etc. And then we need you to optimize the text for SEO , so add keywords relevant to our industry.
the product description should be 2-3 sentences.
It should talk about how a product can be used as a promotional product
I can give you examples of text so you can see the style we like.
WE ONLY WANT Native english writers with flair.
Need to have an understanding of Marketing./ Promotional Products

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