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FLVPLAYBACK External Skin Customization

Need external flvplayback skin modified for AS3/CS5/FLV2.5.

1. Add totalTime textlabel
2. Add displayheadTime textlabel

I need to be able to modify/customize both which means:
1. Youll provide all the fla file
2. Youll provide all the as, embedded fonts, etc that would enable me to modify the contents
3. That both are independent from each other

Please take note that seekbar and seekbar progress is already used somewhere else.

I expect this to be done in 8 hours and Ill try to select a provider in 6 hours.

You will provide the swf first. If it works Ill ask for the fla. If all the items I need are there then payment time.

I will only pay 30USD.
I would only pay two ways.
If you prefer here, The payment will be in escrow and will be released upon verification of the requirement.
if you prefer PP, payment will be sent upon verification of the requirement

If you can provide a link to showcase that youll be able to do this that would be better.


Good Luck

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Quality Blog Posts

Looking for someone to write very good article for submission as guest blog posts to different blog posts.
These articles should be pillar articles.

We are going to handle submissions ourselves so do not provide submission services.

1. Article length 800 to 1200 characters.
2. Bid for a block of 10 articles.
3. I will pay through on delivery of work.
4. Must provide previous writing samples when bidding for project.

This is an ongoing project (repeat every month, minimum 20 articles) so Im looking forward to see reasonable bids.

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Need To Send 100,000 Emails To Inbox.

You need to provide the addesses and send emails so that at least 100,000 hit inbox without bouncing.

I will provide the content of the emails.

Must have experience in Bulk emailing.

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Product Promotional Video

Hi there, I would like someone to create 4 videos with 30 – 50 sec length. the videos will promote our product and type of service. Two videos will be targetting the B2B and the other two for B2C.

the videos will be posted on our websites

Our budget is $200.

We would like you to be very creative in the look and feel of these videos. you will need to provide voiceovers in English. However if we like your videos and creativeness then we will regularly require more.

we will need in writting all the copyrights of the work.

I hope that you are able to provide past examples of your work.

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Bulk E-mailing To 465,000 Addresses.

I need an exerienced email marketer who can deliver at least 80% inbox delivery and is aware of all of the issues that can arise from sending large numbers of emails.

I will provide email addresses and content for the emails

***Provider Must Have Positive Feedback for Previous Bulk Emailing Projects***

Freelancer must be experienced and be able to use Non Blacklisted IPs and Servers…

Freelancer must be able to inbox and provide Reporting with Open Rates, Click Thru Rates, and other reporting as needed. Preferably, you should provide a control panel where we can verify results.

1. Our list is almost 470,000 addresses
2. Winning this bid and performing well, will open up much more work for you.
3. More than 80% success rate should be guaranteed.
4. Opt-out members should be removed and the resulting clean list sent back to me.
5. At least 80% and up should go to inbox and not in "junk" folders or "spams"
6. Your server IP should not already be recognized as spammer.
7. E-mails should reach to all customers within 12 hours after sending the e-mail.

If you are interested and agree with all the terms and conditions, we can move ahead.

Many thanks for your interest.

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Need US & UK Female FaceBook Fans

Looking for US & UK Female Facebook Fans ONLY!
Please provide best prices

We need real fans. Real fans would like our page and comment as well.

Provide Pricing for 1000 US & UK Fans

Dont offer us anything else. We will check the stats to see the Fans history and they need to be from US & UK only, any others and we wont pay at all.


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CPA Leads 500+ $2+ Per Lead

I am interested in experienced providers only.
All leads will go through a phone verification, this way youll get paid for each and every phone verified

None of the cpa offers involve credit cards.

Start Immediately.

We are looking for someone who can provide us with at least 500 leads per week. Leads must be from the United States only. You will be paid ONLY if all of the leads are legitimate.

We will provide the landing pages.


You will receive payment after the leads are verified which is within 1 weeks.

You will get paid Via Paypal or Freelancer.

Please provide how you will generate your leads. We dont need your secrets just an idea so we will not get banned.


*Only quality sign-ups
*Only unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Zip Codes
*Only unique and confirmed IP addresses
*No Rotating IP addresses
*No fake Emails
*No Fake Zip Codes
*No duplicates sign ups
*No fraudulent sign ups
*No Automated Methods
*No Cookie Cleaners
*No Black Hat
*No use of proxy servers
*No Craigslist
*No Auto Bots or Software

Yes 100% Real People
Yes 100% USA Traffic

If you break these rules.

We will have to terminate your services (without pay) if you fail to adhere to these rules and conditions.

If you accept and understand these terms, in your pm you must state that you agree to the terms listed in the job posting along with any other information you want to provide.

Instruction will be provided after you get hired.

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Restaurant / Bar Reviews

Who we are:
A local lifestyle business providing users with access to recommendations for great places to drink, eat, sleep and play in their local city (this is deliberately vague).

What we want:
We are looking for competent writers who can create original, short-form reviews for local businesses. We need around 200 articles written of approximately 50 words in length each (fuller detail below).
Reviews are to be created from web research only. Reviews need to be original but based on publicly accessible opinions we will provide guidance on which sites to use to create this content.

Requirements for hire:
Must have excellent grasp of the spoken and written English language and excellent spelling and grammar.
You are able to produce 50 word articles on selected Melbourne (AUS) restaurants/bars/cafes.
Content will detail service, food, vibe/ambience and location.
Content must be fresh and unique, with a casual tone and creative twist.
Must also provide image from business website where available.
Experience an advantage
Expected to be complete by 5th May.

$4 per 50 word article first 5 reviews are subject to approval prior to full go and payment

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Virtual Currency Website


My name is Steve Paul and I am a entrepreneur out of Vancouver. I am inquiring about a quote for your services as I hope to start my online business. What I have envisioned is a website in which a consumer completes an Ad Offer and in return is rewarded with virtual goods. Also, there needs to be a transaction-based virtual currency rewards system built with the website. Users will be rewarded with virtual currency for each activity they complete. The currency rewards must be manageable in an admin. Other modules such as shopping cart will need to access the currency system.
If your interested, please let me know your email or msn and I will describe this project in further detail

Below is something similar to what I want, although it has quite a few significant differences. :

I need a ad network platform that is like ,, , etc…
I am looking to build a startup that will focus on virtual currency monetization

provide a managed offer platform for social media, such as social networks (facebook, myspace, hi5 etc), social applications, virtual worlds, online games and even mobile applications. The goal would be to monetize their virtual currency while driving quality leads and value customers to online advertisers.

Lets say you are playing blackjack. You can acquire chips by either using a credit card, or you can take an advertising offer, which will reward you with chips. Advertising offers maybe as such: applying to Netflix which might be a couple of hundred chips or you might fill out a survey, which would be worth 50 chips. Making it a CPA based model.

what types of serving software do you have that we can have a look at?
What are the limits on ad file types and sizes? Are there rich media ad types that require an external vendor? How big can an ad be before it incurs an additional bandwidth cost?

How are we going to be able to tally the metrics that is going to be important to the clients and us.What types of actions can be tracked and how difficult is it to implement tracking of advanced metrics?

Can custom reports be created? If a client requires reporting in a specific format, can you provide this? If so, is there an additional cost?
Are you able to provide reporting that displays the important metrics and carves up the performance data for us and our clients to see?

What service options can you bring to the table in order to support our efforts?
Should something go wrong with a campaign, can you bring resources to bear on a problem to get it fixed quickly? If the ad-ops queue gets backed up significantly, can you step in to handle an overflow of traffic requests? What are the pricing structures for these support scenarios?

Basically what we are looking for is a simple and rich program that will let us do our job. Also in the process provide publishers with an alternative payment platform that allows users to earn virtual items (goods or currency) in exchange for completing CPA offers.

Unlimited Publishers, Agencies, Advertisers, and Administrator. Can use as ad management replacement
Forecasting inventory / Inventory management
Advertising Rate Cards, Dashboard, Geo Stats
Demographic profiles, Shopping Cart, Campaign Budgets
Dual Ads, Geo Targeting, ad code (ad tag) automated generator
Keyword Targeting by meta tags and page scans
ability to Run ad network,
Advertising in Game. Ads in Video ads. Mobile ad serving
Video Advertising. w/ ad server video player
Automated Self Service Advertising System w/ Directory
Flash video click thru tracking and pixel tracking
CPM, CPC, CPA, Number of Days, Bidding ad buys
ECPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions
Publishers & Advertisers automatically Sign Up
Buy and Sell your ad Space Automatically
Automated payment system to sell advertising
Payment Gateways:
Billing Interface for all clients. Security controls in place


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Simple Directory Site

We need a simple directory site either built or tailored from existing scripts already available. The site should be designed just like Best of the Web (, the Open Directory Project ( We are talking very limited CSS. A simple CMS with MySQL backend should be in place. The directory will serve over 100,000 listings from the start. We will provide the CSV files to populate. We will also provide the directory hierarchy which will start with a breakdown by regions followed by categories within the directory of offerings. A search capability is also required.

The site should again be very basic and simple looking. No fancy graphics, colors, or ads required. More details in a PM to quality bids.

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Facebook Marketer Needed To Add Fans/Likes

Expert and Reliable Facebook marketer needed to add "Likes" to our Facebook business pages. Must be real USA fans and use white-collar techniques to achieve this! (no software)

We have many customers and will provide you with ongoing work if you are efficient and reliable. We have worked with many Facebook marketers in the past and are looking for a more reliable team for a long-term business relationship.


Terms: We will provide 100% escrow up front and are very fast with releasing payments (see our reviews). Thank you in advance for your bids!

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1000 Targeted Facebook Likes

I am seeking someone who can provide 1000 targeted Facebook likes for an existing smartphone/tablet website Facebook page.

Like Requirements:

– Like must be through good practices only, please NO SPAM techniques
– All fans must be REAL PEOPLE with active Facebook pages (no fake accounts, no mafia wars, no bots) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon…REAL PEOPLE ONLY
– All fans must have recent activity over the last 14 days, including wall posts/comments/photo uploads/etc. on their profiles.
– Each profile must have at least 2-3 profile pictures (no nude photos and no accounts with the default Facebook profile image).
– Each fan must have at least 30 friends minimum
– Fans must be added at a rate that will not cause my page to be banned.
– 75% of Fans/Likes must be from the US
– Must be 18 years old and over
– No temporary likes that will be deleted within a matter of a couple weeks.

Payment: I will send payment 2 weeks after the project is completed to ensure the likes do not drop off. Any likes that are lost within that time will need to be replaced prior to sending payment.

Bid Requirements (Please provide in PM or in your bid):

– Price for the completed project
– An accurate delivery date
– Links to examples of previous Facebook Fan pages you have worked on
– Description of methods used to add Fans to make sure that the account doesnt get banned
– You must have previous feedback
– You must provide proof of work
– WHITE HAT techniques only

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Mobile Appliction Needed

This must be one of the easiest task for someone with mobile phone app experience. All we need is the app to open the mobile browser on the phone pointed to our site which is already mobile browser ready. Ill provide all of the graphics all I need you to do is to be able to publish the associated app to point to my web site. We have 3 sites that need to be published in the markets in the same manner.

1. itunes app
2. palm pre
3. android

If you can not provide a published version of all stated formats, please do not bid.


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Update Contents Of Mysql Php Db Using Excel File Provided

Need data in existing and functioning mysql database updated with new data that I will provide as an excel file. Old data is to be completely removed and replaced entirely with the new data in the excel file I will provide. You can see the databased involved at.

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WRITER- Online Flyers, Website Content Writer (WordPress)

Looking for a long term individual or group who can provide quality sales proposals, online flyers and be comfortable uploading content into WordPress.

We would like tech-savvy bloggers (specializing in social media) which have really mature english and have done tech blogging before.

Needs to have good marketing messaging.

Successful candidate will be measured upon success of a monthly sales campaign and will be considered for a full time position.

We would like bidders to provide experience and work samples.

Thank you

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Clone My 3-Page Site With Minor Changes

I will provide the code for, which I own. I want a nearly duplicate site with the exact same functionality but with only two changes:

1) Different domain name (which I will provide)

2) Different color scheme (I want it to look like

I cant imagine this taking more than 15 minutes to do so this is as easy of a project as you will see.

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Online Interactive Training

HR Online Interactive Training

HR provide training to staff on web, staff can access on web and take course.

A. Back End
HR Officer can provide the interactive training on web. They can schedule the course and provide the course online.

B. Front End
staff can enrol the course online. And they can ask question directly to trainer.
staff can do exercise after finish the course

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Academic Assignments On End User Support,

This is an academic assignment comprising 3000 words.I will be paying $3 per 500 words. The assignment have four sections, so you need to provide at least one section per day.If you can provide more work its up to you. The work should be according to the specifications provided and fully referenced.I am sorry if the work is copied, I will not be able to pay.If you are agree I will send further details, and there are 3 more assignments if you can provide quality work.

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I Need Help With Organic Search Engine Optimization.

I need help with Organic Search Engine Optimization.

Bonus: In addition to your monthly fee, I will provide a monthly bonus of $10 per keyword per month for each keyword that maintains position 1-3, and a $5 bonus per month for each keyword that maintains a rank of position 4-7.

Here is the project at hand:

I will provide you with 1 main keyword phrase, and 6-9 sub keyword phrases. All keywords and sub-keywords will be directly related to each other. Please check project board for the keywords assigned for this project and other relevant information.

-the main keyword phrases I will provide get 10,000 to 40,000 local searches when referencing googles keyword search tool, and are fairly competitive.
-the sub keyword phrases I provide will get 300 to 4000 local searches when referencing googles keyword search tool and are mildly competitive.
-Please do not bid if you are currently servicing my competition.


On Page: With regards to on page SEO, we will not allow access to our FTP. However, I will upload any changes necessary for you. My site already has good organic seo qualities. We have a sitemap, plenty of written and visual content, blogs, decent page ranks, good directory submissions, and good tags. In the first 2 business days of your hiring, we will finish on page optimization. You will suggest new content and tags and I will upload immediately. If you need more time, you must explain. You will then start on off page optimization immediately.

Off Page: Assuming you will be performing some backlinking etc, You will follow these basic rules:

-all backlinks must be do follow.
-Links are not to be spammy.
-No link farms accepted.
-Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, msn and yahoo within last 30 days.
-Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices.
-Page should not be excluded by robots.txt and anchor text must not have nofollow tag.
-No links from under construction pages.
-No sites which ask for money later.
-No contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
-No blog comment spamming, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
-No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link exchange programs, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
-No use of blackhat software. Seriously, you know what I mean. You must build links manually (Like 7 a Day) and spread them over at minimum of 30 days.
Staggered deployment of the links is required over 30 days to avoid any penalties.

Reporting/Communication: I require 1 weekly report stating current position of our page on google for each keyword you are working on, page rank, and a list of works performed.

Quote: Please provide me with a quote containing the following: timeframe, monthly fee, and techniques you will use. I am looking for a hardworking freelancer, who communicates well, and can get my rankings high, in a short amount of time, using white hat techniques. I expect to see results within the first month. Please show me past work examples. For the right freelancer, I will give you many similar projects in the future if you prove your work to me. Good luck!

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The Best German SEO Profi Wanted! Bring My SHOP To #1

Hi guys,

I looking for the best guy who can bring my Shop to #1 (the most important countries are: Germany, Ausria and Switzerland) in the most important search enigines like google, yahoo, bing etc..!

The website Url is:

I don´t know which are the best methods, and I also don´t know hoch much is the price for a perfect Internet marketing which I want! Please let me know what are the possibilities we have and which are the best possibilities! I also can´t tell you any keywords because i don´t know what would be best keywords!

I can only tell you one thing: I sell palms and other similar plants and I want to boost my sales extremely!

One of the biggest competitors are :

I looking for a really serious guy who provide the best quality and the best way to become one of the best online shops in europe which sells palms! Please provide me your recommendations your previous work and your guarantee!!

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Flash Games Developer Required

Flash designer required for a number of simple web based games. The games will be brain training type activities similar to the games provided on

The games will need to post information back to a web site (high scores / statistics etc)

Please provide previous examples of flash based games.

Please provide an example cost for the development of 1 game.

Please also provide daily / weekly rates as we will have need for a number of games to be developed.

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IPhone App Layout Design Revamp


I need an app to be revamped completely in terms of layout and design:

-Graphics are provided
-In total only 2 pages
-We would provide the current code of the app
-No elements can be used from Apples default SDK. This means we provide all images for button, tabs and icons.
– Play a video when opening the app instead of an image

See attached for more info. NDA will need to be signed if project awarded.

Work may begin Asap, Questions? PM me

PS: Check out my iPad project aswell

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25 Articles (500 Words) Every Week – PHILIPPINES ONLY

Ongoing Simple Article Writing Job:

I am looking for 25 to 30 Articles written per week (I will give specific details of the article subjects in PM).

I will give you 25 article titles every week.
You write the articles.


– English Speaker Only.
– NO Grammar mistakes (will not pay for articles with any mistakes)
– Must be on time – 5 articles put in shared Dropbox folder every day. I do not have time to revise or correct mistakes.
– Passes Copyscape (you must provide proof each article has been passed)
– Over 500 words each.
– 2% Keyword Density (Specific Keyword Used 6 Times In The Article)
– We will be submitting to article directories so these must be high quality English.
– Easy To Understand And Read With PERFECT English!
– Each article to have short two line "summary" at start. This does not count in word count.

This will turn into a LONG TERM Project if the quality is very good!

Please include the work "WOW" in your bid so I know you have read full description.


1. Please provide examples of your written work.
**If you dont provide this I will NOT contact you.

2. Send me a message about why you want this job.
I will send you a link to a Google form to fill in to give me more details about your skills.
**If you do not fill in the form, you will not get the job.

This is to filter out the professional serious providers who want the job and are able to follow instructions.


This will turn into a LONG TERM Project writing articles for us every day (Mon to Fri) if the quality is very good!

Kind Regards,


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Diamond Website To Be Translated From English To German


Following website needs to be translated from English to German: (Please provide the link to the winning bidder)

Please provide me:
– Your CV with similar translation work.
– Your best rates
– how long will the translation work be done.

(Posting of contact details is not allowed in this site as this may result to account suspension by Administrators)

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Price Comparisation Site For Cars

Need an price comparisation engine that compares and provide minimum and maximum price of an car .

Input need to be: brand , model or type , feul , year of build.

websites to search and scrape are :

After searching this sites we need to provide an output of minimum price and max , links to result pages.

Also we need an history of searched brands , top searchs , login , profile managing..

Mobile friendly

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Seats Record………………….

the language is java……

this is the requirements…..

Implement a piece of software suitable for use by a cinema. The system should be

capable of providing information about films currently showing, and of the availability

of seats in the cinema. The system should allow for seats to be booked either

individually or as a block. For example a block of 3 seats would require 3 adjacent

seats to be booked together.

this the requirements……

1 A description of the system that you have implemented. This should
explain the various functions that your system is able to perform.

2 A UML diagram for each of the classes in your application.
? produce an application that meets the basic requirements of the system;
? produce an application consisting of at least than 3 classes written ;
? demonstrate degree of input validation.

3 provide a graphical interface that has been created using native Java code
(i.e. not one produced by the use of a ?drag-and-drop? facility such as that
provided by Borland JBuilder for example);
? provide additional features (such as exceptions and file handling) not outlined
in the specification.
? psoudo code.

best regards

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15,000 Facebook Fans In 7 Days

We are looking for a person/team who can provide us 15000 Facebook fans in 7-10 days max. Mainly MIDDLE EAST AREA for my Facebook page. All fans must be real people, have at least 30 friends (aged 23-50). FANS not invites. And can also get likes for external pages.

You MUST be able to provide targeted fans also. For example, if i want fans also like investing you must be able to provide them.

Please only apply if you have the resources available to complete this job and not get accounts banned by Facebook .

Please provide a portfolio of pages that you have added fans to in the past.
Must have a skype Id for communication

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