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Sharepoint 2010

We are looking for a Sharepoint 2010 developer who can take PSD designs and create a website within the server. The candidate will require VPN access to a closed network and work very quickly to get the site pages in place with webparts and dynamic content.

The developer must be proficient in Sharepoint 2010, Photoshop and have intermediate graphics design skills to convert the templates and create the site.

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Require PSD To HTML/CSS Expert

Require PSD to HTML/CSS expert

need some work now

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PSD To HTML. Convert PSD Design To Html + CSS

We are a group of young developers that are excited about our startup.

The startup is primarily a website. We have a psd design of the website, however, we need someone with psd-html conversion skills to turn our beautiful psd layout into a beautiful website. This is a simple project, with the opportunity for further contract.

Wage will be set based on experience, bid and turnaround time.


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Convert PSD To Xhtml And Css

I have a PSD that needs to be converted to valid xtml/css

Requirements (A must)
1) Slice and convert to xhtml/css
2) Have the designed w3c validated
3) Design should work on all major browsers and operating systems
4) Fast turnaround Should be handed in 2-3 days max

P.s I only have the homepage so I need you to come up with another 2-3 pages out of this main PSD. E.g would be a pages for:
1) Myaccount
2) Shopping Cart

Please in mind that the above two pages are to be done using th same main PSD theme so no new deisgn are needed.

I am looking for best bid/quality combo so send me your best proposals.

We will start right away

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I have a theme that is PSD/HTML.

I have modified the PSD and I need someone to code it into the HTML theme.
You will not have to write all the HTML/code that is already done.

Very simple job.

My budget is $30

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PSD To WordPress Template Conversion

I need a PSD to WP converted template,
please bid only if you can deliver the requirement.

– PSD to WP theme conversion
– Highly concentrated for SEO
– Pricing must be lowest …..

Contact for more via PM.


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Design Website And Deliver (psd/xhtml/css)

I need a new website designed from scratch. I have further detail on email for the correct designer. Need to see prevous work. This project is to design a website for the construction / home improvement industry.

The final deliverable MUST be in tableless X-HTML / CSS code. We are looking for good graphics with sliders, and quality images.

Delivery times is 5 days.

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PSD To Business Catalyst Site

We will supply you with the PSD file for the site layout, You will need to login to our business catalyst site and update the 2 site templates (main and sub)and layouts for the shop etc, the site is similar to You must be familiar with Business Catalyst.

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Website Layout & Design (PSD Only No HTML Required)

We are looking for a designer for ongoing web design projects. We will need a home page mockup and up to 5 additional sub-page layouts. Final delivery will need to be PSD files ready for image slicing. We prefer a look and feel that is rich with color, depth, and texture. Some example projects we have done in the past include:

The winner of this project and more to come will be based on the following criteria in order of importance (highest to lowest):

1. Quality and style of portfolio
2. Turn around time
3. Price

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WordPress Theme

Hi All,
Im a website designer, I would like to find a developer who have experience in css and wordpress developer.
Im Series looking for long relationship work, if you do correctly I will keep hire and have a lot of project for you. So work with me please do correctly.

1) I am going to favor who have a great feedback
2) Who can supply samples of similar works that they have completed
3) Who have experience in css and wordpress & must be able to complete it fast.
4) Provide good delivery time
5) Good and regular communication


– The site will be multilingual and will use a standard plug;
– The site will have a landing page to allow the user to select the language;
– The home page will show a preview of four pages, the content will be populated with the appropriate fields on the page;
– There are two types of pages "page.php";
– The first type of page will have a jquery slider to full screen and a band that contains the text, this band will have to be closed with jQuery, the page must have the appropriate fields to populate the images in slide;
– The second type of page will have a background image as fixed, it shall be specified by a special course that is always the editor of this page will have content and then on the left a gallery of images always slide to the bottom of this type of page must be inserted a widget to display a preview of some filtered by category;
– contact page with form;
– blog page and single page of the blog;


Website Requirements:
1. The theme will be working with the latest stable version of WordPress;
2. Site must look exactly like the .psd – down to every margin, spacing, placement, font size, font type, color, etc. so it has to look exactly like the .psd design because that is exactly what the customer approved.
3. Must adhere to official WordPress Theme guidelines
4. Must pass Theme Checker Plugin & Sample theme test data provided by WordPress
6. The output should be valid Xhtml 1.0 Strict working on the major browser: IE9, IE8, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
7. Id like it to have an admin panel to set it up
8. Complete send me the template and manual how to install and use the templates.

Delivery in 3 Step
1. Send HTML/CSS/JQUERY in zip file. I pay $75.00
2. Send The Wp template front end. I pay $75.00
3. Send Final Wp package with backend Panel Control and How to install and use the templates. I pay $100.

1. Budget is $250.00, work is considered complete when the customer is completely satisfied. As long as the items in the scope above are complete, there should be no issues. In other words, looks just like the .psd design – if you need to reach me w/questions before that, I will be available.
2. After you finish submit them to me by email.
3. This template is belong to me.

Important terms information:
We understand the importance of Artist Credit. However, any work created must include all source files, and are the sole property of us. Said work will be displayed only on our portfolio as such. We require all final source files (png, psd, fonts, images, etc) delivered immediately after completion of the project.

Thank you for bidding, and hope to work with you soon!

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Illustrator To Joomla Template

Looking to have PSD/AI template converted to a Joomla 1.6 Template.

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I have a strict deadline as the project should be completed tomorrow. Technically its almost ready, and will be ready by the end of the day(in 6-7 hrs).

Meanwhile I need you to make some design fixes for me.

some pages have :

1) Missing images(can be easily converted from PSD).
2) Wrong sized-images
3) Align bugs
4) CSS bugs
5) Need to add text-shadow parameter in some places
6) Need to align stuff according to design

All in all I think there are 10 or 15 very small fixes(5 min each maybe) for a person who UNDERSTANDS what he is doing. For you to see, I am attaching an image with bugs(I will supply you with those images to show you better what needs to be done).

I am willing to pay max 50 USD for all the fixes + all fixes that MAY be needed during today and tomorrow.

I will be selecting provider in 3 hrs and want you to start work that time, because there will be less that 36 hrs of deadline by that moment. Do not bid if you are a team who has a lot of work, if you are individual who has a lot of work. A need a person with high concentration to finish this AS NEEDED. More work expected in the future for good worker.

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looking for someone to convert our psd design into a wordpress blog and code the pages of the design.

provider needs to be able to start immediately.

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PSD To HTML, CSS Minor Fixes, Additions


I have an almost completed web portal, however, I have some bugs in it. I need you to :

1) Apply text shadow element where needed according to the design.
2) Delete useless whitespace where I ask.
3) Fix background and image issues(possible wrong divs, and /or css)
4) Move some blocks from PSD to HTML because they are missing.
5) Fix divs location, again wrong css or divs, only seen on some pages.
6) Provide me with this kind of support until I give up the project to the customer(that would be in less than 48 hrs).

So, if you are willing to take the project now, lets start because time does not wait. Please only bid if you are not busy with other stuff because I cannot really wait and need it done today in order to leave the last day for testing stuff.

I will be waiting for bids. I am willing to spend max 50 USD for everything, and even think its much, however, I need quick, effective, thrustworthy partner now, who can work on issues with the site. Thanks!

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Facebook Application – Vouchers – PSD To APP – PHP & MYSQL.


– We have a database of voucher codes, that need to be presented within Facebook
– We will provide PSD designs and guidance
– You need to link in with our MySQL database to create the app as we have designed
– There are tools like sharing, wall posting, e-mail collection etc


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PSD To CSS/HTML (9 Page Website)

I have some PSD files, and Im going to need these files in real good and incredibly clean HTML / CSS pages.

All the PSD files are for the same site so they share the same header and things of that sort.

My goal is to implement these pages as a template for another custom CMS script that Im working with.

Right now the PSD has about 8 pages, but remember they are all for the same site. So, its not the same as doing 8 totally different PSD files that have no connection.

If can also help me integrate this partially in my custom CMS (PHP with Yii Framwork) let me know as well.

If you are only interested in getting the pages to CSS / HTML then thats fine too… just let me know when you are bidding.

Please only bid on this if you are a design perfectionist and you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that all aspects of the page function properly and that you are able to generate CSS / HTML that will be easily adoptable by another CMS type script.

Thanks so much.


PS – In order to view the PSD files, or jpg or whatnot, youll have to ok signing an NDA.

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PSD ( Photoshop ) Files Cut Out

I run a mid sized design firm in the USA. I am looking for a client that can cut out psd files from images I send. This is an ongoing job and is very simple. I will send you pictures of files . speakers, people, djs, artists and just about anything. I will need fast turnaround and someone that can do CLEAN and QUALITY cut outs in photoshop. ( removing the backgrounds ) You have NO RIGHTS to use the images . PLEASE SEND EXAMPLES. I will have 40 or more a week.

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New Template To Be Integrated With ESyndicat Directory.

We are wanting someone to integrate a new template with e Syndicat directory script. Very straight forward task as i already have the template (attached) and eSyndicate. will need integrating with this
Currently the template is in PSD format so will need converting.

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Web Design Mock-up Needed

we need to make a website for our company we have an existing PSD file and we need to complete the design we need a PSD file only, all information will given in PMB.

samples are required, dont bid more than 50 dollar.

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Project For Olivercd. 2 Original PSD Designs, Re: Oc040311

This project is for OLIVERCD only. Thank you

2 original, different designs, so 2 PSD files will be the final product. Specific details will be given directly, as well as customers preferences on colors, layouts, etc.

Please produce the 2 designs in 3 days or less.

***You will not be able to show these designs or any others we may award you in the future as a part of your portfolio, as it will go into ours***

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Project For Olivercd. 2 Original PSD Designs, Re: Oc040211

This project is for OLIVERCD only. Thank you

2 original, different designs, so 2 PSD files will be the final product. Specific details will be given directly, as well as customers preferences on colors, layouts, etc.

Please produce the 2 designs in 3 days or less.

***You will not be able to show these designs or any others we may award you in the future as a part of your portfolio, as it will go into ours***

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PSD To WordPress

I have a design (psd), which have to be developed in wordpress.

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PSD To Joomla II

I simply want a normal template, converted from PSD to CSS, and be ready to be installed on Joomla (I will give you the login information and you will upload and install).

Nothing special is required for the moment, mostly a news feed and Arabic/English website, dont worry I will do the content, just need the development.

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Finish A Drupal Theme Right Now

I need to finish in couple days a Drupal theme of a project. This theme is almost done but the old themer forget between 20 pages and 10 blocks. All views and panes are ok.

The job is just to put the CSS and images on these pages/blocks running like the PSD files. Fast and simple.

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Design Header For Website. One Graphic, No Html. PSD

Seeking designer with an eye for detail and familiarity with good UI design to create a header for a website. Header will include logo, company contact info and site navigation menu. (Graphic only, no HTML necessary.)

Colors, logos, fonts, dimensions and basic layout examples will be provided. Designer will provide several layout variations to our lead designer and refine one according to his instructions. All designs to be delivered as a PSD file with all layers un-merged.

Please provide portfolio link or other examples of past work.

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Split PSD And PNG And Insert Into Powerpoint


Basically I need you to spilt the attached PNG and PSD files into a powerpoint.

I need the powerpoint as my own "Iphone GUI designer". That mean I need to be able to move all the elements independent of each other.

See video for instructions:

I have also attached a samle powerpoint file, where I have put the first couple of picture.

– No need to make any double insert if the same picture is in
– Labels on buttons etc. should be editable in powerpoint (= no non-edible text)
– When one slide in the powerpoint is full you can move next to another.
– Pictured should be categorized when it is possible. (Labels, buttons…)

Important that work can be done within 24 hours.

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PSD -> HTML And Latest Opencart

Hello i need programmer (urgent), from Photoshop PSD to HTML (valid + css) and to OpenCart
I need this finnished before monday.

See attached low quality design file.

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Slice & Code PSD To HTML/CSS

I have a PSD that I need sliced into HTML/CSS Today.

The links on the top (home, phon, email, etc) must be clickable (directed to #)

The "Free Shipping!" must be clickable.

The shopping cart part needs to be an empty table (365×45) so that it can be filled with the shopping cart status code.
(I have the checkout button in a seporate jpg so please leave that entire area as one (365×45) table)

Please make all of the grey menu buttons clickable and linked to #
(There is a mouseover layer for the menu buttons also, please code that)

Please make the search a small form the same size and look, and the search button linked to #

Please make the "guaranteed lowest prices online" clickable and linked to #

Please make the white area one large table so I can create the body.
(keep the footer in mind)

Budget: $30

Deadline: Today

Payment via: escrow

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WordPress Theme

I need the attached designs converted into a wordpress theme. The site links to a thiRd party site from four areas:

site registration
site search
member feed

code is attached.

the centre of the page must be 970 px wide.

I will suppy psd files when bid is accepted – all images must be kept as individual layers so can easily be changed.

this is a redesign of an existing site –

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