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Survey Proposal And Questionnairre Development

Length likely to be about 10 pages, excluding the questionairre itself

I expect the pay to be somewhere past the midpoint of the scale indicated, so expect it to go up from $500 in order to do the job right.

You will need to develop a proposal to carry out a survey study to determine public views with regard to various public transportation options (e.g. subways, streetcars etc); you WILL NOT have to carry out the survey as it is only a proposal.

The proposal will outline how you will identify your target population, how you will determine your sample size, how you will ultimately recruit participants etc.

As part of that study you will also need to develop a preliminary questionnairre. As a result some basic knowledge of how to appropriately coonstruct questions, and response categories, is a must and/or the applicant will need to put in the time to refresh their memory.

A number of relevant literature sources will be provided the elaborate on proposals and which may be sufficient for the job, depending upon how familiar the applicant is with survey and questionnaire design; they may or may need to seek out other sources.

Ideally the applicant should have a general knowledge of public transportation systems in Canada, and preferably Toronto, but specific sources of related literature may also be provided in this area.

In closing, cleary I have posted this job with relatively good pay and so I expect that the work will commensurate.
The product should be at high graduate level caliber, so if you have any doubts about your ability to deliver this please do not apply. Having said that, it is not being conducted by a professional survey company so it clearly does note require that level of breadth and rigor. Most importantly, thoughtfullness, creativity, and flawless execution.

Oh yes, and as time is of the essence, please contact me quickly. Thanks!

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Adult Image Hosting Community


I need someone who can change the Woltlab Community Framework that I allready have to an clone.

– multiple images uploads like
– option to create gallery or not and add name to the gallery
– option to create gallery public or private
– option to add website of the uploader underneath the image like
– add tag description to the uploader put their tags and to be searched in the homepage
– add previous and next buttons only if the option create gallery was selected
– add search tags box and the most searched tags underneath the serch box
– add how many times the image was viewed
– page with the last galleries uploaded (only public galleries)
– page with the images most viewed of the day (only public galleries)
– page with the galleries most viewed of the day (only public galleries)

and some little Changes in the Admin Backend. Just write me a PM for more Infos…

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Magento Connect Error Message Repair

Currently I am running Magento 1.4.2. When I click on my Magento Connect I get the error message below. I need a developer to resolve this error today.

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required /home/pgrabber/public_html/ (include_path=/home/pgrabber/public_html/ in /home/pgrabber/public_html/ on line 60

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Virtuemart/Joomla Config Changes

Requirement for making configuration changes to an existing Virtuemart/Joomla client site. Currently prices are non public. They need to be changed to all be made public. Very quick and simple task.

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Public Relation Responsable

We are a company offering an innovative service for the press, graphic arts and the advertising.
Our system brings quick benefits and helps them to sold more information, products, tickets, cars, homes, trips, etc.
We offer this service to a select group of potential customers on every country the world.

We are looking for people (5) especialized in public relations.
He/she should contact the responsible of the firm, government agency, professional group or organization (we have a list, but welcome suggestions).
The initial goal is to get a customer per every million-people in the country.

You should explain the qualities and benefits of the system, answering all questions, providing the necessary proofs and start the routine job procedures.
We will provide guidance on how to approach the potential clients.
The communication with potential customer will be by Skype.
We will provide you an international Skype free account.

You must be communicative, with social competence and demeanor, self drived and fluent in English (French, Arabic or Russian) -spoken and written-.

The offer gives free time and flexibility in management.
Initially the managed is limited to a few dozen customers per country.
We offer $ 100 for the test* (more o less 100 calls – 5 minutes each-).

If this test is successful we will offer you a full-time job.
The remuneration (fixed + commission) will be between $ 18,000 and $ 40,000 annually.
This project will be marked as a "full time project" (you are allowed to contact us directly. GAF will not take any project commissions from you).

*You must have more than 4 hits in the test, otherwise we will assume that you are not professional and the offer will lapse.


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Public Engagement Event – Application Configuration

During a public meeting, groups of citizens at tables record aspects of their dialogue and preferences on laptops that are wirelessly connected. A set of Java apps has been created to coordinate this communication and help organise the data for manual sorting and editing by back-room volunteers in real-time. There are also apps for participant voting. Results are stored for display front-of-house and for inclusion in reports.

This system has been created as a loose set of Java apps and utilities which have been used and extended over several years.

For an upcoming public engagement gig 27/28 May 2011 in South Australia, the developer is unavailable to configure and run the system, which is heavily based on Java.

Your job will be to take about two weeks to learn this system, configure it for the event (including networking hired laptops), and launch the apps following an agenda in real-time during the event. There should be little programming involved, as all the pieces are there. Its mainly about configuring it, running it, and fixing it if it goes pear-shaped.

The project is managed by an expert facilitator of public engagement processes, who is an academic and consultant in this area. She has guided the development of this system from the start. You will also be assisted by an associate (who has written this brief) who is a software specialist who understands the engagement process and online systems, but who is not an expert with Java. This is the main reason for requesting your help.

(Im not sure about the server platform, Ill update this brief when I know).

The event is publicly-funded and supported by the Government, which will receive its deliberated recommendations. Unlike public meetings where citizens heckle each other or merely provide a stage for pontificating experts and politicians, deliberative forums like this facilitated gig are increasingly demonstrated to bring the best out of citizens with a diversity of policy views, and find common ground in solutions that satisfy most individual and community needs.

Ill be upfront: there isnt a lot of money in this. If you are interested in applying your skills to an ethically-sound and rewarding task, and meet some interesting people, then this is the gig for you. You need to get yourself to Adelaide for it. The preparation may be done in Perth or Melbourne, where we each live. Shared accommodation can be provided, as well as some reimbursement for travel.

Please bid on a stipend that will cover you to do this work. Well talk more about what you need later, of course, so you can be comfortable with the task and arrangements.

So this project is an adventure. Yes, it will be messy. Well bumble through it together and make it work.

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WordPress Plugin Modifications


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Linkedin Public URL Information Into Database Via Php

Pretty simple project.

Database fields are : first name, last name, company name, persons position, linkedin public URL

You need to write a simple script that fills in the values for "first name, last name, company name, persons position" by being passed the "linkedin public URL"

The "linkedin public URL" will already exist in the table.

Use PHP, Curl, MySQL ideally – must not require a login for linkedin.

Must be able to run it several times and for the script to know which enteries in the table need to be filled in (i.e. not duplicate the information or re-get the information that it already has.

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Joomla – Add Subscription Area – Cleanup & Repair Site

Hi, we have a Joomla site that is close to completion. We need a Joomla expert to to the following:

1. Add a subscription based element to the site so users can register, pay, and login to access certain content.
2. Make it easy for the admin to indicate which content is for public and private viewing
3. Display the links to private content on the homepage to show public users what they are missing
4. Ability to enter a discount code to reduce subscription cost
5. Monthly recurring billing


We need to clean up and repair a few things on the site:

1. Add a security certificate at registration checkout
2. Fix layout / page issues (CSS)
3. Login module does not display on homepage


We want to move quickly on this, please send a detailed response and price quote.

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Trixbox – Extra NIC With Public IP And IPtables Firewall

I have a Trixbox system already setup but need an extra NIC with a public IP setup the other NIC is configured using NAT. I also need you to configure an iptables firewall so that its locked down completely and given access to only 1 IP address that I will specify.

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Sell Communications Training To Water Utilities

Who am I:
I run an existing, nine year old public relations firm with a unique business niche. Rather than attempt to secure headlines for our customers, I actively try to keep my clients OUT of the news.

I am a specialist in what is called

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Database Search & Report Tool – Open Source

To Search a particular public database and extract data (results are return in html web based format) based on sepcific crtieria to insert into a standalone MYSQL database.

PM for details of Database.

Same project will be required a different public database on successful completion of the first. (Different Project)

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Public Calendar IPhone App

Create an iphone app that connects to a user specified exchange server and accesses potentially several Public Calendars. The configuration should include the server name, and user name/password of the active directory account used to access the public calendars. Then the user should choose from available public calendars to select the default display calendar. Once the user has selected a default calendar then whenever they open the app, it shows them the default calendar.

They should be able to change the default calendar by entering the setup area again and selecting a different available calendar. No special permissions other than access to the calendar via the Active directory account should be required.

The calendar should look and work just like the standard iPhone calendar.

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C# RS232 Serial Communication

My objective:

I have two different computers running two different C# programs. The two computers are connected by a long RS232 cable, each end connected on COM2. Each C# program has an identical static class:

class TestClass
public static double var1;
public static double var2;
public static double var3;

I need code that can track changes in EITHER program, and update the static class in the other program with the changed values. For example, if var1 in program A becomes 5, then var1 in program B must also become 5. If var2 in program B becomes 3, then var1 in program A must also become 3.

This should happen through RS232 serial communication, and be pretty reliable.

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.ORG Info Website Donated To The Public


Looking for someone to create a website for the Identification of old style poured silver bars.

This is a donation effort for the public to preserve a part of american culture and history.

It should be a simple project as it will just be listing all the different ingot manufacturers and the corresponding information and identifying images. It will need to allower users to contribute information (approved first) as well.

The site must be created and completed offsite (on your hosting) so I can upload it to the root, as the host is shared with another user that wishes to keep the host access confidential.

Thank you for your bids. You will be helping to preserve and share the knowledge on hand poured fine silver.

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Video To Show Public My Websites Work

This is my website
i want to show up some good presentaition so publick do there websites with me.

thanks and regards
Mohammed Al Jefairi

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Checker Game In Java

Design a client server application where the server is allowed to move the red pieces and the client is allowed to move the blue pieces in turn in the correct manner on their respective drafts board.
Requirements of the system: the server should have equal intelligence as the client. both determine if all moves and takes made are allowed. both determine who has won the game.

Both server and client should have the following classes:
DraftFrame , Square, Board, Piece, DraftPiece, KingPiece, CommunicationManager.

you should only inheritance between Piece, DraftPiece, KingPiece Classes.. Piece class should be the abstract and define methods and parameters that are commonly needed by both DraftPiece and KingPiece.

the Board class should have a group of methods to work out valid selections:

– public boolean HasPiece(int i, int j, String id) // check if a green/red/null (id) piece is on a square or not.
– public boolean IsValidClick(int xClick, int yClick) // works out if the click is within the board.
– public boolean LegalMove(int x1, int y1, intx2, int y2, String turn)
– public int RowNumber(int yClick) // works out the board row number from a button click
– public int ColumnNumber(int xClick) // works out the board column from a button click.
– public boolean selectionInsideBoard(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2) // determines valid source destination selections
– public Color hasAnyoneWon() // works out who won


the Piece class should have the methods:

– public boolean MovedCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moved ok
– public boolean TakenCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // taken ok
– public void MakeMove(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece
– public void MakeTake(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece


the DraftKing class should have the methods THAT OVERRIDE:

– public boolean MovedCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moved ok
– public boolean TakenCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // taken ok
– public void MakeMove(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece
– public void MakeTake(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece


a protocol between the server and client should be constructed to define:
1- start and end x and y coordinates
2- the mode: move or take
3- the game state: continue , newgame

both the server and client should always check to determine if moves or takes are correct before communicating them.


a UML diagram on how the relationship between objects.


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Script For Faking Torrent Seed Count

Im looking for someone that has an application for inflating seeds and leeches count on a public torrent tracker,
I dont want a modded tracker script. I want the script to be able to report an inflated number of seeds by repeated announcing to the public tracker via proxy lists.

Just to make it clear once again, this must work with public trackers like I do not want a script that needs its own tracker.

Anyone that can take this up? Hit me up ASAP!


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Import Sql File From Server Folder

1. I have a server that has 3 sql files that are pretty big (about 200mb each) located in a folder
public_htm/files/ (sql file location)

2. I need the sql files to be imported to my mysql db on the same server..

The 3 sql files are 3 db tables, and these tables are already on the server,, just smaller then the sql files i uploaded in the public_html/filels directory..

summary, were replacing the (sql files) on the db currently with the files located in the public_html folder ,, same table name, etc.. Just bigger sql data..

Project should be really easy,

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Website Created Needed……..

Basically im in the process of trying to create a website very similar in every way to MYBUILDER.COM UK. I am looking for someone to create the website using all the features the original site posseses if possible.

eg. Basically tradesmen register all there profiles, there skills, qualifications and experience and pictures—and they are able to bid for jobs etc.
The general public post jobs they need doing, for example i need a garden wall doin blah blah blah and then a tradesmen can give there qoutes and the general public choose the person they wish to hire.. and a percentage of the final price will go to my website as the original.

Obviously a bit of searching into the site would be required to really be like for like..

Thanks for reading and i look forward to someone been able to do this for me.

Many Thanks….Gavin…

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Wp Plugin Error

Hi, i receive this error in one of my plugins and i need somebody to fix it.

Fatal error: Template Html missing [/home/nantiabr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/magicmembers/core/modules/payment/epoch/html/settings.php] in /home/nantia12/public_html/wp-content/plugins/core/inc/classes/mgm_base.php on line 88.

asian,indian ,arabic countries please do not bid.

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Megento Custom Function: Upload Video/photo> Public Profile

I need this profile page to look nicer and more like a "player profile" page with ability to upload photos/videos only when loggen in to own account but everyone can view other players videos and photos

Then we need a summay page with preview+links to all players where you can go a choose who to look at next

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Travel Planning Website

I am looking for a team of people to develop a travel planning website similar to

please review the site and understand that all information such as hotel, travel and activities will be brought in through affiliate schemes so the ability to work with other sites APIs is essential.

you must have:

a team of 3+
previous experience in dealing with similar projects
Have a dedicated project manager
be able to produce public beta before April 1st
be available on skype everyday
have an inhouse team – strictly no outsourcing
sign all non disclosure forms
have a good reputation on odesk, elance or freelancer

if successful i will be looking for you to work on this long term and another package can be negotiated.

please bid for initial coding and design, private beta testing and alterations (basic functionality changes if needed) and public beta support (3 months)

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Public Auction Website Like /

We consider to start a public auction website where "everything" can be sold / auctioned by everybody.
The users must log in and create a secured payment gate (with Paypal, Moneybookers, Visa etc integrated) to ensure identity.

The front end text must be possible to translate into (Norwegian) so specific language files may be needed. This translation is not necessarily a part of the project (please specify…)

We have already been looking at different scripts, and we reckon a php acution script is the most suitable and safe.

A compelling design but WITHOUT to much disturbing elements (like flash, popups and other annoying stuff..)

Good exemples are and when it comes to functionality. However a more compelling design is needed.
Look at for instance for a design most people like…(although this is not an auction, just a listing…)

Also, a automatic photo size generator (getting pictures down to an adequate size) is a must.

W dont need a a simple web shop but a full operable (even uploaded and tested) PUBLIC AUCTION SITE.

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Php Log Out Script

I have inherited a hand coded php driven web site. Some functions have ceased to work. The first function I need to fix is an error message. When a user logs into the site they are directed to a members area (not https/) and then, if they dont log out and they return to the public area an error message appears and portions of the web structure collapse. The user must manually log out to return to the public pages cleanly. I need to remove this bug. Perhaps a log out when they leave the members page, or at least a time out and no more error and collapse?

After this there is a need to fix the ability for the user to change password online, but that is secondary.

Lawrence Peterson

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Search For All Public Facebook Events In A Geographic Area

Using the Facebook graph api and either php or python perform a query to return a list of all the public Facebook events happening on a specific date in a specific area (zip code and a radius of miles).
Parse the results to store in a mysql db. Fields would be event name, address, image_url.

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Subdomains On Drupal Site

I have a Drupal site that is installed in public_html, and I have 3 subdomains that are non drupal sites and that need to show the content in their respective folders.

ie: (Drupal site) (needs to show the content from public_html/ottawa) (needs to show the content from public_html/hamilton) (needs to show the content from public_html/kingston)

The subdomains have been created in cpanel and the folders are there.

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Xrumer Blast

I need 10,000 forum valid public profiles built to one of my sites – all links must be from unique forums.

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Accounting Tax Certified Public Accountant

Small business in Texas four employees. I can do my taxes on my own but need help i am using Turbo tax business.
CPA or public accountant should be knowledgeable of all tax laws to maximize our returns. This is long term project as i need to go over all my taxes for last 3 years and taxes need to be done yearly.
Yearly contract payment can be arranged Paypal will be used to make payment after the first payment. Email will be used to stay in contact or i can call even if it international calls
Thanks for taking the time to view this project.

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