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Python Threaded Download Application

We need a Python application, which

*) downloads a webpage from a list of given urls
*) cut the advertising form the source code using adblockplus filter lists
*) returns the fulltext of the page without any html, the title, the correct url after all redirects
*) start an customziable amount of threads, which do this

The script should use:
*) python 2.6
*) python logging library
*) excellent error handling
*) well documented (for dummies!-)

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Write Python Script To Backup MindMeister Mindmaps Via REST

DELIVERABLE: Single python script file (.py) that can login into a single MindMeister account, obtain all that accounts mindmaps as PDFs, and save ONE single ZIP file as an archive.

1. Authenticate (THIS IS NOT WELL-DOCUMENTED – you should research MindMeister API to make sure you can do this)
2. Create the zipfile.
3. Enumerate mindmaps in account. For each mindmap:
a. call mm.maps.export REST API
b. pull out URL for <pdf>…</pdf> entry
c. fetch the bits for that PDF URL
d. save it back into the zipfile structure
4. close the ZIP
5. command line args to script:
a. filename containing any account / login info (filename contains key/value pairs)
b. zipfile name for output file (optional parameter – default filename should be – in other words, a timestamped zip file)

* calling "python logininfo.txt" should read any necessary login info from logininfo.txt (in current directory) and output (in current directory) containing all the PDF files for that accounts mindmaps.

1. Include with your BID a JPG or PNG screenshot showing successful invocation of the MindMeister API via Python. (This is to weed out the spammy auto-bidders. You will need to set up a free MindMeister account to test it out.)
2. Outline how you will solve the problem, specifically you must tell me:
a. whether you will require temp files (or whether you can manage the data in memory – better!)
b. how you will do REST invocation of MindMeister API
c. what package dependencies you anticipate (I do not like roll-everything-yourself but I also don

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Google Keyword Tool Scraping


I lost weeks with many people that ask me they can do it but not one able to provide me nothing related, or that dont have understand at all the task

Here what I need:


Avoid send me your thousand of scraping works: send me only examples of scraping the Google Keyword Tool

The first one that send a working example of a ***related*** tool (get informations from the Google Keyword Tool, via scraping or API, whatever you prefer) will get the work

php or javascript

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Psd>Html And Put On Script


Need to convert prototypes from psd to html and put design on .
Some design already cutted, need just convert 3-4 inside pages and put design on hesk platform.
Design prototypes will be sending in private message.

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Landing Page – HTML


i need a Landing Page.
Must be HTML Page.
I have a form on that page. The user fill out the fields and submitt their name, phone, email to my email account.
Should be java script.

Design comes from me.

Must be W3C valid and error free.

Its Only 1 Page, nothing more!!!

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Quick Fixes – Wp Involved

Hey Freelancers,

I need someone to do a few quick fixes to a site based in WordPress – youll need knowledge in wp, html, css, and maybe some photoshop.

These changes really shouldnt take more than 30min to 1hr.

Pretty much changing this:
To this:

(For this those 3 tabs may need to be re-created in photoshop. Note: currently when you click on one of the other 2 tabs it switches whats highlighted — so i will need that as well)

-On the main page, scrap the Read More>> script. Display all.
-On the images tab adding a javascript slideshow
-On the video tab adding 2 flash videos (with pause and play capability)

I expect all bidding lancers to post proof they can work in wp, as well as anything else you want to show me.

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Auto Click In Html Page Script

One word is there in HTML page called push to top.
create a Mozilla script that may click on the word push to top word is click-able.
we can set time interval that when to click like each 15 minute each 30 minute.

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Facebook Page

I need an exact copy of this Facebook page.

Right down to the iframe on the last step. I have knowledge of HTML and FBML, but I am stuck on this one. We can work together through MSN. Please only bid if you think you can complete this task. I will release the funds as soon as the work is completed and the script is working.

The turnaround time for this one shouldnt be that long.

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Re-reading Russian and English pages for correction

Reading html pages in English and in Russian language and making the appropriate corrections. About 10 html pages for each language.

Candidates must be RUSSIAN NATIVE for Russian copy, and US or UK natives for English copies. Sorry, NO other candidates will be selected.

A small text of a few lines containing errors will be sent to all applicants as test 🙂

The selected candidate for each language will also be asked later to translate from English to "good English" (!) and from English to Russian, the updates of our website.

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Changes to membership script

Need some small changes done on a membership site script. the products page lists products all on one page want to be able to set the amount of products per page and have it so it adds new pages automatic. also be able to move products listing order. to see the site you can go to and to see the backend you can register for free account. thanks

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