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Starting An Application With Python

I am a very experienced web developer that has little experience with game servers and python. Im trying to start a game server hosting site for a game called Minecraft but I cant figure out how to start the server. I keep getting error codes and I dont know how to get around it.

The requirements of this job:

-Show me how to use python to start a game server (a jar file).
-Show me how to capture the process pid so I can terminate the server. I dont want to start it and have it get lost forever in the processes eating up my cpu.
-Show me how I can use python to record the information. I dont know the best way to do this but Im thinking it needs to be recorded to a mysql db.

To be perfectly honest I dont even know if this will work on my server. Ive written a simple python file that executes the server on my own computer but the same setup does not work for my server (paid hosting). So Im not sure if my server is blocking me from running the application. If someone can tell me this before they start that would be great. Id rather not pay someone to tell me- "oh yah, this aint going to work. 30 bucks prease!!".

Oh! And if youre Indian or Pakistani or what-have-you, do NOT just post some stupid s*** like- "Lets do it…" and expect me to even consider you. Not that your background has anything to do with it, I just see this ALL THE TIME from these two countries. You must be able to speak english and explain this to me (I love to learn). Im sick of seeing your bids…. really.

Budget: $30 – cmon this is easy!

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Twitter API – Search & Archive Needed

We require a program to use the twitter search api for specific terms and archive the resulting tweets and info (handle, datetime).

Perl / Python only Please

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Python Interface To Amazon Product API

I need a scalable solution that will enable me to retrieve large quantities of amazon product information, for my soon-to-be product comparison site.

For each of over 100,000 products, (preferably in batch) I will need this program to use an amazon api to retrieve product information such as price, comments, quality (Open-box, new etc), whether its from amazon or a reseller, quantity, and a few other key items.

+Use of an amazon api and not simply webscraping
+Done efficiently and scaleably, so the 100k items can be updated in as little time as possible
+Python coding strongly prefered
+If there are Amazon-set throttle limits, these need to be clearly stated.

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Web Application Developer

Seeking an experienced Python/Django Web Applications Developer to modify, upgrade, and support a custom management information system. The system has been prototyped and now must be implemented, fully developed, and maintained. You will be responsible for all stages of the project including continuing development, coding, testing, deployment, and release management.

Required skills:

* Proficiency in ARCH and Debian Linux coding and administration
* Fluent in Python, JQuery, SQL, HTML, Javascript
* The ability to work with all aspects of the Django framework including database schema design, querying best practices, and Django.Forms
* Keen eye for clean User Interface implementation (Web 2.0 style)
* Strong knowledge of website design best practices
* Strong problem solving and analytical skills
* Solid oral and written US English comprehension and communication skills
* Ability to provide accurate time estimates and meet reasonable deadlines
* US citizenship required

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Python Code To Collect Data

Using an API and a data source for unstructured data, you will have to write a programme in python to collect the data, process it, and then graph the results. Please only bid if you understand what is required and previous experience in writing python code is necessary.

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Python Data Mining And Web Scraping Using Scrapy

We are looking for a skilled Python programmer with knowledge of web scraping and data mining.

The project aims to write a web crawler, also known as spider, using the Scrapy framework (see The spider will extract information from a consumer website, such as product price, name and stock availability.

We provide examples of existing production-ready and fully working spiders. We will also provide a clear specification of what we expect the spider to extract from the website. You are expected to write clean and well-structured code.

Solid experience of Python is essential. A solid understanding of Javascript, DOM traversing and XPaths is essential. Experience with Scrapy is a large plus but not essential.

It takes between two and four hours to write a spider.

Successful completion of project is guaranteed to lead to a long-time project.

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Python Driven Web Page – HTML And Backend DB Complete

I need a simple web page built, but I already have the domain and HTML for the page. The data is already available in a MySQL table too. Mainly, I need the MySQL data to populate the dynamic fields within the page layout and publish/create a new URL for that page. I believe this requires CGI or WSGI, but am note sure. Preferably this can be done in Python. Requirements:

– Need to dynamically create up to 10K pages a day. The pages will be created based on user requests which are being fed into the database at up to 10K volumes/day.
– The domain is purchased, but contractor will need to set it up on existing my EC2 instance (ideally media temple)
– Deploy your code on EC2
– Must complete in 2 weeks
– Must meet twice weekly via Skype
– No less than 36 hour response time throughout duration of project

I will also pay bonus for the following features:
– The data that is loaded in MySQL is from python scripts that I already have, BUT since it is timely information being displayed, it would be great to create a python process to rerun the scripts to update the database data when any user loads the URL. Perhaps this is a pylon web service, but Im not sure.

PM if you need more info. Thanks

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10 Texts About Programming Languages & Business

An English information platform requires 10 articles about the topic [Python&SQL / Project Management]. Please read this instruction carefully, because each point is very important for us and our work. If there is anything you want to ask, please dont hesitate to do so (only via Freelancer).

– The texts have to be written in an objective, interesting and informative style.

– The texts have to be written in perfect English.

– Please use the following 10 titles:

front page
1) What is realizable with Python and SQL
keywords: "psycopg2" (1 time), "pysqlite" (1 time)
(pysqlite -> name of the website)

Programming Languages
2) Python
3) PhP
4) JavaScript

Supply Chain Management & CRM
5) Definitions and Information
6) Development and History
7) Software

Project Management
8) About Project Management
9) Software
10) Job Role: Project Manager

– Please add one subheading within each article.

– Each text has to be between 270 and 320 words long. Please dont address the reader directly (dont write: "You could…").

– Neither the text, nor any part of the text, may be copied or transcribed (no plagiarism).

– After finishing writing the articles, please send us a message through freelancer and attach them. Please dont contact us via e-mail.

– Every Text has to be a single word (.doc) document. Please make a zip file of all texts.

– Maximal budget for this project is $40.

– We only pay through Freelancer.

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SMS Sendstation Python/Django

We want to realize a website which
nearly the same like the software on

1. CRUD Contacts
2. CRUD Groups
3. Outbox showing messages to be sent.
4. Scheduled
5. Sent box
6. Template to individualize each single sms
7. Buy/used SMS (accounting sms and money)

Django / Python solution wanted

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Balance Checker Python

We need programmer to write an web based application for checking balance at website.

1. Program enters acct number & captcha.
2. Saves info.


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Plone Migration

Need a Plone, Python, Zope developer to help with Plone Development on version 2,3 and 4. Need to be an expert with ZopeDB. Contact me for more project information

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Mockup Python GUI To Read From SQL Database

Basic GUI and code to read data from database. GUI should accept two dates and string and there will be a button to plot. Database code will look up the unique ID and get data from single table. Rough code, no patching to above python script (just a mock up code), no testing. Basically, to save me time to google for python GUI and database GUI.

There is this example in python:

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Django App

I need a experienced Python/Django developer with mad developer skills for some different tasks on a new django app.

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Teach Me Python Programming

First I need to learn python from basic.

teach me your python technique and eclipse or your coding method.

what kind of key you use. and how you model your software first. and what process you use.

making document? or software engineering? design pattern? class diagram?

django? Ive setted server, so you can make it on server.

through LogmeIn or TeamViewer or Skype

I could understand python programming language basic and wide knowledge about that.

so I may understand most of your explanation.

I want long term teacher like a friend and wish you online most of days..
so when you have a rest time, then you teach me.
I could pay mothly or weekly for it.

make me real programmer….!!

P.S. but we need to verify the speed of online connection between you and me.
so before we start this, we need to our connection speed whether enough to teach.

thanks, all pro programmers~~~

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Django / Python Programming

We need to rebuild all URL to optimise URL of a certain website.
This website is programmer in Python / Django.
We will give the list of url needed, we need someone to rebuild all of theses URL.

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Customize ERP System

Looking to do some customizations and minor fixes to ERP system. Framework uses Python/Javascript. You must be familiar wnframework.

Initially we would like to start out with a few items then if the project goes well this would turn into a long term project. It would help if you have worked with a system like this in the past although not required.

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BOXEE Application Developer – Python

Looking for an experienced developer for a BOXEE application. ( We say experienced because we do not have the time to teach you about media, media streaming, etc.

The application itself will get ALL its data from our webservice in a simple XML format. This is already running on various other devices, so the API is solid.

If your familiar with BOXEE, then you know this will be a few days development in laying out the screens, the lists, etc.

All code is done in XML files and PYTHON.

If you have a ROKU device, the task is much easier to complete, as we can give you access to our ROKU channel which uses the same API.

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Plone-Python Dynamic Web Pages

User pages for an existing Plone 4 website. Dynamic content management pages integrated into an existing Plone4 website. See attachment. We are looking for interactive feedback and design input as the project develops.

What I already have:
Already have an existing Plone site with static pages, navigation, registration, and security. Icons and graphics exist but some additions may be required.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
The pages need to be easy to read and use on desktop browsers as well as remote devices. Tie into Amazon Market Services for commerce is required.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Experience developing data structures, dynamic pages, and mobile views in Plone4 or Zope applications.

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Python Modification 1

Modify a python script to look for video information online.
More info on PM.

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Python Script

Build python script to scrap web site.
Mora info on PM.

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Community Website To Be Done In RoR Or Python

Hello Programmers. The project is to build a website allowing members to trade items within a community. The items will be physical items therefore there must be a location search.

Fluent in Ruby on Rails or Python
Active Portfolio

Advance Search
Trading System
Users Feedback
User Panel
Update Information
Add Listings
Manage Trades
Administrator Panel
Manage all aspects

Please include your portfolio in your bid.

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Need To Finish A Simple 3d Game With Python/Panda3d

Im developing a very simple 3d game in Python using Panda3d (a free game engine).

The game is about moving some parts (6 in total) in order to put them together and show a message when they are correctly assembled. What needs to be done is to add collisions, simple physics (they are already implemented in Panda3d) and determining if the objects are correctly positioned.

Currently I have all the models, the program loads them, and Im able to move them with the keyboard. I also have the lights and camera correctly configured.

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Iphone App In PYTHON

We are looking for a coder to re-brand an open source calender app. We have the gui to implement. It is in Interface Builder.

The app will be ready for the Itunes App store upon completion.

The will be some changes in the app such as the categories page when the app first opens up. That will be our list, daily list and goals page. There are a few other simple changes.

We have a design document. An NDA will need to be signed.


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Python Data Processing


I have written a program in python that can extract data from a file. Using the extracted data I want it to be placed in a wxPython or tkinter window. Basically I need a nice simple GUI.

Also, my program needs to be converted so there are functions and comments.

I want a .exe file and source code. So upon requesting to take the job, I will send you what I have done and full details. You will finish it and send me the .exe If it works you will receive Payment via this websites escrow service. If it is not up to standards I will tell you what needs to be changed. If you cant change it I may still buy it.

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System Administrator – Debian

Provide the Maintenance of a Linux Debian System installed as a Vserver.
perform apt-get dist-upgrade and make sure the services are up and running.

Perform all installation process special with Plone and Zope CMS. – Experienced of Plone Installation of adds-on.

IT system administrator role, paid for this task :

The following packages will be REMOVED:
debian-maintainers libdatrie0 libept0 libgraphviz4 libmagick10 libmodule-pluggable-perl libsys-syslog-perl libxcb-xlib0 libxcb-xlib0-dev libxml-libxml-common-perl odbcinst1debian1 plone3-site
python-numeric python-psycopg python-psycopg2da python-zopeinterface zope-cachefu zope-cookiecrumbler zope-externaleditor zope-linguaplone zope-mysqlda zope-plone3 zope-psycopgda zope-tinytableplus
zope-zwiki zope2.10 zope3
The following NEW packages will be installed:
apache2.2-bin apt-xapian-index autopoint bind9-host consolekit cpp-4.4 dahdi dahdi-linux dmsetup exiv2 fakeroot fancontrol freetds-common fxload g++-4.4 gcc-4.4 gcc-4.4-base geoip-database git gnupg-curl
groff insserv install-info iso-codes lib32bz2-1.0 lib32v4l-0 libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl libalgorithm-merge-perl libaprutil1-dbd-sqlite3 libaprutil1-ldap libavahi-client3 libavahi-common-data
libavahi-common3 libbind9-60 libboost-iostreams1.42.0 libbsd0 libc-bin libc-client2007e libc-dev-bin libcdt4 libcgraph5 libck-connector0 libclass-inspector-perl libcommon-sense-perl
libcompress-raw-bzip2-perl libcorosync4 libdata-validate-domain-perl libdata-validate-ip-perl libdata-validate-uri-perl libdatrie1 libdb4.7 libdb4.8 libdirectfb-1.2-9 libdjvulibre-text libdns69
libdpkg-perl libdrm-intel1 libdrm-radeon1 libeggdbus-1-0 libept1 libexiv2-9 libfile-copy-recursive-perl libflac8 libfont-freetype-perl libgl1-mesa-dri libgmime-2.0-2a libgraph4 libgssapi-krb5-2 libgvc5
libgvpr1 libio-compress-perl libio-pty-perl libipc-run-perl libisc62 libisccc60 libisccfg62 libjack-jackd2-0 libjbig2dec0 libjpeg8 libjs-mootools libjson-perl libjson-xs-perl libk5crypto3 libkrb5-3
libkrb5support0 liblqr-1-0 libltdl7 liblua5.1-0 liblwres60 liblzma2 libmagickcore3 libmagickcore3-extra libmagickwand3 libmpfr4 libmysqlclient16 libnet-domain-tld-perl libnet-ipv6addr-perl
libnet-netmask-perl libnetwork-ipv4addr-perl libnss3-1d libonig2 libopenais3 libopencore-amrnb0 libopencore-amrwb0 libopenjpeg2 libopenr2-3 libossp-uuid16 libpam-ck-connector libpaper-utils libpathplan4
libpciaccess0 libpolkit-gobject-1-0 libpoppler5 libpri1.4 libqdbm14 librarian0 libreadline6 libregexp-assemble-perl libresample1 libsdl1.2debian libsdl1.2debian-alsa libsensors4 libsndfile1
libsox-fmt-alsa libsox-fmt-base libsox1b libspandsp2 libss7-1 libstdc++6-4.4-dev libsub-name-perl libsybdb5 libtalloc2 libtask-weaken-perl libtonezone2.0 libudev0 libunistring0 libv4l-0 libvorbisfile3
libwavpack1 libwiki-toolkit-plugin-json-perl libxapian22 libxcb-atom1 libxcb-event1 libxdot4 lm-sensors manpages-dev odbcinst odbcinst1debian2 php-auth-sasl php5-suhosin postgresql-8.4
postgresql-client-8.4 psutils python-apt python-apt-common python-chardet python-debian python-pkg-resources python-pyasn1 python-pygments python-xapian python-zope.interface python2.6 python2.6-minimal
rarian-compat sensible-utils sox squirrelmail-viewashtml tcl8.5 tsconf ufraw-batch xz-utils
The following packages have been kept back:
mysql-server mysql-server-5.0
The following packages will be upgraded:
adduser apache2 apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils apache2.2-common app-install-data apt apt-file apt-utils aptitude aspell aspell-en asterisk asterisk-config asterisk-sounds-main at awffull base-files
base-passwd bash bash-completion binutils bsd-mailx bsdmainutils bsdutils busybox bzip2 ca-certificates console-common console-data coreutils courier-authdaemon courier-authlib courier-authlib-userdb
courier-base courier-imap courier-imap-ssl courier-ssl cpio cpp cpp-4.3 cron curl cvs-buildpackage dash dbconfig-common dbus dbus-x11 dcraw dctrl-tools debconf debconf-i18n debhelper

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YUI Javascript Customizations

There are a few YUI Javascript elements on the web application we are developing. We are looking for someone who can lend a hand with our project. The framework we are using is Django so someone familiar with Python is a plus but the only requirement is familiarity with Yahoos YUI since most of the tasks are direct adaptations of YUI examples.

One specific item we need help with is adapting the following YUI example in a pretty straightforward way:

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Project Management On Google App Engine / Python

I have a project on Access…Is pretty much the default template of project management that comes with the installation of Ms access…I have only done few extra addition.

for whom is not familiar with this assess template:

The projects includes (Projects table, Tasks Table, Contacts Table) and as you can imagine one project has many tasks, and contacts are part on projects and tasks.

So this is pretty much what i am looking for….

Important: I want to host this project on google app engine, and i want it written on python…

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Scrap Video Website – Python

Scrap video website to list videos and search function to operate.
Login settings are required.
Quality videos should be marked and shown first, lower quality videos should be also marked and shown last.

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Python Script To Use Google Adwords API

Need a Python script to access the Google Adwords API to download keyword performance data and place bids, in particular:

– read a local text file containing a list of keywords and date ranges, get the performance data of these keywords and write it into another local text file,
– read a second local text file containing a list of max CPC for existing keywords and update these max CPC accordingly through the Adwords API.

Escrow will be sent immediately after choosing the winning bidder. Final Payment is made once I received the script and its running smoothly on my system (Python 2.7, Windows XP). You agree to release the escrow if you were not able to commplete the project in the time you stated in your bid (delays on my side not counted).

With your bid please include a PM explaining your experience that qualifies you for this project.

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Python 3.x SOAP Client

What I need is to write simple Python SOAP "client". I need to be easily able to send Python request. It HAS to be for Python3000. I dont care if You port some Python library to be compatible with Py3k or Youl write some new one. I prefere simplicity.

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Install Paymentech Payment Module In OSCommerce Python Cart

I am having difficulty installing the Paymentech Payment module in my Python Cart (OsCommerce) store platform. Paymentech uses the Authorizenet Sim modules and redirects them to the Paymentech Gateway.

Paymentech only provided a module that loads into the includes/payments folder. They have not supplied any modules that would be installed in the includes/languages/payments folder or the includes/classes folder.

My version of the Python Cart did not come with the Authorizenet Sim payment modules installed.

The project would entail finding and loading the correct payment modules and making any changes that would enable the provided Paymentech module to work correctly. Paymentech resources would be available for consult and testing.

Any new modules added to my libraries or any changes would need to be provided and documented, as I need to make the same changes to 5 other Python Cart stores.

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Optimization Of Python Script

Hi, Im looking for a python programmer to help optimise a script, which parses text content from visited websites and substitutes specific data with new data achieved from a MySQL database. It is a relatively small project: I already have a working script in python, however as Im not a professional programmer it needs some adjustment in order to work well.

The script takes all text-content of a visited website. Compares the words with a dictionary and replaces all words which are on the site and in the dictionary. The dictionary is very large and based on a MySQL-database. I tried different solutions (fx BeautifulSoup) for web-parsing, but as the script have to be extremely solid and work on any kind of website I ended up running into troubles. Eventually Ive based the script on a rather old parser However, Im aware that the whole script is very linear (and thus time consuming) and that one might be better off with for instance using a prefix tree (trie) instead. In the end the script must be implemented in Squid.

Timeframe: as soon as possible

Skills: Python (if you also have experience with Squid it would be great! 🙂

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