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£50 Per Qualified Sale – Telemarketing For Website Design

Telemarketing for Website design – £50 per qualified Leads

We have UK based website Design & Development business.

We target to small business to develop CMS websites design at very competitive prices.

We would like someone to cold call businesses from small business directory, or Yellow Pages etc and make valid appointment with our website consultant.

We will pay minimum £50 or 15% of the project price on only QUALIFIED sale and will pay on client cleared payment. We usually aim to deliver website within (5 -10 Days)

You must have your own phone and cover your own bill and all other expenses.

Thank you

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Appointment Setting And Lead Generation

We are a commercial cleaning company located in Edmonton, Alberta and we are searching for an experienced appointment setter to generate qualified leads for our company. Telemarketer must speak clear English and must possess outbound janitorial telemarketing / sales experience.

Qualified lead specifications:
– a qualified lead is described as an appointment in which manager visits site, talks to the decision maker and submits a bid with the potential customer
– must target companies not less than 3,000 sq. ft. and in need of service at least 3x a week.
– postal codes ( areas) of target companies will be provided
– appointment setter is responsible for determining if company is currently using a cleaning service, how much the company is paying for current service
– appointment setter will develop call script and a sample can be provided
– confirmed appointment will be delivered via email

Please bid per appointment (ex. $10/appt, $20/appt, 25/appt., etc)

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Qualified Emails For Toronto Canada Deal Site

We are looking for 10,000 + qualified double opt in emails for Toronto, Canada immediately.

These must be emails Specific to Toronto Canada
Emails must be opt in
Emails must be legitimate, No bots

We are looking for a consistent flow of qualified email leads and will continue with this project and the selected freelancer indefinitely.

Please send a sample list of 500 emails for testing.

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CPA Leads Needed Minimum 50 Daily (Long Term Partner)

Hello, I am looking for someone to provide me with some zip submit leads. We will start off small with 800 and I will give you a couple weeks to complete it. Looking for experienced providers only and one that can be discrete.
Need someone to deal with CPA lead generation.

Please note:

The Rules:
Only quality sign-ups
Only unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Zip Codes
Only unique and confirmed IP addresses
No Rotating IP addresses
No fake Emails
No Fake Zip Codes
No duplicates sign ups
No fraudulent sign ups
No Automated Methods
No Cookie Cleaners
No Black Hat
No use of proxy servers
No Incentivized Traffic
No Auto Bots or Software
Yes 100% Real People
Yes 100% USA Traffic

You can drive traffic by any ethical means, PPC, Optin Mail, SEO, Social Media anything thats genuine intent basically.


$0.5 per qualified Email/zip submit
$1 per qualified dating sign up
$3.5 per qualified insurance lead.

You will get paid Via Paypal


You will be paid -NET 30- (After a few months this will decrease and you will be paid faster)
Example: Leads generated in February will be paid by the last day of March 2011 and so on…

Why Net 30?
That is when the merchant pays us. You will only be paid once we receive the money from our providers. The reason we do this is if we pay you up front for the leads and the provider tells us that our leads are garbage then we will lose out on all of the money.
If you send us garbage leads and we get our network accounts banned or in poor standing then you will not be paid!

Please provide how you will generate your leads. don

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Media Buyer Prospecting


I need someone who can call ad agencies in New York, Chicago, LA. I also need you to call companies and find out the decision makers for print advertising. I need 4-5 quality leads per week where you can get me the persons name, title, email, and phone number who handles the companies advertising.

I am willing to pay per qualified lead as long as the leads are good.

Please message me with your cost per qualified lead and how you plan to obtain all of these leads.

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Easy IPhone Game For Qualified Candidate!

Looking to create a game similar to this:

for the iphone. I have already mapped out what I want. It involves 20 levels on the paid version and 3 levels on the lite version. It is to be more aesthetically appealing also (nothing too fancy).

I can provide the soundtrack for the game but would like the designer to find sound effects that suit the game. Some level of creativity is required but I can basically tell the designer exactly what I want as far as game play and controls go.

Controls will involve finger swipes, would like online score boards, and a similar menu system to the popular facebook game "cut the rope".

Will provide all the remaining details to qualified offers. I have a powerpoint presentation developed that shows some expectations and guidelines.

Since this is not a ridiculously complicated game I am looking to spend around 500.


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Qualified Leads In Australia

I would like to get 500 leads, they must be qualified with the following:
Have at least minimum of $20,000+ to invest,
Must be currently looking at investing,
Must have… name, address, telephone numbers, (email as well prefered)

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WordPress – Reposition Post Titles On Blog

I would simply like to have my blog titles and page titles switch positions so that the blog post title is the dominant heading on the pages.

WordPress and PHP experience mandatory. Looking for qualified developers ONLY.
budget $30. Possible future work will be needed from the qualified candidate.

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Telemaketing – Appointment Scheduler – Advisory Service

Project Description

Small Advisory Business Services Company located in the Boston Massachusetts Metro Area is searching for an Appointment Setting service to generate 30 qualified leads. Company advises corporations who sponsor group retirement plans on properly managing investments as required by ERISA and assist corporations on effectively monitoring all service providers and providing participant education. We are seeking to outsource arranging appointments with key decision makers to a telemarketing company that will result in closed contracts with new customers. We are looking to have 30 appointments set.

Marketing Details:

* You are responsible for calling the list with a pre-approved script. Assistance and our service details will be shared.
* Prospect list must be within 150 mile radius of zip code 01742
* Telemarketer must speak clear English and be proficient at taking notes related to questions on the phone.
* Preference will be given to companies or telemarketers with Business Services and telemarketing experience.

Qualified Lead Details:

* Provide 30 Qualified leads. Should these prove well qualified, we will be re-hiring on another part time basis.
* A Qualified Lead is defined as setting up an appointment with the key Decision Maker.
* Confirmation of appointments will be via email.

Payment Details:

* Bid on setting 30 leads and estimated time to completion
* No upfront money or fees will be paid
* Additional commission can be earned if appointment results in contract for multiple locations. Details will be worked out prior to start.
* Money will be paid upon completion of the project.

We are an up and coming business with a dynamic service offering. We are seeking to build a long term relationship with you as we grow. Other products are in the works and are expected to be added in the future.

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SEO Article Writers Needed

I am in need of Freelance Article Writers to write about specified financial keywords. Articles need to be between 300 and 500 words and contain specified keywords a required number of times.
Qualified writers must speak / write proper English. Articles with broken English will NOT be accepted.
Qualified writers should bid their rate for 10 articles at a time. Selected writers will receive a list of keywords to write on, and will be expected to submit their articles in a one week deadline. I am looking for multiple people to write articles about many different keywords.
Any applicants should include samples from previous work.
Thank you for your time.

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Duplicate WordPress SIte & Change Some Content

1. Duplicate my entire wordpress website to a new folder domain on my host (inc database)
2. change blog title to
3. Change all instances of the term Qrops or (Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) to Qnups (Qualified Non UK Pension Scheme) in all Page Titles and Text (56 pages)
4. Change all instances of Qrops or (Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) to Qnups (Qualified Non UK Pension Scheme) in all Metatags (controled by all in one SEO)

I think there are add-ons to find and replace text so you should be able to automate this procedure.

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Need Business Services Appointment Setter

Project Description

Small Business Services Company located in the Baltimore Maryland Metro Area is searching for an Appointment Setting service to generate qualified leads on a Pay per Appointment arrangement. Company treats floors that are made of ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, stone and concrete so that they are less slippery when wet then when dry. Product has a 2 year warranty. We are seeking a company that can provide high quality leads with the key decision maker that will result in closed deals.

Marketing Details:

* Target businesses that have tile, marble, stone or concrete floors that are slippery when wet. This would include, but not be limited to fast food restaurants, restaurants, grocery stores, big box stores, car dealers, banks, churches, office and government buildings, etc.
* You are responsible for creating a call script which must be approved. Assistance and product details will be shared.
* You are responsible for building your own prospect/call list.
* Prospect list must be within 30 mile radius of zip code 21074
* Telemarketer must speak clear English.
* Preference will be given to companies with Business Services and/or Janitorial telemarketing experience.

Qualified Lead Details:

* Provide 10 Qualified leads per week. This hopefully will increase as the company grows.
* A Qualified Lead is defined as setting up an appointment with the key Decision Maker to Demo the product on the customer

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100 Quality Leads – Trial Run

We need 100 quality leads for our Advertising Reseller Program. This is a trial run with more work available on a continuing basis for the right person. Please see below for terms.

Our Reseller Program:

Our budget for this trial project is $30.00, payable when all leads provided have been verified as qualified.

A qualified lead is one that meets the criteria below:

Lead has a Marketing, Advertising, or Business Service related Website or Blog
Website URL and Contact Email Address are BOTH provided

There are two options for delivering the leads to us: (#2 Preferred)

1) List of leads meeting the above criteria submitted upon completion
2) 100 qualified leads apply to our FREE reseller program via the form on our website

If the choosen candidate provides good, quality leads, that convert well, we can offer larger, higher paying projects.

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Call Centers Required

Only for call centers
i have a campaign for Duct & Furnace cleaning for the Canadian City. I can only pay $30 per qualified sale.
You dont have to ask any credit card info. just have to set an appointment with customer according to the calender we will provide you and this could be for long term.

You have to use your own calling paid phones.

For more info bid on this project.

NOTE : wont be giving more then $30 per qualified sale.

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Qualified Medical Professionals Needed For Reviews

We are looking for qualified medical professionals to review and edit patient reading-level health content so it can become medically accurate. Content are comprised of basic descriptions of diseases like basic info, diagnosis, treatment etc. For practicing a medical professional, this should be a very simple project.

We are looking for true medical professionals such as nurses, pas, pharmacists and doctors (MDs, DO, and etc). Final bidders will be asked to provide proof of medical qualification.

This first batch will be comprised of about 16 diseases; 12 of which are about 750 words, and 4 of which are about 2000 words.

Multiple bidders will be hired for this project and will have a chance for similar projects after completion.

Please indicate your qualifications when you bid.

Thank you and Happy Bidding!

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Qualified Users Needed For Online Dating Wesbite

WE need actual users sign up to our online dating service. Please quote your best price for each 500 users.
The desired cost is 50 USD per 500 uers, and we will cooperate with any qualified bidders.
This is a long term cooperation, and we will pay each month.
1. WE only need actual users, each users must activate their account, also they must upload at least one head image and couple of other photos. Max amount of photos allowed is 6. They also need to provide their personal information as well as self description and search criteria!
2. Users must come from US, Canada, Australia, GB, China, Japen, Russia etc. No African and other Scam countries will be considered.
3. Dont register just in one day, instead, please register evenly.
4. Registered users must be high quality, half male, half female. Low quality registered users wont be considered.
Again, we only pay actual users, no faked users will be counted! WE can easily detect if they are faked users or not, so please save you time to create faked account.
when you quote, please specify your target number, location, how you drive users to our service etc.
Dont forget to quote your best price per 500 users.
Thanks and Happy Bidding

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Article On The Long Term Prognosis For Laminitis

I need a 6000 word essay on the long term prognosis for laminitis. It has to be original work (it will be scanned to ensure it hasnt been copied). It would suit someone who has studied laminitis or is otherwise qualified. Do not apply if you are not degree qualified. The maximum fee is $5. I need this article by the end of Thursday 18 November.

The article has to be in excellent english and have references. It must be of a very high standard (journal quality).

I will own all copyright in the article and have all rights to it.

If you do an excellent job then you may get further work. Please provide samples of work.

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Insurance Appointment Setter Needed (Canada)

Looking for telemarketers/sales people/appointment setters to make appointments with individuals for life insurance, critical illness insurance and/or disability insurance in Toronto (Canada) and the surrounding areas.

Script provided or can prepare your own (approval necessary).
Strictly to follow DNC list.
Previous experience in outbound telemarketing for Life Insurance is necessary. (Can be approved without experience but strong background in sales and appointment setting is required for review)
You must provide the list.

Person will be responsible for making quality appointments with only interested qualified prospects. All appointments will be forwarded to us via email with prospect details.

Payment will be on a per "qualified", booked and confirmed appointment basis only. I have had too many issues with previous telemarketers whose idea of what a "qualified" appointment is differ from what I expect. This is someone who has a need for one or more of the mentioned types of insurance and is interested in sitting down with me to discuss their options and/or provide them with quotes.

Pay will be discussed. Paid weekly.

I prefer those with a native english tongue or with minimal accent.

I am a professional and you are calling on behalf of me who has a reputation in the industry. I do not want this tarnished, so if you do not meet my needs, please do not apply.

Agents and Call Centers can apply.


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Looking For Qualified Leads

Hi I am looking for anyone who can get me atleast 100 qualified leads daily.

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Need Highly Qualified Leads And Closed Deals

Dear Freelancers,

Quantity is not necessary, we need quality.

We need very high qualified leads and closed deals with investors from any where in the world willing to invest in our real estate activities in France.

– investors for real estate in France
– minimum 1 million euros per investor, total needed 50 millions euros
– locked in for 5 to 7 years at least
– expected ROI 12% or more


We pay only success fees, bid with milestones will be disregarded
Commission on closed deals up to 3% (depending on the invested amount)

Freelancer requirements:
– Provide highly qualified leads and closed deals
(we dont want quantity, we expect quality only)
– Easy to contact
– A reliable and serious person

– Long term relation
as we have more to offer from our Assets Managing Company located in Switzerland

I will not wait till this posting ends to pick the appropriate candidate for this project.

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Lead Generation Position

This is a lead generation position.

Calling manufacturing type companies and speaking with EHS Managers. Asking if they have any current requirements.

Will be paid per qualified lead.

Follow our qualification questions and if there is an opportunity and is approved as a qualified lead then you will be paid $5 per lead.

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Experienced Appointment Setters Needed (Work From Home)

I am looking for someone who will call local businesses in Ottawa Canada and set appointments with businesses who are wanting to learn how to use different marketing ideas and techniques using social media like facebook and twitter, email automated marketing, and a quick method to re activate past clients and create a very quick windfall of about 30% in profits in as little as 2 weeks.

Although all this is great I am trying to do 1 thing and that is give them a free 1 on 1 consultation that will teach them these amazing techniques for their marketing.

To make these appointments targeted and qualified here are my qualifiers

1. Speak to the main decision maker when it comes to the marketing and advertising
2. Make sure that they can handle new business. If they are way overbooked then I probably cant help them
3. Make sure they are open to new ideas and want to learn more about new ways of marketing their business and making more money.
4. Get them to write down my name and the specific appointment time.

Get them to agree to meet with me for 20 minutes.

The person calling will be given a list and a proven script.

This will be paid on a per qualified appointment plus $100 per sale

The payout is recurring and is VERY lucrative.

We close on average 85% of good qualified leads. We then give the appointment setter 250$ for every sale we generate. Good appointment setters who can get us to sit with 3-4 business owners a day who are qualified will make a good $1000 + a week.

Please send me a quick email and your phone number so we can get on the phone for a very quick interview.

Must speak english with NO accent


Roger D.

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Lead Generation

This is a lead generation position.

Calling manufacturing type companies and speaking with EHS Managers. Asking if they have any current requirements.

Will be paid per qualified lead.

Follow our qualification questions and if there is an opportunity and is approved as a qualified lead then you will be paid $5 per lead.

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$200 Per Qualified Lead

Hello, I am looking to add 5 new distributors to my Network Marketing Opportunity! My landing page is & the actual business opportunity can be found at I am looking for experienced marketers to take on the job. I currently have the proper tracking in place (google analytics) to ensure your commission is never delayed & I will pay 200 for every lead who joins the business opportunities Platinum Package! Please include your Skype id as well!

Thanks Again

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Extra Secret :)

Looking for team of programmers (2); however if you are extremely qualified and have a GOOD amount of time to allocate then you will make double 🙂 After consulting with student pursuing MS (2nd year) in CS he believes you would need at least those qualifications or knowledge. Rails was the recommended software so far, but if you are able to use similar one that would be fine. Requires knowledge of most OS platforms (iOS, Android, major smart phones). Looking for someone who can become as obsessive about this project as I am. This is an ultra early start up that needs it software developed to a Beta version. Company was just backed by investors and is looking to hire their "Geek Squad". If interested please email back with resume and your current situation as it would relate to this project. The venture is located in Southern California and on site work is required. Amount to be paid to team is allocated for around $8,000.00. However, that is the maximum and unless you are extraordinary qualified expect to be receiving between 2K-4K a person. Contact ASAP because this project should have already started. Living arrangements can be discussed, but should not be expected. If project goes past start up stage, a full time paid position could be offered.

So you know the dedication in this project, I put in 15 hour work days( sucks, but could be worth it)

Sorry for the lack luster discription, but more information will be given for those that are qualified enough.

10/15/2010 at 15:16 EDT:

People have asked for a general definition of project, can be defined as location based marketing to mobile phones.

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Adwords/SEM Campaign

Looking for a qualified SEM team to put together a solid campaign to generate investor leads online. Only respond if youre positively ranked on, otherwise dont waste your time, I wont respond. Qualified individual will provide weekly reporting and a thorough analysis for optimization. Also, this team should be able to think outside of the box to provide long term results in marketing. Good luck!

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Accountant For First Accounts

I am looking for a qualified account for some one off accountancy services. We are a very small, new website company and our first accounts are now overdue. The company has not traded yet as we are still in the process of establishing the website to our customers. No business transactions have taken place apart from set up costs.

We need a qualified accountant to do our first set of abbreviated accounts and submit them by 29th september at the latest.

This is a one off piece of work that should not take too much time as the books are not complex. However, I need someone qualified whom I can trust to do the first set of accounts. We will then be looking to engage an accountant on a more permanent basis.

Any questions please let me know.

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Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing /

We have been retained to work with a number of SEO companies and individuals on an ongoing basis.

We are looking to build a network of qualified individual who we can give weekly projects to –
we forecast roughly 10/12 new projects per week.

In the first instance we are looking to hear from suitablt qualified SEOs – who are willing to work with us
to put together large scale SEO deployment.

Please do not reply with standard attachment – we need to understand what you have done previously,
what your strategy is for a new SEO campaign, key points and critical parts.

We are then looking to award a small one page project to succesful bidders as proof of concept, a full brief will be given
this small project will be paid to each bidder at $30 – once your page has been reviewed by our in house SEO guys – partners will be chosen .

Please read the above carefully – please bid $30 if you wish to take part in pilot and please provide details of what makes you qualified -provide guideline pricing – looking to work with best.

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Website Company In Israel Is Looking For Highly Qualified Em

Website Company in Israel is looking for highly qualified employees.

We build websites using Joomla cms in Israel and around the world. Having a large amount of clients we are looking to expand.

Basically our company is getting bigger and we are looking for qualified workers who are serious and are willing to become a part of our company. What we need are people with vision and skill who can work with us on regular bases. Salary increase is offered to employees who do well in projects.

The jobs we are looking to fill are in these departments:
Joomla template design
Joomla programming

Interested applicants who will be found matching to our demands can start right away.

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