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Rewriting An Existing Sales Page Copy – Low Word Quantity.

Hey i want some talented copywrites to look at my sales page and add some power to it.
it converting about 0.80% wich makes me break even with this one.

since its not a "website" anyway, i belive the problem here is the copywriting since the page is
converting (indicates not to heavy credibility problems are made) but not enough.

check it out

please bid on re-writing each of its sections in the mind of helping me sell better.
if testimonials is a must, make some, calculate everything you have in mind
to make is sell better, then bid.
i wont even answer to bids like "sure we handled hunders of those" or any copy&paste replay.
please make your bid subject oriented – if you cant see how you help this baby, drop it.

looking forward working with you soon 🙂

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Usa & Uk Email Leads Needed In Large Quantity


I am looking for lead providers that are capable of generating targeted leads for my online forms. There are 2 different niches for which I am looking for providers:

Payment dates are negotiable and will depend on your lead volume. Any questions you may have just let me know. I will be considering all candidates that are capable of doing this job. All you need to do is bid any amount and I will contact you to discuss the project further.

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CubeCart Estelle Quantity Discounts-display Min & Max Price

Our online store has Estelles Quantity discounts mod installed.
(Posting a link with contact details is not allowed in this site as this may result to account suspension by Administrators)

Our cube cartversion is version 4.3.4

Quantity discounts works fine. however, customers only get to see the quantity discounts for any given product when looking at the detail page of the product.

i.e.: When looking at many products in any given category, only the maximum price is listed.

Where a product has quantity discounts, I would like the category view, and latest products view to show "Min price $xx – max price $xx"

new items view

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Small Changes Needed For Website

Hello there,

I previously posted this website on freelancer, found a developer and he did some excellent work. I now need to more changes to the site as i am about to start SEO work but need these changes before i start.

1st. I live in south africa. we have 9 provinces. Our delivery is free throughout the country but each province must have a pre-defined minimum order quantity. this means if they register as living in Cape town, their minimum order quanity must be x amount. If they live in Eastern Cape, their minimum order quantity must be x amount. they cannot check out until they have purchased enough for this checkout amount

2nd. I want a testimonial place on my front page. I can add the comments myself or allow customers to add them. just so that new visitors to the site can tell other people how great our company is.

These are the two features i need attended to. Please let me know bid and time completion. Thanks

03/03/2011 at 7:24 EST:

The website link is

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Invoice & Quote Order

We need to add the following features to openbravo 2.30.2

1- Print an invoice on an A4 paper instead of the thermal receipt.
2- Print a quote on A4 if a client requires one.
3- Make Openbravo displays an alarm message if a product quantity gets lower than the minimum quantity inserted in the database.
For point 1 & 2 The invoice and quote design will be sent once the programmer accepts the project.

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Zen Cart – Linked Stock Quantities

I am looking for someone who will be able to add the following stock handling features to my Zen Cart installation:

1- The option of deriving the in-stock quantity of a product from the lowest quantity available of a list of other products.
This would be used in the instance where a product is actually comprised of a selection of other products (sub-products) also available at the store. Whichever sub-product has the least in-stock quantity will dictate the products available quantity. The admin must be able to simply turn-on this option for a given product from the product page (within the admin section of course). A text-box would allow the admin to input a list of product IDs (the sub-products) as well as a number which defines the quantity of sub-products included in the main product. The string format would be of the type [{ID#, QTY},{ID#, QTY},{ID#, QTY}, etc…]

A main product is a Table, which consists of the following sub-products: 4 "legs" and 1 "top". The list would look something like [{15, 4},{17, 1}], where 15 is the "leg" product ID# and 17 is the "top" product ID#.

2- The option of making the sale of a given product affect the in-stock quantity of other products. In the same context as above, if a table is sold, the stock quantity for the legs and the top must go down by 4 and 1 respectively. The same string format approach would be used as well.

Your code must be well commented, efficient and tidy.

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Data Scrape – Easy And Urgent

This directory holds over 40,000 profiles of Churches.

This link!!!&Submit=Go shows all of the towns (28,000+ Links).

Each Town is a link, for example:

These pages all include a linke "Show all Abberton (Essex) churches"

I need you to collect all of the church profiles found within each of the Show all town churched links

Please confirm exactly how many unique church profiles you can crawl and I will tell you what fields I need you to capture.

Urgent – required 24hrs


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Pantry Database

I would like to have a program any format one that is easy to configure as needed so i can scan barcodes of products ie:groceries into a database and retrieve information on that product automatically and also input a quantity, then if i use a product i scan it again and the more i use the the less of a quantity shows up so at the end of the week you can do a quick print off and see what you need to buy when you see 0 quantities

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Magento Pricing Fix

Looking for someone to fix custom options so it applies percentages correctly.
Currently custom options just add the percentage to the base price.

For example buy 100 for $100 add a custom option (blue) for 10% price = $110
But if you change the quantity to 200 with custom option blue for 10% it only uses the base price and returns $210 instead of $220. So I need the custom options to update based on changes to the quantity.

This is a Magento 1.4.2 site, Id like any mods to work with upgrades.

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WHMCS Customization

I want to add few fields on my running WHMCS, here are the details for that.

1. I want to have Western Union in the payment gateway.
2. I want to have Quantity box on the time of check out if we are having some tangible items on this to get the quantity order for the product.

Persons who already have done work on the customization of WHMCS would be preferred.

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VERY Simple Update Quantity Script (PHP/MySQL)

I have a database table that consists of 4 columns. "Session ID, Product, QTY, and Price". All I need is a quick and dirty (but functioning) php script that will display the contents of that table onto the webpage, and provide input boxes for the QTY rows, and upon the user entering a new quantity and clicking Submit, the script should update itself.

I dont care about styling in this particular case, nor am I interested in any other "bells and whistles". 🙂 I dont have long at all to get this finished. I will also be requiring someone on a regular basis for plenty of other jobs.

12/15/2010 at 7:58 EST:

Script should be able to update the database.

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Magento Expert Needed

I am looking for a person or company who is an expert in Magento. This is an easy job if you are a Magento expert. You must have reviews showing you are an expert in Magento. I need a few things modified on a specific website. Please send me a project quote to fix these products. I have another Magento project starting soon, so if you do a good job with this Iw ill give you that project too.

Here are three topics that need fixed.

1. I need shipping to be automatically calculated for each country we ship to. We offer our products globally, so there is no way we can manually update our shipping rate for each country manually.

2. Product image on orders. When someone places a order for one of our products, we would like to add a image to the order sheet, so our warehouse people can see the product.

3. I have jewelery, and we have to have the quantity added for each size.

For instance:
Leaf Ring

17 MM
18 MM
19 MM

I want to be able to show how many rings we have for each size like this.

Leaf Ring

17 MM quantity 31
18 MM quantity 50
19 MM quantity 12

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Magento Product Image Upload On Checkout

I need a feature for magento shopping cart.
Kindly refer to

What the feature we need is just the same as the link above. There will be product for single, double, 3, 5 , etc for the toy. Each figurine we need client to upload 4 photo. It cannot be done by magento product custom field. The picture upload file must be after adding to cart as the quantity need to confirmed first. So once the product is added to cart, let

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Csv Import And Connection Authorizedotnet

I need a csv and product images uploaded to a magento site. I cant remember the magento admin login, so youll have to get that from the database.

Ill pay $40-50 for this work. I need that work done in the next 12 hours.

Also I need the site connected to a merchant account.

One added note. wont pay more for, but should be simple. When you click on art. It default to 0 quantity $0.00 amount.

We want it to default to 1 quantity and price of the lowest size pictures.

All 4 sizes and all 4 prices are the same for every single picture so not that hard.

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Simple Online Selling Website

Online selling website

We want a website to sell some tennis stuff. You can check to inspire yourself.

We want:
– A menu on the left margin, with categories and undercategories that we create ourselves (for example: Racquets –> Racquets Brand). We can create as much categories as we want.

– A search engine at the top, to find quickly the items.

– When we select an undercategory, all the item appear with their name and their picture.

– Each item has:
– a picture, with possibility to add more pictures and with a "zoom system" like on
– a name (1 line)
– a price
– a description
– a "order place" with the sizes and the quantity we have in stock. The customer choose the quantity he want and add them into his shopping cart.
– a facebook button "I like" for each item, that publish the name and the picture on the customers wall.

– A homepage with promotional pictures.

– A standard checkout for the shipping cart, with possibility to change quantity (that will change the total), add the shipping fees (with the possibility in admin panel to fix an amount limit that the fees are gifted). A possibility to pay with paypal, or to pay by a payment slip.

– Few pages (for example "term and conditions, presentations,etc.) with a link on the top margin.

– For the design, inspire yourself with this website :

– We need an easy admin panel to enter data and change all categories and home page as we want.

– The website has to be in 3 languages (english, french and german) with 3 flags to change languages. When we click to change the language, the user has to stay to the same page.

We want this website quickly so please dont answer except if you have already done this kind of websites.
We dont want automatic responses but that would be great if you could show us some examples of websites you already did.

Best regards,

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Excel To MySQL Database (update Product Quantity)

I am using a system for a ecommerce website.

I need a script where I can upload an excel file
to overwrite the quantity amount for each product in opencart.

The system needs to be able to


If PRODUCT MODE CODE does not exist
Ignore and proceed with next record.

The opencart table prefix_order_product
consist of

order_id product_id

It has to be able to at least process 3000 to 5000 products or 10mb size excel file.

It doesnt need to be a module for opencart, An external php script will do too.

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Products Quantity

Add multiple quantities to product page

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Software For Warehouse Management Needed

Currently, we are writing down items that is in and out from our warehouse. It has been a really big trouble for us by the end of the week to pile up everything and to check the remaining stocks. in order to solve it, we need a software to manage our inventories. i Have found a few software that is involving in warehouse management but i thought that customized software will be better for the users.

I need the software to be able to record data in and out like " maintenance parts bin " software. But i need a user-friendly software that is able to use by the user.

The data will be input manually by the person in charge of the warehouse.

Heres what i want in the software :


able to record data in and out, time, date, where its transferred to or received from. ( data will be input manually )
able to record quantity, current quantity, how much quantity is being taken.
able to record items name, serial number and photo of the items.
able to record the company name, the person name and contact number on where the items are ordered from.
able to show graphs of monthly usage on each of every items, and the most item that is being taken out.

A log in username and a password to access it so that no one else could access the data.

If you are interested in this project, please do send me a message.

Thank you so much.

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Magento Customization For Paired Products

As the current version of Magento does not fully support buying product in pair (product that shares the same inventory), for example, optical lens for eyeglasses. So, Im looking for an expert who made this possible.

First, please see this figure:

[Magento backend]

Optical Lens Type1 [Configurable Product]
(1)—Optical Lens Type1 -0.00, quantity = 1 [Associated Product]
(2)—Optical Lens Type1 -0.50, quantity = 2 [Associated Product]
(3)—Optical Lens Type1 -0.75, quantity = 4 [Associated Product]
(4)—Optical Lens Type1 -1.00, quantity = 2 [Associated Product]

[Magento frontend]

Optical Lens Lens Type1

Left Prescription : (drop down selection)
[ -0.00 ]
[ -0.50 ]
[ -0.75 ]
[ -1.00 ]

Right Prescription : (appear after customized)
[ -0.00 ]
[ -0.50 ]
[ -0.75 ]
[ -1.00 ]

Project summary:

1. Modify or develop an extra Magento extension that allows store admin to determine which product will be sold in pair (for example, a check box "Is Pair" on configurable product manager page)

2. Once the extra option is activate, create a new duplicate attribute selection on product page (frontend) based the pre-defined attributes and inventory. Also, store admin should be able assign its label (like Right Prescription).

3. If customer buys product, the stock quantity should be deducted separately based on the attributes he chose, for example, buy a pair L -0.50, R -0.75 optical lens, deduct the stock quantity for associate product (2) and (3) by 1 each.

4. Item availability should be checked after each option selected.

** developer/programmer who interest should have experience of Magentos product creation processes, especially Configurable Product

PM me if u need more details.

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Virtual Currency Sales Website

Cost and simplicity are main considerations. Design should be facebook-like blue and white.

Database: First table should include fields: servername, stock, price. Second table should include: clients email, payment information, quantity, server name, amounts.
Additional auxiliary fields to support the process such as payment, confirmation ids fields should be employed by developer.
Front end:
-A simple header horizontal menu with: Home/Main Page as default, FAQ and contact section. Web administrator should be able to add other menu items linking to page template to the main page.
1. Main page should include 3 very simple steps similar to
Step 1 is a drop-down menu that reads data from first table and has servername as selectable values.
Step 2 should give quantity limited for the selected server by the stock field from the first table
Step 3 Should list the previous fields: selected server name, selected quantity, price per 1000g, and total amount. At the bottom there should be a confirm button which takes the customer to a second page.
2. Second page should ask few simple mandatory data from customer: Name, email address, avatar name 1, (optional additional 2 avatar names), phone number. Payment method selection. Submit/confirm button at bottom of page
3. Third page should list all previous data in table so the customer can review it. At bottom there should be a proceed to PayPal button which should be integrated with PayPal. Information necessary for a complete transaction should be send to PayPal and confirmation received accordingly. Customer should be taken to a confirmation page where the purchase process ends. After confirmation of payment is received appropriate quantity should be deduced for the selected server from the stock field.
This process should be secure and clear of bugs. Developer will receive necessary information to with integrate PayPal.
1. Administrator should be able to edit the server tables where he can edit/add/delete server names, prices and stocks.
2. Administrator should be able to view confirmed orders, unfinished orders etc. Email to a specified email address should be send after each confirmed order. Administrator should be able to mark orders as delivered.

Optional depending on price:
– Suggestions for and implementation of additional payment processor integration – most important optional.
– SEO optimization
– Facebook integration for client data(instead of client email/name fields)
– Possibly for different pricing at different quantity in the form of either volume discounts or separate pricing for each server/quantity combination with admin ability to mass populate same/similar patterns for a number of servers.

Please when submitting your bids state which of the main and which of the optional requirements you can satisfy.

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OSCommerce Quantity Price Breaks Bug


I have a client who has installed the Quantity Price Breaks addon in his store. He has 2 bugs he needs correcting:

1) In the admin he has to enter the prices exclusive of tax…. we need it to make these inclusive of tax so it is easier for him.

2) For some reason when we add say 3 of a product to the cart at £3.33 each, it shows the items at £3.33 each but then generates a strange subtotal of around £15.

I require someone to fix these asap


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Magento Product Page Quantity Tweaking.

Visit this page,0/APC-Cork-Colours.htm

We want to implement same quantity feature on our Magento Enterprise edition.

Be specific and show similar examples only. copy-paste proposal with long list of websites will be ignored.

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Need Online Store PayPal Paypal Checkout Fixed Up

Im working on an online store ( ) and basically need either need the price to change depending on the quantity the customer selects (to give them bulk rates) or for PayPal to not allow the customer to change the cart quantity to something lower than the specified number of items theyve clicked on.

Im not too familiar with PayPal, but I imagine this may require a 3rd party script/software in between the site and the paypal check out.

If you think you can fix up this store to smooth out the transaction process give me a shout and let me know what kind of price were looking at.


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WordPress E-commerce Food Delivery Website #2 For Nilfriends


This is an invitation-only project for "Nilfriends". Please do not bid!


Please find the email details below. There are some small changes as I introduced the 4th order status. There is one more email only to send out, and additional fields on the checkout form which supported by the admin panel of the wp e-commerce plugin.

Order statuses and actions

Order Status #1: "Ordered"., User buys and submits the order. "Order Confirmation" email sent to user. "Ordered" email sent to corresponding restaurant. The "ordered" email includes a link to status #2. Restaurant owner clicks on link, order status changes to #2

Order Status #2: "Confirmed". Order status changed to #2. The food is being prepared. "Order processed" email sent to user. "Processed" email sent to restaurant. Email includes a link to status #3. Restaurant owner clicks on link, order status changes to #3

Order Status #3: "In Delivery" Order status changed to #3. "Order in delivery" email sent to user, bcc to main account

Order Status #4: "Closed". Order status can be changed manually only, through the restaurants account or via main account

#1 Order Confirmation – sent to: to user, bcc to main account
#1 Ordered – sent to restaurant
#2 Order Processed – sent to: to user, bcc to main account
#2 Processed – sent to restaurant
#3 Order in delivery – sent to user, bcc to main account

Please add to Store/Settings/Checkout the following fields. We need the additional fields on the checkout form.

Message – a text entry window – not obligatory to fill out

Payment type – radio button, either "credit card" or "COD". – default is COD. Right now we dont care with the further details

In case of COD, enable a new numeric entry:
Paying with – a numeric entry (to let the customer entry the bill they are paying with, in order to provide the delivery guy with change) – obligatory field
In case user selects "credit card", disable the "Paying with" entry.

Please note these are not HTML emails. Use simple text with line breaks.

I marked variables with a $ sign. I think the meaning of $quantity or $name is obvious.

#1 Order Confirmation – sent to: to user, bcc to main account
Subject: Order received – $domain
Dear $name,

We received your order as follows:

Order number: $ordernumber
Restaurant: $restaurant

$quantity $item $price
$quantity $item $price
$quantity $item $price
+ $shipping
+ $tax

Your remarks:

You are paying with:
$creditcard or $payingwith (either display "creditcard" or the amount entered in Paying with entry)

Thank you for using our service!
$domain staff

#1 Ordered – sent to restaurant
Subject: Order from $username – $domain

Dear $restaurant, you just received a new order!

Order number: $ordernumber

Order details:

$quantity $item $price
$quantity $item $price
$quantity $item $price
+ $shipping
+ $tax

The client will pay with:
$creditcard or $payingwith (either display "creditcard" or the amount entered in Paying with entry)

Please confirm the order by clicking here:
$LINK to status#2

#2 Order Processed – sent to: to user, bcc to main account
Subject: Your Order Is Confirmed! – $domain

Dear $name,

$restaurant confirmed your order. Order number is: $ordernumber

Thank you for using our service!
$domain staff

#2 Processed – sent to restaurant
Subject: Delivering the Order

Dear $restaurant, please click the link below when sending out the order: $ordernumber.

Order details:


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Existing Magento Shop Fixes

Site which needs changes is located there:

1. Product list on home page

On home page there is list of three products which has different quantity.
Actually, internally it is one product, just with different quantities.
Weve created several separated products (like packages).
They differs only by quantity by it is completely different products for Magento.

We need just display em on that box on homepage.

2. Remove field for discount code from cart pages.

3. Make links on cart page appears as buttons to increase visibility.

Thats it.
Were looking for a reliable freelancer who has knowledge:

– Basic linux commands
– Version Control Systems (we use git)

We have much more upcoming Magento job, so were looking forward to establish long-term relationships.

Thanks 🙂

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Add "quantity In Stock"etc..for Product Details,Product List

Guessing simple project "for now"…more complicated coming…

looking to add/display "quantity in stock" at product list and product details on our website

example , on the link example–HP/Detail

where it says "quantity 1" , right below i need the line "Quantity: XX in stock" to be displayed

the same thing for link example , at the " add to cart" need to have "Quantity: XX in stock" to be displayed

furthermore , i need the feature "Request a Better Price" icon added , similar to that one on that link " " , that after it is clicked on , it would require customer to put the following info …" Part number , our sku number (optional) , First , last Name , Company name , Phone nr , Target Price , E-mail , that is to be redirected to our email after the customer submits it ….

that is to be added at product list , below or at the " add to cart" and at product , list below or at the quantity

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Modify Zencart Site

I have an online store: you will notice that i have attributes displayed on the products listing page and on the product info page. The problem i am having is that when somebody selects multiple attributes there is no individual quantity.

What i need is a company or person to modify the site so that each attribute has its own quantity box and are then added to the shopping cart as seperate items. This needs to be done on the product listing abd product info pages.

the layout would need to be similar to how it is now with a quantity box placed where the tick box is, i would also like the shopping cart to update and the person stay on the same page until they decide to go to the shopping cart page.

I am not sure if this is at all possible and would be interested in your thoughts and advice.


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Osc: QTpro And Easypopulate


I have QTPro and Easypopulate working on my Oscommerce-shop.
If I want to adjust the stock-quantity I have to download/upload a separate file than normal in Easypopulate (Model/Price/Qty), this due to QTPro. And until now everything is fine and working as it should.

However if I update anything else than stock-quantity with a Easypopulate-file then stock is still affected as "v_p_qty" is then reset to just "1", even though this column wasnt included within the file which I uploaded.
This means that all products that does not have stock controlled with QTPro is then reset to just having "1" item on stock which is the problem.

So your job is to fix so quantity isnt affected when I upload a normal file with Easypopulate.

Should be quite simple if you know what you do, I think its something to do with the queue 🙂
I need it fixed asap.

Lowest bid with best feedback wins. Extreme bids are ignored.

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