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Development Of XML/WebServices Reports

Weve just upgraded our back office software to a new version. We had several reports generated and presented through end customer web services on our website that need to be rebuilt.

Specific queries involving the retrieval of archived information of end users transactions from our DHW need to be reconstructed.

Looking for someone that is an expert in developing DB queries et al; and can achieve this very quickly.

See below data tables required to be used. More details will be provided once job is assign.

Job specific instruction will be provided by our head programmer.

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Experienced PHP / MySQL Developer Required

Hi Experts,
I need a single page in our back-end re-written. It basically just pulls information from a MySQL database showing client info. It needs to be re-written using the best possible mysql queries, making it faster loading and less burden on the server.

Currently the code is very messy with LOTS of mysql queries being used all the time.

If you are an expert in PHP and MySQL please bid.

If this project works out well then you are guaranteed further work as my current full-time in-house developer has left the company and I am thinking about using a freelancer to replace his job.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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Location Based Spatial Querries

Location based spatial queries are spatial queries whose answer rely on location of inquirer.Our approach is based on peer to peer sharing.

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Home & Apartment Finders

I need a skilled web programmer(s) and Web designer to build me a Real estate search engine from scratch for U.S territory expandable to Europe.The programmer will ideally need to provide an interface of form, let users specify different queries, and then use a http protocol to send queries to different Real Estate websites, retrieve instant data, parse them, and show them on a website.

The website must fetch the results in realtime. It must fetch the titles, descriptions, prices and pictures,website logo.this is a sample site that aggregate listing.

We look forward to your project bid and your sample project.


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Kayak Or Fansnap

I need the best web programmer(s) and designer to build me a real estate search engine from scratch,based on the principle & programming of or The programmer will ideally need to provide an interface of form, let users specify different queries, and then use a http protocol to send queries to different real estate websites which i will provide later on, retrieve instant data, parse them, and show them on a website.The website must fetch the results in realtime. It must fetch the titles, descriptions, prices and pictures.

The winning bidder must also good on web designing. I have an idea what it will be look like and all you have to do is design it accordingly. Good webdesign is a must for us.

i believe Kayak is built on a Java, Apache and Linux platform. It uses XML-HTTP and Javascript to create a rich UI. let me know your suggestion on programming

Good luck on your bid

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Joomla Virtuemart Too Many SQL Queries Fix Improvement

My site has been suspended by my host (shared hosting via siteground) due to the following:

"…the problem was exactly due to very slow SQL queries which are in turn slowing down the whole service"

My site info:

PHP Built on: Linux #6 SMP Fri Feb 20 02:45:11 CST 2009 i686
Database Version: 5.0.91mm-log
Database Collation: utf8_general_ci
PHP Version: 5.2.9
Web Server: Apache/1.3.41 (Unix) mod_gzip/ mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.31 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 PHP-CGI/0.5
Web Server to PHP interface: cgi
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.5.15 Stable [ Wojmamni Ama Mamni ] 05-November-2009 04:00 GMT
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_5; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/9.0.597.94 Safari/534.13

with debug turned on the following is typical of a page load:

Profile Information
Application afterLoad: 0.000 seconds, 0.24 MB
Application afterInitialise: 0.044 seconds, 2.50 MB
Application afterRoute: 0.086 seconds, 4.23 MB
Application afterDispatch: 0.579 seconds, 11.20 MB
Application afterRender: 0.749 seconds, 14.32 MB
Memory Usage
1207 queries logged

I also noticed 989 legacy queries logged

I have upgraded to Virtuemart 1.7, used phpMyadmin to optimise tables and tried turning off SEF to help the problem, but whilst it has improved the queries is still too high.

Once this is resolved I will also be looking to move hosting to a cloud provider (not SITEGROUND!) and also have 6 other sites. Therefore potential for additional work, but for now need this fixing ASAP.

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MS Access 2007 Database

Need to overhaul a current database to integrate CSV imports and easily sort data. New queries need to be created, import macros and unnecessary queries/tables removed. Our work is highly specialized, so close contact and frequent updating will be necessary.

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PHP / MySQL Expert Required – Fix PHP Errors – Custom Site

After having issues with our server for the past few days, we have switched the php module we use from suPHP to DSO.

Doing this has broken some of the sites permissions and php functions.

Most of them I believe are related to chmod & related permissions, however we can not seem to rectify them, so require someone more experienced to help us correct the issues.

We also have a few unknown php errors related to sessions that we can not seem to find the source of.

This is a very simple job for someone who has experience in both PHP & MySQL.

Example of Errors:

Warning: unlink(include/ [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/cron_10.php on line 9

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/cron_10.php on line 12

[Sun Jan 09 16:28:28 2011] [error] [client] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent in Unknown on line 0, referer:


You must be available to start today.

Skill Set Required:

+MySQL Optimisation / Slow Queries.

We also require someone for our next project to Optimise MySQL & Slow Queries on the site, this will involve replacing code for more effeciant code that will lower the amount of queries used and improve any slow queries the site has.

Important: When bidding, please give an overview of your skill set, your previous experience related to this task and how you plan on tackling the job. (e.g. sell yourself) I am not impressed with responses like: "I can do this"

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Minor PHP/MySQL Edit – Urgent – 1 Day Turnaround

I have a php site that has an existing mySQL db. I need to modify how two existing pages list the queries – currently by date uploaded, need to change to a distinct field order. Also need to create to php pages based on existing pages, but with slightly modified queries.

This needs to be done by 12pm Los Angeles time (24 hours from this posting) so Ill be selecting a person right away and will be available immediately to provide login info and support to help get it done. Please bid ONLY if you know you are proficient in php and mySQL. This is basic stuff but it has to be done right. Success here means many more jobs from me.

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Optimize SQL Queries By Virtuemart

We have a problem on our, something is making enormous amount of queries to DB. Just loading a page loads 1400 queries. This make the site almost unreachable. I can give more details if requested.

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Improve Cron Script That Updates A Sql Database

This script updates 1000s new relevant keywords matching them to relevant campaigns so advertisers can bid on. The script was currently created with poor database queries and when the script runs via a cron job, its takes too long to update and uses up a lot of cpu resources. I would like someone who has expert sql knowledge and experiences in writing fast database queries in php to update the sql queries where needed so that the script updates very fast and can be use to updated thousands if not millions of keywords to campaigns.

I have added the related scripts so that you can see whats needed.

Need this updated asap.

The main_cron_keywordcount.php is primary the one that updates everything.

Attached SQL query (or very similar) executed for each campaign. I.e. 56 times. This query take about 2 minutes to execute.
2 hours in total.
In result cron is slow.
Additional file submitted: very_big_sql.tx

There will be many campaigns in future but now its only 56 and it takes 2 hours.

Needs improving.

Also to savetime, we can adjust it to fetch relevant keywords for online approved campaigns.

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Fix MySQL Queries ASAP

I just had a site created for me, and when I put it on live server, it completely destroys all of the resources. I need you to look at the code and the queries and optimize the site so that it doesnt eat up the server. I need this done today in the next 5 hours.

This is a large site with a large MySQL database (over 1 million records).

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Need MySQL & PHP Expert

Im familiar with both mysql and php, I basically need an expert who I can pay just to answer questions and look over some scripts modifying them correctly. Im looking for different and more efficient methods of executing queries and I also have some problems I need solved. Need someone especially familiar with FULLTEXT in mysql and using functions in queries. Looking for way to preserve server resources, searching over 100,000 rows. If youre available to continue working this could very be an ongoing job.

**I need assistance immediately**

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Optimize The Mysql Queries

I need help, for someone to walk me through in how to sort out and optimize my mysql queries so that the database connection error never comes back.

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Anonymous-SERP Parser (Search Engine Result Page)-MySQL

I need an app that allows me to submit a search query to a search-engine (TBD); retrieve results, and write them into a table.

I need to do this in a transparent manner (relative to the search-engine). Specifically:

App receives a search-query-string then executes it, gets results, parses them and writes corresponding bits into a mysql table. Bits will include organic-urls, ppc-urls, text-snips, related queries (tbs=clue:1), number-results-found, etc. (all these data contained in the SERP)

I need a proxy-type-app to execute queries; that is, I need to use either anonymous proxies or my-own-built-rented proxy. I need to use a different IP every time a search query is executed (dynamic IPs).

Your work is to:
1) propose how to do the hiding-IP part (including what services to rent for any VPS or the like you see is needed; I will rent such services based on your suggestions, I will transfer all passwords to you so you can integrate project).

2) parse SERP to tables (TBD).

3) help me set up all the bits and pieces as needed so I can execute queries from the comfort of my home, get results in my local mysql tables so I can do the work I need (that is, THIS project creates the data I need for the work I want to do).

Ideally I would like to select the IP from which to launch search query, keep this in mind when proposing a IP-VPS-Proxy-ETC rental service. At this stage of this project I would like to control (or have access to) 5 IPs from Canada (e.g., Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, big cities) and 5-10 IPs from USA (N.Y., Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, big cities). Nothing fancy from rental services, keep in mind that goal is to hide real user executing queries nothing else.

I would like to have all software needed in PERL but I am open to suggestions if you think something else is better (just say why you think so please).

Feel free to ask for more info if this project description is not enough to put your bid, be specific about what info you need (Hiding/Parsing/Setting-Up); I will transfer a detailed project description to successful bidder.

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PHP Code Modifications, PostgreSQL Queries, Bug Stomping.

I have a non-public browser-based data mining website that scrapes data from 3 different remote sources/websites, performing queries, taking the returned results/records, parsing out the good stuff, and writing it to the PostgreSQL dB. Its mainly PHP. The code is functional, but has some bugs that need to be stomped, and some additional features that need to be added to the existing pages/code… so no new pages persay need to be written, only code need be edited/added to the existing pages.

Because the work I need is being done against a mostly working/complete website/code-base, I would like to open a chat session, and spend 10 minutes going through the handful of bugs that need to be stomped, and the 5-10 feature refinements/additions that need to be created, so you have an exact understanding of each task. These are 30 minute to 2 hour tasks on average.

Please contact me so I can create a user account for you, and schedule time for us to chat and go over the current code/website.

If we strike a deal, I will need to add your IP address to the pg_hba.conf file and create a user account for you(ssh/sftp). Otherwise, its straight forward PHP programming and PostgreSQL SQL, and changes may be written/saved directly to the server as we go(I have backups of the code/data).

First come first serve… Id like to knock this out over the next day or so.



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Easy Task – MySQL Expert Required

I am looking for an expert in mysql queries.

I have a database with one table, 16 columns, and I need someone who is fluent with advanced mysql queries to extract this data without causing the php server script to timeout.

You should be familiar with subqueries, stored procedures, and how to optimize data types to make accessing this data as fast and easy as possible.

To give you an idea about what is happening: I am pulling in a list of the same 100,000 products everyday from an external site and I want to analyze the changes in certain fields over time.

Here is an example pseudo query:

Select the top 5 products that have had the greatest positive popularity increase in the last 30 days
Where gravity is greater than 1 but less than 50
Sort by popularity gain descending and gravity gain descending

Please indicate in your bid:
– your experience
– your hourly rate
– your nationality
– which country you live in

Please do not give me a blanket bid with your resume. I will ignore it.

I select people who write something particular about this project and demonstrate they understand what I am asking for.

This should be an easy task for someone who knows what they are doing with mysql and php.

I only have a few different queries for you to implement. I estimate this task will take the right person an hour or two.

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Queries & Reports Created For Access Database

Need to have single button queries with dropdown list changeable parameters for Access database , that can then be printed as a report. Also need to be able to show some aspect of the report in graph form.

Also need a single button on forms, that allow new entry. ( I understand that you can do this from Access Toolbar, but would like this on form for ease of use)

All high bids will be ignored

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Expert MY SQL Queries – Part Time

I need a MYSQL expert who can make SQL queries for different task. This job will be for part time basis. I can pay only for work to be perform. No hourly basis. We are based in India. Person will be allocate with different task at different time.

Thanks..Happy bidding!!!

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Access Database Fix Up (VB)

I have an old access database we currently use for tracking production that needs to be refined, cleaned up with some new queries added to it. I dont believe this is a difficult task for someone who has the required expertise.

The database is just a basic job log so we can keep track of inbound jobs (about 20-30 a day) with a few check boxes and drop downs. We can run queries that separate what kind of job it is, where things are in the production processes and for invoicing etc

This is a very small database with minimal information stored

Ongoing work for the winning bidder,

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MySQL Query Writer

We need an independent contractor who can write some SQL queries for us. Initially we need 4 queries written from a relational mySQL database. These are not complex but are report style queries requiring linking multiple tables, grouping, ordering and calculations. A good SQL developer should be able to create these in one day, so please quote for this timeframe.

We will supply a database script with test data and a description of how the table are linked together. We will then give you details of the four reports required. The reports should be created as database views

Future reporting will be required, but on an ad hoc basis.

Experienced Query builders only please.

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Optimize Worpdress Site News

Were looking a wordpress expert to help us to optimize a News Portal based on WP.

The problem is that our homepage has around 161 queries. As you know its a lot of queries for a WP homepage. A lot. We start working with our client with only 1000 user per day and know, we are around 4000 users per day, and the server its going lazy. We have around 17,000 entries.

We want to make some changes in the code in order to improve CPU processes.

Pls let me know…if youre interesting.


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300 Queries Project

I am looking for database guy who can write around 300 queries for me, I am willing to pay 400$ at maximum.
Please only bid if you are ready to do a sample so that i can verify you skills and you could complete this project in next 5 days.

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Optimize WordPress Database Queries


Im running wordpress website which is very heavy and I need to optimize it. Im having cpu overload on shared host whenever I have more than 80 users online. Now Im on VPS and sometimes I have the same problems. You can see my site here At this moment Im using W3 Total Cache by W3 EDGE to make it work normal but sometimes I dont have a luck.



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Simple Web Crawler (Queries Google)… Desktop Application.


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SEO Customer Service/Sales Representative

Looking for someone to be a SEO Service Representative (us based only). This is a full time job at around $10/hour. We are looking for someone with great English and people skills as well as desire to be of service to our clients.

Would prefer someone who have worked on their own websites and are familiar with search engine optimization and link building. We will provide training as necessary.

The job is quite flexible, so if flexible hours are something you desire, this is a great fit for you. We would like someone would can attend to customers needs at all times and respond to queries within a few hours. If you are the type that like the freedom to move around while answering some queries on your iphone, etc., this is a great fit for you.

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Print Search Engine Queries Via PHP.

This will be easy for someone who knows PHP.

My intent is to build a database of search queries for each page of my website.

I need to be able to pull the search strings a website visitor used on a search engine that brought visitors to my site.

project scope:
Write a PHP code segment that I will include (include "q.php";) in each of my web pages.
From there I want to be able to print the search phrase that the user entered into the search engine.
example: print "$query";

Also, since I will be building a database of search engine queries for each of my landing pages, I need to know the landing page of the query.
Example: print "$landing_page"; would show the page that the user landed on when sent by the search engine.

I would also like to know the search engine that sent the user to my site so I can also print it.
example: print "$search_engine<br>"; will print Google, Bing or Yahoo.

I am only interested in tracking the following search engines:
All other search engines can be ignored.

You will not need to worry about the database. I will take care of that.

A successful project will allow me to enter the following code in each of my pages:

<?php include "q.php";
print "$query<br>";
print "$search_engine<br>";
print "$landing_page<br>";

The results then would look like:
ask uncle ralph

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Web Help Guys


Recently, I had posted the assignment with the name Web Help Guys

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