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Iphone Ipad Newsreader App

Im looking for a quote for an Iphone (Possibly I pad too) app. It must be able to publish NEWS feeds from the RSS feed on my website.

Additionally, it must open up a "Quote of the day" as a pop-up on the phone in some way. This Quote would be delivered to the users desktop at a random interval each day.

All News stories and pop-ups would have to be branded and have navigation back to the website.

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Apple App Developer

We are currently developing an automatic on-site quote system for our client (roofers, plumbers etc.) in Microsoft Excel (with formulars and minor VBA stuffs). We want to somehow integrate this system into an Apple app so that our client can easily bring this system with iPhone or iPad to the working site and quote for the client straightway.

Please let us if you can do it and how do you charge for this.

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Translate English To Dutch For Website

We are launching our website in various European languages apart from English. This listing is for Dutch translation from English.

Wordcount: 16000 approx.
Material: Consists of standard web content plus Website Terms & Conditions.
Timeframe: 2 week

Please quote fixed price for the job. We would like to hear about your experience before accepting your quote.

Happy bidding!

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Joomla Platform


Could you please give me a quote for a website , please base your quote according to the website below


Option – 1 – First page as flash
Option – 2 – All fixed static web page
Option – 3 – All designed and the clients want to have control – say he want to make his own changes later on ( please advise like jamola platform or others) your quick action is highly appreciated, should you have please let me know.

Note : we need to start it as earliest i also request you to plz give the quotation with time line as earliest

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Plain Coding


This project is simple, i need to the able to had employes to a DB. (ADD and DELETE)

Need to be able to ADD and Remove the refered scroll down list

Admin can edit client.

Then when someone is connected we need to fill a form that look like this :

We need a place where they could look into the DB to find a client by their phone number. If they find it, they are able to ADD new info, like a new policy number. So to give an example, if they quote a car, then the client may call back to quote the home.

When they pull out the client, i need a field where they could say its has been sold.

The date need to be written automaticly.

fisrt name
car policy number Price
Home policy number Price:
Refered by (i want that field to be scrolling one, because i need to edit this field.)


Then i need to be able to have a report of this By agent, need to know how many quote they have made each week.

Need to be able to calculated their sale.

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Facebook Scraper – SCHOOL & YEAR

I need a simple Facebook Scraper, as follows;

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New Website (design & Functionality)

To create a unique design and functions for steel detailing company.
All pages need to have advertising spaces (add/remove from admin)
Main page needs advertising space/banner at the bottom of the page)

A. Homepage
B. About Us
C. Projects with the following Subfolders:
1. Project Gallery ( new projects- can be add there)
2. How it Works
3. Get a Quote

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Airfare Quote Request Form

We are looking for someone to create a simple two pages web quote request with joomla

Page 1

The page project/request quote form and process of receiving and sending customer request to merchant via email. So we will need some location based database matching by city, linking people to services in their local area. In other word once the user pick a city an email request will be sent to merchant previously entered for that location.

Our easy-to-use forms will include;
Location (that will determine to wich group of merchant to send to) a drop down menu
Departure location
Departure date
Arrival location
Return date and location
Email to friend so users can refer
No duplicate request

Development Details

Some basic social networking features which both customers and professionals can utilize such as: register for a newsletter to receive price drop or new price, create, leave comments on profiles, rate and review profiles. We also need some interconnection with our Facebook fan page and a way to link customers profiles on our site to those facebook.
A way to automatically store and organizes information from our requests.

Nice and very attractive design and look

Arabic will be a plus

The user would see a nice looking animation showing them that their quote is being

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Instant Simple Web Quotations

I am looming to deploy a simple piece of functionality to an existing site that will allow users to obtain instant quotes for services that will be determined by no more than 4 factors on a form the customer will complete. The quote should ve generated by looking up values in the mysql database and using them to calculate a price based on a pre-determined calculation.

The administration interface must allow users to change the values stored in the DB.

The customer will enter their personal details and then input their requirements by way of selecting a service, quantity and rate banding.

Once calculation has been completed the price must be displayed and two options presented – pay now or email quote.

Payment gateway integration will be required as part of this project

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Cpanel Dedicated Server Set Up And Management

We are looking for someone to setup and manage our dedicated server, we require someone who has indepth knowledge of cpanel and centos os, ability to install modules such as pdftk and port several of our websites over to the new server, this could be ongoing as the server will need to be maintained and we would also like to set up a site oiffering a reseller package for our server, please only bid if you have or are using this server set up.


03/14/2011 at 13:37 EDT:

Please quote for initial set up and also quote for ongoing updates say 3 hours per week.

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Outo Click On Specific Button


I would like someone to create a script on my page that automatic clicks on the "get quote" button,
the quote button dissapears every 4-5 clicks then the button changes to skip.

the idea is i have 6 embed plugin on my site, and i dont want to press "get quote" all the time,

the script should run something like every 10 sec.

Hope some one understands and that it is possible to accomplice

Regards Trimme

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Online Quote Calculator

We are a business selling accommodation for a ski resort area and want someone to build us a web app which visitors to our site can use to calculate a quote for their holiday.

Back End Requirements:
We want to be able to enter different accommodation options easily from the back end of the system and specify several rates per person per night and also enter discounts.

Front End:
Customer selects arrival date, PAX, duration of stay, region and accommodation type and selects extra add ons such as lift tickets, transfers, additional meals, rentals. Ideally AJAX would be used so that the price of the quote should update as changes are made. To make an enquiry the customer should press a button then fill in a form with contact details which will be sent to us by email. At this stage there is no need to build a CRM, booking system or availability check, we would be happy to have the details of the enquiry emailed to us where we can deal with it. This job is all about improving customer experience on our site so that they can get a quick idea of price and then make an enquiry for their holiday.

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Website – Acceleration

I have a website written in .php using a MySQL database.

It was created a few years ago for me by a developer but has since had a lot of updates/modifications by an "amateur" (me) and it is now running very slowly.

I need a report written detailing what can be done to speed up the running of the website. The report should be broken down into a list of necessary actions. For EACH action I will need a description of the work, a description of the improvement it will make and a quote for completing it. eg…

Action :

The list of actions should be listed in the order of giving the biggest speed improvement. Finally the report should also include a quote for completing all the work.

The investigations will need to cover all aspects of the website including code but also MySQL structure and indexing etc.

This project is to produce the report. Not to complete the work. However you should be willing to complete the work if your quote is accepted.

I am looking for a long term partner to help with future development of my group of websites. A strong command of the English language and an ability to work UK hours is essential.

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Web Based Project Management Application

I have a website where clients post a request for quote (RFQ)

Once the RFQ is received, Id like an application to manage the RFQ through becoming a Job and being billed.

Id like the RFQ to post to a bulletin board (Not unlike Freelancer).
Only my employees will be able to accept the RFQ, provide a quote and handle the job.
The application should be able track the hours worked on the job.
More than one contractor should be able to work on the job.

RFQ comes into the company.
The RFQ posts to a bulletin board.
Employeer 1 accepts the RFQ and provides a quote.
The Quote is accepted.
Employee 1 works on the job for 3 hours at $50/hour.
Employee 2 works on the job for .5 hours at $75/hour.
The Client is billed for 3.5 hours total of $425.
The Client can see the status of the job, e.g contractor comments on work performed on job.
The Client can make in process payments on the job.
Once fully paid the Client receives the file.

Other features at your suggestion.
I expect to have 10 – 15 Contractors working for me, but this should be scalable.

Please provide suggestions on the language and on how to host this application
and what middleware may be needed.

Provide a reasonable price if Ive underbudgeted this request.

Let me know if other skills are needed for this job.

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Quote Me V2

Project to update v2 of quote me function


Shopping Cart Integration/update

A shopping cart of your choice. It will need to be customize. I would like to use wordpress but we are open.On checking out from the shopping cart the user will be able to select ORDER and enter credit card information or select QUOTE and they will not be prompted for credit card information. The quote will be stored in the system as a quote.
Shopping cart in a CMS the client has specifically requested Fedex shipping integration which I believe is probably a readily available module for an ecommerce CMS plugin

We want to leave the existing website AS IS. What I mean is the .asp pages will not change except we need new .asp code to pull pricing from the new shopping cart database. The buy now / get a quote link on the existing pages will link into the shopping cart.

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Joomla Interactive Printing Quote Form Component

Online quoting component for print items (business cards, letterhead, flyers etc)

Take the supplied pricing table matrix of printing options and prices and display as a series of drop down options within a ajax form. As drop-down or check-boxes are selected within the options are selected changed the price will update dynamically from the drop down.

Once a final configuration/quote is reached by the user then it will be added to the enquiry form to be emailed to the printer and a copy to the user (standard form passing).

Preferably use use a standard joomla form component like redcomponent or fabrik or similar.

We will supply the table of pricing for the print item with all the options.
You will develop or configure the ajax form to look up the table and update the price on the page.

The site is built on joomla 1.5 and will be updated to 1.6 so the component must be able to migrate with the upgrade.

Once one print item (business cards) is completed and tested then we will want to configure other products ourselves so this process should be within the Joomla admin components and not at a complicated PHP level. Hence my recommendation that we use a standard Joomla component rather than coding a custom PHP form.

The solution must be easy for the client to manage, update prices within the matrix and also copy and create new products.

The first product is business cards, see attachment for table grid.

The quote tool will have these options for drop down:
Quantity: 250/ or 500 or 1000
Sides printed: single or double
Corners: straight or rounded
Coating: uncoated or gloss cello or matt cello
Result: Quote price (from the matix)

The similar approach will be used for other printing items. Note prices are not a simple calculation ie 250x2x3+4 = price. The grid must be used to filter and look up an item in the list.

1. Configure a Ajax based form tool with fields that filter and look up the reference columns in the matrix grid provided.
2. Based on the filtered selection display the price if the item (row) selected. Ie 500 units, double sided, with rounded corners, matt coated = $169
3. Include the selected item within an enquiry form to store in database and email to printer and copy to enquirer.
4. Install the package in to clients website
5. Provide the package and notation for the client to configure subsequent products.

10 days full turn around maximum

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Flash Hotel Website

I need a website similar to this but a bit differences:
– New design. The design must send me for approvement before coding.
– When cursor hovers (+), it shows video or video with text, not only text. Video could be view in full screen.
– "See other rooms" function needs to be designed again to make it smarter. We also have Restaurant, Cafe, Bar in the hotel and want to show them in "See others". Tree structure is my suggestion but you can recommend others.
– Only 1 tour, not 2 tours Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn express, No "Find a refreshed hotel".
– Booking online button is placed somewhere and link to existing booking page. No online reservation system needed here.
– 1 langugage English but able to add more easily later.
It is better if you can quote me price of both dynamic content management website and static content management website. The quote could be over $750.
Please show me your past flash/flex works first. The bid winner might have chance to work with us frequently if do this project well.

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Lead Form, Other Additions To Already Designed Site.


Need someone to work on this ASAP!

Need some revisions done on a site. Basically need a few more images created and added, some text thrown on, and a quote form made functional. In addition, need 3 more quote forms created that rotate so I can get data on which one converts best. Thinking of using google tracking for each form, if you have other solution, please tell me.

2- images
-3 quote forms. <—- already have a quote form on site that will be used as a template, with text changes only, so take this into consideration when bidding.

Paying between $80-$125

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Insurance Quoting Website

A multi- talented individual or developing team is required to develop an Insurance Related Website.

Candidates with developing experience in the insurance industry are preferred. Please include a CV and a link to your related work.

Overview of Specifications:
1. Multi-page website â outline with menu available in
2. Quote Saving and Retreiving System
3. Quote Calculation System based on an updateable files and metrics.
4. Auto payment for (paypal, Credit Card, Google checkout, merchant account)
5. Newsletter page with subscribe/unsubscribe function
6. Store past newsletters for user access
7. Virtual Chat for Customer Support.

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Price Quote Generator And Trade In Program Back End

Hello, everyone.

I am looking for a script, PHP coding, or some sort of software to give me automatic quotes for certain items.

I am looking for a script to integrate into WordPress.
Im looking for a script like this website:,, or
I would like pricing quotes and storage for data so I know whats coming in. Also, the backend will help customers stay updated and to keep company tracking.

I need this finished by tomorrow or this weekend.

Must have good skills and positive feedback.

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Website For A Recording Studio

Need a website with 7 pages for a Recording Studio.
– 3 pages containing static text (Home, About Us, Services)
– Page to post videos
– Page for photo gallery
– A guest book page
– Contact Us form

Home page should display News, and Events (in a navigational calender).

News, Events, Videos and Photos should be able to get added by an Admin panel, with secure login.

Guest book comments should be able to approved by an Admin before being displayed in the site. Any suggesstions to avoid spamming the site would be great. SEO.

(Will need to integrate a payment gateway in future. If possible please quote separately for that work as well. It might be helpful for me to select a provider for an on going relationship)

Feel free to suggest color theme, as the Logo is still not finalized. Please quote separate for creating a logo as well.

Any other suggestions to make the site competitive can be considered.

Send me samples/links of your previous work (if available).

Budget might be flexible for the right proposal.

Happy bidding!!

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WebQuote Bug Fix And New Module

Three related projects (listed in order of priority):
1. My online quoting module has a bug – it correctly calculates the cost and emails a quote, however, when a customer retrieves the quote in Virtuemart checkout to place an order items that appeared correctly in the quote are omitted from the order. The quote module is at
2. The quote module is for retail customers to use. I require this module to be duplicated (same data input) but input fields to be rearranged for easier use by a sales rep.
3. The window pane measurements that are input into the quote module be used as input to a new module to interface with either open source or propriatary sheet optimisation and cutting software. This software is still to be chosen and will &quot;print&quot; to a Graphtec FC8000 cutter/plotter.

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Creation Of Website

I would like the winner of these works to create a website for me as follows;

I would like it to be closely associated with so similar design and colour scheme along with contact links etc directed to
I own the website so I can provide you with any colour / images etc you may want to use from this.

The first page of the site I would like to have an instant quote form. This would involve the customer entering in their name, company name, phone number, email, company address, postcode, building size, and a drop down menu for the type of rating they are after.

I would like the site designed so i can hopefully boost it to the top of google easily so please keep that in mind.

From this information that they enter, I would like an automatically generated quote to appear in some format that is saveable and printable by the client (pdf?). The cost on the quote would automatically vary dependant on the postcode, building size and type of rating.

So for example, if the building is 2500 meters squared, in postcode 3000 and they want a Whole Building rating, I would like the website to lookup "2000<building size<3000 = $800" + "2000<postcode<3000 = $300" + "whole building rating" = $400"
so after looking up each of the input values, it should put on the quote form the total value which in this example and tax would be $1500 + GST = total $1650.

The quote should have the customers details also on it. I would like the quote page that is produced to be 1 A4 page with colours and design in line with the website.

So I would like the customer to enter those details, and receive an instant quote. On the quote the customer receives I would like to have a spot they can sign at the bottom to confirm they would like to go ahead with the job. They could then email this or fax it back to me.

After they have applied for the instant quote, I would like them to also receive login details that appear on the quote. These login details (username and password) should give them access to a second page on the website which allows them to upload files. I want to have various sections for the different items they have to upload for example, links of the following;
Upload Signed Quote
Upload Electricity Bills
Upload Gas Bills
Upload Net Lettable Area Measurements
Upload Tenant Occupancy Survey

Each one of these should have a link to a description that pops up for them to read so they know what information to upload. Ideally the popup description would appear similar to those on

So in essence the site will be 2 pages plus a quote page that can be saved by the client.

I want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to enter their details, get a quote and upload their information for me to conduct an audit of their building.

When you have been appointed to the job, I will send you all words I would like on the site, details I would like on there, colours, pictures and layout. I would like your input into making the design look good for the 2 pages of the website and the quote that is generated.

Please let me know if you need additional information on any of this for quoting.

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Online Web Quote Application (ASP.NET + SQL)

I just need the same replica of web application which have 3 type of user interfaces i.e. 1: website administrator (create website signup plans, manage service providers, etc)
2. Website Users (users from around the world need quote will post their project description to get quotation from service providers, FREE users can get only 1 fee quote from service provider but they have option to subscribe for getting more quotations)
3. Service Providers (purchase subscription to get quotation request and response to website users. once they both agree then we disclose the contact information to each other)

If you register on the website URL given above and test the application you will get some idea.

I need this to be developed using ASP.NET, Master pages, SQL Server, JQuery (optional), ADO Entity framework (optional).

need serious and professional people who can work with me on future projects as well.

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NBill Customization, Quote Forms, Order Forms, Joomla

I am looking for a developer with working experience with nBill, a joomla extension.

I want to modify the existing Quote Form to add products and pricing to it. I want the Quote Form to have the same formatting options as the Order Form. The Quote Form should be able to add "related product categories" and "related products" to it; as well as being able to calculate price based on product selected and quantity.

This is so that my customers can create their own quotes using the Quote Form and get instant pricing, without having to wait for me to generate a quote for them.

I would also need a few complex quote forms and order forms created. These would contain many dynamic drop-down menus and options. These would have to perform calculations based on product and qty. I would like the user to be able to select a product type (parent category) from a drop down menu, which would then provide more product options specific to that type. These products options would vary in price and would need to be calculated based on qty.

For example, if the user selects "Flooring" from a drop down box (which would also contain other product parent categories, such as "painting", "molding & trim", "electrical", etc.) then there would be another drop down to select the flooring type. This would be "Tile", "Wood", "Carpet", etc. Then there would be more options depending on the selection. Additionally, there would be a drop-down to select whether or not the user knows the square footage. If "yes", then provide a numerical value box to enter the quantity. If "no", then provide multi-selectable radio buttons with the room type options "kitchen", "bathroom", "living room", etc. I could supply the average values for these "room types" which would be hidden from the user but added together to form an average or "planning stage" estimate for the customer.

These forms would need to be created for Quotes (so that the customer can get an instant price without having to pay) and for Orders (so that the customer can pay for services that they selected).

In addition, I would like some work done in the back-end so that it is more user-friendly. Mainly, using AJAX to pull the product info into the fields when the appropriate SKU is keyed in; instead of having to click the "lookup sku" button, wait for window to open, and have to select the product from the list. I would also like to have 5-10 lines of items available instead of just the one.

Please only reply if you have experience with nBill and also explain your experience.

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Magento Quote Basket

I need a quote basket module created. The quote basket should function the same as the checkout basket – the user will progress through the website and click on "add to quote basket" buttons for each product he wants to add to the basket. When he is ready, he will click on a "complete quote request" button that will take him to a page with a few fields: name, telephone number, email, company name. After filling in these fields, the user will click on complete. The module must then email the website admin and the user (using the email field value) the products that the user has requested a quote for.

As far what information we need the system to place for the products in the emai, we need: product name, product SKU.

Users do not have to be registered and the quote basket does not need to save these quote requests…they are done on a per request basis. In other words, as soon as the user clicks on complete and the website sends off the two emails, the quote is finished and the basket is empty again for that user.

One important note: I do not want the user to redirected to a page after each product he add to the quote basket (which would be the default Magento shopping cart behaviour). I want to use AJAX or Jquery to add the item to the basket without the need to redirect the user.

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Basic Website & EBusiness CMS

I am looking for an experienced English speaking website developer to undertake the following project.

The project will consist of 2 parts.

Part 1 – Create a 3 page website

This initial 3 page simple website will be used to test the market and will include a simple form with 4 fields which will enable users to enter their name, email etc.

User details should be either stored in a DB or emailed to a specified email address.

Part 1 can be developed using static html pages or via a CMS (like wordpress etc)

Budget: Max $50

Part 2

Create a complete eBusiness solution to enable the online sale of one product. The site should be able to accommodate up to 10 additional products to be added at a later date.

The solution should (at a high level)

§ be developed on an opensource CMS (like wordpress etc) using relevant plugins, shopping carts etc.

§ be SEO friendly and be enabled for Google Analytics

§ integrate with PayPal to enable us to take payment

§ collect all user data in an effective manner (CRM capable)

Budget: $500 (less part 1)

The developer will be paid for part 1 firstly and if testing proves successful the developer will be paid for part 2 minus part 1. As such you should decide whether or not to set up the structure of Part 2 while creating Part 1. (Probability of progressing to part 2 >75%)

Wireframe designs and graphics will be provided

Quote Details

When providing your quote please detail the following

1.Provide details or how you will undertake the above project including your quote and an outline of your plan with timelines for completing each part.

2.Your available start date.

3.Your relevant experience

4.Provide examples of previous websites you have developed

5.State which shopping cart you would recommend and why.

6.State your timezone and working location

Note: if you do not address points 1-6 your quote will not be reviewed.

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Website Redesign Using CMS

We require a developer to redesign a website preferably using some form of CMS system.

We would like to work with a developer who we can talk to over the phone, who can communicate clearly and delivers regular updates to us.

This is an urgent piece of and requires development to commence immediately and any bidders should ensure that the time scales that they quote are accurate as we will expect the site to be delivered within those timelines.

I have attached a document outlining the website requirements.

Any bidders should include in their quote an outline of the solution that they are proposing (ie using Joomla, CS Cart, PHP, etc) and how it will all be implemented.

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



[Attachment Removed by admin]

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Invoice & Quote Order

We need to add the following features to openbravo 2.30.2

1- Print an invoice on an A4 paper instead of the thermal receipt.
2- Print a quote on A4 if a client requires one.
3- Make Openbravo displays an alarm message if a product quantity gets lower than the minimum quantity inserted in the database.
For point 1 &amp; 2 The invoice and quote design will be sent once the programmer accepts the project.

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