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Radio Engineer

We are young Russian firm engaged in quantitative measurements of timber. The measurements based on laser scanning techniques. The powerful lasers and high speed cameras is used there. The modern algorithms of computer vision perform into our measurement systems.
We are looking for radio engineer who can operate with complicated tasks, concerned of microelectronics development.

At least 5 years of microelectronics development experience.
High education (master degree desirable).
Experience in video processing.
FPGA skills, microcontroller skills.
Good knowledge of C++.
Deep knowledge of physics.
Deep knowledge of mathematics, numerical methods, signals processing, well algorithmic grounding.
Skills in modeling environments: Matlab – necessary, LabView desirable.

Also, it necessary that candidate has possibility to long business trips to Syktyvkar or leaving for Russia. Contract payments will determine after candidate interviewed.

Other requirements:
It desirable that candidate should be Pakistani or Indian.

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Mobile Application To Run Internet Radio

I need you to write an application for the cheap phones, I mean the cheapest phone around the market ie China phone, Nokia C1 to support internet radio. I do not require for andriod, Iphone and other more sophiscated platform because it is alreacy available in the market.
Examples of internet radio

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Radio App For Windows Phone 7

Im looking for a developer to write a Windows Phone 7 Mobile app for Its a radio app. I already have an app for this for iPhone and Android. So if you like an example please check out EYE97 in iPhone or Android marketplace. I would want a very similar app.

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After Effects Publicity Spot

We are a publicity company in Canary Islands, Spain. We have a radio spot of 22 seconds and need to add video to it for an event in beginning of May. We will provide you witha detailed script, logos, images etc. We need an experienced After Effects developer that can create catchy, fast video clip. Please send some links with reference material you have created. Attached a copy of the (english) radio spot.

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Radio Icons

I have a radio portal website and i need to update the logos of my radios.
They are approximately 4,000 radio stations.

I need someone to find the logos of the radio station and export it as .gif image (size must be 100x100px with white background)

I will provide a list with the radio stations, plus their website.

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Radio List

I require some body to source a list a all radio station in America and the UK that includes the email address of each station, if possible the contact person too.

Please find or create the database in an excel spreadsheet.



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Radio App Symbian

we need to make an app that run on NOKIA smart phones
it will contain radio stations live stream – u click u listen

basic functionality

plz be reasonable about your bids

details in PM


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A Branded Radio Player App.

A branded radio player app.

Hi, I want you to find source code for a simple free radio app and then re-brand it for my broadcast.

Ill need a version for both the iPhone and Android.

The streaming server will be running Icecast.

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Internet Radio App For Mobile Phone

Internet Radio app for Iphone or Android.
Connects to Internet Radio database online gets Stations available and displays by location, Genre etc.
Supports Playback of Codecs: MP3, AAC and WMA .
Supports Playback of Playlists: M3U , PLS , ASX
Supports Protocols: ICY , HTTP , RTSP and MMS
Supports presets and memories.
MUST Support WMA

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Radio Streaming Player

We require a Streaming player for a Radio Website. The Streaming player must have :

Ability to have a mp3 advertisement before the stream starts to play.
Room on the player for a advertisement banner
Now Playing, and Just Played text (from our DB which we will supply)

Streaming player must work for Mac and Windows and work with all browsers also not have too much load on the server and be able to handle lots of connections.

Looking for someone to be able to complete in a short amount of time.

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Electronic Audio Switch

Hi I need a simple switching device that is triggered buy and audio spike of sound

I have a trifield natural em meter

An iPhone that is programmed to record once it receives a sound spike in volume

And a hand held scanner that is tuned in to a specific frequency

the trifled meter will pick up any radio signal and will beep once there is one, I need this to then trigger the audio gate to open and let the sound come through from the radio scanner, once the sound comes through it will trigger the iPhone to record the audio samples

Should be quite simple for some who knows how to

I also have another project I need setting up once this one is done

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Android/IOS Music Radio/Player/News App Demo Version

We need a Music App Demo with the features seen below.

– Music News, from RSS channel (specified URL)
– Play radio channels (like Last Fm, with album cover, track name, artist name, genre) (from specified URL)

The app use simple http request comminucation with json, or xml encoded data with the server.

This is the first step, after it will be confirmed well need a lot of new features in it.

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Android Internet Radio Player

Im looking for an Android App to play my internet radio station, the App has to be able to pick 1 of 3 or 5 shoutcast urls in case that one of them is full and users can pick 3 different bitrates 64 kb, 96 kb and 128 kbps, also to show the songs being played at the moment.

Footer with option to add links menu

I provide the Logo and Colors for the app.

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LibMMS & FFMPEG IPhone Radio App

we have a iPhone radio streaming app that playback mp3 and aac streams
we would like to add wma playback

all other features are in stable working state we even have recording

thank you

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Replace Checkbox / Radio Button With Hover / Border

On a current website I have got checkboxes + radio buttons to select a product option. I would like to have this replaced with hovering functionality + borders. No fancy stuff, just a working solution delivered by Friday.

My garantuee: good instructions, fast payment, recurring work if youve got magic hands!

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IPhone Radio App

Im looking to develop a very, very simple radio app – it should basically show a fullscreen image from the radio station and two play/pause buttons – one for the AM and other for the FM (basically two streams, which are already available on the internet). This app is for one single radio station, so theres no need for any kind of tuning/selection

The radio should keep playing when leaving the app (in background). It should be retina-display ready, in order to run well in newer iphones and ipads.

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IPhone Radio Application

I neediPhone Radio application.

The application will need to:

– Enable iPhone users to listen to our radio station stream
– Include a volume control
– Incorporate our station logo, which will be provided.

Please send us examples of your similar previous work for consideration.

We can send examples of similar existing applications to help you, or our mock-ups if needed.


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Radio Ad Voice Actor

Professional Voice actor required, for phone system and radio ad.

Script provided.

Possibly radio ad may require male and female conversation.

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Radio Web Design.


Im looking for a web designer to design a new layout for my website, the current site is, the sites I like are the following:

Could you please ensure I can see some previous projects you have worked on, so I can make sure its good, I also want this xhtml coded.

Ideally I need the home page, then a 1, 2 and 3 column base for other pages 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read this project.

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Radio Jingle Advertisement

We are searching for a studio with a male or female voice to produce a 30 second jingle at a high quality production level. You must have good experience with audio, music and voice over production to be able to produce the jingle that will be used on a radio station. The jingle it self will be used to promote a cleaning company. Please send us all your samples so we can assess the quality of your work and make a choice to carry on our co-operation.

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IPhone Radio App

Im looking to develop a very, very simple radio app – it should basically show a fullscreen image from the radio station and two play/pause buttons This app is for one single radio station, so theres no need for any kind of tuning/selection
I would like to have share link for face book and e-mail
The radio should keep playing when leaving the app (in background). It should be retina-display ready

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LibMMS & FFMPEG IPhone Radio App

I need a working xcode project that works with iOS 4.2 to stream mms, mp3 and rtsp radio streams from multiple URLs with PAUSE,PLAY, VOLUME CONTROL. No perfact gui required.

The project should be based on the open source frameworks LibMMS and ffmpeg.

Check out below site (you can get a sample of Xcode project with LibMMS and FFMpeg API)

It should:
Be easy to change the buffer size from code.
Be battery efficient.
Buffer fast.
Support different bitrates.
Support Multi-tasking (Streming sould be continued after pressing Home button).
Simple and Neat Source Code and Structure to easy to modify. (No garbage files)

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Blackberry Streaming Radio App Demo

A client of ours owns a radio station and would like to have a radio app (example: we need to build a demo for the client.also we would like to know how long it will take to build this app and the requirements for it to work.

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Iphone And Ipad Radio Company Branded

We need to develop a simple web radio streamer, customized with graphics and (optional) animations from the company

Please consider this parameters in your bids:
– graphics production by you or by us
– both iphone and ipad versions
– ideas, suggestions or added features you think could be useful

Example application:
> Loading Screen
> Show list of the companys radio stations (we have 2 streaming urls)
> Play selected Radio Station
>> Play Radio Station stream
>> Display image, text or animation during streaming
> Static Pages (About us..)
> WordPress Plugin to manage Radio Stations and its Instructions (we will install this on companys website)

— We already have an audio streaming in iPhone compatible format.
— Application will be in english only


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Voice Talent Commercial Voice For Radio 2

We looking for 30 sec jingle/advertisement for radio Male voice
in English (UK, US)

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Modify Android Radio App – Update Stream URLs

Modify existing Android app with new URLS for streaming audio & update method of lookup of "now playing" info in app. We recently changed servers for hosting our radio streams and need to update the app with the new URLS.

Previously all streams were on a single icecast streaming audio server (single port)

For example:


With our new server each stream is on a different port and different URL format for each stream.

The app was also setup to lookup "now playing" track info from the the icecast server page. Before this used to be on one page since all the streams were on the same server/port, however now each stream has its own port/address so the app would need to get track info on the same port address as the stream.

So for example channel 1 stream is and to lookup the track info the app would parse data from (or if you know how to lookup the "now playing" data from the actual audio stream that would be even better!)

Below is a list of all the new streams for each of the channels (channel 6 and 20 are new channels. Full details are at:

Channel 1 –
Channel 2 –
Channel 3 –
Channel 4 –
Channel 5 –
Channel 6 –
Channel 9 –
Channel 10 –
Channel 11 –
Channel 12 –
Channel 13 –
Channel 14 –
Channel 15 –
Channel 16 –
Channel 17 –
Channel 18 –
Channel 19 –
Channel 21 –

You can download and check out the current SikhNet Radio app using the below list:

(the app does not currently play because of the changes to the server…which is why I need your help!)

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Voice Talent Commercial Voice For Radio

We looking for 30 sec jingle/advertisement for radio Male voice
in English (UK, US)

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Build 2 PHP Questionaire Forms


I need someone to create 2 simple PHP forms.


A table with four columns and 9 rows.

[number] [question] [comment] [checkbox]

As you tick the check boxes in the rows, it adds the total at the bottom of the form.


A table with five columns and 4 rows.

[number] [question] [comment] [radio] [radio]

First you select each radio button and the answer given depends on which radio you selected.

Forms are going to be used in a WordPress page, but can be HTML/PHP.

Looking to get this done ASAP, so happy to pay a bit extra to someone who can complete the task quickly.

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