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Rails Site New Feature: Internationalization

Existing website in rails 2.2 needs internationalization support of static and dynamic content, features:
– publisher: add content with translations
– user: automatic language selection
– user: manual language selection

Internationalization of templates (static content and images) is to be evaluated by complexity: if its easy/cheap yes, if not we can choose to modify the templates to avoid internationalized images and to make all the static content dynamic.

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Ruby On Rails – Application Must Clean Coded

I need a person to create a simple application for a client. Please contact me for more detail.

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RAILS3 Developer


Project: multilingual web search application
To write MVC code for a multi-model form with javascript (framework) for embedded models.
Based on e.g. formtastic, accepts_nested_attributes_for,
To extend above form to allow for batch entry of same multi-model objects via table/spreadsheet like form (a la MS Access) or spreadsheet upload

Please contact for more details!

Rails 3
Deployed to heroku

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Add An API Functionality To Simple Rails App

Looking for someone who has worked with Ruby/Ruby on Rails and APIs to add an API functionality to a simple Ruby on Rails App. Looking to display images based on keywords. More detail can be given in message. This needs to be done ASAP, so only looking for someone who can start right away. Should take about 3 hours. Will pay your hourly rate. Please message me as soon as possible!

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Rails Programmer That Can Integrate API

This project should take about 3 hours and needs to be done ASAP, today… Will pay whatever your hourly rate is. Need someone with experience with ruby/ruby on rails to integrate some API, for example, yahoo search or flickr, to a simple rails application. Whichever API is simplest can be implemented, possibly two. Really need someone as soon as possible. Thank you!

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We need assistance on RESTful integartion using Ruby 1.9.2 & Rails 3.0.3. A sample program will do. We are specific about the Ruby and Rails versions. Please apply ONLY if you have worked on these versions with

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Ruby On Rails Developer

We are looking for a candidate (preferably from the Philippines) who will continue developing our website using Ruby on Rails. We need a candidate who can work for us full-time, 40 hours/week on flexible hours.
Desired Skills:
Good English communication skills
1+ years of experience in RoR development
Enthusiasm for working with the CEO and with the team

If interested, please apply, kindly place your bid.

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Autocomplete + AJAX + Foursquare API

I need help implementing an AJAX search function that receives venue data from Foursquare API.
It should be display a list of Foursquare Venues suggestions based on user text input.

Im hoping to pass the JSON data to Token Entry or Jquery Autocomplete for the UI in my Rails 3 app.

[URL with contact link – Removed by Admin]

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Complete An Existing Rails Site

We have a partially done Ruby on Rails website. It is essentially a deals website. Models are already written, the login system is already in place using the "devise" gem. No layout, CSS, or web design is needed.

The following 4 pages need to be done:

1. A page which displays all the deals for a user as a moving feed. All actions on this page should be via AJAX

Additionally, each deal in this feed will have some clickable actions like rating, like, share

A "more" button at the end to display more deals

A set of filters in the left column that will filter which deals are displayed. Each filter is a link or a search box with auto-suggest

A dropdown box which allows sorting of deal on various fields

A search box that searches through the title/description of the deals

Each deal is tagged with categories, and user can filter and search by these categories

2. A page which displays a list of stores that the user is not yet subscribed to. All actions on the page should be via AJAX

Each store has an associated thumbnail and status. Clicking on the thumbnail updates a field in the database and changes the status of the store

3. A "Manage subscriptions page" which has a list of subscriptions for the user with some actions on each subscription. (Activate, subscribe, unsubscribe). Again all actions should be via ajax

4. Integration of existing login system with Facebook Login

Additional information:

1. NO layout, CSS, or web design is needed. Just the functionality

2. We are using jquery. You need to write unobtrusive javascript using jquery and effects using jquery-ui

3. Your code needs to be compatible with blueprint-css which will be used for layout after you are done

4. Code needs to well written so someone else can continue to work on it when you are done

5. All code is currently on github. Youll write your code and check it back in to the repository.

Well setup milestones, 1 for each of the tasks above and review for each milestone. If the project is well done, there is lot of additional work to be done on this website.

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Website Fixing

My latest developer was
They wanted to build the site in Ruby on Rails…..
Fine…go ahead.
They seemed liked they knew what they were doing.

Months and months of ongoing delays and excuses.
We finally got the site running (technology-wise) to the point of 90% good.
But the user -experience/ navigation and branding was terrible.

Low and behold……….Integrum then tells me they do not do this…..
They tell me I must hire a designer……….

Now I have my own issue to find a designer.
This is not an easy task, because apparently not many graphic designers work with rails programming.
I finally found someone who said they had an out-sourced rails person that could integrate the new design/navigation. His name was

He took the project, and gave me tons of promises.
Delays/ delay /delays………..excuses/excuses/ excuses.
As it turns out……his ruby consultant (Blaine from )ran up a bill to Cody, that exceed my entire contract price with Cody. Classic…………underwater situation.
Cody squeezed me for a few more payments, but had no financial incentive to finish.
He dragged me on and on…………Im suing him.

To make matter worse……….
Apparently Blaine (ruby) had no idea what he was doing.
Im 99% sure its minor tweaks, but he disabled some of the functionality of the code I gave him to

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Rails Backend Development

I need help on finishing a backend for a Ruby on Rails application I have been writing. I am only looking for someone who can complete a few resources that I do not have time to finish. The following tasks would need to be done:

– Develop between 3-7 models
– Develop controllers for the respective models
– Write test cases for the controllers and models
– Write custom XML and JSON views for all the current resources.

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Multiple Ruby/rails Websites That Need Maintenance

We have multiple websites on our servers built on ruby on rails. We need basic maintenance from time to time and possibly some additional functionality to be added.

This will be on an as needed basis for the maintenance and some hourly work for the additional functionality.

If you are interested please contact us with recent work examples.

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Passenger+Radiant=Slicing And Connecing One Page To CMS


I need a person to slicing on page css html and connect it the radiant CMS. You will have to make the enviornrment on my linix box and comment the code.

I aslo want add a few Radiant CMS pluging and I want it all to be in rails #3

I want to have user profile configurate through Radiant CMS plugins as well as some static pages.

This is small task but will lead to more consistent work. I am looking to hire between today and tomorrow. Must work weekend. Must be able to be paid via paypal.

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Ruby On Rails – Online Reservation System

I am looking for a Ruby on Rails expert. I am looking to build an SaaS solution based on Rails which will allow individuals/ businesses to accept reservations online.

Our Target customers are : Restaurants, Doctors, Dentist, Laywer etc..

As well as the online booking engine, we will need to provide the customer with a widget which will allow them to accept online bookings via their own website.

We are thinking of using as our billing solution but are open to other suggestions.

I am looking to find a provider who can bring ideas to the project, and have delivered successful profitable SaaS applications on Rails. There will be ongoing support work for this application as well as a pipeline of additional products / functionality.

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Set Up A SpreeCommerce Ruby On Rails Online Store

Im looking for someone to help me set up a basic SpreeCommerce online store with ruby rails, install a few plugins, and integrate it with our existing site if possible. Shouldnt be too hard. Must have experience with Ruby to apply for this job. Bids must be no more than $30 to be considered.


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Import Users Contacts Ruby On Rails

Create a form so that a user can import their contacts from gmail, yahoo and aol. This will store the email addresses and allow the user to send a mass email to multiple contacts by selecting all or particular users.

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Daily Deals Website Using Ruby On Rails

You task is to program a generic daily deals website using Ruby on Rails 3 / Mysql.

I need someone honest and reliable for ongoing and future development. Price is less important.

Similar to Groupon, buywithme, dailydealster etc.

Graphics, branding and layout will be provided to you.

All the standard functions such as:
* Main deal
* Side deals (up to 4)
* Buy
* Sign Up
* Refer a friend to get $X credit
* Countdown timer/animated graphic
* XX deals sold
* Minimum no. of deals sold to activate
* Accept PayPal and Credit Cards
* View past deals
* Send as gift voucher
* Share on Facebook, Twitter etc
* Must have a secure admin area to setup the deals, add locations
* Manual activation of deals where coupon is sent to buyer after the deal ends
* Daily email notifications of latest deals
* Choose location / auto detect location based on IP
* integrate with affiliate/aggregate websites

These are just the general standard requirements. Project will vary a bit – and full spec will be worked out at start. Must be flexible.

Code must be built using MVC, documented with inbuilt tests.

Linux server/hosting will be provided.

Please only bid if you are familiar with this type of site and have worked on similar, or at the minimum very confident rails programmer.

Payments will be made at reasonable milestones.

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Install Ruby On Rails Script/application

I need a baby related script installed on my server. The source is rails….just need the install and to make sure its working ok. Thats it.

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Integrate Ruby On Rails Application With Web Service

I would like to integrate several parts of ROR web site with backend application hosted on the same server via webservice. Part of this work is already done, source code is located in non-public git repository.
Work will be separated on several small parts. each part is pretty standalone.
some work are done already by me and i can provide full support with the backend application. if anything will need to be changed on the backend application this will be done by me in short timeframe.
ruby 1.9.2
rails 3.0.3
ruby webservice gem is savon
i would like to review code when work will be done.

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Build A Web Form With Jquery/PHP Or Jquery/RoR

I have an old web form that is starting to look very ancient. The old web form uses html and an oracle db. This project is to have someone take the old web form and turn it into a form using jquery UI tabs, PHP or Rails, and mysql.

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UI Cross Browser Fixes And Changes On Rails Site

Need a super HTML cross browser developer who knows good JQuery, Photoshop and AJAX. Also able to work on existing site written in Ruby on Rails to update 5 pages. Site is working well. But need to resolve some small issues on 3 pages and come up with better UI for admin module. Also review CSS code to be clean.

At least 5 years experience will be required. Please reply with your PM. This first phase if done well will lead to more work.

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Community Website

Company wishes to create a website similar to whereby users can register and create unique pages for example, upload pictures, change profile page, and receive emails from interested parties. Requires a website developer with at least 5-6 years in web development, 2-3 years in ruby on rails, ecommerce experience necessary, 2-3 large scale projects to show.

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Ruby On Rails – Display Kayak API Results

I would like to have a simple search website that looks for results through the Kayak API.

1 Select type (Hotel, flight, car, etc.)
2 Put in search
3 Send search through API
4 Receive search through API (XML)
5 Store results
6 Show results

Kind regards,


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Convert A Php Based Website Into RoR

I have a website made in WordPress+Buddypress and I want to get it converted to Ruby on Rails. Most of the features remain the same, with some tweaks and a couple of additions to the system. Some of the rails code is already there with me. Budget of the project is limited, however this will be a long term association since there will be further work on the same project.

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Looking For An Experienced Ruby On Rails Developer To Help B

Looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to help build an accelerated learning system.

This is an ongoing, remote contractor position. You would be working independently most of the day, pairing with in-house developers 1-hour or more per day, and collaborating with the team via Skype and Yammer.

Required Skils:
Rails 3, Ruby 1.9+ Git,
Rspec, Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium or comparable testing technology.
Agile web development, TDD & BDD experience.
Front-end experience including mastery of HTML/CSS and Javascript/jQuery
Experience building content rich consumer facing applications
Experience as principle building a live production web application, handling high traffic.
Excellent teamwork and communication skills.
Ability to quickly turn detailed mockups into functional features.
Passion for clean, sustainable, testable code.
Familiarity with different databases and storage engines (Including MySQL, Postgres).

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Landfill Locator

Small project, with possibility of ongoing updates and add-ons.

Will involve using google maps gem/plug-in to populate list of static positions based on search variables.

Each Landfill has a show page with basic info (Just a simple form that can be edited by users)

We already have a beta using Ruby on Rails but are struggling with accuracy of search results.

I will forward beta link to winning bidder so our concept can be clarified.

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RoR Theming

We would like to modify a Ruby on Rails application as followed:

– Take an 11 page HTML/CSS document and apply it on top of the application (the application uses HAML/SASS so you must have experience with both).
– About 5 other modifications
– Deployment to Heroku

We require a signed CDA/NDA in place before discussing specifics about this project.

Once begun, we would like to get the project back within a week.

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Ruby On Rails Consultant Needed

I need someone willing to answer basic questions about Rails and provide constructive design criticism for a specific web app.

This is a very short task and I expect it to take no longer than a few hours on messenger. More consultation opportunities may arise if Im happy with our correspondence.

The pay Im considering is 10 dollars per hour initially. If this goes well in the future we may make other arrangements.

Only those fluent in English, good at instruction, and skilled in Ruby on Rails should apply.

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Ruby On Rails Ongoing

We need ongoing work for our dev shop which specializes in Ruby. Please contact me about multiple projects, thanks

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Developer Change Platform Of Site To Ruby On Rails

The new developer must mainly change the platform on which the current website is running. Best would be Ruby on Rails, with an integrated Administration Panel for the most important sections of the website (both as website Visitor or website Member — Manage Profile pages).
– MySQL database structure reconstructed and integrated within all the required pages
– Achieve local and overall logical functionality

I am sure the developer will require well over 7 days time period to change the platform (unless he has a team behind or an already constructed platform template).

the website is; the kic king po st . com

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Rails App Development Group Buying Site + Iphone + Android

Need a group buying site similar to –

Need company / or team to develop based off of designs and architecture supplied.

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