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Flash Header

Nee a flash header for a natural supplement for the senior citizens or atheists. The background color of the flash will be in white and red color. The idea I would like to have is an "evolution" of a senior person. The start of the flash will be an elderly person uses a clutch to walk and with his body blend. As he drinks this supplement, his body begins to straighten up and no need to use his clutch anymore.

I would like to have 5 sequences or less for the flash header. I will be given you the product images and logo in the flash header.
The size of this header will be 770 x 105.

Please contact me if you have questions.


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Header Image And Banners

Hi Guys,

I need a header, ebook and dvd cover and various banners made from my header on my website: coachingnewbies dot com

i need them in 3 days

payment will be by paid on completed work

thanks mark

ps need samples of work …..what you would give me

pps: do not just post i can do it !

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Need A Flash Header

Hello .
We need a flash header for one camp web site.
Interested bidders can contact for more details.
Will need to see your previous works.

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Website Header Image Needed

I need a header image for my new website. I do not need a whole template or complete website design. I just want a header image that will be displayed at the top of the page. The website will be based on proof of Gods existence and everything related to this. So the header must be related to this subject. The header must be unique and cannot be found anywhere else online. I will be checking for duplicates for up to a week after the job is complete and will release payment only after no duplicates have been found. I would like the header to be mostly light colored and must be pleasant to the eye. The image must be professional looking and clear/not blurry but at the same time I do not want it taking up so much memory that it takes forever for website visitors to download when they visit the page. The header must also be neutral on religion. I do not want to promote one religion over another one in the image. I am open for suggestions and ideas before bids are accepted. All other details such as the exact width and height can be stated by PM.

It would help if I could see a past piece of work you have made but it is not required. It will only help me choose the winning bidder. I will reserve the right to reject any header image if it does not meet my requirements or liking. So please read everything and ask me any questions before starting the job.Thank you for bidding.

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Header Image And Color Scheme

I am re-designing one of my sites and I need a talented designer to

1.) Create a header graphic for me that will be clean and professional looking. The site is for a guitar educational site. Im not looking for anything really fancy want to focus on "professional" and "trustworth". A few examples of headers and sites giving the feel of what I want. (the area where it says "guitar lesson reviews")

Im looking to use a stock photo of just an acoustic guitar with some blurring to blend it into a simple and professional header that will have my site name and tag line on it.

2.) I want the same designer to suggest a color scheme for me to use based on the header graphic for

a.) site back ground color
b.) link text color
c.) headline color
d.) highlight color for certain text areas on the website

I will provide an exact width requirement for the header.

I will require the HEX color codes for the above mentioned colors for my site and also the PSD file and a PNG file for the web of the header graphic.

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Flash Header Skip To Next Page Every Few Seconds

My client for wich I am developing a Joomla site bought a template from TemplateMonster. The template was not designed for joomla however, after alot of learning flash and editing css etc. I did okay editing it to his needs. The client now wants the flash header movie to skip to the next page every 5/6/7 seconds…after alot of fiddling around I came to the conclusion that my month old flash knowledge was not gonna cut it for this operation.

So, I need someone who can do this fast and without trouble. In my opinion this could be done by an experienced flash developer in about 30 minutes flat. After a reasonable bid I will contact you and on agreement I will sent you the fla file in wich to add the actionscript snippets for auto playing this header every few seconds.

Upon satisfactory results (first to be reviewed ofcourse), I will pay you the amount we agreed to.


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Integrate Expand Flash In Header

I have a expand banner in a header of a website, but it has some problems: the area bellow the banner is dead (I can click on links) in IE.

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Quality Flash Header

WE need one very nice high quality effect flash headers
Flashing in text and different photos. Also we need to add motion to a flag. We need this completed ASAP within one day two max

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Job For Shiraj.

Flash header and border.

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Flash Header Required

We have a requirement for a new flash header to be designed for our client. We will supply you with the clients current development site URL, which has a flash header in it that they like BUT we have a new development site (again we will give you the URL) and we want a better, more active, more lively, more attractive flash header developed.

$30 max budget, be creative.

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