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Flash CS5 » ActionScript » JavaScript » ASP Classic Work

I am in need of an EXPERIENCED Flash Designer for editing a Flash slideshow banner. The site is built in ASP classic and needs some JavaScript development work as well.

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Need A Brand New Fully Customize Unique Website

Need a brand new fully customize unique website

I looking for a professional programmer and expert on API intergration, who could make a very unique get followers, subscribers, an get likes website. I don

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Live Stream/Broadcast With FFMPEG / FFSERVER / Linux

I wont go into deep , just a briefing of our requirements

what we need to achieve
broadcast live stream from our desktop, it can be from tv capture card or our desktop screen. (along with sound)
to our linux based server. which will broadcast it worldwide..

Desktop (video stream) » Linux » Broadcast

in order words
i want to broadcast channels from my desktop using my own linux box instead of or ustream , though i want the same functionality.

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IPhone, IPad And Android App Development / Programming

DesignerApps is a website, graphic design and App front-end designer looking to develop several ongoing iPhone, iPad and Android Apps in conjunction with the successful candidate (or candidates) collaboration on the programming and back-end work. The skills required centre mainly around coding for iPhone and iPad.

» iOS / Xcode / CocoaTouch
» Flash / Flex
» Titanium

DesignerApps strength is in App concepts, user interface design, visual styling/branding and marketing, so we will provide all visual graphics and process flowcharts, specifications etc.

We are seeking a long-term working relationship with a committed and accomplished programmer/developer or small trusted team who can program the Apps and then maintain and enhance them after launch to agreed schedules.

Initially, I would like to make contact with skilled developers, to see if a long-term working relationship between us would work well for us all.

Obviously, I dont want to give too much away in terms of detailed specifications until we get into dialogue, but the requirements between all the concepts I need to develop could be broken down into complexity levels, so I would be interested in where you feel your skills are in terms of delivering the following:-

» Create simple web page view frameworks, so that I can populate with content (HTML?)
» * Create forms to capture data
» Use simple animations (transitions, sliding page views etc, modals)
» * Create modular relational database structures / link data to front-end pages for display of data
» * Create custom interfaces (based on supplied graphics)
» Links to social media
» Send emails from In-App
» * Use iPhone (or other phones!) camera to capture photos
» * Pick colours in photos (manually and / or automatically)
» * Programming of gestures (pinch to zoom/move etc)
» In-App purchases

» * Create and send (email) PDF (programatically / dynamically created)
» * Image manipulation / layering / animation control
» * Links to cloud services such as Dropbox etc.
» Web service back-end integration
» * File management (import / export / various formats)
» File editing / saving / export
» Use BlueTooth features of phone
» Use WiFi / IP address based syncing to desktop PCs
» Use accelerometer functions of iOS devices
» Game Centre integration
» * Synchronous Multi-player real-time database game engine

I may be wrong about the complexity of some of those, and I may well need other related tasks, but that should give a good idea of the range of programming required.

Please, when you make your bids, reply with an indication of your strengths and skills for the requirements above. Ones with (*) asterisk are particularly specifically required, so pay extra attention to those.

Communications and availability would be very important to me, as I want this relationship to work as if you were a cohesive part of my team.

DesignerApps will have very high standards for the quality of programming and general robustness of the code and feel of the App. We are only looking to develop well polished Apps, so please only apply if you feel you have the skill to do a very professional job and be able continue to support.

Please let me know what ways of communicating would be best for you? (MSN, Email, Skype, Telephone etc)?

If you have any other questions, I would be delighted to answer them.

I can provide detailed specifications and screenshot mock-ups at the next stage, and once and NDA can be signed between us.

I am happy to discuss payment terms, options being hourly rate, fixed rate per project (or parts of) or profit-share on App sales. (or a combination of the above). For the initial project I would aim to giving a very specific requirement so that we can all work comfortably on a fixed cost, but happy to work on the developers terms once they see the specifications.

Thanks for reading – I am looking forward to meeting you!
Kindest Regards,
Mark Hockings MD – DesignerApps

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Web Scraping And Database Creation (2)

It consists of extracting some data from 4 different Yellow Pages (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland) and creating some databases (called below "DB").

There are 2 DB for each country (except for the Netherlands where there are 3): the first one is called

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Please could you read the following brief and quote us for a website that we are looking to build as soon as poosible

Similar to this website –

Related Projects:
Mobile Trade-ins Business Website

Project Type:
Consumer Website / Trade-in System



Key Features:
Specialists in the repair, re-use and at the end-of-life disposal and recycling of mobile phones from consumers. Running on an enhanced version of the trade-in platform developed for Mobile Trade-ins.

» Fully integrated product management system.
» Comprehensive order processing / monitoring for system administrators.
» Time lapse price queuing.
» Extensive reporting.
» Comprehensive order tracking and history

A website that allows customers to recycle their old mobile phones. The website is not selling anything but just showing prices of what they can get if they cashed in or recycled their old phone with
The logo design is already and the colour theme will have to be green and the has to be of a recycling, environmental theme. Ideally of green colour.
The content management system must be able to deal with changes everyday. We will require a simple method of change the prices, pictures, text or all the products display.
The website must be Google add word friendly. This is a must as the success of the business will be dependent on this.
The website should:
* Reach broad base of potential customers, ensuring visibility for our products and services.
* Convert visitors to customers
* Drive repeat business
* Include mechanisms for capturing lead, allowing us to build a database of marketable names
* Establish and build our brand
The website we are competing against are as follow:

Main competitors website need to me better than all our competitors and more attractive to attract maximum market share.

We are a very small company so far but we are looking to expand aggressively through the internet. We have a small budget. We are based in Hull University, United Kingdom. If you can do this website at a very fair price, we guarantee you we will get you so many websites to tender for through our involvement in Hull University Business Enterprise Centre and would recommend your service to many business organisations we work with in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
We would like to know the delivery time, ideas, quote, samples and any other information you could provide us with regarding this project.
If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miz Rahman

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Virtual Assistant/office Administrator

A design company is in search of an experienced virtual assistant /customer services rep, working remotely
full time (uk time)

– You must have very fast internet connection (for clear internet calls)and a head set for making calls on skype.
– Have a good command of English with no accent and excellent phone manners
– Have excellent customer follow up skills , be able to generate leads
» Candidate must be detail orientated and organized
» Candidate must have proven ability to handle multiple tasks at once
» Candidate must have proven ability to meet tight deadlines
» Experience in a research and marketing environment an advantage
» Candidate must be able to think well on their feet, retain information, and learn from new experiences
» Ability do online marketing using facebook ,blogs , directories…ie be able to get leads from different channels and marketing to those leads
» Any skills in the use of graphics softwares like photoshop,indesign ,though not necessary will be an advantage , as you will be working with designers that use this softwares

– Have always on electricity with electricity back up and also a modern and fast PC.
– Ability to use CMS, Project management systems, quickbooks, google documents
– Have experience in Customer services, especially in the graphics design , webdesign and print industry will be an advantage
» You will be project managing graphics design, print and web design jobs from qoutation (invoicing) to delivery stage.

1. Send your CV and references along with the screen shots of your speedtest . Your internet connection should be very fast for clear skype calls from Europe and USA.Also we would like to know your electricity-outage schedule in your area..

2, Do you have a generator or alternative power source in case of brownouts

3.We are looking for subcontractors or Freelancers to add to our team, we are not an EMPLOYER . Contracts will be created between our Company and said subcontractors or Freelancers.
We need an individual that has performed this work before and have good reference, all references will be checked.

4.You will Sign a standard non disclosure and non compete agreement before starting

5.Please can you send a sample of your voice as an audio file.

we believe this job will be best suited to lady…but men can apply

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Manuals Website Design

Need website and logo design.

Main parts are manuals,community. Some kind of but not cloned !

At the each page:
Main top sign:
120 000+ product manuals in
300+ categories

3 column style. Category -> Subcategory DHTML menu see

String search row at the top.
Google adsense 250×250 or 300×250 blocks and links block
300×250 amazon product advertising block with product image
Recent answers topics, popular answers topics. see
on each page.

Top string with list of descending into categories like:
Manuals »Household Appliance »Thermostat »Sanyo »Sanyo Thermostat » ECO-i RCS-SH1AAB

product page:
product title,page count, size, product image 170×210 and download button.

category page:
subcategory list with A-Z letters and total list of categories
+ list of some popular products in this category (only titles)
list of popular brands (only titles)

subcategory page:
A-Z row links
List of products in this subcategory with (1,2,3…) pages
list of popular brands (only titles)
+ list of some popular products in this category (only titles)

At the bottom of each page – list of top categories, list of
subcategories in current category (if applieable), popular brands,
popular products (only strings), related stuff shopping column
3-5 products with pictures from amazon.
Social bookmarking row see

Forum like answers blog unit:
Answers forum like pages see
(categories, list of topics, topic discussion)

Top categories:

Lawn and Garden
Computer Equipment
Car Audio and Video
Musical Equipment
Home Audio
Portable Media
Power Tools
TV and Video
Fitness and Sports
Kitchen Appliance
Laundry Appliance
Personal Care
Outdoor Cooking
Marine Equipment
Video Game
Cell Phone

Brands (with your logos):

Popular Products (with your logos):
Power Tool
Lawn Mower
Cell Phones
Sewing Machine
Clock Radios


Lawn and Garden
Computer Equipment
Car Audio and Video
Musical Equipment
Home Audio
Portable Media
Power Tools
TV and Video
Fitness and Sports
Kitchen Appliance
Laundry Appliance
Personal Care
Outdoor Cooking
Marine Equipment
Video Game
Cell Phone

Escrow 50/50 first part after I can see website layout, second part after I will check all graphics.

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Wedding Registry Website Development

I am looking for a very experienced person with good creative abilities and excellent programming skills. We want this site to be fully functional without any problems.

We will be providing the exact same services as «whatwewishfor».

There is no point in listing here all required features, since they will be the axact same with the ones of «WWWF», so before bidding make sure that you can be able to deliver all features and functions included.
The site will be developed in two languages, English and Greek, as a second language. The freelancer will deliver the english text content using as reference the website above re-written and re-formated so as not to be an exact duplicate and able to be read as original work. We will be providing the Greek text content.

Do not bid unless you are completely confident in your ability to deliver a fully functional website inspired by WWWF model.

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It is a site for a household electrical appliances company. The aim of this website is to present a great « electronic brochure » superbly designed.

A php admin is needed to update the menu « actions ponctuelles » including creating/modifying/removing submenus of « actions ponctuelles » and to put content accordingly (text + images) as per site

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Urgent Greek


We need the service of a Greek translator/ proofreader urgently, Natives Only

Apply ASAP !!

Thanks !

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Gpc-attach-image-post Plugin Enhancements

I need a few things regarding the »gpc-attach-image-post WordPress Plugin«:

1. i need a function which spits out the number of images a user uploaded – really just the number, for example »3« …
2. just like the friends tab ( i would need a »« tab with the images a user uploaded to posts.
3. a »/images« page, which displays all the uploaded images of a post. i need this one to have some info of the post:
* post url (for a back link)
* post name
* post id"

thats all, thanks.

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VBA Macro For Excel

VBA Macro on Excel

I will describe what the macro will do through the Excel Macro_VBA_project.xls provided in the Zip file.

On the column C, we have TIME data. Here is how to

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Modifications On CRE Loaded Pro ECommerce Site

We need a CRE loaded expert to do some modification our our eCommerce website:
1. Install Google checkout;
2. When customer click a category for example, belly dance, there is no products display, but only subcategory. Beneath subcategory is "new products of month". We would like it display related products;
3. We have install Japanese Language module, but when we try to enter Japanese, got "ダンスシ »
女性の靴 » モダンシ" instead of Japanese charactors?
4. We need to some menu like "best seller", "currencies","specials" to have Spanish and Japanese version as well. Howe do we do that?
5. Our SSL configuration seems has problem, need to get suggestion to fix it.
6. at backend, cross-sell is done one by one. Is anyway can do bulk?

thank you

Ben Gao

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.net Ecommerce Website

E-commerce Website

Web Site Features

» Administration / Backend Functionality

* Supports unlimited products and categories

1. Products-to-categories structure
2. Categories-to-categories structure


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Fix Telebid Auction Script

I need someone that fix the next aspects in the telebid script:

» timer, doesn´t work correct, when bidding more than 1 user, and various bids sometimes it doesnt update the latest bidder, etc..

» bid buttler, need to fix this, and change some aspects here

» minimum price system, this also needs to be changed and fixed of course..

» fix currency and change the price (10c to 0,10

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Joomla Webshop Need Done

I have today a Joomla webshop that has been build by a friend that seems never to get finish.
I need a dedicated provider that will build this site in a hurry, no delays or stops. I will be in Skype and follow the progress if some info is needed.

I need everything done! New design, 100 % finish, even small detail must be done and added. I will provide information if something, I can do updates as companyinformation if we have dialoge on GAF or Skype, but you shall not expect much help from me since I have no skills at build web.

Website must be made in norwegian text, I will provide translation but I believe its a norwegian textfile for Joomla somewhere, you find out. If not we do it manually.

I got around 1200 products in the shop that must be added over with all details. Some of the photos must be remake in same size so the shop looks good. Today are some photos standing and some lying. All the lying photos must «Canvas size» and get standing in same size.

Its have today a new database, maybe its only need to change templates or design. I dont know!

When I got the site set up in server, ready to use, all buttons pushed get to site with norwegian info etc and invoice printed with my info

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Attach Images To Post + Small Gallery In WordPress

We need a Plugin for WordPress which lets registered Users attach an image to a post and a page where all the uplaoded images are display with thumbs. But heres the twist: The User has a normal »subscriber« role and has to upload the image from the frontend of the blog, not /wp-admin/ !

So if »domain.tld/post« is the blogpost, »domain.tld/post/upload-image« is where the upload form is. On that site, a user can upload up to 5 images.

»domain.tld/post/images« is where all images are display with thumbs, thumbs link to big image (can be direct-link to .jpg/.png).

Some more specs:
– Only .jpg and .png are allowed!
– Size of the image should be set in admin
– Error message on »domain.tld/post/upload-image« if an image is too large or wrong size.
– Extra Code where we can display an image (just one) next to its post within a category/archive.
– Use WordPress Thumbnails
– Security is important!

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It is a site for a old furniture and restoration company. The aim of this website is to present a great « electronic brochure » superbly designed.

A php admin is needed to update the menu « vente » including creating/modifying/removing submenus of « ventes » and to put content accordingly (text + images). The admin must be created from scratch and be simple at use – no joomla or any "readycms".

We intend to get a superb graphic and easy to use cms.

Also, We are a swiss based marketing agency appreciated for its ability to provide great results at fair price.

We look forward to link with a new webdesigner for this and coming mandates.

The client Rigaldo is new young company we try to help by reducing our margin as they do not have an extended budget.

Therefore it would be nice to get approval for developping their website for a budget around $300.-

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Interactive Map – Form And Website Enhancement


My client has a website he wants to enhance with special features. He wants his team to be able to easily update it. The site has to be ready for a special event then home and few pages will change.

The website has to be accessible to a majority of people as some live in remote and rural region where high speed internet is not available, this has to be taken in consideration when working on the map.

The «skeleton» of the website is already there, Ill be providing files and take caring of the content. I am looking for someone available (through skype or msn or email) and trustworthy…

Work in mind so far:

– Creation and integration of an interactive map (that can act like google map)
The map will be divided in 17 regions, each of them should be clickable and must allow users to zoom in.
(one of the 17th region will also have to be divided in districts with the same zoom in action.)

The map will show the location of companies, in each region (the first 170 locations and names will be provided of course)- either with a generic google-like «pin» or with a customized one (Im still waiting for my clients cue on that).
When the user moves the mouse or clicks on a pin, a little window should appear with the name and contact info of the firm, plus maybe picture and a short description with a link to their website. (same way it appears in google maps)

Theres also a contest going on so when a user clicks on a region, there are some questions to answer that should be added on the left of the page. Users should be able to answer, enter their contact information in a form and then my client should get their answers and info in a database as well but separated from the map info of course. (from what I,ve been told, each person can participate once so submit only one form)

Ultimately, as the total number of companies will grow, an additional webpage will be created and work as a directory :
user will be able to choose between two drop-down lists, one for regions, one for sectors and see results displayed on the same page (Infos shown would be the same as the maps «pop-up window»)

In the same page: well invite new companies to fill out a form (that should end up in a the database generating the directory search results).

I might be giving maybe too much details, but I want to make sure providers know what they are getting into.

My timeframe is mid december.

I need someone who can code, and design and that is willing to collaborate with me.

Here are some examples my client liked for the map (especially for the fact that you can go back to the general map by clicking on the little map on the bottom right corner)

Thanks a lot and looking forward to getting your bids.

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Repost: Online Pizza Ordering Site


I want exact duplicate of: Please also review online ordering section of website before bidding.

I will provide the flash work, as you can see on main website.

I need the website in English and Finnish languages and ability to change/update pages through admin panel (CMS).

Admin panel functions needed:

Site Stats »
Admin Settings »
Add Administrators »
Manage Members »
Manage Orders »
Post Offers »
Manage Offers »
Add Products »
Manage Products »
Manage CMS »
Add Shop »
Manage Shops »
Manage Categories »
Add Attributes »
Add Toppings »
Manage Toppings »
Manage Payment Methods »
Manage Banners »
Send Newsletter »
Logout »

Make sure the website search engine friendly and CSS/XHTML W3C compliant.

I will submit 25% payment in escrow on selection and when you show me 50% work done on my provided server, I will transfer 25% payment to escrow and when you will show me complete working website on my provided server, I will put remaining 50% payment to escrow and release 100% after I will fully check and test the website, no part payments, I will only release the escrow on 100% completion of a project and if you leave the project incomplete, you will get negative feedback and you will not claim for payment and refund 100% money in escrow.

Please dont bid if you are not agree with my terms or unable to complete the project.

I dont have huge budget for this project, but I do have multiple projects for the programmer who will join hands.

Good luck!

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We are looking for a developer that can help us develop flexible online « quiz / calculators » that are based on similar logic and features :
User is asked 5-20 questions (multiple choice with some graphics) and depending on input (can be numbers or ABCD quiz reply) a calculated text information result is displayed (with some graphics) based on calculation.

Result Rules depend for each calculator on user replies + default data and calculalation logic that we supply
We also supply all graphics
We would like these calculators to be
– flexible rules and graphics (we need about 10 different with same logic but rules change)
– can be implemented as widgets (see / facebook app
– Multilingual (if possible by simple duplication/translation otherwise English only)
– one email per quiz
– some social feature (invite friends/comments)
– Pdf to Email to user (user must enter email / country before seeing results)
Please advise existing work as we are ok to adapt an existing framework
See examples of what we would like

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BIDVERGE.COM PHP script error ( shows up on every page when you click a hyperlink)

My site is displaying a code…

…everytime I click a hyperlink on my website. It shows up when anyone has first clicked on a hyperlink and doesnt shows again until you click on a different hyperlink. Please help me fix this problem, thanks.

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