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Blackberry Application Development – PDF Reading

Need a Blackberry application creating for our company. We want to add PDFs to a web service (already built) that the app can then pick up via xml.

The user can then view the PDF within the Blackberry app.

Only bid with examples of your work, anybody with an existing PDF reading app solution will be preferred bidder.

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Data Management And Probability Worksheets

For each of the worksheets indicated below, ten copies of each worksheet and ten copies of an answer sheet are requested. The first five worksheets will be at an easier level than the second five. All pages must have a title, instructions and the website name in the footer.

+ Drawing concrete graph, drawing & reading pictograph (3 worksheets)
+ Drawing & reading tally chart, line plots (4 worksheets)
+ Spinner probability (1 worksheet)
+ Drawing & reading bar graph (2 worksheets)
+ Classifying shapes and drawing vertical and horizontal bar graph (2 worksheets)
+ Drawing and reading steam leaf plots (2 worksheets)
+ Drawing and reading double bar graph (2 worksheets)
+ Find mean, median, and mode (3 worksheets)
+ Drawing and reading broken line and continuous line graph (4 worksheets)
+ Predict the dice (1 worksheet)
+ Drawing and reading circle graph (2 worksheets)
+ Relative frequency tables with and without intervals (2 worksheets)
+ Probability of two independent events (1 worksheet)
+ Drawing histogram and scatter plot (2 worksheets)

The successful freelancer will need to sign a copyright assignment.

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Application Development With Windows CE

I need to develop an application with windows CE as OS and for handheld device. The device will receive sms and the text will have some data. These data need to be stored in the device and later compared with a barcode reading. After reading the barcode the device will need to send automatic sms. Few hot keys need be programmed.

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Proof Reading-Urgent

I have forty five articles written in English ranging in length between 300-1000 words (one article is 3000 words) that need proof reading and amended (with mark up for grammar and spelling) reading over the next 24 hours. I will pay about $50 but want this done urgently.

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Excel Sheet, Automate Reading From Csv


I need a VERY simple macro made.

I need it to read from a csv and fill that csv in at row 2 in a spreadsheet.
I neeed to it sleep every 40 seconds — then repeat.

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Editing, Proof Reading, Check For Plagiarism

Looking for an provider who is proficient in English and understands management as well as the Africa and cyberspace. One book is on Africa of 51,000 words.. The other book is on Cyberspace of 25000 words. The two books are already completed. Need to check for plagiarism, editing and proof reading.

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Reading Data From Database

A single task in a bigger project.
This task is about generating data from an sql database. Its in c#.Net.

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Prove Reading

I need someone who is very good for my project… it involves my life and cannot be toyed with…it involves prove reading and data entry.. i can only pay by sending u moneyvia paypal or cc.

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Editing, Proof Reading, Publishing And Printing A Book

I want a very high standard professional job. i have written a book on academic book and i need it proofread, edited, layout, page setting, cover design, publish and printed. i need quotation for 100 to `1,000 copies. both quotation on hard cover and paper cover

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Copyrighting, Proof-reading And Brochure Design

Im looking for a freelancer who is excellent in editing and proof-reading in UK English. The role of this position is per project basis. The successful candidate will put together a conference programme brochure based on speakers abstract information and inputs from the director. This job requires the candidate to made changes to programme and brochure frequently during a 2 month period.

The candidate must have excellent grade in English- knows how to write in marketing content, active sentences and have a creative mind in coming up with headlines. In addition, he/she must know how to design an attractive conference brochure using word.

Successful candidate can look forward to a constant flow of future projects. Our company holds about 10 events globally. Please bid on per project. Interested, please forward your CV to us.

PS: Please note, we are looking for individuals and NOT companies. For those who do not fit the above profile, PLEASE DO NOT bid!

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Doing English Worksheets (Reading / Research)

This project is for doing (not creating) English Worksheets.

This project will mostly entail reading short stories and poems and answering non-obvious questions. It will require a firm understanding of the English language, and native English speakers are preferred (though NOT required).

You may use any resource youd like to to get answers (the Internet/Google), but the quality of the work will directly correlate with your rating.

In summary, mostly correct answers will result in the best rating. Answers that blatantly dont follow directions or answer the question will result in a very negative rating.


You may find a sample of 5 worksheets:


Do note, however, that the books WILL be provided to the selected bidder.

I have nearly 80 English worksheets that need to be completed. This project is for ALL 80.

The project will be paid in milestones of 10 worksheets. Please remember to post your bid for *all 80 worksheets*


To assist me in filtering out the spam and add clarification, please answer the following questions when you bid: (You may do so privately)

1. How quickly can you complete all 80 worksheets? (PLEASE review the samples provided in the short link above and be as accurate as possible. You will be expected to maintain this timeline.)

2. Are you a native English speaker? (NOT required, just asking)

3. In school, what was your grade in English?

4. Do you enjoy reading? Do you like Poetry?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how adept are you at researching and using Google?

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Book Reviewers Needed

We own several book blogs and are looking for book reviewers. We need people with excellent native English writing skills, outstanding grammar and an absolute passion for reading and writing.

We want writers that have an entertaining and engaging writing voice! Your goal in writing the reviews is to make the reader want to purchase the book. If youre a good writer, LOVE reading and can read and review at least ONE fiction book each week, we may have work for you!


1. We provide the books for you to read. Well email you a list of books to choose from.
2. You look over the list, select 5 titles and email your selections to us. You must agree to abide by the "best 4 of 5" rule, meaning you must review 4 of the 5 books you select.
3. We then ship the books to you (U.S. residents only).
4. You submit one 400-500 word original book review each week. After youve reviewed 4 books you select 5 more books from the list (the list is constantly being updated with new titles). You agree to review 4 of the 5 books you selected.
5. Overall, youll review a total of 8 books over an 8-week period. You can choose to review more than one book per week if you like.

Most books fall into one of the following genres/subgenres: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, mystery, historical romance and thrillers. We have hardcover as well as paperback books. Most books are about 350 pages in length.

1. Select 5 fiction books from the list we provide. Review at least 4 of them, one book per week. You can select the remaining 5 books once your first 4 books have been reviewed and accepted.
2. Each book review must be submitted via email each Sunday by 5:00pm EST.
3. Book reviews must be 400 – 450 words in length and submitted as MS Word documents.
4. Reviews must be 100% original and pass Copyscape.
5. Reviews must be written in native English and must be grammatically and colloquially correct.
6. Reviews must be spell-checked before being submitted.
7. We retain all rights to the reviews that you write and submit. You are not allowed to resell or re-use these reviews in any manner.
8. You agree to make an 8 book commitment if selected for this job. Because we own several book blogs were looking for individuals with whom we can form long term relationships.

Its important to understand that the ideal candidate(s) for this job are not just good writers, but people who truly love reading for pleasure. People who wont mind setting aside less than 1 hour each day to read a 350 page book that they truly enjoy. People who are interested in getting their hands on brand new books by popular authors before they hit the bookstores. The successful candidates are those whose bids focus more on a fair price for each book review and less on compensation for every minute spent reading a book. Again, we want people who derive pleasure from reading books.

Payments will be made after each review is received and passes the verification process (checked against the terms of agreement). We will complete the verification process within 24 hours upon receipt of each review.

Reviews that do not pass the verification process will be returned for a re-write. If more than 3 books require a re-write we reserve the right to terminate this agreement.

1. Submit a bid that gives us your total rate for providing 8 book reviews – remember, you get to keep the books.
2. Provide a very short book review writing sample via PM that demonstrates your ability to write in a unique and entertaining voice. Only submit a book review sample; an article on "Madonnas New Sunglasses" (unless its a fictional book) will be ignored.

The sample review doesnt have to be long

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Proof Reading For English Native

IMPORTANT : I need to get quotes per 1000 words for proof reading, reading and correcting some translations made. Translations are not that bad but need some tweaking. What I need is not perfection, nore re syntaxing, just make sure that text can be understood to english readers. ONLY ENGLISH NATIVE OR TRANSLATORS OBVIOUSLY
Many jobs to come for the right candidate and price ! Spanish and portuguese translators a plus but no exclusive
Thank you

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Proof Reading A Novel

Proof reading a novel, 30,000 words
Please specify your qualifications when bidding

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Earn Gud Income For Reading Article

Need 100 members for reading my article and giving star them. more details will be provided after bidding, socially for new freelancer.

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English Proof Reading For Thesis

I am looking for some one who can urgently proof read my thesis, thesis will be provided chapter by chapter.
The person should have strong writing skills and can know the academic thesis writing.
Each chapter should not be taken for weeks, but can proof read in max 2 days.

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Amazon Ebook Reader Type For Iphone/ipad,pdf, Epub Formats..

Id like a web application like AMAZON EBOOK reader (not the one for the kindle but the one inside amazon website that allows user and writers to read the book or part of the book) that will allow users to read their ebooks on different formats as part of a social network web application.

It has to be a web application that will be compatible with php and mysql 5.

Key features of eBook Web App:

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Iphone/iPad/Android Ebook Reader Web App

Id like a reusable ebook iphone/ipad and android application (including all source code) to do the following:

Application must permit me to re-use it for other eBooks so I will need the actual XCODE project files when finished. Ebook must run locally as an Web App distributable through a social network. It has to be a web application that will be compatible with php and mysql 5.

Key features of eBook Engine:

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Proof Reading Magazine 16 Pages

Have a simple magazine with interviews, looking for someone to proof read the entire magazine so I can go to print!. The magazine is 16 pages in size.

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Flash *secure* Writing/reading To Database (Mysql)?

Basic premise: Flash file reading/writing to back end database.

Particuarly interested in *securely* reading/writing data to said database to avoid users being able to *spoof* submissions and generally running amok with my system.

Intending to develop locally using XAMPP and MySQL db though open to suggestions for other platforms if final product will be more secure for when we go live.

3 Stages –

Flash CS3 AS3 File – Registration page
Three fields for user input – Name, Password, Number
A Submit button, On click – Checks DB to see if name is free, if not prints error message to screen.
If name is free then writes UPID (unique primary key), Name, Password, Number to database.

Flash CS3 AS3 File – Login page
Two fields for user input – Name, Password
A Submit button, On click – Checks DB to see if password = password associated with name, if not print error message to screen.
If it matches then set variable1 to equal associated Number field in database.

Flash CS3 AS3 File – Referal system
Referal system whereby you give a friend a link and if they sign up using it this can be recorded against you in the DB.
I envisage something along the lines of:
The yourusername is passed to the flash movie and set as a variable.
Though again I am open to suggestions.


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Tarot Card Reading Site

I need something with free card reading that will help to keep the members coming back. For example, the member would type in a question click on a few cards and the reading is automatic based on the cards chosed.

I prefer to buy a prebuilt one rather than one from scratch because I am on a very low budget.

I dont want something that will go to another site.

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Review An Existing Paper

To summarise an exisiting academic article using outline provided. This then needs to be put onto powerpoint with notes for reader. Wider reading knowledge is required. Able to provide other reading lists. Very urgent as required within 2 days.

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Iphone/iPad/Android Ebook Reader App

Id like a reusable ebook iphone/ipad and android application (including all source code) to do the following:

Application must permit me to re-use it for other eBooks so I will need the actual XCODE project files when finished. Ebook must run locally as an App distributable through the App Store. CANNOT be a web app.

Key features of eBook Engine:

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Convert Image To .ai Using Paths


I will provide you with a image containing a full set of letters and number. Your job will be to make an .ai file (or equivilent) using paths to represent the supplied letter set.

I have attached 2 files showing what i need

1. A sample image which i would supply to you
2. A sample file that you would supply me

Detail and quality of work is key to this project and you must understand this. I will be able to supply further images to help you complete the project

This project is just for 1 image/letterset but for the the right freelancer I would want to continue working with them and give them at least 1 set a week. Preference will be given to freelancers which mention an interest in future work and quote accordingly. The previous price which I paid to my freelancer was under the $30 so please keep this in mind and quote accordingly.

I would like to suggest that you make some of the letters and numbers and send them to me so that I can see the quality of your work

Thanks for reading I look forward to reading your quotes and questions.

**Any responses which have not read this description and have autoresponded will be reported for spam**

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Rewrite Articles

This is a simple project

In this project you have to read some articles and you have to understand it and write in your own words.

Its very simple project only and just you have to read content and write in ur words.

We are willing to pay $30 per month and where you have to write only 20 to 30 articles per month.

You must be good in learning from online tutorials
You must have Good knowledge of english (reading and writing)
You must have interest in reading Technical articles.


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Freeradius Not Reading Radusergroup


I have Freeradius with Web Interface setup , but radius is not reading NAS-IP-Address from radgroupcheck.So it sends Access-Accept all all incoming request.It works when i add attribute from radcheck , but does not work from radgroupcheck.


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English 2 French: Traduction Française De 3 Articles Anglais

Vous devez traduire trois articles anglais en langue française.

Ces articles serviront à faire la promotion dun blog sous adwords.

Voici un extrait de la version anglophone :

Better Speed Reading

Speed Reading: The Course of Speed Scientific Reading

If you have the extreme passion for reading but you experience difficulty in absorbing large quantities of information from the material you read, then youíve got to engage in some speed reading practices.

Speed reading will also encourage you more to appreciate your studies, enjoy reading bulky novels, books, and other write-ups. Speed reading has a designated purpose. There is literally no one in this world who ca…"

Si vous pouvez traduire ces 3 articles pour les rendre intéressants en français, faites-moi une démonstration de vos talents en traduisant lextrait ci-dessus SVP.

Je choisirai à la qualité. Merci.


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Website Simple Bot

I search someone who can code me a Bot for a Website in C++!

The bot have to:
1.) login
1.1. reading proxys out of txt
1.2. reading user out of txt
2.) send a private message (15 times)
2.1 reading private message text and target out of txt.
2.2 send message
3.) logout and relogin with new account …

Ok its realy simple. Now special is i want also have source of programm so clean code pelase you can use curl or whatever. Language must be C++.

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Tarot Card Reading Site On Facebook

I created a fan page in facebook relating to psychic powers. I need something with free card reading that will help to keep the fans coming back. For example, the fan would type in a question click on a few cards and the reading is automatic based on the cards chosed.

I prefer to buy a prebuilt one rather than one from scratch because I am on a very low budget.

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I Need Someone Who Sell My Ebooks

Hello I have aprox.180,000 of Ebooks with resell rights!
I need someone who guarantee me 5000$ in profit per week for a month.
Your comission is 10% from the weekly comission.
You can sell the ebook on the price that you want.
1.You sell my ebooks
2.You pay me the money to my paypal.
3.You send me the buyers info.
4. I send the ebooks to the buyers weekly.

For example:

Holy Bible – Old and New Testament (buyer favorite, and mine!)

10 Books on Buying and Taking Care of Cars

101 Money Secrets

Government Grants

How to get the Truth out of Anyone

Speed Reading


Wholesale Sources (Over 1000)

How to control your Brain at will

The Hitch Hiker Trilogy

The Salsa Book

Super Power Memory

Anglo Saxon Poetry

Martial Arts – Pressure Points

Grammar – The Oxford Guide to English Usage

Mathematic (Magic Tricks)

Star Wars Encyclopedia

Cooking Recipes

Secret crystals & gemstones e-Book

Advanced Memory Techniques e-Book

Interpretation of dreams 326 page e-Book

17 Hypnosis advanced e-Book

Increase your eBay sales 10 fold (HOT INFO!)

Encyclopedia of card tricks e-Book

Information freeway e-Book

Jamie Oliver Naked Chef 2 e-Book

Jamie Oliver Sainsburys recipes e-Book

Bread recipes e-Book

CIA secrets e-Book

How to create an e-Book

David Blaine 784 page e-Book

Discount vouchers at over 100 stores e-Book

Borrow money you dont need to repay, amazing but true! e-Book

Bathtime recipes 504 pages e-Book

Learn French e-Book

Learn Spanish e-Book

Chinese recipes e-Book

Learn Japanese e-Book

Book of the Samurai e-Book

101 ebay auction secrets e-Book

Website secrets

99 tips for using windows XP e-Book

1000s of xbox cheats e-Book

100 PDF templates

Screen shot software

Ready made flash banners e-Book

Create a flash site e-Book

20 dream templates

How to remove common stains

Tweaking and Optimizing your PC

Various How-To Guides

Incense Recipes

How to write a business plan

90 Day powerseller challenge

Auction Ad Designer

Chess Book – Think Like a Grand Master – Alexander Kotov

Ebay Basics

Reading Womens Body Language

Photoshop Manual – Teach yourself Photoshop in 14 days

Army Survival Guides

Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide

48 Books and Short Stories

Jim Wilson E-Book

Make yourself a Millionaire – McGraw Hill

Physical Map of the World – Colour

Revolutionary War Images (140 pictures)

PSP cheats e-Book

PS2 cheats e-Book

Pizza recipes e-Book

PC repair e-Book

Mystery shopper e-Book

Profitable crafts e-Book

Save your driving licence from points e-Book

Selling e-Books on eBay properly e-Book

Stop smoking forever e-Book

UFO e-Book

Witchcraft e-Books

The truth telling secrets revealed e-Book

Romantic ideas e-Book

Cocktails e-Book

340 dog treat recipes e-Book

STARBUCKS coffee and desert recipes

Classic books e-Book

Child reading e-Book

eBay success e-Book

Weight Watchers e-Book

Working with clickbank e-Book

Create instant PDFs

Beauty products made yourself e-Book

Beanie baby information e-Book

Catch more fish e-Book

Automatic e-Books

Police and Bailiff seized goods auctions e-Book

South beach diet e-Book

Various diets e-Book

Barbecue recipes e-Book

Free internet TV

Plus A Great Deal More…

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Automate Reading CAPTCHA

I need to automate the reading of a captcha.

It may be a component that can be referenced in my project that developed in C #, I send the image and it returns me the string.

Or it could be a software that reads the image in a directory and save the string in a text file with the same image name.

The link to the captcha to be automated

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