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Readymade Iphone Unlocking Website


we need a ready made website with iphone unlocking software.

we would host the site on our server so you would be required to just do the design and add a quality iphone unlocking software….should have capability to unlock 2g, 3g, 3gs, 4g.

do send us a demo of the site to since its mandatory for us to consider you.

also the budget is very low,

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Readymade Clone Of MLM Is Needed

Hello Everyone,

I need a clone of Multi Level Marketing. I will prefer a readymade solution so show me if you have something. I will buy it as soon as I check all the functionalities and it is according to my requirements. Please also tell me the cost for it. If you have something ready then post a link to your demo. Happy Bidding.


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Need Readymade Yahoo Emails

Hi ,

Its a pretty urgent task ! i need 2000 Yahoo emails READY MADE by today ! i will selecting someone very soon , I know the market rate so dont be high email me your prices , I will also need more Emails tomorrow and other days Also i need the emails for just a week ,

It will be a long term if you provide good emails ! Emails should be unique doesnt matter if the password is same ,Let me know your Prices in PM !

Happy Bidding 🙂

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Readymade Projects On Campus Mgmt,Hospital,HRMS,Jewellery

Hi Everyone, We need readymade,bug free,.net/c# based erps like Campus Management system(school/college), Hospital Mgmt System( Multi speciality), Payroll & HRMS, and Jewellery tracking system with source codes. We wish to purchase outrightly in 3-5 days. Budget for all above four softwares is Rs. 1.5 – 2 Lakhs only.If you have any innovative readymade projects kindly send the demo version login details along with the above four. It can be desktop or web application. Any applications on bar code or RFID are most urgent. Dont just bid, casually. Only ready to deliver projects need to apply for bidding.

After viewing your application, we will travel to your place and will finalize the deal within 24 hours. Hope we can mutually benefit on a long term basis.

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Readymade And Instant Travel Website With Cp

One instant website for travel agency in india.

1- control panel to upload the packages
2- jquery
3- cp to upload google & other companies advts.
4- full and rich cp for all the requirement.

instant requirement, hence send your quotes now.


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ReadyMade Social Networking Application

Social network design for niche group.
Many feature involved.
looking for long term partneship.

Only proffesional programmers with experience from diverse social network projects.

Delivery time need to be max 2 months.

create shop

If you want to be chosen as a programmer.
Post link to social network job already performed by you with specs!

Send me proposal what features you have in your package.


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Want Readymade_classifieds_portal

Want readymade_classifieds_portal.
it should be done using three_tier_archetecture.
very low budget.

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Looking For Readymade Script Like Alibaba

Looking for someone who has alibaba type site already developed
Should be having good design unique one
Thank you

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Need Property Portal In Asp Cloned Readymade

If you already have any property portal in ASP then please offer demo links for immediate buy.
Please offer price with scripts.
something like makaan 99acre but in asp

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"READYMADE" Bulk Sms Software URGENT!


I need “READYMADE” bulk sms software for reselling smss.


Send messages to bulk lists of cell phone numbers.

* Send a message to as many phone numbers as you want.
* Add as many phone numbers as you need.
* Add phone numbers by uploading a text file or enter the numbers manually.
* Duplicate numbers are automatically removed.
* I also need set your own message headers ().

Two Way SMS

Sending SMS from Excel sheets

Delivery Reports

Manage users and customers through admin panel with role based permissions.

I need this package should be delivered in 1 Day.

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Question Answer Readymade Website

Bid only if you have custom made question answer website ready to sell.

Send me website demo url with admin backend with all the feature list.

I want script which is develop or custom made by you or your team by using opensource script.

Dont try to sell me warez or nulled script, ill report to GAF.

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Buying ReadyMade/Copy Of Your IPhone Apps!!!!

Hi there, Do You Got a ready made iPhone App? A Game? A Tool? Its simply cool and you could think of selling as a copy that we can rebrand then and sell in our name?

tell me the cost you can sell for and etc about the app in the pmb. Not Outrageous!!


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Readymade Similar Feature Website Required

I am looking for a Readymade similar feature website.

Check the below listed website

http://s h o w n (remove space)
http://c o r o f l o (remove space)
http://b e h a n c (remove space)
http://c a r b o n m a d (remove space)
http://f i g d i (remove space)

Bid only if you have done similar work before. Ill not accept other bids.

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Need Readymade EMR Solution Or Other Readymade Software


I need a readymade medical EMR solution. Please show me screenshots or live demo of what you have developed and tell me your price. I would also like to see screenshots or test live demo if you have developed any other readymade software or web solution. Happy bidding.


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Readymade Software And Websites


I am purchasing readymade software and website with the view to make better and sell more. If you have readymade websites, software then tell me the demo URL and features with the reasonable price.


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Readymade CakePHP/Zend/CodeIgniter Apps


I am ready to buy web apps developed by you.

Post all your web applications build on any PHP Framework based on MVC Architecture, OOPS standards.

Include a link to the demo of the web application and the cost of it via PMB.

Happy Bidding!

Thank you!

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Need Readymade Fully Free From Copyscape Articles

Hi Everyone,

I have 50/400 words articles on NURSING. All are 100% free from copyscape and written in good english. If anyone need them please message me for more details.

My minimum budget for those 50 articles is $50. Ill give $5 discount to first bidder.

Good Luck!!!!

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Main goal of this site is to make money,
WEb site object and utilize SMS to maximum, by activating all the features listed below, such as
1. the group feature.

2. The site has 2 virsion arabic and english.

3. The site would have website master authority which he can do any thing to the site creating adminstrators, groupleaders, and give authority to each.

We are going to get scripts from SMS provider to link our web to his web.
We are going to use SIM modom to recieve the SMS MMS messages the the messages get forward to the web site database then the action of sending SMS to users (customers) is done thrugh the link to provider SMS gate.

4. Web site adminstratore can creat any number and type of groups and group leaders.
5. The group leader can define the users to be sender or reciver or sender and reciver.

6. I need a developer who can integrate and customize (3) readymade scripts, those scripts one is for Apartments rents management system, and the other is Twitter,the thired is Managing SMS
Mean while the developer is asked to develop the following to the site,

7. Lattory system suscriber can send a number or a word to our databasae then the system choose a winner at the end of the contest.
Adminstratore can creat many lottory contest at one time.

8. SMS QUIZ. Adminstratore can login to system; define QUIZ questions, correct answers, amount of points per correct answer and other options. Users can start play quiz after adminstratore fill database with questions and answers. Good and bad answers can be followed in real-time.

9. Adminstratore can creat voting system.

10. Adminstratore can send
News (politics, sports, international news, breaking news Practical (radar, traffic, weather, Lifestyle & fun (tarots, horoscope, people, history, diets, biorhythms SMS message with advice, diet tips and support for woman

11. Play Tic Tac Toe using your mobile phone. Outwit your opponent and get three crosses or noughts in a line across, up and down or diagonally. The first one to get three in a row wins the game. Your score is displayed at the end of each round.

12. Use your mobile phone to play an interesting word guessing game. You are given three chances and a total number of three clues one at a time to guess the word. If you guess the word in less than three turns you win.

13. Increase your vocabulary by playing this challenging game on your mobile phone. You get eight chances to guess a word, one alphabet at a time. If you guess the word in less than eight tries you win.

14. Test your word power when you play this unique word guessing game.
You have ten chances to guess a four-letter word. Clues about the number of correctly guessed characters in the word will be indicated in the form of Cows and Bulls.

15. Play the Anagram game where you can form a word from a series of alphabets presented to you in random order. Unscramble the alphabets and rearrange them to get the correct word. If you guess the word in less than ten chances you win.

16. MMS based games. And SMS based info services and subscriptions, what users will use.

17. About MMS, one of the popular services is being reporter. Customers can send accident photos with comments to your web and other could see it and comment.

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Looking To Buy Readymade Apps

Looking to buy 3 readymade iPhone apps. If you have any apps that is also implemented in Anroid, I will consider that first. Need full rights, source code and should be willing to support me during initial few weeks for any questions in code, functionality, etc. Price depends on how sophisticated your app is.

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